to thine own self be true

“To thine own self be true”  If you’re like me, you think that Reba McIntire sang this line in her song, “Fancy.” If you’re well versed in Shakespeare (or paid attention in English class) then you know that Polonius said this in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.

A great friend reminded me of this quote on Monday morning and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and it’s so easy to get caught up .. so easy to start comparing ourselves to others, or only allowing people to see the very best parts of ourselves.

I try really hard to keep it real on my blog – I post ugly food pictures, and bad recipes. I start challenges knowing I probably won’t complete them. I go out in public wearing ratty clothes, and bright orange crocs. I drive a fast car, and sometimes I like to race people from a red light. I have body image issues. We work hard, and play harder. We spend more money on toys than we should, but you only have one life..and for the record, I’ve been saying that WAY before YOLO became popular. I don’t particularly care for running right now, and I’ve been feeling guilty about that for a while. but I choose not to feel guilty anymore. It’s my body, and my life, if I don’t want to run – I don’t have to, and no one will make me feel bad about it.

My Mom has always said that I march to the beat of a different drum.


I’m a very non-confrontational person, so that might play into why I don’t understand the need for people to verbally attack other people.. I can’t understand why some people care SO MUCH about what other people are doing – and attack them if they think it’s wrong, or stupid, or whatever.

Nothing specific has happened to me – I frequent a few message boards, and the women (and possibly men) on these boards are so volatile. Attacking people over their hair style, where they buy their clothes, how many times they wear a particular dress, how far in debt they are, their relationship choices, and what they ate for breakfast.

Don’t we have other things to worry about? Healthcare reform, whether you are for or against it … It’s coming, it’s going to be big. The economic status (or lack there of) of our country, and a whole plethora of other problems …. Do we really have time to sit around and pick apart each other?

I applaud the people that are who they are – those that don’t conform just because a group of people have decided that they way they live their life isn’t good enough.

I’m not speaking of any one person – and I’m not speaking of any specific message board – I go on quite a few boards, and people are mean everywhere.

This actually wasn’t what I had in mind when I was thinking about writing a post with that quote as a title, but this has been bothering me for a while, and I guess I needed to say it.


…well, I think I’ll go now. I’ve got my bed time tea ready to go. I think I’ll go read the latest copy of Oxygen Magazine.

Good Night, and remember; To thine own self be true


lifting log: home gym workout

slowly but surely i’m getting a little definition in my biceps –

I had plans to hit the gym on Monday after work, but we ended up seeing a patient late in the day, which foiled my plans for going to the gym. Thankfully I have enough weights in my home gym that with a few alterations I was able to build a pretty good workout.

Warm up:
arm circles
jump rope
foam role

100 jump rope
shoulder press                                  3 x 8   15lb
50 jump rope
bent over row                                    3 x 8   10lb
50 jump row
tricep ext – single arm                     3 x 8  15lb
50 jump rope
tricep ext – lying – double arm      3 x 8  (10, 8, 8)
50 jump rope
bicep curl                                          3 x 8  10lb
50 jump rope
front lat raise                                   3 x 8  10lb
50 jump rope
single arm row                                3 x 8   15lb
50 jump rope
leg raises                                          3 x 8
100 jump rope

what’s next

chris jump 1





We had a fantastic weekend, but I’m thankful to be home and relaxing before the work week starts back up on Monday.

(FYI: that is chris in the top picture. he bought a dirt bike about 2 weeks ago, and it was love at first sight…. that is the same jump my Mom fell off of & broke her collar bone)

chris aidyn thxgivng 1


I’m considering changing the format of my blog… I’m just not happy with the way it is right now – I’m not running much, and there really isn’t all that much to say about lifting weights – and I don’t feel much like writing about my actual life…

I started at tumblr, and I like the format of tumblr better than my current wordpress blog.

Right now I’m thinking that less is more – not necessarily less posting, but less words, more motivational pictures/quotes.

Maybe some bad food photography to go along with good recipes that I find.


Tell me the best part of your Thanksgiving Weekend?

its been good so far

Thanksgiving has come & gone – beer drank, prayers said, thanks giving, & turkey consumed

It is my sincere hope that you were able to spend the day surrounded by family & love.


We packed up the cars and headed West, to Clermont, to spend the day at my Mom’s house. One bad thing about a single cab truck, and a 2 seater car… NO SPACE! We brought Diva & Wyatt with us so we ended up having to bring both cars (bummer).

We arrived at 9, and got the party started. My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner was mashed potatoes, sweet potato souffle, brussel sprouts & broccoli salad.

