13/52: A meeting amongst friends

A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014.

I’m in love with this picture.

The last two weeks have kind of been big weeks, developmentally, for Paisley. It seems like she is holding her head up better during tummy time & she is definitely “talking” more. She talks to us, and her friends, and she gets really excited when we put Baby Einstein on for her. She waves her arms around, and bounces around in her rock n play. She plays well by herself, but loves to smile at Mommy & Daddy.


life ain’t always beautiful

Picture this…. you’re strolling (LOL) around target with your baby.. Just browsing the tiny baby clothes and wishing there was more money in the bank.. when you hear your baby toot.. it’s an innocent toot, but you know what follows that toot….

I’ve been a Mom for 13.5 weeks now..YOU WOULD THINK I would remember to bring the diaper bag in OR AT LEAST A FREAKING DIAPER!  Nope.

So we meander back out to the car to get a diaper, because I’m not done browsing, and I don’t want my sweet girl to sit in her own poop for long.. so we grab the diaper bag and head to the bathroom..



I send out a :::red alert::: text message to my Mom friends.. it really should have been an


SOS SOS SOS alert…

because I mean….

there was just so much poop.

how does this even happen? Contents under pressure? Holy smokes little girl! Your Daddy would be proud (grossed out, but proud).

It was all the way up her back to her neck.. IM NOT KIDDING! I would show you pictures, but that’s taking it a little bit to far..

yes. I took pictures. THAT HAD TO BE DOCUMENTED!!!

Poor Paisley. I had to strip her all the way down to her birthday suit, IN TARGET!

We’re laughing about it now.. but it was pretty traumatic.


Life ain’t always beautiful…..

….. but it’s a beautiful ride

I went to the gym

so that is exactly twice that I’ve been to the gym since Paisley has been born…. go me.

It surprisingly hard to find time for MEEEE. No, that’s actually not surprising, babies are NEEDY!
I suppose I also feel a little bit guilty about leaving Paisley at home while I go to the gym. It’s not that I feel like I should be with her every second of every day, but going to the gym is one of those things that I don’t HAVE to do, so it makes me feel bad. I need to go to the gym… I need it for my sanity, and this baby gut isn’t going to disappear on it’s own.

I’m down 30lbs (that is insane, right?) So I’m just 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, but whoa baby, my body is all sorts of different. For one, this gut. Dear Lord, the gut. I mean, I had a baby, so of course I’m going to have a baby gut, but…… yeah.. I’m not a fan, and I’m ready for it to get some gone.

My pre-pregnancy jeans/shorts button, but the muffin top is so big it deserves it’s own name. #realtalk

a few weeks ago before we went for a walk

……needless to say, I do not wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have exactly one pair.. okay, two pairs of jeans that fit. One pair from my sister & one pair I found on super duper clearance at GAP. So what if it’s the extra tall length, and I am not extra tall by any stretch of the imagination; they were $12.

This weekend …okay FINE..  past week I spent the majority of the week in maternity shorts, which is actually an improvement from the maternity sweatpants that I had previously been living in. #stopjudging

I occasionally throw on a pair of scrubs for work, but for the most part, I live in target boxers & sweatpants.. yep…. real fancy over here. It’s shameful, but 3 out of 5 days I’m still in pajamas when Chris gets home from work. I do leave the house every other day or so, and I get dressed, but I put my PJs back on when I get home. It’s just so much more comfortable. I can’t help it.

So, the endless days of pajamas need to come to an end, but I pretty much refuse to go out and buy bigger clothes. That is stupid, right? No one knows that they are bigger except for me.
I would also much rather spend all my monies on clothes for Paisley… baby clothes are way cuter!

12 weeks post partum

21 weeks pregnant


In order to not have to buy bigger clothes, and to get out of my PJs, I need to work out… see, full circle. I’m sure you were wondering where I was going with all that, right? Well, here we are….

