a 3 hour tour

Apparently the wi-fi works sometimes. I’m going to write this post and hope that the internet works when I’m done.

I’m wiped out and it’s only 10:30, being in the sun all day really drains your energy!

I don’t know time we were supposed to get up & leave the hotel this morning, but my Dad woke us up @ 6:45 to start getting ready. Sadly I only ate a blueberry muffin for breakfast, and had no coffee.. so sad.

Fueling up in Palm Beach
let’s get this show on the road water.

We were on the water heading down the intercoastal water way by 8am. Unfortunately it’s a pretty long ride from the marina to the inlet out to the ocean- I think it took over an hour. So I guess we were on the ocean and headed across the big blue ocean around 9(ish).

The first 1.5 hours was a little rough. It was pretty windy, which in turn creates big waves. Big waves = little boat getting slammed around. You can’t go very fast with big waves, it’s a bad combination. The entire trip from Palm Beach to West End is about 67 miles. Right about half way it started to lay down and we were able to get a nice speed going.


Coming into West End!! Yippee!

Once we reached West End we put our yellow quarantine flag and headed to the customs dock to check in. I think it was about 1ish when we scooted in to customs. 4hrs isn’t a bad crossing time. The Customs department make you fill 900 forms and pay for a fishing permit. The forms and everything takes about an hour. An hour of sitting still, in a hot marina, just sweating & sweating & sweating. It’s sexy.

After we check into customs we headed further down the island to Lucaya. The marina we stay at is right outside of Port Lucaya- It takes about an hour to get from West End to the marina where we stay.


After we unloaded everything we went out fishing. It was a flop. Jeremy caught a stinky barracuda and that was it. Nothing was biting, and we couldn’t find any frigate birds.



Oh. bad news bears: I checked out the “gym” when we got here… the gym that is displayed on their website is nothing like the gym that is actually here. It’s in an un-airconditioned room.. I could live with this…. but the treadmill in there Is self-propelled or something. I Don’t even know what it is. I’ve never see anything like it before. I didn’t stay long and check everything out because I was just annoyed at the treadmill. I saw ONE weight.. 20lbs.. just one. not a set… no, just one weight.

I get that the gym probably isn’t a priority for a lot of people while they are here. I don’t know what the main clientele is here, but I think there are a lot of people that come by boat and are here to fish. buuutttt, I was really planning on running this week. bummer.



Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back with pictures of fish or something exciting!


Live yo life, Mon!


What’s up, Mon

So.. we made it.

I’m almost positive there is no wi-fi in the rooms. I’m in the community room now. Just wanted to say Hey Mon!


I’ll try to blog if I get a chance!!


Have a great week!


Live yo’ life, Mon

Are we therr yet

Omg. We’ve been driving forever. The downside of living in the West coast is that it takes frickin’ forever to get to the east coast!!

My knees get achy after a few minutes which makes long car rides even more enjoyable. My contacts are dry and I have no clue where my case or solution is. Ugjjhhh – I could keep bitching, but I’ll spare.

It’s 11:15 and we’ve been in the car since 7. Not cool!

You know what else is not cool? Blogging from an iPhone. The fact that we can’t find a radio station to come in also sucks.

The next time u here from me I’ll be sippin’ on a goombay punch poolside!

Live yo’ life mon!

I know where I get that from

Holy gosh, I have a lot to do before we leave. I should not be sitting in front of the computer, but I can’t help it. I get bored with cleaning, and get side tracked super easily.

I’m really super awesome at procrastinating. like so awesome it would hurt your head to even think about how awesome I am. yah. that.

I know where I get it from.

My Dad.

My Dad & Chris took the boat trailer apart tonight because something was wrong with it. Hello. We leave tomorrow and the tires are laying in the driveway..not on the trailer. oh dear.

pretty sure I get my procrastinating skills from my Pops.


It’s approximately 5 hours after I started writing this post.

I’m still packing. Chris is asleep. My Dad is at the boat ramp. (P.S. it’s 12:03 am). Tomorrow is going to need a gigantic dose cofffeeeeeeeeeeee.

The next time you hear from me I’ll be in the bahamas..woot!

So easy a caveman could do it…

Thanks for letting me vent yesterday. I know many runners have felt the way I feel at some point during their running career. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, even if I feel alone and a little bit cray-cray!