But before we could get started cooking, I took my Mom to Wal-mart… See the crazy lady in the sling in the top picture? That’s my Mom. She got into a fight with a dirt bike jump – she put up a good fight, but as you can see, the jump won, Mom came out with a broken collar bone!

Walmart was uneventful – it actually wasn’t to crowded. Once we returned home, I poured some OJ & Champagne in a paper cup, and got to work cooking.

— I have no pictures of this. to busy.—

On taking pictures at family events: I sometimes feel like a bad blogger because I rarely take pictures at family events.. I do take some pictures, but not many – I feel like taking pictures just for blogging purposes cheapens the pictures, and takes away from private family time.

I’ll share the few pictures that I do have, but I don’t have hundreds of pictures of food, or posed pictures of family.

grandma aidyn

Wyatt LOVES having such a big yard to play in, and his cousin Major is a lot of fun too!


playing on the big 4 wheeler..wishing someone would take them for a ride.

Kailyn mashing the sweet potatoes for the sweet potato souffle.

we shot guns, rode dirt bikes & 4 wheelers, drank beer, and ate lots of turkey & pie. That’s a Southern Thanksgiving if I’ve ever heard of one!

I couldn’t ask for a better day. I can’t wait until we are living back in Lake County!


The day after

This morning I woke up early and prepared to go for a run. I text my friend to see if she wanted to run, toasted an English muffin, and brewed a cup o’ joe.

Friend didn’t want to run, and to be honest, neither did I – It was 38 when we woke up this morning and I only brought tank top & shorts to run in. (great planning).  I was content with going to the gym later to lift weights.

We let the dogs outside and discovered a layer of ICE on my car! ICE!!!! At home I keep my car in the garage, and it hasn’t gotten cold enough for ICE yet!

Of course I had to play in it…


Eventually I got dressed and headed to Gold’s gym to see about buying a day pass. When I arrived I found out that the day passes were free for the day! Awesome!

I headed to the treadmill, ran a mile, then headed to the “Ladies Gym” to lift weights. I know it seems silly to go to the ladies gym, when I lift in the regular gym at the Y – I guess I just thought that I would feel more comfortable in the ladies gym, and I did. There were only 2 –3 women in there at any given time. I basically had all the weights/machines to myself – I didn’t have to wait on a single person.

Here is what I did:

upper body

lying DB tricep extension (2 arm)
Bench dips
DB shoulder press
DB lat raise
cable triceps push down
reverse cable curl
leg raise

lower body

DB deadlift
leg press
DB lunges
barbell squat  (the ladies gym had a squat rack, suh-weeeet)


Now I’m just chillin’ at my Mom’s house waiting for my Sister to get off work. Chris is working on my cousins car, my sisters kids are running around, and LIFE IS GOOD.

I’m here.

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve! We are preparing to travel to my Mom’s for Thankgiving dinner, and I’m SO excited I can hardly stand it! I’m ready to eat dinner, and go to bed so that when we wake up it will be time to head to my Mom’s… I’m more excited about this Thanksgiving than I am about Christmas! Last Thanksgiving we stayed home – We invited some friends over and cooked our own Thanksgiving dinner, which was a blast, but I’m excited to spend the Holiday w/ Family this year.

Thanksgiving 2011 – Sherry & me

Nothing special happening, I just miss my family like WHOA and I can’t wait to see them!…. I know, I know, it’s only been 2 weeks since I last saw them BUT STILLLLLL!!!!!!  Plus I’m also going to meet up with a few friends from high school, which I’m also ridiculously excited about.


Diva is all packed & ready to go to Aunt Stacey’s house.

Ohandplusalso, I have Christmas music on right now.. I really don’t even like Christmas music, but this is the 3rd time today I’ve had Pandora Christmas music on… what the heck is wrong with me? Chris walked upstairs a few minutes ago and said, “REALLY?”  heh.

Christmas Tree season is JUST around the corner! I LOVE Christmas trees!

2011’s Christmas tree – I loved that big fat mac-daddy tree!


I took a few days break from blogging, and reading blogs – I read a few, but most of them have gone unread, which means my google reader is overflowing.

I’ve just been trying to figure out what I want to do. I’m really, really enjoying lifting, but I’m worried my goals are a little bit much right now. I think I need refocus, set some smaller goals, and re-evaluate in about 10 weeks.

I’m in week 2 of a 12 week weight lifting program – this week is going to be cut short with the holidays,  but I’ll start strong again on Monday. I have plans to run w/ a friend on Friday, and then Saturday/Sunday will be spent with the family. I might try to get a day pass at the Gold’s gym in Clermont, but we’ll see. I’m not really going to stress over it.

