Holy Sweatshirts!

It was 87* when I got off work today…at 4pm. I headed to a near by trail that is only a 1 mile loop. I’m starting to realize that I cannot do loops. I just can’t do it. It’s so redundant it drives me crazy, running in circles is not for me. I can’t make myself generate any amount of mileage running in circles, especially on a 1 mile loops. 

So i’m running, and running in the opposite direction is a group of 6; the kid was on a bike in the front of the pack. Then comes a guy in some ridiculous looking hat, a sweatshirt & shorts.. behind him is another guy decked out in a sweatshirt & sweatpants… everyone in this group had either sweatpants or a sweatshirt on.. Did I miss the memo that sweatshirts/pants some how make you run better/faster? I mean really? I was dying and I had on spandex shorts & my dri-fit shirt from Gasparilla… Sweats? In 87 degree heat..hell freakin’ no!!!  & They were not the only ones. I saw another girl & guy decked out.. the guy had on a hoodie and he had the hood over his head..

Needless to say my run was mildly unsuccessful.. I could only manage 2 miles on the loop; it was miserable. It was hot & boring.

Sadly I work 10.5hr days Friday & Saturday, and that leaves no time for a run. I’m hoping to get a good run in on Sunday!


I fell off the wagon….

and I can’t seem to get back on. My motivation for running & working out in general is zilch. I mean, I want to run.. but i can not find the time. Last night is a good example. I got off work at 4 so I could go for a run & then go to Lowes/home depot w/ my Hubs to pick out tile for our new house (exciting, right?)… so this is what actually happened.. got off at 4, we decided to meet at home depot first since its right here near my work & we wouldn’t have to make a trip back over since we were already here… well hubs doesn’t get off till later so i’m sitting in the parking lot thinking how am i going to get a run in when we aren’t even going to get this party started till 5…. we look in home depot, call my dad to ask for a price range, he tells us to go to lowes, he gets a discount at lowes.. FINE! … we go to lowes- Do you know how challenging it is to pick tile? good grief! .. finally we leave lowes @ 630. well damn. I can’t go run now, it will be 8 before I get home and even later till we eat dinner… so i don’t go.. do i work out when i get home? no. i cook dinner then sit my ass on the couch. uggghhhhhh…. this is why i have gained 8lbs in the last month & a half. sick!

I’m horrible @ time management. ughhhhh. I need to read time management for dummies apparently. I seriously can not figure out how to fit everything into one day. It’s impossible. My school has totally taken a back seat, which is not good at all. I’m always talking about how I need to do school and then I never do. uhm, not wise, since i’m paying for it, and i’m going to end up paying MORE for it because i’m absolutely not going to finish in time. I almost feel like I should have never started this school.. if i’d have known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have. Had I known we would be building a house, and i’d be working a jillion hours I wouldn’t have taken on this certificate program. I can’t keep up; which is incredibly frustrating. I know I need to call the school, but i’m so worried they are going to scold me. I don’t even know if they “have” to let me finish.. gosh I hope so.

::runs to school website to research this::

Meet some of my Fam!

I haven’t done much health & fitness related lately; I “ran” on Tuesday.. but it was more of a walk, run, explore kinda day. My friend’s knees were bothering her, and we went in a new area that we weren’t familiar with.. which was not wise. I plan on running Sunday morning..hopefully..somewhere. I am going over to our new house so I need to find a trail before I go over there..

_____               _________________        ________________     _______________

I love Thursdays. It usually means there is only one day till the weekend.. It means Bones is on & it means Grey’s Anatomy  is on.. Sadly tonight is a re-run on Grey’s. But it is a new Bones!

But tonight was an extra special Thursday!! My sister came down & brought my niece and nephew! All day I was anticipating this. I seriously was so antsy  to get out of work!