Daily work out

After work I came right home, put my running clothes on and jumped on the treadmill for a good sweat session. I ran 4 miles in 36:30 while watching Combat Hospital. I’m a sucker for any type of military or hospital show. Put them together and I’m a viewer for life! My run was really good, and it went by really quick. My right knee was a little achy, but that’s par for the course these days.

After my run I strapped frozen veggies to my knees and made dinner. Thank you ace-wraps! I forgot to take pictures, but I promise it looked as stupid as it sounds. But, it did the trick, and I was mobile and not stuck laying on the couch.

Two recipes that are so easy cavemen could do them:

With our trip in just a few days I don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking dinner. This week is a week of easy, and quick meals. Probably not the healthiest of meals, but hey, whatever.

Chicken & Yellow Rice: This is one of Chris’ favorites. He even said, “Thanks babe for making me some good soul food.”  Lol, I don’t know if chicken & yeller counts as soul food, but that’s okay.

1.25lb of chicken thighs.  I use the ones w/ skin & bones – but you can them boneless & skinless
16oz bag of long grain yellow rice.. short grain is for the birds. it never softens up
Seasonings- I use Ms. Dash southwest chipotle & garlic powder

1. Cook chicken thighs in a pot of water w/ seasonings until done.
2. Once chicken is cooked take thighs out of water and let them cool in another bowl. I run them under water to let them cool faster. don’t dump out the pot of water.. unless this grosses you out, then you can – but the rice tastes yummy if you cook it in the same water the chicken boiled in.
3. Let the rice start to cook while the chicken is boiling – you can either start the rice w/ new water or use the water used to boil the chicken.
4. Once the chicken has cooled down I take the skin off and then shred it into pieces off the bone and mix it in with the rice
5. Cook rice & chicken together until rice is done
6. DIG IN.


looks like mush- but I swear it’s good.

Spicy Chicken & veggie Quesadilla: I made this Tuesday night. Pretty simple & straight fwd.

1lb chicken breasts
crystal hot sauce
green pepper- chopped
red pepper- chopped
yellow onion- chopped
whole wheat wrap
olive oil
shredded cheese- mexican blend
a smidge of butter

1. Boil chicken breasts in water. Add crystal sauce for flavor. I didn’t measure, I just dumped some in the pot.
2. While chicken is boiling saute up veggies in olive oil
3. When chicken is done boiling remove from water and shred with forks
4. put a smidge of butter in a pan big enough to brown the whole wheat wrap.
    place wrap in pan, add some veggies, chicken and cheese.
    let the wrap heat up a little then take that wrap off the pan
place other wrap on pan and let it brown a little
then I put the 2nd wrap on top of the veggie/cheese/chicken mixture and put the whole thing back in the pan and let it heat up a little to melt the cheese and make both wraps crispy (did that even make sense?) 

I couldn’t write my own cookbook. #1. I’m not creative enough #2. I’m horrible @ explaining things.


Voila! Two “I don’t have hours to stand in the kitchen and cook” recipes that are delish, not so healthy, and easy to make.

Gotta go friends. The Dogs need to go out, the floor needs a good sweeping, the laundry needs to be changed, and the Hubs is hollering for me to come to bed!

Go big or Go Home

The truth is: running….

I don’t think I need to tell you that my vacation is getting closer as the hours go on.

Today was a little bit of a tough day. Here’s the thing: Working for a Surgeon is great. I really love my job. I’ve met a lot of great people, and learned a lot in the year I’ve been there. The problem with working for this surgeon, it’s not so much a problem I guess… but, I’ve said it before, he specializes in patients with cancer. He does surgery for other reasons as well, but the majority of his patients have some type of cancer.

Let’s just say that cancer sucks. Patient’s dying sucks even worse. bleh.


It happened. My day got better… okay, actually, this happened before I found out about the patient, but that’s just a minor detail. ..anyways.. it happened. the UPS lady showed up in my office. and guess what she brought me??


Mama Pea’s new cook book, Peas and thank you! “Oh my peas!” I’m excited!

and then. just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.  I went downstairs to check the mail, and I got this:


well. that’s a picture of both books, but I also got Tina’s book, Carrots ‘n’ cake. Yippee!