Last weekend I volunteered at the Women’s Half- Marathon; I passed out water at the 10 mile mark; it was a lot of fun – lots of screaming, and cheering! I will say that having names on bibs makes cheering WAY more fun!

it’s okay to be jealz of my shark hat! — it was WAY colder than I was anticipating.. I work shorts, like a dork. Thankfully JM had an extra pair of sweatpants in her trunk so I threw those on and I was good to go.

The Winner! She didn’t pick my water (bummer!)

I was so glad that I was not running that half-marathon. Not just because I don’t like the half in particular, but I’m just not in the running mood right now.

I’m running when I feel like it, which isn’t much, and I’m 100% okay with that.



I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend! See ya next week

work it out, work it out

The weekend is finally upon us!


I managed to get a measly 3 miles in on Wednesday; I was going to try for 5 miles, but by time I got home and got changed it was already 5, and sunset is at 5:30 .. and I don’t run in the dark, soooo that left me just enough time to get in 3 miles.

3mi, 8:39, 8:09, 8:02 .. the weather was nice and cool, not much wind. perfect conditions for a short 3 miler.

Thursday it was back to the gym for upper body B workout:

my warm up consisted of squats, lunges, pushups, and arm circles.

seated tricep dip                  3 x 8 65lb
DB shoulder press                3 x 8 15lb
DB lat raise                            3 x 8 (10,10,8lb)
cable tricep pushdown       3 x 8 40lb
reverse cable curl                3 x 8 35lb
leg raises                                3 x 12
15 min on elliptical

I definitely struggled through the lat raises, I don’t know what it is about that move but it kills me. On Monday I completed all 3 sets with a 10lb dumb bell, but I could barely make it through 2 sets. I wimped out on the last set and went to 8lbs. ugh – definitely need to work on that.

Friday was lower body B

my warm up consisted of squats, push ups, lunges, & arm circles

deadlift                                  3 x 8 barbell
leg press                               3 x 8 140,140,160
DB lunges                             3 x 8 25lb
standing calf raise             3 x8 20lb
DB shoulder shrug             3 x 8 25lb
ball crunch                          3 x 12
back extensions                 3 x 12
20 min elliptical

I felt like I could have gone a little harder on a few moves, but I have 11 miles scheduled for tomorrow, so I didn’t want to kill myself.

Favorite workout of the week so far?

Lifting log: Monday/Tuesday

Over the weekend I did A LOT of reading about weightlifting, and various programs that are available. At the recommendation of a friend, I checked out

I found a 12 week workout that looks like it’s right up my alley. None of the moves intimidate me .. bonus points.

The workout stays the same for 12 weeks, but the reps change. For the first 4 weeks, higher reps. Second 4 weeks, the reps change from from 8 -12, to 6 – 8. In the last 4 weeks, 4 – 6 reps.

On Monday I did the upper body A workout:

DB bench press:                 3 x 8   15lb
Bent over DB row              3 x 8   12lb
DB shoulder press            3 x 8   (15lb, 20lb, 20lb)
DB lying tricep ext            3 x 8   (12lb, 15lb, 15lb)
DB bicep curl                      3 x 8   (15lb, 20lb, 20lb)

I’m really loving lifting. The only move that confuses me is the tricep extension. I always forget to youtube the move before I go to the gym. I don’t know how far back my arms need to go before pulling back up….going to youtube that now.

it’s safe to say that I was definitely doing it wrong..dang

Tuesday is legs day so after work I headed to the gym to get my squat on.

DB squat                                                     3 x 8 25lb
DBdeadlift                                                    3 x 8 25lb x 2. last set barbell
legextensions                                              3 x 8 (70lb, 80lb, 80lb)
seated leg curl                                             3 x 8  55lb
standing calf raises                                   3 x 8 (20lb, 40lb, 40lb)
lying leg raise                                               3 x 10
ball crunch                                                     3 x 10

(fyi. i’m writing via the wordpress page, and it makes lining things up significantly more difficult than it needs to be.)

I’m feeling a little sore today, and as i’ve said, I like that feeling.  Today is a rest day..from lifting. I’ve got my sights set on 5 miles, but we’ll see how it goes.

Today is arestday..from lifting. I’m going to run this afternoon when I get off work. I’m setting my sights on 5 miles, but we’ll see how it goes.

How about you, what are you doing this week?

oh, and who realized Thanksgiving was NEXT WEEK! Holy crap, where did this month go?