I made dinner, chicken & yellow rice. I looove Chicken & Yellow Rice. It’s super easy & super tasty!! Mm mm mm! My niece & nephew also like it, so that’s a bonus!  It was really good to catch up with my sister, I don’t get to see any of my sisters very often; hardly at all really.  We took my doggies for a walk, which was quite hilarious. Aidyn was in his stroller but he really wanted to walk Diva. I wish I had my camera, he was so cute. After our walk we came back to the house & had dessert, which was Popsicles..ha ha =)

 Sissy & Bubba.  Aidyn is so cute he says “Sissy! Where’s Sissy!? Sissy!”  It’s the cutest thing ever!!

Aidyn was upset because my sister took his popsicle away. He punished himself by taking himself to the dog crates! haha ha!

Not a good pictures, but this is our Pittie Wyatt.. He is not a big fan of kids, but he did really well w/ Kailyn & Aidyn today. He is not aggressive towards them, but he is scared of them.  I don’t know what happened but all of the sudden the last time the kids came over he didn’t want to be anywhere near them?

We never left the kids & Wyatt unattended, so they didn’t do anything to him.. I think it has to do w/ our neighbor kids. They are always running at him when I take the dogs out  & they are always screaming and loud. I don’t think he really likes it.

Awww I’m such a sweet baby! Give me a treat!

I’m DIVA! & boy am I a diva! I boss my brother Wyatt around; i’m the boss around the house, trust me. I love to chew on everything.. especially socks & mom and dad’s bed comforter. So far i’ve chewed 3 of the 4 corners off. I’m so sweet! I love to be held & give kisses. I also love kids! I’m a sweet sweet baby!

Well that is all for tonight.

Cypress Gdns Run for the Cure 10k- Race Report!

I raced in my first 10k today! I had a good time. I got up at 4:45, ate some cereal- note to self: don’t eat cereal before a race. Uh milk and running.. should have been a no brainer, right? 

I got to the race site around 6:15 to pick up my packet and get my time chip. It wasn’t a big race so there wasn’t a long line for packets or chips. I met up with my friend and we just hung around till race time @ 7am.

The gun went off and so did I. We ran around downtown Winter Haven first, then we looped back around and got on the bike trail that runs through town (the same trail that I saw some kids w/ a gun on a few months back). 

I felt pretty good for the whole race. My shins didn’t bother me at all, and I was thankful for that. They’ve been bothering me around miles 1 & 2. 

I set three goals for this race. Come in under 1:00:00, come in under 55:00, come in under 50:00 . I met two of my three goals.  My chip time was 52:05!!!! I was ecstatic! That is about 6 minutes faster than any of my training 6mi runs!! 

I got 2nd in my AG, which they classified as 19-29, that is a huge age range! All the races I’ve run in have been 25-29, which is what i was expecting. I think had it been broken down like that I would have been 1st, the girl that came in 1st appeared to be quite a few years younger then me, and i’m 25. But HEY! I’m SUPER stoked for the 2nd in my AG! I’m not sure if our times will be posted anywhere, but last year’s are so i’m going to keep checking for the rest of my stats. I’m curious as to what over all place I came in.  Mitzi from http://apinayspennies.blogspot.com/    said she saw me run by and I was in the top 10 or 15, which is SUPER exciting! I think there were maybe 100 runners or so, not a big race. 

Here is a break down of my miles:

1- 8:17
2- 8:21
3- 8:19
4- 8:25
5- 8:26
6- 8:25

My only complaint about the whole race was the “water station”… which was at the turn around point… I don’t generally drink water on runs less then 6 mi, but i was looking forward to some at the turn around.. except the water was sitting on the ground in tiny cups.. uhm? i just kept running. I didn’t want to stop bend down … maybe I’m lazy, but I didn’t want to break my pace that much.. oh well. 

6mi +me = Happy runner!

I got another 6 miles in yesterday! That makes me happy! I’ve been wanting/needing to get my mileage back so badly. Who cares if I have to drive 30 minutes in the opposite direction of my house to get to a good trail. It’s worth it. I started out kinda slow, actually the first 4 miles were pretty slow. Then around mile 4 I decided I wasn’t going to look at my watch I was just going to run. So i turned my music up and ran. I started to focus on an object in front of me, i’d focus on it till I was right up on it then change my focus to some other object. This actually worked really well for me. I was singing in my head just running running running. My pace went from 9:45, to 8:34-8:45, which is actually a comfortable pace for me when I get going. I find that looking at my watch slows me down, I think I get nervous about my pace. I don’t want to run to hard because I want to be able to run my whole run- I don’t like have to stop & walk. I realize sometimes you just have to stop & walk but I don’t like it. 

