What have I done?

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that if you were off on Memorial Day you enjoyed it!

If you had to work..I hope It was a quiet, pleasant day.


I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, aka 6am, to get in a run before we headed down to Tampa for a fun-filled day of fishing.

My plans were to run on the treadmill, since Sunday mornings run was less than stellar. But when I looked at the thermometer it said 66, so I decided to take it outside. I wore shorts & a sports bra since I was pretty sure the traffic would be zero at that hour of the morning (I was right, except for one guy outside stretching on his balcony. Not sure if had clothes on, I tried not to stare.)

The weather was decent, but the run sucked. I had plans for 3 miles because I didn’t have time for more, but my knee had other plans. It started to hurt so I headed back home at 2 miles. not cool.

2mi, 18:44, 9:22 pace

I got an e-mail from Dailymile yesterday, they told me I ran 12 miles last week. Whoa. That’s the highest mileage I’ve run in one week in a while and I think my knee is angry about it. I didn’t do any crazy runs this week, I didn’t even run over 3 miles(lame).

Today is my last day of physical therapy and I’m not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I’m happy because $90/wk is not my idea of a good time. On the other hand, I’m frustrated because the pain is not completely gone. Maybe it will never be completely gone? Maybe I just need to run w/ KT Tape forever?

In other news: I just registered for the Women’s Running Magazine, St. Pete Half-Marathon.

I’m sure you are baffled by this news since 2 paragraphs ago I was whining about a 2 mile run that included knee pain.

I know.


Peer pressure made me do it.

Are you registered for any Fall/Winter races yet?
The group that I run with when i’m not injured registered a Team for this half so that’s pretty much why I decided to run. I didn’t have such a great race last year at this event. Hopefully this knee crap will get situated and I’ll have a more successful race.

I know you are dying to know what we did for Memorial Day?

Chris spent most of his day like this:

chris sleeping

In his defense, it was really quite rough this morning. I heard my Dad say 3-4ft seas. Not sure about the wind, but I promise ya, it was blowin’


Then Chris & Jeremy did this:

jeremy swim

chris swim

It worked. For about 10 minutes. Poor Chris, being sea sick is not fun. Especially when you are 25 miles from shore or 1.5-2hrs from the marina. Not fun.

The wind & wave finally died down and he was able to enjoy some of the trip.

The fishing wasn’t as great as it was last weekend. Well, it was for Stacey & Jeremy, they caught some keepers! I caught quite a few grunt, but no keeper grouper. sad face.


What’s that picture of you ask?

Oh. That.

That’s just a wall of water. That was my view from the back of the boat on our way out. It was rough y’all. I wish I had video of the boat slamming up and down on the waves. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been out, but basically you go up a wave, and fall off the other side.

pleasant, right?

It doesn’t happen every time, it just depends on what angle you hit the wave. It’s quite the science. My Dad’s got it down, but sometimes, those waves pull a fast one on ya and you end up getting your spine crunched into your brain.


Raise your hand if you like gigantic sea turtles!

oooo me me me me !!


See Shelby, sea life is nice!

Jena Boat

duh. I know you didn’t think I was going to go a whole post without a picture of myself.

get real.


btw. That is not me. In case you were confused.

That is my Sissy-Love, Stacey.


and that will conclude the longest post ever.


but remember:




casey anthony, motorcycles, doggies & more

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Saturday was not very exciting. I woke up at 9, not feeling well, so I transferred to the couch and watched the Casey Anthony trial until 1pm.



The rest of Saturday was equally as boring. Cleaned the house, went out to dinner, came home to the dogs tearing apart a pillow, watched Blue Valentine (weirdest movie ever) then tossed and turned all night long.


(two well-behaved dogs up for adoption)
just kidding Mom.


Sunday was much more exciting!

I woke up early and went for a run… I know, that should go down in the record books. It was miserable. I thought at 7am it would be a little cooler. wrong. so very wrong. It was 72, but 85% humidity. I think I’m going to become a summer time treadmill runner.

Dear Treadmill picture

If I ever get arrested, that’s what my mug shot will look like. In case you were wondering.


lame-0 9:20 pace

After that suck-tastic run I jumped in a cold shower..which did not feel cold, but the water was turned all the way to cold. weird. Then we headed out for a motorcycle ride (yay!). Our main goal was to find some breakfast up in Homosassa.

We’ve been wanting to ride the bike up to Homosassa for a while now, and today seemed like the perfect day. We stopped at the first place we saw, which was Emily’s.

