geico,statefarm,esurance Oh My!

I’ve been shopping around for new auto insurance for the last few days. So many decisions, so many things depend on those decisions. Do you get 50/100 for Bodily injury, do you get stacked/unstacked for uninsured motorist, do you get rental coverage.. no? But what if you need rental car coverage.. What exactly does Bodily Injury protection cover?  The questions go on, and on, and on, and on. It is very confusing and over whelming when trying to decide which insurance, and which coverage is the best.  Chris suggested I e-mail one of our friends who is in the auto insurance business. Boy! I wish I had remembered that days ago when I first started this, her advice was so helpful and pretty much made our decisions for us. Now, we just have to decide who will be the winner.  I’ve gotten quotes from pretty much all the major insurers, Geico, Progressive, Allstate, Esurance, Safeco, 21st Century… I think we are going to go with Geico. We currently pay around $240/mth for both of our vehicles. Geico would be the same coverages, and it’s $169/mth for both vehicles.  That’s a savings of approximately $71/mth. That’s pretty substantial right? I mean c’mon that’s  blackberry payment. Ha Ha.. The object is to save money. Not save money then spend it elsewhere.


I love Sundays. It’s the one day a week Chris & I have off together. Chris made this awesome omelet for breakfast this morning. It had green peppers, jalapenos, cheese, and shredded chicken from last nights leftovers, YUM! 

Today we went to GoodWill. I went by there yesterday and saw a dresser that I thought I might want. I wasn’t sure if it was real wood, or that particle board, laminated crap, so I wanted Chris to look at it. It is painted dark dark green, had some chips on the wood, and was going to need a lot of work. I didn’t want to buy it w/o Chris seeing it first. So we went up there, and it was still there. He looked at it and said, nah, to much to fix it.. Fine with me, it wasn’t exactly what I am looking for anyways, just close. .. We looked around and found this cute little guy. We are using it as a night stand in the guest bedroom.

It’s a little rough around the edges,  but I really like it. Now I just need to find a dresser to go in that room, hang some art, and we will be all set.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, that is what I’ve been doing today. I’ve had to pee 10435874 times today! We are going for a run, well i’m running, Chris is riding his bike, outside today. Well, this evening when it might decide to cool off some. I’m dying of boredom on the treadmill. I mapped out a run on . Yay!


I’ll leave you with a silly video of Wyatt thinking he is big bad and tough. If you look closely you can see Diva hiding behind the treadmill.



2 thoughts on “geico,statefarm,esurance Oh My!

  1. I have Geico! I love it! When I locked my keys in the car, I called them and they called the locksmith. All I had to do was sign a paper for the guy, Geico paid them! Sweet!!

    • Wow, really? They paid to have the locksmith come?! That is a pretty sweet deal, is that something extra that you pay for? Miss you bunches!

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