I already started reading Mama Pea’s book. I’m only into the introductory, but so far so good!

After work today I went to Target to pick up more crap for our trip. The list is never-ending, and I keep thinking of stuff that I need to get. ugh. I love the book section in Target! They always have tons of new books and my lust-o-meter goes crazy in there!

book collage

writing down book titles and authors takes way to long, so I take pictures of all the books I want to read. Then I can add them to my “to read” list….which is long, and I’ll never get around to reading the majority of them. The problem is that the county I live in apparently doesn’t believe in ordering new books. Most of those books will never make it into the library, meaning I have to buy them. I don’t really like buying books ,but I guess I will need to if I want to read. I know I can ask the library to borrow from another county- but that requires going into the library –which has weird hours, and requesting that the borrow it from somewhere else… annoying.

On my drive home I was thinking about running. Running has been a real struggle lately… heck, it’s been a struggle since March. The truth is, I don’t want to run. I mean, I do… but at the same time I don’t. The only thing that keeps me running is this blog, and the fact that I signed up for a November half-marathon. Running leads to a bunch of frustration, like achy knees for days afterwards. I don’t like not being able to walk around with out pain. I don’t like not being able to sleep because my knees are so achy. — My feelings are so mixed up, and confusing. It’s hard to know whether I’m just making excuses (aching knees) or if I legit need a break from it all. – You might be thinking  I need a break. Trust me, I think the same thing. The number one reason I don’t take a break (besides the blog)……..weight gain……………………………………………………….

There. I said it. I’m scared.to.death that I will gain more weight. I already weigh more now than I did in March before my stupid knee started really acting a fool. You might be thinking that I could take a break from running and cross-train. Yes, that’s true. However, cross-training also irritates my knee. Right now, at this point, any activity where I have to squat or lunge hurts my knee. Picking things up off the floor is a PITA.. off the bottom shelf at the grocery store, ugh.

I’m sure I’ve written this same blog before. I’m just writing out my feelings and trying to make sense of the things that are going through my head. I enjoy the feeling that running gives me. A sense of accomplishment. I love that great sweat you get from a good hard run. Those are also things that keep me running.

That said. I will continue to run this week, and see what I can do next week while we are on vacation. If my knees don’t straighten up I’ll probably go back to the Doctor. This pain that I’m having now is not like the other two times I had pain. LOL. I’ll have every type of knee pain before it’s all said and done, I guess.

Daily work out

After the internal battle I had with myself I came home and ran on the treadmill. I couldn’t decide on a distance so I just covered the display and ran until the music started getting boring OR my knees started to tighten up.

I made it 3.5 miles, in 32:33, or 9:18 pace before my knees started tightening up and my cell phone kept ringing. The run was pretty good. I could have gone further if I would have stretched at 3.5 miles, but I needed to get dinner going so it seemed like a good stopping point. I’m happy with it.

I’ve already come to terms with the fact that my half-marathon in November will not be a PR. I think I’m okay with that. I’m obviously not having the most successful training right now. Maybe this is the wrong attitude to have but I don’t expect it to get much better between now & November. I suppose it’s possible, but I’m not holding my breath.

Enough of that depressing talk. Let’s watch a fun video!

This is a compilation of pictures and video footage from several fishing trips and our scalloping trip last weekend. You can see how we dive down to get scallops. I’m holding the bright yellow mesh bag with pink bikini bottoms on. — The music is kind of loud, so you might want to turn down your sound a little…..

Life is worth living, no matter what.

Answer me this:

The days are dwindling down as my vacation gets closer & closer. I’m stinkin’ excited. Yesterday I made a list of things that need to get done before we leave. Simple things, but thing none-the-less.

In a matter of days I’ll be doing this:

Jupiter to West End. Yes Please!

We’ve been stalking the weather on Wunderground.com to make sure we will be able to cross over. If the wind is bad and coming from a certain direction we won’t be able to cross. I’ll find more information out about that tonight when I talk to my Dad. I think it’s interesting, but I can’t remember what he told me. I think as of right now we will be able to cross but it’s going to be a choppy right. Fine for me, but Chris & Jeremy get seasick. =/  Not fun for them.