Dinner last night was delish. I had some chicken sausages that I cooked up in a pan w/ a little olive oil. I cooked some sweet potatoes in the oven (oh sweet heaven I love sweet potatoes) & I made up some rice pilaf.. None of it really “went” together, but it was darn good anyways. 

Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s Friday!  

phew, glad that’s over.

Yesterday I did my run as I planned; 6 mi in the sweltering Florida heat, boy that was fun! I think the thermometer in my car said 85*, there was a little breeze but it didn’t help. It was “okay” in the shaded parts of the trail, and when the clouds would cover but when that sun was bearing down it was almost unbearable. I had to stop and walk several times. I couldn’t get my breathing right and i was just struggling all over the place. This is my first long after work run in quite a while.  After yesterdays run I am certain I need a treadmill. I can’t imagine starting half marathon training in July.

I have my first 10k on Saturday, slightly nervous about that.

Someone asked me what my goals were and I realized I didn’t have any. So I made three goals.

1. finish in 1:00
2. finish in 55:00
3. finish in 50:00

The 3rd I think is slightly unrealistic. To finish in that time would mean i’d have to run a 8:03 mile & with my lack of running lately I don’t see that happening, but WTH I can hope for the best , right?

I’m trying to improve my eating but I’m not having a lot of success. I wish I could get on a normal schedule, but my work schedule is so hectic and abnormal it makes it hard to schedule anything. gr. Only a few more months of this.

I just can’t find enough hours in the day to complete all the things I need to complete. I already get up at 5am, and some nights don’t get home till 730pm. I still have to do homework & make dinner.
How do you manage your work schedule & work out schedule?

running in circles.

is really really boring. I got up at 6:15 this morning to meet my friend/running partner. We were going to go to a paved trail and get a run in. . Apparently neither of us were feeling it because she said, “Do you want to go to the lake instead?”  Me: “ha ha, yes, i was going to ask you the same thing”. The trail we run is about 30-40 minutes away.. We drove the 1 mile down to the lake (We shoulda just ran down there), we made it 2 laps around the lake and were done. pathetic. Our run was 2.59 miles, in 24:25.. not a bad time. I just couldn’t go around that stupid lake one more time. It seemed like it was taking forever, I couldn’t get into a good rhythm and I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that we were running in circles.

We have a 10k next weekend. http://www.youreventconsultant.com/cypressgardens/2010-RacePressRelease.pdf      My first 10k race. . I know I can do the distance, but my runs have been few & far between. I’m “hoping” this week will be better. I only work 5 days, instead of 6 this week! Woohoo!

Speaking of work: Boy oh Boy. The economy is bad you say? You wouldn’t think so the way we are plowing through receptionists. I don’t even know what number we are on since November 09.. more then 10, I promise you that. Yesterday was supposed to be an easy day for me ; I was going to complete some stuff I haven’t been able to do because I play the roll of receptionist during the week. Everything is going great, or so I think. No altercations with patients, it was a really quiet morning actually.. I go to lunch at 11:30. Come back around 12.. Weekend receptionists says she is going to step out, she is going to go to Tropical Smoothie to get a Smoothie…. 10 minutes later she calls and says she’s not coming back. me: today? or ever…  her: Ever.. me.. Uhm, okay. Bye.

What happened you ask? I have no idea. Just when she was about to start working Saturdays by herself. She was going to be on her own the first weekend in May, and I was going to be off Saturday duty.. wrong! My 6 days weeks are not going anywhere any time soon, and my work is not getting closer to getting done-

I have a pork shoulder in the crock-pot right now & it smells SOOOOOO good! I can’t wait to pull that baby apart, drown it in BBQ sauce and have a good ol’ pork samich, mm mm mm!