Five things on a Fabulous Friday

I am so thankful that it is finally Friday. This week seemed to drag on forever.. I think I say that every single week, huh?

Fall has arrived in Florida… at least for this week. I’ve taken advantage of the cool weather and worn all of my “cute” sweaters to work.. and by all I mean, all 5 of them. As I was putting away laundry today I realized that I really don’t have a lot of “cute” clothes. I live in scrubs, running shorts, sweat pants & tshirts. I have a super small “nice clothes” wardrobe. This really never bothers me except during Fall. Everyone is wearing cute sweaters, and boots and I’m still wearing jeans and flip flops – partially because it’s not cold enough for boots, but also because I don’t even own boots.. wompwomp.. total First World Problem.

jena fall clothes

please note: I did not wear those clothes to work in the middle top picture – That is what I wore to vote though – so klassy.  We vote at the Coast Guard Auxiliary building which is less than 1/2 mile from our house. I wanted to vote before work so I just threw on some clothes and ran (not literally) down the road. I don’t work until 9, so I came home to change (and do my hair, dear goodness my hair was a mess) afterwards.

Are you a jeans & t’shirt kinda gal (or guy) or do you prefer to dress up a little more



Moving on to my list of 5 fabulous things I’m loving lately:

1. Favorite new blog: Sweat Like a Pig .. I wish I had hours to just sit around and absorb everything that Tara write on her blog. I am really interested in weight lifting right now and she seems like a wealth of information.

2. Favorite new TV show: Chicago Fire, this is a new show on NBC that airs on Wednesdays (10/9c). I love any kind of Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic/Doctor show. Maybe it’s my fascination with blood and guts (the medical kind, not horror movie kind) but I don’t care how cheesy the show is, I’ll watch it. (looking at you Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice)

Chicago Fire - NBC

3. Favorite new breakfast: This week I switched my breakfasts from oatmeal to scrambled eggs with spinach. I love, love, love oatmeal, but it leaves me feeling bloated and cranky for several hours after I eat it. It also keeps me full, but I hate feeling bloated while I’m trying to get dressed in the morning. I switched to eggs this week; so far so good!

2 eggs & 1 egg white with spinach & apple slices


4. Favorite exercise: I L-O-V-E overhead(shoulder) presses. I don’t know why, but I just love them. I find them so challenging. When I first started lifting weights I could barely lift 8lb dumb bells over my head, and most of the time I had to drop down to 5lb weights to complete the sets. Now I’m using 15 & 20lb dumbbells. I love knowing that a little hard work allows me to lift heavier weights.. and call me vain, but I love the way my arms look when I’m pushing the weight up over my head.

5. Favorite blog post this week: Maria’s sweet baby boy, Caleb, turned one today! She had a super sweet post dedicated to him. I think Caleb is THE CUTEST little boy (besides my nephew, of course) Happy Birthday Caleb!


That’s it for me!

What’s one thing you’re enjoying this week?

Lifting Log: Monday/Tuesday


I love the soreness that comes after a good workout;  soreness is a feeling of satisfaction – I love that I can physically feel the satisfaction… does that even make sense?

 Running just hasn’t been giving me much satisfaction lately.  Don’t get me wrong, winning OA female in the 5k last Saturday was fantastic – and I loved the feeling, but I don’t feel daily satisfaction from running anymore. I know that I’m barely even running these days – so how could I feel satisfaction? I just don’t have the desire to make myself run. I’m so bored; running on the same 4 streets over & over & over again sucks. My options are incredibly limited in my neck of the woods. Maybe when we move i’ll have some more options, but for now, i’m stuck.

I bought this book, Strength Training Anatomy, a few weeks ago. It’s actually not what I thought it would be, but that’s okay because it’s an excellent book. The book breaks the body down into sections and then shows the exercises that will work that section of the body.

Since I’m relatively new to lifting, and have a very limited knowledge of what exercises, this book has been really helpful when I’m trying to create my workouts. Obviously I’m not a personal trainer, so I can’t say with any degree of certainity that what I’m doing is beneficial, but I feel okay about the direction of my workouts.

Tara, from Sweat Like a Pig has been writing a beginner’s lifting series over the last few weeks, and it’s been really helpful. You can check out the series of posts here.