I have no work out to recap, and last week isn’t even worth talking about. I ran less than 10 miles, and I think I did one XT work out. bleh.  Yesterday my knee was feeling all sorts of funky so I Just left it alone. It’s feeling better so far today, so I’m going to try like hell to run after work. Probably going to have to bang out a few miles on the treadmill. I don’t have time to wait until late tonight. I have to much to do on my list!

So, I set up this little coffee tray for our house sitter. # 1, it’s cute, #2, it will be easier for her, #3 she won’t be digging through all our cabinets. There is nothing in our cabinets, but you know it’s annoying when you go to someone’s house and you have no idea where anything is. So, I put everything together on a tray for her so it’s a little easier.


  • 4 coffee mugs
  • 2 travel mugs
  • creamer
  • caramel
  • packet sugar
  • regular sugar
  • blueberry coffee
  • folgers coffee
  • milk in the fridge

Am I forgetting anything?  Oh, and I also added some powder stuff to make iced coffee if she wants that. Have you ever had a pet-sitter stay in your home? What kinds of things did you do to make it easier for them? 

I have a paper typed up about Diva & Wyatt.. Their habits, schedule, eating, pooping, those types of things. Oh, I also typed up how to use our TV/DVD/Cable box & remotes.. They are tricky.  –Do you usually supply food for the sitter? I asked her if there was anything she wanted me to get and she said, “If you have some macaroni, I can just eat that.”   well. okay.

I have macaroni, and I bought more, but I feel guilty leaving just macaroni to eat. I feel like I should supply healthy foods for the lady to eat- I also have some tuna.. But I can’t go out and stock my fridge with meat & veggies for her to eat all week. We don’t really keep junk in the house, so there won’t be much for her to snack on. I think there are a few bags of chips from previous boat excursions. I’ll set those out.  This dog-sitter thing is kind of stressful. So many things to think about.

Oh, here’s a question I don’t know the answer to. What do we do in case of an emergency with the dogs? We will not be able to be reached for the majority of the day. I’m considering leaving a credit card for a dog emergency.. but I don’t know. That just seems risky. We don’t know our vet well enough to ask them to bill us. … Suggestions?

Pinterest photo of the day:

How cool is this?

Life your life, otherwise it will pass you by. You don’t want to be on you’re the death bed wishing you had done something different with your life.

dog-gone, the weekend is gone

I’m pooped.exhuasted.tired,worn out, well-done.. you get the picture.

We had a pretty busy weekend that involved absolutely no exercising of any king; unless you count snorkeling.. then there was at least a little bit of exercise.

Saturday involved shopping and hanging out with my Sissy Love. Love us some Bass Pro Shops! I don’t get to go their often because it’s in Orlando, so it was a special treat to get to go over there! We bought some cute new Costa sunglasses to wear out on the boat! No pictures, because who remembered to take pictures? Not this girl.

After Bass Pro Shops I dropped her off at her house so she could get her dogs and head to my house to hang out for the night! YAY!  A whole weekend of sister time (and her boyfriend) is exactly what the Dr. prescribed for my insane mood.. (+ midol).

Our dogs + their dogs =/= happy campers. Wyatt was the worst. He has never been aggressive towards anything. He is more scared than anything else. Well, he did not like their German Shepherd, Tyson. No siree, he did not. Unfortunately Wyatt spent a lot of time in his crate this weekend because he couldn’t get along with the other dogs. Sad smile   Diva on the other hand warmed up to them pretty quickly. They have three dogs, Tyson, Leonidas (min pin) and Pepper (no idea what she is).


Leonidas on the left, bad picture, but he is quick and doesn’t stay still. That’s me & Pepper. She is the cutest little thing ever. DSC03979There is Pepper again cuddling with Stacey. (My Dad & Jeremy were playing PS2..that was interesting). 


Sunday morning we woke up, the opposite of early, and got ready to head out on the boat. It’s scallop season right now so we had plans to head up towards Homosassa to get some scallops. Plusalso we needed to test out or fins/masks/snorkels to make sure nothing needs to be replaced before our Bahama Vacay next week! (yipee!)