Alright, I have to go do some more homework!
Check out my HomeBeachHome blog: http://homebeachome.blogspot.com/  
I have been adding pictures as Chris brings them home on the weekends!

pharyngitis + fever = suck.

Last night I started getting a sore throat. This morning I woke up with a full blown creepy crud going on. I had the chills, my skin hurt, my neck hurt, my throat hurt. Not cute. Alas, I went to work. Of course, what else am I going to do? Call out!? Ha! My ofc mgr would come to my house and get me.  I saw the Dr, he prescribed some amoxicillin. I didn’t run today. ugh. I’m starting to get really irritated w/ myself. I seem to find many excuses for why I can not run, instead of why I should run. Monday I didn’t run bc we had to go to Lowes to pick stuff out for the house, then we went to dinner w/ BIL , then we went to the hospital to see Mamaw and it was 10 before we got home.

I did do 2 miles on Tuesday before I couldn’t take it anymore. It felt like 100* outside, and my throat was hurting, and my shins were aching.

Today I was sick.

Tomorrow i’m hoping to get a run in, assuming i’m feeling better. I’m currently sitting at the kitchen table breaking a sweat- not sure that is good.

No rest for the weary. I’m not off until Sunday. Working 6 days this week. This is going to be an every other week sort of thing until we get some receptionists hired… we have one, she has to give her 2wks at her other job before she can start with us full time. So that’s atleast another 6 weeks of working this schedule. joy.

I’ll be moving before long though, that is exciting and so scary all at the same time.

I’m sorry my blog has not been very health and fitness related lately. My job has taken over my life.. i’d like to get it back, i’m working on it, but it’s not happening very quickly.

Happy Easter!

I started my morning w/ a 630am phone call from my brother in law telling me that Chris’ grandmother was in the Emergency Room. She woke up at 4am unable to breath. They called 911. By 7am she was sedated and intubated.  By 12pm she was still sedated, intubated, and admitted to ICU. I still really am not totally sure what is going on with her. The dr’s & nurses have been totally uncommunicative with Chris’ family. I don’t think they’ve even seen a dr and we are going on 12hrs here. All they know, and they only know this because one of Chris’ uncles works @ the hospital and he corned the Dr. and asked what was going on, she has fluid on/in/around, whatever her lungs; and she has some kind of respiratory infection. Other then that we have no idea what is going on. We do know she will be in ICU for several days, and she will continue to be intubated. Ugh. Very annoying. Completely different experience then when my own grandmother was in the hospital 2 weeks ago from a massive heart attack. The doctors were very attentive, the nursing staff was excellent and kept us up to date very well…. it might help that my sisters works in the ER & my uncle might have something to do w/ the board at the hospital. But still, I can’t believe how uninformed they are keeping his family. Every time his family asks they give them very little information. I understand that they might not know exactly what is going on, but geesh, you can’t atleast come out and tell his family that you don’t know what is causing the problem, but that they are running this test and this test to determine the problem?!  —- I’ve also worked in a very busy ER and I know how important communication between staff & families are. This hospital seems to be lacking.

Otherwise Easter has been nice. I didn’t go to church, I was at the hospital. I did get to go to lunch at my Aunt & Uncles house, so that was really nice. I ate WAY to much, but it was SOOOO good.

My dogs are driving me insane. They aren’t listening and they are just being bad. ugh.

I have no work out related news. I didn’t run today &  I didn’t do the CardioMax DVD- I had no plans to. I had planned on spending most of my day with my family.

I did make my menu for the week though, I decided I have to get back into this habit. It helps me to eat better, and be less stressed about what we are going to have for dinner. I hate deciding at the last minute before I get off work what Im going to make when I get home.

Tonight:   Goulash – essentially this is just spaghetti with elbow noodles.
Monday:  Probably left over Goulash
Tuesday : Garlic Clove Chicken
Wednesday: Pulled Pork w/ Sweet Potatoes
Thurs: Green Pepper Chicken.

Friday & Saturday I will just have whatever. Chris will be out of town….again.