Saturday night we went out to dinner, but before we could get out the door I said “I hate my body” at least twice… and it’s true. I do. I’m not a fan of “the gut.” I can’t keep going with this attitude. I can’t keep saying “I hate my body.” Eventually Paisley will hear what I’m saying – I mean, she hears me now, but she has no idea what I’m saying. Thank God. .. so I can’t keep up the negative self-talk.. Plus, it’s just bad. It’s bad for my attitude; it really starts to weigh on me, and it’s just bad bad bad.

So today I went to the gym, and lifted weights. I loved lifting prior to getting pregnant; I felt confident on the weight room floor, and I loved being there. Right now I’m feeling a little out of place, and silly, but I’ll get my groove back.

I also had to cut dairy & beef out of my diet, but that’s a story for another day – but eliminating those two things out of my diet may possibly help with those last 5 lbs…. right? RIGHT???? Man, I love cheese.

Here’s what I did at the gym:


I’m pretty sure I will not be able to lift my arms up over my head… good thing Paisley only weight 13.11lbs … =/  LOL.

Do you think she can climb up the dresser and lay herself on the changing table?


A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014.


It’s hard to believe that Paisley is already 3 months old. I’ve managed to keep this tiny human alive, and well for 90 days. She is such a little ham, she loves smiling at mama & daddy! She also loves fussing when Daddy stops walking her around the living room when she is trying to go to sleep. She loves playing on her piano mat, and laying on her boppy lounger. Her newest thing is sitting in her high chair while she stares deeply into her stuffed elephants eyes; they are conspiring against us, I’m absolutely sure of it.

Mama & Baby must have (0-3mths)

Hello friends, this post probably won’t appeal to very many of my 5 readers, but, bookmark it and come back to it when you find yourself knocked up.

It’s true that babies require a lot of crap. Okay, actually, the truth is, mommy requires a lot of crap to make baby {and mommy} more comfortable. Baby probably only really needs boobs, diapers & a warm place to sleep. All the other stuff is to make Mommy’s life just a little bit easier.

Since we are still deep in the trenches of babyhood, I thought I would share a few things with you that have made my life slightly easier…


There are varying recommendations on whether a baby should sleep flat on their back, or on an incline. Our pediatrician didn’t give an opinion one way or the other, so we use the fisher-price rock n’ play for Paisley’s “bed.” The rock n’ play is small, and compact. It can be folded up and stuffed in the trunk for a trip away from home. Paisley sleeps really well in it, I’m actually kind of afraid that when we move her out, she won’t sleep as well. This model retails {at target} for $59.99.


If I ever get brave enough, we will transition baby girl out of the RnP and into the pack n play.. Pack n Plays, man.. There are about 1 million choices on the market for these things. We chose the Graco Cuddlecove in the Winslet pattern. imageHere’s what I know so far about the pack n’ play. That changing table, good idea in theory, not so easy on the back. You’re basically hunched over the pack n play, trying to change a squirmy little baby. That lasted for about 2 weeks before we moved her changing station to the stop of our dresser. MUCH easier on the ol’ back! The other insert is a “rocker” which doesn’t really rock. I did use that quite a few times when Paisley was much smaller and I needed somewhere to put her while I was downstairs in my office working. It vibrates…hard. At first I thought there was no way Paisley would tolerate that hard vibrate, but she actually liked it and slept pretty well in it a few times. (I’m pretty sure they say don’t let them sleep in it, but I was RIGHT THERE the entire time she was sleeping.. use your own discretion people.. Have some common sense)


The boppy lounger is a DEFINITE MUST HAVE on my new mama baby list! I had never even heard of this prior to getting pregnant… and it was pretty far into my pregnancy before I had ever seen one. My sister had one for her newest little guy and I knew RIGHT AWAY that I HAD to have one! This guy was hard to track down! They sell them on amazon, but I couldn’t find a “girly” one on amazon, so I trekked all over the place looking for a pink one. Listen, most of our furniture is gender neutral, I wanted at least one thing that was PINK!

The last furniture type item that we really use, is the swing. Paisley has spentimage many naps, and a few nights sleeping in this swing. When she hit her 2nd leap in The Wonder Weeks, she refused to sleep anywhere but her swing. Night time sleeps in the swing gave me a little anxiety, but mama’s gotta do, what mama’s gotta do (to get some sleep).