Monday’s workout:

warm up: 5 min on elliptical – I learned today that this isn’t effective, Thanks Tara

Romanian Deadlife                               3 x 8 (20lb, 25lb, 25lb)
DB Shoulder Press                                1 x 8, 2 x 5 (15lb, 20lb, 20lb)
DB Squat                                                 5 x 6  25lb
DB Lat raise                                           5 x 6  10lb
calf press on leg press machine         3 x 8 (80lb, 100lb, 100lb)
DB one arm up right row                    3 x 8 15lb
Leg extensions- machine                    3 x 8  (65lb, 70lb, 70lb)

Tuesday’s workout:

 warm up: 5 min on elliptical

Wide grip lat pulldown                     5 x 6   (37.5lb, 50lb x 4)
curl bar bicep curl                             5 x 6    30lb
incline DB curl                                   5 x 6    20lb
alt hammer curl                                 5 x 6    15lb
DB deadlift                                         5 x 6    25lb
DB squat                                             5 x 6    25lb
Bent over 2 DB row                          5 x 6    (15lb x 2, 12lb x 3)

I use an app on my phone, JeFit Pro, and it automatically sets the number of sets/reps to 3 x 8. On Monday I forgot to change them until I was already pretty deep into the workout – It didn’t even occur to me that I was doing the 3 x 8. duh

I prefer the 5 x 6 workout – In this post, Tara explains the benefit of this type of set/rep ratio. I want to build muscle and improve my strength, according to Tara, and various other resources, the low set/high rep is optimal for what I want to achieve.

In other news, I am feeling slightly more confident in the gym. Yesterday there were a couple of guys that made me a little uncomfortable, but I staked out my space, and did my thing. One day i’ll venture over to the squat rack.. one day


Race Report: Buddy Run 5k

After my half-marathon on Oct 28th I was fired up about racing. I was ready for the season to start. I thought I would be ready to get back into training mode and log some miles – I signed up for the Buddy Run 5k down in Lutz and told myself I’d log a few miles last week before the 5k.

Nope. Didn’t happen. I walked a solid 1.25 miles with the dogs last week. I don’t know where my running mojo is – it’s in hiding and it’s hidden really dang well.

On our walk on Thursday the dog’s pulled so hard I ended up with shin splints. I don’t know how this is possible, but my shins were aching all day Friday & Saturday. I KT-Taped them on Saturday and wore compression sleeves. I iced before bed, and hoped for the best.

Sunday morning they were still a little sore but I decided I was going to run anyways. The race started at 8 so I was out the door by 6:15 for a 7:15 arrival time. I picked up my packet, secured my number and headed for the bathrooms.

I did a little warm up and then stood around waiting for the gun to go off. I lined up towards the front; scoping everyone out – trying to determine who was in my AG..

The gun went off and I fell in stride with another woman. I ran beside her for a few minutes, but I was struggling so I fell behind. I tried to stay on her heels.  — The course was described as hard packed shell – translation: somewhat hard packed sand, with some soft spots. – I was not thrilled with the course – I had to look at my feet the entire time to make sure I didn’t trip over a branch, and to make sure I stayed on the hardest packed stuff.

The first mile was a real struggle, I pretty much accepted that I would not PR & I was okay with that. We spent the entire day Saturday moving extra furniture out of our house and that required a million trips up & down the stairs. 

I stayed right on the heels of this lady for a while. Somewhere around 1.25 I caught up with her  – then passed her. I swear I could feel my legs wake up and say “okay, game on.” There was an obvious difference in how I felt once my legs showed up to the party.

I increased my pace and took the lead on the other lady. I never looked back – I didn’t want to know how close she was. I passed a father/son and then I could see the lead lady – at least I thought she was the lead.

buddy run 5k course

I felt like she was to far away for me to catch, but she must have been getting tired, or I was getting faster because I passed her in a corner and that was that. Again, I never looked back, I didn’t want to know how close she was.

I wasn’t 100% sure that she was the lead woman, but I was pretty sure – I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, trying to breath and get done. We made a final turn into a grassy field (joy) and I tried to make my legs move faster.

I saw 22:07 on the clock and knew I was going to PR. I crossed the finish line in 22:34.. I walked through the shute, trying not to puke.

buddy run 5k

I hung around for a while waiting for the awards – There was also a 1 mi fun run & a buddy dash so it was about an hour between the time I finished the 5k & the start of awards.

First female OA: 22:34 (that was the time they announced for me)

I don’t know any AG stats, or even the total of people. The results aren’t up on Active yet.  I did win a $100 gift card to The Columbia restaurant, which has several locations throughout the Tampa area. YAY!

This was a great race – very well organized and a fun little (local) 5k. I don’t like running on sand, so I probably wouldn’t do it again, but it was good for a PR and a win!