2 bridges.twice.

I was online looking at the Melbourne Beaches & Music Marathon. I was checking out the course map when I realized you have to do the loop twice. The first loop is 13mi, then you do it again.. Which in a way is good, you could break it out in half-marathon’s. It’s also bad. This means that I have to run up the Eau Gallie causeway not once, but twice, I also have to run up the Melbourne causeway twice. Uhm? So I just quit looking at it. Why even think about it now, it’s not till Feb. I have 29 weeks, or 199 days (per the race website) .  Chris & I talked about some causeways that we could go run on to “practice” hills. I am weak on hills, like bad. I hate them. I like to plan flat races; the last 5k I ran was hilly & that was not cute.

Oh my dear goodness! I was just showing Chris the half-marathon I am absolutely with out a doubt going to be running in November. They finally released the 2010 Finishers Medal, holy moly jamocha shake, I must have this medal! A pink ribbon with a palm tree medal, I mean seriously?! Does it get any better than that? Oh goodness, I’m obsessed.  That race is in 129 days!   Woohoo!

On to today’s run: 3mi @ 8:52 , 28:23.  Pretty decent run. I felt great. The one and only thing I like about the treadmill is the consistency of my pace. When I run outside I’m all over the darn place. I know my Garmin has a feature that you can set that will beep at you if you run to slow or too fast. I just don’t if I’m at ‘that’ level of running to use that feature. I have issues controlling my pace.  When I run outdoors I range all over the place from 9:50-9:05, and if i’m feeling really good sometimes an 8:45-8:50, I’m a mess.

Tonight I was running short on time so I couldn’t get an outside run in. I popped dinner in the oven for 33 minutes, ran and jumped on the TM while dinner baked.. Now that’s using my time wisely!

Speaking of dinner, it was delish- After a little whining from Chris & my Dad that there was NO MEAT! they admitted it was pretty tasty! We had Blackbean Casserole. I had one serving, but I’m pretty sure both Chris & my Dad went back for more.. They kept telling me all the different types of meats it would be good with though. Ha Ha!

Tomorrow is another day, another dollar! Yay for humpday!


6 thoughts on “2 bridges.twice.

  1. I LOVE that medal:) No races around me have one like that. Have you for sure decided on the above mentioned race as your first marathon, or are you still deciding?

    • Yes I am going to do the Melbourne Marathon. There are no local Marathons- There was a Clearwater marathon but for whatever reason they cancelled it for 2011. There is the ING Miami, which I was thinking about doing, one of my sisters lived in MIA so we could have crashed there- She doesn’t live there anymore.. The Melbourne one is good because my Aunt lives about 20 minutes away, so we will have some place to stay besides a hotel. Or we could camp, ha ha.

  2. Another note – the casserole looks good, we both love our black beans. But you know I am a loyal meat-eater:) I would be dreaming up which meats to put in to make it more substantial/tasty as well!

  3. I am a meat eater as well, this recipe just didn’t call for any meat, and I really never even thought about it until the guys started complaining about it. I think next time I will had ground turkey, or maybe some turkey sausage.

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