I think the swing we have is an older version of the little lamb swing that is currently available through fisher price. The swing currently retails for $139.99 at Target. We got ours from my sister, who got it off of a facebook resale site.

Honestly, if you are a mama, and don’t mind used things, you should find a local resale site. We have found a lot of great deals on baby items.

I’ll share with you a few other things that we use on a day-to-day basis that make life with a baby just a little bit easier:

imageMoby Wrap. Seriously, this thing is amazing. I understand some babies don’t like them, but Paisley loves this thing. She can’t stay away when we wrap her up in this. It’s like a guaranteed naptime. AH-mazing!

Best $25 I’ve ever spent! I bought this off the resale site; they retail for $44.95 on Amazon.com


Everywhere I look I see people raving over the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets; they are soft, but I just can’t spend $30 on two swaddle blankets. Thankfully we found an alternative (at Ross, no less) that is just as soft and work just as well as I’m sure the A&A blankets work. We use the TOO GOOD blankets, by Jenny Mcarthy.  — I don’t have any pictures of the blankets, but I added them to my amazon store so you can check them out there, or search Too Good blankets on Amazon. We got a few packs of them for $8-10 at Ross. I think they came either 2 or 3 in the pack. They are really light weight which is great for these hot summer days we’ve been getting since Paisley was born. They’ve been washed quite a few times and are holding up very well.


Another great, new to me, product is the OXO Tot perfect pull diaper dispenser. No one wants to fight with the wipes container at 3 o’clock in the morning. We use huggies wipes, and while the containers the wipes come in are fine, it’s annoying to fight with the container to get the wipe out. The OXO wipe dispenser has a weighted shelf that holds the wipes down & allows you to pull one wipe out at a time. I know it seems so trivial, but believe me, it’s worth the $20.

Last on my list of MUST HAVES is the myBaby sound spa lullaby sound machine & projector. We use this white noise machine every single night. We love the projector because it acts as a night light so that we can easily navigate to Paisley’s rock n play for those late night feedings. I’ve always loved white noise machines, and regularly slept with one prior to having Paisley – they are so calming and provide a filter for the noise coming from the nearby road (and our obnoxiously loud neighbors).

I’ve added all of my favorite baby must haves, plus a few other things that we use all the time to my amazon store. You can click on the link to my store and it will bring you to a page of all the items. I will add items to the store and Paisley grows!


“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

I sure hope they blue eyes stay blue. Her Daddy has blue eyes, so maybe ….

At 12 weeks old Paisley is starting to become a little more active. She likes to play on her Piano mat while Mommy works. She also likes watching Baby Einstein, judge away, she loves it. She “talks” to the TV, and kicks her arms & legs around. Obviously at the tender age of 12 weeks I don’t leave her in front of the TV for long, but I do leave her there long enough for me to unload & reload the dishwasher.

Sometimes we lay and bed and play peek-a-boo or blow kisses. She’s starting to blow raspberries, and smile when we talk to her.

I never intended on doing any weekly/monthly updates, so maybe I’ll use these weekly posts to talk about what she’s up to lately. (Not every week, but on occasion.)


“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

11 weeks old

Paisley is not a fan of tummy time, but we try to spend a few minutes each day hanging out on the boppy so she can work on her neck strength. Being a baby is hard work! (Being a Mommy is hard work, too.)




Better late than never, right?


“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

10 weeks old


Paisley currently loves the Moby Wrap; Sometimes it’s the only way I can get her to stop crying.
She is currently right smack dab in the middle of a wonder week. If you don’t know what wonder weeks are… LUCKY YOU! But seriously, according to what I’ve read, wonder week (s) are a time period when babies are going through a mental growth spurt. The growth spurt affects their mood, health, intelligence, sleeping patters and the “three C’s” (crying, clinging, crankiness)  (source). I’m not usually one to buy into these kind of things, but this is for real, y’all. Paisley has been a fussy, whiney, non-nap taking monster for days. She takes short cat naps, which is followed by fussing, fussing & more fussing.