I have zero pictures of us actually snorkeling around picking up scallops. I don’t have an underwater camera (but that would be cool). Also, it’s hard to carry a camera, hold the scallop bag, and pick up scallops. That scallop bag is a PITA as it is! You can read about scalloping HERE and if you’re really interested HERE .Basically you just snorkel around a grassy area and look for the scallop shells. They look like clam shells, I guess. You dive down, grab them, put in the scallop bag and repeat. There is no size limit on the scallops but here is a per person, or per boat limit. We can get 2 gallons per person (in the shell) or 10 gallons per boat. I think we ended up with about 7 gallons. Stupid me didn’t take a picture of the the actual scallops in a bag. But the 7 gallons we shucked filled up a gallon size bag about half way! It’s a tremendous amount of work for such a little amount of food. It’s crazy.


After we were done scalloping we headed south to Anclote Key to hang out for a few hours.



My old navy long sleeve wicking shirt doubled as a diving shirt yesterday and will also make an appearance in the Bahamas! It’s a good idea to have a shirt of some sort to protect your skin while you are snorkeling on top of the water for long periods, or even short periods of time! I’m also wearing a bicband head band to keep my hair out of my face while I snorkel! (those are also my new shades!)


Chris about to throw out the anchor so we can get out and swim around for a while. He is sportin’ a long sleeve shirt from Reel Legends. We are going to be in the sun a lot during the 8 days we are in the Bahamas so it was really important that we didn’t get burnt today, and also to make sure that the clothes would work next week while we are gone. (I also have no pictures of us hanging out at Anclote.fail.)

I do have pictures of the scallop shucking that commenced once we got home.

DSC03996 DSC03999

the boys wanted to have a contest to see who could hold their hand in the icy cooler water the longest. yah. that water was nasty and cold. I’ll pass.

Do you want to see what a hot mess looks like?



hope you had a great weekend! the countdown is definitely on in the LIBK Household!

She’s hiding in there

Well friends, it’s the weekend

Daily work out

Today I did a super easy run on the treadmill. 2 miles in 19 minutes. Like I said, easy.  After last night I decided I had to take it easy today. My knees hurt so bad last night I could have cried. They were just aching, aching, aching. Not a sharp pain, just a dull, constant ache. It was horrible. I have some muscle relaxers from my initial appointment with the Ortho, yum.

I’m keeping it short. I’m still feeling cray-cray, and rather than write out what is going through my head so that you can see how truly cray-cray I am.. I’ll keep it under wraps and hope it goes away soon.

Happy Weekend

mush mush heart


8.5 more days until I’m getting my fish on!!

I am really starting to question my decision to sign up for the Women’s Half Marathon so early. I never sign up for races this early, what was I thinking? Impulse decision? I think I saved $10 by signing up early and signing up on a team.

I’m really wondering how I’m going to run 13 miles. Yah, I’ve done it before. twice. But my knees are really acting up lately. — I really hate to keep talking about this knee pain, but it’s affecting my running. I know that November is still 4 months away, but that’s really not THAT long.

However, I’m getting that medal if I have to walk 13 miles. bah-leeve dat.

Daily work out

When I got home today it was sup-ah humid so I decided to hit the treadmill for a little run-a-roo. The treadmill was pretty uneventful. I started out at level 6, and bumped it around between 6 – 6.7 . My knees didn’t bother me while I was running, but they are aching like a sumbitch right now. I iced my right knee right after I ran (that’s the one that gives me the worst problem.) I don’t have enough frozen veggies to ice both knees. Maybe I should invest in actual ice packs since it seems I’ll be icing my knees for the rest of my life; or at least until some Dr. tells me I need a knee replacement.

Mush-Mush stories melt my heart and other random bits of news

A friend of mine shared the sweetest story with me today. I’ll summarize it real quick, but you can watch the video, here.  8yr old Kendall has leukemia. Her one wish it to meet Bethany Hamilton… y’know, the crazy awesome surfer from Hawaii that was attacked my a shark. She had to have her arm amputated all the way to her shoulder and she is still surfing all over the world. Bethany flew Kendall and her family to Hawaii so they could meet. My heart turned to mush…and I cried…sweetest story ever. Or at least sweetest story I’ve read today.

AND. CHECK THIS OUT! A great white shark jumped in the back of a research boat in South Africa.

Oh, and If you need a little inspiration, check out Charles Futrell. Dude is 91 and just completed is 120th triathlon. Dude will live forever at this rate!! I just hope to be able to walk at 91, much less swim, bike & run!

pinterest picture of the day: