Tight butts & sweaty..what?

I’m lame. I don’t feel like blogging, but I feel like I should? weird. why should i? I don’t get paid.

So here’s what’s been going on:

Wednesday I finally had time to get a run in for the first time since Saturday. I ran 5 miles. The weather was really cool in the 50’s. I opted to wear capris & a short sleeve shirt w/ a reflective vest. It was a little chilly for the short sleeve shirt, but a long sleeve shirt would have been to hot.


I don’t love this chart because it doesn’t say the avg pace on it, but currently garmin connect is not cooperating so this what we have. avg page was 8:31.

Thursday I headed out for another 5 mile run. The temps were a little warmer, 60’s. I wore a tank & shorts and was perfectly comfortable. I also wore my bright yellow compression sleeves. I don’t know if I mentioned that I got them for Christmas? I looked like a fruit loop when I headed out.

uhm. the bathroom. don’t look @ that. Chris is in the process of cleaning… I text my cousin this picture and asked him if he thought the cars would see me. He said the astronauts would see me. To bad nothing on me is actually reflective, just really obnoxiously bright. I think I’ll bring those shorts to Ragnar next weekend.

Thursday’s run was a little bit quicker than Wednesday’s run. My legs were feeling a little better, and overall I was just in a better mood. My tunes were really good and I was sort of dancing as I was running – I know you wish you could have seen that. Sometimes I play the drums while I run. yah.


8:19 avg

I really enjoyed this run, I was just feeling really good. I wish all runs felt this good.


Ragnar! To make a really long story short, I will be joining Team Tight Butts & Sweaty Nuts on one of the support crew members next weekend as we travel from Miami to Key West via relay race. Well, they’ll be racing, I’ll be cheering & pacing. Even though I’m not an official Ragnar Relay Runner, I plan on getting a few miles in on the trip down. Might as well, right? I’ll be pacing Michelle as she heads out to do a 9.9 mile run at some ridiculous hour of the morning.

I’m so stinkin’ excited I can hardly stand it! Not only do I get to take part in Ragnar, I get to see my bfffff who lives down in Key West. Oh ma gawsh, I’m stoked! It’s going to be a blast!

Alright. that’s enough excitement for one day. I’m going to eat my ben & jerry’s icecream and read a book on my new kindle fire.



that’s the sound I’m currently making as I clutch my stomach and wish the gross feeling would go away. I ate WAY to many cookies, and chocolate and whatever else was on the counter today at our family Christmas. Not just a “uggghhh I feel so guilty for eating that much.” No, this is a physical, “ugh, I feel nauseous, can I please throw up” feeling.

I rarely feel guilty about eating to many treats, but when I feel physically ill from all the treats…that’s just not good.

I suppose I should be thankful that my body is not used to all that junk – right? Ugh. ask me tomorrow, right now I feel like ass.

We had a pretty relaxing Christmas Day, and I hope you did too! We had every intention of waking up @ 6 and going fishing; but then I turned off the alarm and when we woke up @ 7 we decided we’d just stay home & take the dogs for a nice long walk. After our walk we sat around the house playing with our new toys. Chris got me a Kindle Fire (!!) and I got him an MP3 player (and Costa del Mar sunglasses, but he didn’t get those until Christmas night).  I am very thankful that we did not spend our entire holiday weekend driving from house.to.house.to.house. I am sad that we didn’t get spend time w/ Chris’ family (they travelled up to VA) but sleeping in this morning was lovely.

We headed over to my Mom’s around around 12:30 for Christmas with my sisters & then Christmas with the extended family!

The weather here in Florida is ridiculously warm, so we spent some time outside watching my nephew, Aidyn, ride his new 4-wheeler.


and then we took turns letting Aidyn drive us around on his kid-sized 4wheeler.


Aidyn wanted me to hold on to him – the kid is 3 and weighs like 30lbs! It was okay until he went to turn the corner, then I was grabbing for something to really hold on to! That little 4wheeler has some speed to it, I was actually pretty surprised at how fast it will go! It has a governor on it, which allows the speed to be dialed down when he rides by himself.


Then it was Grandma’s turn on Aidyn’s 4-wheeler.

Aidyn told Aunt Emily to raise her hands like she was riding a roller coaster! I asked him if I could do that and he said “NO, you have to hold on.”  … I think he likes Aunt Emily better!

Mom’s turn!

Aidyn is Uncle Matt’s designated driver

Aunt Jena & Cali-bug

Chris swears up & down the front tire never left the ground. ahem. thank goodness for short-term disability…


We had a great weekend, and I’m sad it’s coming to an end. Monday I’m headed into work for a half-day and Chris plans on fishing. – I will also be detoxing on fruit, veggies & water. kidding.sortof.

How was the weather in your neck of the woods? Did you have a white Christmas? I’ve never had a white Christmas, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, but I wouldn’t be sad if we had some cooler weather, I hear it’s supposed to cool down towards the end of the week!

Merry Christmas from Florida

Late Saturday afternoon Chris & I decided we should enjoy the lovely weather and head out on the boat for some fishing. I was eager to fish since I haven’t been in quite some time. I always get these big ideas in my head that I’m going to catch loads of fish, and then, I don’t.

I started getting cranky pretty much immediately because it was pretty windy. Fishing in the wind is similar in effort to throwing a feather against the wind. It’s close to impossible, unless you cast your line with the wind, which, is not where my line needed to be. Anyway, it was frustrating, and I wasn’t catching anything so I quit for a while. I just took some pictures and watched Chris fish. I simply enjoy being out on the boat & spending time with Chris.


Chris caught a keeper trout and that was enough for me to put my line back in the water! I usually fish with live bait, because I’m horrible at working the artificial baits. Today I used shrimp, but I was having absolutely no luck with them. I switched to a fake shrimp and I scored. BIG.


worlds smallest Jack Crevalle.

Here’s a picture of a Jack Crevalle I caught last winter:

just a little bit bigger!

Shortly after I let that beast go, I caught this big guy:

Oh yah! Don’t be jealous of that massive trout!

That’s all I caught, unless you count the hard time that Chris gave me – which, I don’t. We fished a little bit longer, but then the noseeums came out in full force, and I started to get cold & whiney. Plus, I really needed to pee.



We are probably fishing right now as you read this post! We opened our Christmas presents to each other on Christmas Eve so we could get up extra early and head out to the water!

Hopefully I’m having better luck then I did yesterday.


Merry Christmas

I went & conquered

Merry Christmas Eve!

I’ve been sitting on the couch for 2 hours watching Lie to me. Have you seen this show? Dang, it’s addicting! It’s very interesting show, and I think there is a lot of truth behind the idea that we can tell if someone is lying based on their facial expressions/body movements.  It’s about a group of people who are hired by various agencies to read body language/facial expressions. They are hired to detect who is lying in various situations. It’s really interesting, and makes me wonder what my facial expressions are in various situations.

Running Junk: This week has been kind of blah when it comes to my running (or lack there of). I had 31 miles on my schedule, and I managed 18. Hm. Monday my legs were totally beat up from running in Croom. Tuesday I managed a short run of 3 miles. Wednesday, I had super secret Christmas business to attend to and I didn’t have time to run after work. In hindsight, I should have run Wednesday morning.

Thursday I managed to get 5 miles in. It wasn’t pretty, but it was 5 miles. My calves & IT bands were super tight. I couldn’t get home to my foam roller fast enough!


More running junk: This morning I headed to Starkey park for a very Merry Christmas Eve 10 miler! Yesterday Jackie sent me a FB message daring me to try and run the 10 miles at an 8:05/avg. Fine, it wasn’t an actual dare, but she said she was running 10 at an 8:05 and invited me to join in.

We all know 8:05 is a bit of a stretch for me, especially with the crappy miles I had earlier this week, but I’m down for a challenge so I started the run with the group that was running an 8:05/avg.

I knew pretty quickly that this run was going to be tough. I never run my first mile very fast – over the last 3 months I think the first mile of every long run has been btwn 8:55 – 9 something, so when I saw our first mile was an 8:23 I was worried, then when mile 2 was 8:10, I figured I’d be done by the turn around.

We stopped for water at 2.something, and took a really fantastic picture, which I may post later if it shows up on FB soon. We stopped again at mile 4 for water. I took a powerbar gel thing, it was vanilla flavored. I can’t decide if I liked it or not. The flavor wasn’t the best, but it was thin and went down easy.

My legs woke up between during the 4th mile, and the rest of my run felt pretty good. I ran with Jackie for about a mile on the way back, but felt myself losing some steam and started to fall behind. Besides that Jackie is a beast and she starts to gain speed towards the end of our runs (hiiii jackie).

I fell to the back of our pack, so I turned my music on and just rocked out for a few miles. Somehow I caught up to David, I think he just slowed down so I didn’t have to run the last 2 miles by myself Winking smile , right David? Those last 2 miles really are killer – I don’t know what it is about them, but they just seem to drag on for-ev-er (sandlot reference, anyone?).


I finished my last mile with a 7:58 avg! I always love to see a sub 8 mile on a long run, especially the last mile of a long run! Jackie reminded me that I’m running a half in a few weeks! I really did forget; I thought my next half was Rock ‘n Roll in February. 2 more long runs & a race(10k) until the Clearwater Halfathon. Hmm, just noticed that the chart above doesn’t tell the avg pace. It was an 8:10 TYVM. (thank you very much).

I should give a special Thanks to Andrea for sharing her water! One of our water stops was out of water, and Andrea was so nice and shared some of her water!

I gotta wrap this up! We are about to head out on the boat to get a little Christmas Eve fishing in! Hope I catch a big trouty-trout! Wish me luck!

Brag about your Christmas Eve work out in the comments!

I loved starting out the holiday weekend with a great run!

getting’ personal

It’s hump day people, and that means only a few more days until Christmas! — I don’t feel very Christmasy. I grew up in Florida, so I don’t expect a white Christmas, but can we at least get some temps down in the 50s & 60’s. These hot temperature are depressing. Thankfully it seems to cool down by the end of the week and that makes for pleasant long runs!

On Monday I had 3 miles scheduled but my legs were feeling pretty beat up from my trail run so I decided to skip the run and sit on the couch.

Tuesday when I woke up my legs were feeling even worse than they did on Monday. I should have walked on the treadmill for a few minutes and then stretched on Monday night. But, I didn’t and I paid for that all day Tuesday.

My left hip felt all wonky and was kind of painful, and my calves were super duper pissed. I was THIS close to skipping my run on Tuesday but I figured if I did that my legs wouldn’t be in any better shape on Wednesday.

When I got home from work on Tuesday I hurried to change into my running clothes, let the dogs out, and then went for a short run. I had to rush myself out the door so I wouldn’t sit down or change my mind about running.

I told myself just do 1 mile. My stride felt weird, like I was limping or something. My right calf was so tight I could have bounced a quarter off of it. I almost gave up at the end of my street, which is approximately one tenth of a mile.. but I made myself turn the corner and go down the next road, which is a quarter mile. Then I turned another corner and before I knew it I was one mile in.

I stopped for a few minutes to stretch. I will even admit that I laid down in someone’s yard to stretch my IT band. LOL. I have no shame. By time I got back to my road I was already two miles in so I figured what the hell, might as well make it three. So I did three miles, 27:06,9:02avg. Not exactly speedy, but sometimes speed isn’t what matters.

When I got home I had a very personal meeting with my foam roller.I streeeeeetched, and foam rolled my legs into oblivion. In all honestly, my legs really are feeling almost 100% better. That weird twinge in my hip is gone, and my calves aren’t nearly as tight.


I’m really starting to love that chunk of foam. He abuses me so good. Another thing I love: the pandora 90’s pop station. I have CAIT to thank for this obsession. I’ve literally been listening to this station all day on my phone. I even got my sister, Stacey, in on the fun! Who doesn’t love a day filled with Spice Girls, N’sync, Backstreet Boys, and Montell (This is how we do it) just came on.


It’s bed time. The melatonin is starting to kick in. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, despite stopping caffeine after 4pm. So, I’ve been taking melatonin supplements. Not regularly, but a few times a week.

I have a new love

I love the weekends! I love being able to go for a nice run in the morning and having the rest of the day to relax or do whatever needs to get done.

Saturday morning started pretty much like every Saturday for the last several months has started – early, with toast & coffee for breakfast. I crawled out of bed around 5:15 and got ready to head over to Starkey for a short(long) run.

I planned on doing my first trail run on Sunday so I didn’t want to go to long on Saturday. I was planning on doing 6, which I could have just done in my neighborhood, but I truly enjoy going to Starkey & running w/ the group.

I ran the first 3.5 with Michelle & Jamie; The last 3.5 I ran by myself, and pretty much fell apart. My stomach felt off, and I was having a hard time keeping my breathing under control. I felt like I was gasping for breath, couldn’t take a deep breath. It wasn’t a fun time.  — I’m guessing I was dehydrated. Friday night when Chris got home we went down the road to a little bar and had a few drinks. I only had two drinks, but that combined w /the fact that I drank very little water all day on Friday probably did me in.


decent splits considering I wasn’t feeling it. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all.


SUNDAY started pretty much like Saturday. Got up early, ate toast (no coffee since we were going to be in the woods). Croom is about 35 minutes from my house, but google maps told me it was 51 minutes. I had no idea where I was going so I left around 5:45. I quickly figured out that it was going to be much colder than I anticipated. The further I got away from my house the colder it got. I stopped @ walmart to get some gloves & a headband. I’m glad I stopped  and bought the gloves & headband, I wore them through out the entire run – it was pretty chilly in those woods.

New things scare me, so I was somewhat anxious about this run. Thankfully Jackie didn’t bail on me (Hiiii jackie) so this made me a little less anxious about the whole thing. I knew she’d pick me up off the ground if I busted my ass. She’d laugh, but then she’d help me up.

We met in Croom @ 7, and hit the trail shortly after. The first quarter mile is down hill, but there are a gajillion tree roots to look out for, so it’s not exactly an easy downhill. After that down hill the next several miles are a series of big & small hills.

I didn’t take any pictures, I was very busy trying not to fall!  — I was able to find a video on Youtube of one of the hills that we went up. You go down this big hill into a pit, and then you go back up this gigantic hill to the top of the pit. You can actually go around the pit, but I guess half the fun is going down & then back up.  (The hill is at 2:30 something, I think).

Croom- John Holmes 50k & 16 mile fun run

This video is actually some footage from the John Holmes 50k & 16 mile fun run that is hosted in Croom every year.

I can’t even put into words how much I loved running this morning. It just felt so peaceful to be running through the woods. No cars driving by, no honking, no people yelling out the windows. Some talking, but not much – just running. It was awesome.

It was hard to really take in the beauty of what was around me because I was very busy watching the ground. I tripped a few times, but I was able to regain my balance before I hit the ground.

I took some gels with me, but I didn’t end up taking them. I wore a water belt, but didn’t drink much water either. It was really cool this morning, and I probably should have drank more water, but I just didn’t feel like I needed it.

I was really surprised at how strong I felt for the majority of the run.

There were a couple times when I thought, “oh man, I don’t know if I can keep up this pace.” or “I need to lay down at the top of this hill, this is killer.” and  “OMG MY LEEGGGZZZZZ”  or, “kill me now.” 

Sean’s idea of a good time is speeding up to an 8:20 through this particular part of the course that he really doesn’t like. He says this part of the trail always kicks his butt in the races he’s run at Croom so he likes to run that portion hard.

It’s pretty much all up hill from mile 6 on.

Sean says, “the first 4 miles are hilly, and then it kind of evens out.”

Claude says, “it never evens out.”

me, “great.”

The hills after mile 4 are deceptive. They sneak attack you…and then.. you hit mile 6, and it’s all up hill.

Sean also warned that the last quarter mile is the worst part of the entire trail. It’s the same quarter mile that was down hill at the beginning of the trail.

What goes down, must go up?

No? That’s not how it goes?

That’s how it went today.

He wasn’t kidding. The last quarter mile was up-hill, and filled with tree roots. I almost wanted to just quit & walk, or throw up, or something. I won’t pretend that it wasn’t really tough, but it was so tough it was fun.

The whole thing was so challenging, but it was really, really fun.


The splits, because you really just came here to see how slow I ran today.


and the elevation, because you don’t believe that there are actual hills in Florida. there are. they aren’t that much above sea-level, but they are hills.

I’m in love.

On my drive home from Croom I was already trying to figure out how I can get back out there to run some more. There is a place across the street from my house that might have a few trails I could run. Nothing like what Croom has to offer, but it’s not paved, it’s just a preserve with some trails.

We’ll see. First I have to convince Chris that he wants to ride his bike back there while I run. I’m to chicken to go by myself.

this post is way to long

I need to go to bed.

chris told me he needs to get up at 4:45.


friends forever, and ever. probably

I’m excited.

Chris is on his way home, and probably, by time you read this, he’ll already be here. YAY!

He was gone again this week, yuck. Thankfully he will be home next week because he got called for Jury Duty. womp womp. He’s never served (neither have I..knockkkkk on wood) – He actually wants to serve (good for him for doing his civic duty, or whatever). He got called twice to serve, but both times he was in a leg cast, doped up on pain meds & unable to drive. (they called him twice in a 3mth period.weird).

I’ve gotten called twice. Once I was still in college (yah, you probably didn’t even know I went to actual college) and it was finals week so the Judge dismissed me. The 2nd time I got called; I had just moved out of Lake County, back to Polk county & they said if I didn’t live in Lake County I didn’t have to/couldn’t serve on the Jury.

Have you served on a jury before? what was your case?

I know my luck is running out, and next time I get called it will be for a Casey Anthony type murder trial and I won’t be able to get out of it.

It’s not that I don’t want to serve, but I have a hard time with that kind of stuff. I don’t know that I could be a good/fair juror. It would be tough.

Friend Love

so I was feeling all sappy this morning and I text a friend this very sappy message:

not to be weird or anything, but I’m glad we’ve been talking more. I miss your dumb face.”

her reply, “lol your such a sap…. I’m glad too I miss u lots and its nice to be able to talk to someone who knows me and doesn’t judge my ridiculousness..lol”

It’s true, isn’t it? You have those friends that you can just be 100% you and not worry about whether or not they think you are weird, or stupid.

I met this friend when we were 14 or 15. We worked @ the Library together. She was home-schooled and she worked in the mornings at the library. I went to regular school so I worked in the afternoons. Our paths rarely crossed for a long time. I don’t know how it started – maybe we worked together a few times? I don’t know. but some how we became inseparable.

The first time I skipped school (HI MOM, you already knew about this) was my senior year of high school, and I was exempt from my 1st period exam so I went to my friends house and went back to sleep. 

When I found out a high school boyfriend cheated on me, I went to this friends new place of work and cried at the table while she waited on other tables around me.

When we had a disagreement about a boyfriend, we quit talking. and then we made up, and we had a theme song. (Puddle of Mud’s She hates me… I know it’s not about friends, but whatever).

When I got in a car accident this friend was at my side during my entire recovery – picking me up from school, hanging out at my house because I couldn’t do anything.

We even went to traffic school together because we got speeding tickets the same week.  

When she moved away for college I was there packing her car and cried when she pulled out of the driveway.

When Chris & I broke up I flew to her college & crashed in her dorm room for thanksgiving. 

We have 11 years worth of memories. You can’t replace that.

I’m such a sap.

I recently brought her over to the dark side that is Pinterest. Also in our conversation this morning I mentioned how cool it would be if we could pin things on each others walls. Kind of like facebook. I was playing around on pinterest and noticed that you can assign a friend to be able to pin things to one of your boards.

this is exciting! 

so, I’ve spent far to long searching pinterest for funny quotes or things that remind me of our friendship. I can pin them to our board, and she can pin in the board. I’m practically puking rainbows & unicorns over here tonight, aren’t I?

Do you have one best friend, or multiple best friends? Have you had the same best friend your whole life? Share one fun memory of your and your Bfffffffffff


Okay. I have to go to bed. enough unicorns & rainbows, & butterflies for one night. I have to get up early to run. The combination of a few drinks @ the bar, and late bed time are not going to be fun come 5am.

I forgot to tell you

Can we get a hallelujah that Friday is here?! Actually, I’d be happier if it was Saturday morning, but I’ll settle for Friday.

I’ve been trying to solve a medical claim coding mystery and that is a brain drain. Did you know you can be born with out a gallbladder? It’s called gallbladder agenesis. According to this website, it happens in 1 out of every 1000 people. – Anyways, we had a patient with this condition  & it was a little bit of a mystery what I should bill. Can’t bill for a gallbladder removal when there is no gallbladder. I’m a master detective, so I figured it out but it required lots of reading. I actually learned some new stuff, so I guess it was a good experience.

I frequently have to look things up on various website or use a few books to look up codes, or coding rules. Insurance billing is quite the trick.


I text this picture to my sister, she was not impressed with the number of books I was digging through.

Speaking of Sister – Did I ever show you the pictures of my Niece, Kailyn, running her 1 mile fun run? I don’t think I ever talked about it except to say that we did it.. Did I?

Last weekend we went up to Leesburg so Kailyn could run in her very first race. She was nervous, and wouldn’t let me out of her sight when it came time to line up at the starting line. I agreed that I would run with her, but when I saw that there were no other adults running w/ kids I was kind of hesitant. Not because I care, but I didn’t want other parents to get upset.. Parents are a weird group of people, especially when you get a sport involved. deargoodness.

Talking on the phone. I’m nice. FWIW, I was talking to my MOM. She was asking about Kailyn.

Obviously sport Aunt’s are crazy to. I made her do a warm up. LOL

“Aunt Jena, get over here”.. …. uhm. please excuse my muffin top. that’s not cute.

Are you sure about this, Aunt Jena?

I told her that I would run in the grass until we made the corner away from all the crowds of people and then I would run with her. Good thing I ran with her. I was really surprised that they had these kids running on the shoulder of the road with no real supervision. I was it. ….and there were cars coming & going on this road..and it was in a curve. I was scared for the kids. I’m a little bit of a worry wart, but c’mon. These kids aren’t old enough to be running in the road, w/ no adults around.. in my opinion.

There was an adult at the turn around, which was a half mile down the road. Whatever. This wasn’t the first year of the race, so I guess parents don’t’ mind. But I minded. I wasn’t a big fan of Kailyn running in the road around the traffic.

It was fun to cheer for all the girls running while I ran with Kailyn. I ran behind her so I could try & keep an eye on the girls that were still behind her. (this whole thing made me really nervous).  When we made it to the turn around we ran on the other side of the road where there was a sidewalk. I suggested we get on the sidewalk, and thankfully, the other little girls followed suit.

I could see one little girl was struggling. She was holding her throat..which made me nervous..and crying. great.  I asked her if she was okay. She said No. Oh good. She said her throat was hurting from the cold. Uhm, it was at least 73. — this particular little girl was crying when she arrived at the start line. I have a feeling she didn’t want to run but her parents made her (I don’t know this for a fact, but she was pretty upset prior to the race). My guess is that she was having a hard time breathing from running & also being upset. (I’m not judging – Im just saying what I think the problem was w/ the little girl) …. I told Kailyn to run to the finish line and I walked with the little girl. At this point we were back to where there were people so I felt okay with Kailyn running by herself.

Stacey said she was confused when she saw Kailyn finishing by her self. (and she cried when Kailyn crossed the finish line. LOL sorry Stace, it’s sweet).

The race director was getting ready to close up the finish line for the little kids when Stacey told him there still had to be kids because there is no way I wasn’t finished with one mile yet. She said, “My sister runs, she didn’t die in a one mile race, there are still kids back there.”

I’m not sure what Kailyn’s time for the mile was. Stacey said they didn’t have the clock running. bummer.

I am SUPER proud of Kailyn! She ran the whole mile!!! She had a lot of fun! I hope she will sign up for another race! She said her legs were sore =) so cute


Thursday’s run: On my schedule today I had 5 miles @ 8:15 pace. After yesterday’s less than awesome run I wasn’t sure how my legs would be feeling. I also wore heels to work today, which I don’t usually do, so I didn’t know if that would be an issues with my calves.

I’m happy to report that my legs were feeling great and I had a really great run. I didn’t quite make the 8:15 I wanted, but my avg was 8:18, so I’ll take it.

When I wrote, 5 @ 8:15 I meant, 5 miles with each mile being at 8:15, but when I started my run, I wasn’t sure that was such a great idea. I’ve been learning that If I do a warm up mile, my legs tend to react better to speed. If I go out to fast, I usually wear down to quickly and end up struggling through the run…. kind of a DUH moment, but it’s taken me a while to figure this out.

As I left my drive way and headed down the road I decided I would do one warm up mile, 3 miles @ HM pace, which is btwn 8:15  – 8:20, and a cool down mile. This sounded like a good idea.


That’s kind of what happened. I did get a warm up mile in. Then I had a mile @ 10k pace (oops), then a mile at HM pace, then another mile at 10k pace, then a cool down. .. not what I was shooting for, but I felt really strong. Looks like a successful run if you ask me.

I will leave you with this ridiculously cute picture of Aidyn in his dirt bike riding pants.

I DIE !!

hot guys, running, & old ladies

Oh man, I’m ready for the weekend.

Every night I say I’m going to go to bed early, and every night I end up staying up way to late. Every morning I don’t want to get up. It’s a never-ending cycle.

I’m currently watching the Victoria Secret Runway show..again. lol. It’s not even that interesting, but I’m just fascinated by the models & the outfits. Plus, Adam Levine is about to perform, and that’s enough reason to watch it over & over again.

I can’t post the picture I really want to post. If you are a member of pinterest look up Adam Levine – you’ll see the picture. OMG. so hot.

Well, now I just want to look up hot guys on Pinterest.

Luke Bryan.. Oh, yes please.


Okay, okay, let’s talk about something else, liiiike, running.

Earlier this week I printed out a blank calendar for December and filled it in with my training schedule. I stuck the calendar on my fridge so every morning I could see what my run for the evening will be.

Gives me something to look forward to. I mean, seeing Chris after work is something to look forward to, but I also really look forward to running.. most of the time.

This morning when I checked my calendar it said 3 miles. I didn’t think 3 miles sounded like enough so I made the executive decision to change the run to 5 miles. The schedule said 3 @ 8:30. I gave myself permission to do 5 at whatever pace felt comfortable.

Good thing. That 5 miles was rough. My legs felt stiff and heavy from the get go. My right calf felt like a cinder block. It was hard & stiff. It just wouldn’t loosen up. I wore my brooks pure cadence, but I don’t really think those had anything to do with it. I think the stiffness is just a remnant of Sunday’s half-marathon.


I love running, but sometimes it’s such a frustrating task. I had to fight really hard for that pace, and it’s not even a good pace.

Hopefully tomorrow’s 5 miler will be a little better. I plan on wearing my adrenalines so we’ll see if that makes a difference. OR, should I continue to wear the pure cadence so that I can adjust to the minimus feel?

Not sure, not sure. I have a brand new pair of adrenalines in my closet, so I don’t plan on fully switching to the pure cadence just yet. I’m going to get through this race season with the Adrenalines, and maybe fully transition to the pure cadence over the summer. …that is, if I survive this race season and get to run over the summer – last season that didn’t work out so well for me.

Okay kids, I really have to go to bed before 11pm. I’m to old to be staying up this late every night.

I just like this old lady. I don’t’ want the hipster to die.

What’s next

I need an IV with a bag of coffee attached. Just drip that junk right into my blood stream please!


Siri is so smart!

Work it out:

I haven’t done a weekly workout recap in a while now, and I’m not doing one now either. The last month has been filled with recovery runs, or taper runs, and no real workouts to really talk about.

Monday after work I headed to the grocery store .. I feel like I live there some weeks, then the dollar store to pick up some hair stuff, and mascara. Hey! They sell covergirl mascara at the dollar store and it’s more reasonably priced than publix. Since I don’t go to wal-mart and target is on the other side of town, I’m left with publix or the dollar store. .. I guess it’s Dollar General. They actually have quite a bit of stuff in there. I prefer the Dollar General, over the Dollar Tree. Do you ever shop at the dollar store/tree/general? ?  No shame in my game.

When I finally got home I threw on some running clothes, and my Brooks Pure Cadence and headed out the door for an easy 4 mile run. — I’m pleasantly surprised that my legs are not sore at all from the half on Sunday. It’s weird. Like, why aren’t they sore? I felt like I ran a moderately hard race but I have no soreness. So strange, but I’ll take it.

Even without the soreness, I figured my legs would be tired so I said to myself, “Self, we are going to do 4 miles today, but we can go slow.” 

The first 3 miles I felt pretty good. I felt myself getting a little sluggish in mile 3, and then mile 4 it hit me. My legs were burning, and they were just feeling tired. But, I’m stubborn, and I told myself a lie, because in the 4th mile I picked up the speed and brought it on home.

Not exactly speed demon material, but I’m pleased with the splits. image

Today is a rest day (yay!)

So Jena, What’s next?!

Right, I’m sure you are dying to know what is next on my racing calendar. Well, last week I mentioned that Jenny & I were thinking about doing a trail half at the end of January.

Those plans changed after the half on Sunday. We decided that we would rather do the Clearwater Beaches half on January 22nd. If we do the CLW Beaches Half, and the Florida Beach Half in March then we will have completed all 4 of the half marathons in the series. The website says that runners that complete all four of the half-marathons will be recognized in a special way, which has not yet been decided. I thought there was an extra medal involved, but I could be wrong about that. I’m not wrong often, but it doesn’t happen.

After Clearwater comes the RnR St.Pete . Let me be honest real quick, I’m not excited about this race. After the debacle at RnRLV, and the cluster that I heard part of RnRSavannah were, I don’t have high hopes for RnR St.Pete. I think I read online that they are estimating 25k runners.. uhmmmmm… WHERE are they going to put all those people? It’s going to be a parking nightmare – nightmare I say. … I’m pretty sure I’ll just be running RnR for fun, not for time.

The last of my 6 half-marathons is the Florida Beach Halfathon. This is the race that started my obsession with half-marathons back in 2010. I ran it again in 2011! I had a great race and ran a 1:52- When I ran that 1:52:53 that is when my obsession to run a 1:50 started. I knew I was only 3 minutes away, and I could do it!

It only seems right that I try to PR at that course in March, right? Plusalso, Jenny is looking to set a major PR sometime in the next 3 races (and we already decided Clearwater Beaches ain’t it) .. So I’m thinking, Florida Beach is IT.. (right Jenny?)