It was a decent place. The service was good, and the food was pretty good. I got an omelet, and I can’t remember the name of it, but it had spinach, onion, and ground beef(weird) in it. I also got grits and some whole wheat toast. The omelet was okay. I think it would have been better with sausage, or just spinach, and onion.

Chris also got an omelet and I have no idea what was in it. Bleh, I’m not a food blogger so I don’t feel to bad about not knowing what he ate.  

breakfast at emilys

After breakfast we cruised around for a few hours checking out the area. We went to McRae’s on the Homosassa River and watched boats go by for a while. We also checked out the monkey’s on Monkey Island.

Monkey Island



We drove by the Yulee historic sugar mill remains. No pictures, we didn’t stop. Just cruised by. We also went to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife park where they wanted to charge us $13 per person to walk a 1.2 loop where they had “wild” animals… uhm. I can see manatees just about any time I go out on the boat. I also saw an alligator by my house this morning, for free. I’ll keep my $13 thanx. Bummer. I wanted to check it out, but I’m not paying for it. The state already gets my money plenty of other ways…

I digress.

We finally made it home after riding for several hours. My butt was officially numb.


The wonderful-ness continued when we laid in bed and watched a movie. The movie was not all that great, but laying in bed at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon was splendid.

Then I begged sweet-talked Chris into going to the grocery store with me so we could pick up some stuff for our fishing trip tomorrow. (yay!) The fun continued in the grocery store where I held a case of beer on my shoulder and rapped my way to the produce department.

Don’t pretend you don’t do that. Oh. You don’t? Well. Chris dared me to.

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air”

For our Pre-Memorial day dinner we had hamburgers and potato salad (Chris had corn on the cob.ew.) In my meat-eating opinion, it’s not a holiday unless you eat grilled hamburgers! mmmmmmmmm


I forgot my camera on the next adventure. sad. We took Diva & Wyatt to the open field across the street from our house to let them play. Well, they stay on leashes. They don’t listen well enough to run around freely. You can see pictures of the spot we took them to in this post. We took them on this little peninsula and took their leashes of there. They could either run into the water, or they’d have to run back at us. We felt confident that they wouldn’t escape.

and they didn’t.

They were in doggie heaven. Diva apparently loves her some mud. The tide was out so there was not much water, just mud. She plopped right down in the mud and laid there. I really wish I would have had my camera, it was hilarious. Chris was not amused… he is in charge of dog baths.

They were filthy, but they loved it. As soon as we got home Diva got a bath, then it was Wyatt’s turn.

wyatt protesting


Wyatts demise

wyatt succumbs

and no. Chris is not spraying him in the face. He’s fine. just a big baby.

So. That’s pretty much wraps up our day. You don’t want to hear about how I tore apart the dog room aka junk room aka office aka disaster area to start cleaning it out. That’s quite the project. It’s accumulated one year of stuff. (Yah, I’ve officially lived in our house for a year, I can’t even believe that!!).

We also watched Little Fockers.fail. I mean, it was funny, but it’s just so awkward I can’t watch it. Chris liked it. I did not. I also did not like Blue Valentine, or Holy Rollers. I’m on a losing streak for picking out movies.

Must go to bed. I have an early morning run on the treadmill. I told y’all I was going to be come a summer-time treadmill runner. Also gotta rest up so I can out fish everyone again tomorrow. muwahahahahahahahaha!!!!


Live your life, don’t watch it pass you by.

Going in the right direction

Get excited! It’s Friday!

Do you have any weekend plans?



I am obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial.

I can not stop watching. I don’t like Nancy Grace, but here I am watching this crazy lady.


I am really looking forward to this weekend, I know that’s nothing new, but I have no plans. Usually on Monday morning I am planning what I’m going to do on Saturday & Sunday. The last few weekends have been non-stop and super busy. I’m looking forward to some down time. I might go over to the beach, not the real beach, just to Pine Island. If the weather is nice, I have to get out in it. I can’t pass up a perfectly good beach day, can I?

I also want to go to the Farmer’s Market, but I can’t go to the beach, and to the farmer’s market. The market is way up in Brooksville on Saturday mornings; unfortunately the parking at the beach is really limited and if you don’t get their early you aren’t getting parking and that is no bueno. Beach for the win!

trop tues 6


I’m so excited that I actually have running news to talk about on this here running blog, yay! It’s not really anything exciting, but it’s running none-the-less!

Thursday was my test day. The day I would test my knee with out KT Tape, and I would run outside. I was actually really apprehensive about the run, and I didn’t think I would be able to run with out pain.

I enjoy physical therapy, and I feel like I’m working hard when I’m there, but I’m not entirely convinced that anyone actually knows what was causing my knee pain. It seemed like a lot of guesses and the physical therapy was a place the Doctor could send me to make it seem like he was treating the problem. So I was a little skeptical that the PT was actually helping.

I had a plan to run at a comfortable pace and to run 2-3 miles depending on how my knee felt.

Unfortunately it was hot as balls when I got off work, so I decided to wait until about 7:30 to run. I looked at the weather around 6 and it was 87* – The temperature at 7 was going to be 86* . whoa a whole one degree cooler, I think I’ll just take my chances and run at 6. I was anxious to get the run done and waiting another hour & a half wasn’t happening.

I hung out around the 9:00 pace, I couldn’t push any faster. It was humid, and breathing was a little bit of an issue. My hamstrings were also so tight that it was shortening up my stride, making it difficult to run at a faster pace.

I stopped at .5 mile to stretch for a few minutes. Stopping for a few minutes on a run is not ideal, but neither are tight IT Bands and jammed up hamstrings. I had to stop one other time to stretch my hammies. They are seriously so tight. PT on Wednesday killed me.

I love hamstring stretches, they seriously feel sooooooo good! Best stretch ever.

I ended my run @ 2.63miles, 24:08, 9:10pace. Looking back I realize I could have ran for 5 more minutes and finished out with 3 miles. Whatever. Hindsight is 20/20. Is that what they say?

I am happy to report that the run was completely pain free, besides the tight hammies. I had no knee pain, in either knee (yay!) –

So after PT today I have two more sessions next week, then I have to go back to the Dr…for him to tell me…..

……yah. I don’t know either……

I’m debating just totally skipping the appointment. But, if I need to go back to him I don’t want to burn any bridges. So, I’ll end up going back, paying him another $30 for him to tell me nothing…again.


Does your pace suffer during the hotter months?



If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it big

Grocery shopping Thursday

t-1 day until the weekend.

Actually, I don’t exactly how that t minus stuff works. but, I think the t stands for today, then the minus 1 would be friday, then it’s saturday. works for me.

So yesterday I said that I was going to go for a run minus the KT Tape after work.. Well, see, what had happened was, my Dad called me on my way home and asked if we wanted to get sushi.

sushi > running

I will definitely do my run tomorrow. I have to. I have PT on Friday and I need to do the run before I go back to therapy.

*****                         *****                           *****

I am one of those weirdos who actually enjoy grocery shopping. I like walking down all the aisles and seeing the sales. Of course it would be faster to look @ the same ad, which I do, but I still like walking down the aisles.

I don’t coupon so I don’t get any joy out of that. I tried couponing a few years ago, but I ended up spending a bunch of money on crap I didn’t really need. I don’t really understand how  to coupon and get stuff for free.

To save money I try to buy store brands and shop the sales. Publix has BOGO every week, and I get bread, bagels, pasta, spaghetti sauce, & coke with those. (Chris & my Dad drink diet coke).

Another thing I do to save money is meal plan, sometimes I do better at that than others. Last week I did really well; I didn’t have to make any extra trips to the grocery store. that is amazing. This week has been so busy I haven’t made a meal plan, and I just went grocery shopping on Tuesday. I usually go on Sunday morning, or late afternoon. It worked out this week since we caught so much grouper we’ve been eating fish for dinner every night. Good thing we love fish around here Winking smile


In the last 4-5 months I’ve really weeded out all the crackers & cookies that I used to pack in Chris’ lunch box. Now I pack him fruit & veggies. This costs more, but he likes it, and it’s so much better for him/us to have fresh produce in the house.


silk coffee creamer for me
cottage cheese
2 % milk – I prefer 1%, but we compromise @ 2.  $3.75   (kill me now with that crazy price!)
Non-dairy powder coffee creamer for Chris
Perdue Chicken Breast. The label says no hormones or antibiotics. (true?)     $4.54 for1.52/lb
Green wise ground beef  $5.49lb, .96lb

I usually do not buy greenwise beef, or perdue chicken, but in an effort to eat a little more healthy I opted to buy something different this week. We don’t eat beef every week, so I can handle the cost every other week or so.


Red potatoes – $3.69
Idaho Potatoes- $2.99
Bananas – .69/lb, 5.03lbs, $3.47
Broccoli – 1lb $2.69
Green onions – $1.19
Green beans – 1lb/ $1.26
Zucchini – $2.31
Cucumber – $.50
Red Grapes – $2.99/lb, 1.90/lb $5.68
Bag o’ Peppers- $ 4.49
Bag o’ spinach – $2.29
Blueberries $2.99
Red Onion-  I don’t see this on the reciept.. That’s interesting.

How do my fruit/veggie costs compare to yours?

most of it was all on sale, so it’s hard to compare, but you can get a general idea of what I spend on fruit & veggies.


panko bread crumbs
ronzoni pasta BOGO
Chi Chis Corn tortillas
Shredded cheddar
Shredded colby/monterrey jack chz
publix lemonade packets
peanut butter bars (for Chris)
some other cheeze that I can’t think of the name right now

Not pictured: 4 12pks of diet coke, Buy 2, Get 2 free
Not pictured: one case of water

Total Spent: $91.75
Savings: $25.71


I was actually pleasantly surprised that I spent less than $100. I really didn’t have much of a menu planned out when I went shopping. I had a few meals written down on a piece of paper- which I can’t find right now.

I was planning on making meatloaf & mashed potatoes. I don’t make this very often but it’s one of Chris’ very favorite meals. I like to make it for him occasionally. He is a trooper and eats whatever I make, plus, meatloaf is just yummy!

******                                                            ******

For dinner Tuesday night we made up our favorite fish bake. I know not everyone can get fresh fish, but it could also be made with frozen fish that’s been thawed out or from your grocery store seafood market.


Grouper (or any fish I guess. We’ve also used trout).
red pepper – chopped
green pepper- chopped
red (or white) onion- chopped
red potatoes – chopped
italian dressing
old bay seasoning

Soak fish filets/pieces in italian dressing over night.

Chop onions, peppers & potatoes

Place fish in on aluminum foil and place chopped peppers, potatoes, and onions on top of fish.

Season with salt, pepper, & old bay as desired.

Fold aluminum foil so that is makes a bowl type dish. We have a metal tray that goes on the grill that we use to cook veggies.

We grill ours, but you could bake it as well.



What are some of your favorite snacks to take to work?


Everyone dies, but not everyone lives

I guess I’ll talk about running

It’s been a while since I’ve really talked about actual running. Sad.

so I guess i’ll talk about it today.

I’ve been slowly incorporating running back into my routine. My longest run is 4 miles (woot), and I ran with KT Tape on my knee. I’ve been running a few days a week, trying not to over do it. I’m also doing physical therapy and I don’t want to run to much plus physical therapy. That smells like sore legs.

Sunday I ran w/ KT tape and had no trouble, thankfully. I don’t want to rely on KT Tape forever, I like it, but I think it could get expensive. Besides the money, I want to be strong and not have to rely on another device. With that said, if this is a chronic thing, and the only way that I can run is to use KT tape, then I will.

Friday at physical therapy the Therapist said that he wanted me to run in the next few days with out the KT Tape to see how I was feeling. I didn’t have time over the weekend, but I had some time yesterday (Tuesday) after work. I was a little apprehensive about running with out the tape. So I decided that I would run on the treadmill for two reasons; 1. It was hot as heck outside. Running outside sounded like a terrible idea and 2. if I ran on the treadmill I wouldn’t be stranded anywhere. I was afraid that I would get away from the house, my knee would hurt, then I would have to limp/gimp/hobble/cry my way back to the house.

The treadmill just seemed the better way to go.

I wanted to start out slow so that I didn’t kill my knee right away. I gradually increased my speed in half-mile increments.

.5 @ 6.0
stop and stretch
.5 @ 6.3
.5 @ 6.6
.5 @ 6.9
.5 @ 7.2
.5 @ 6.6  (cool down)

Total: 3mi @ 9:11pace ( 27:35)   Not exactly spectacular, but it was okay. I didn’t have any right knee pain (which is the “bad”) knee, but my left knee was a little cranky.  I stopped to stretch two different times. The first time was just a general stretch, and the second time I stopped because my left knee was hurting and I want to see if stretching my hamstring would alleviate the pain. It did the trick for a little bit, but it was still a little achy. Today I’m not feeling any pain at all.

I had physical therapy this morning and I did some new exercises that were definitely challenging.  The Therapist wants me to run outside, with no KT tape to see my progress. To say i’m anxious about this is a slight understatment. I can’t just do a loop that would bring me back to my house if the pain starts up. Every route is an out and back, so if the pain starts, then i’m stuck hobbling/crying my way back to the house.

The plan is start at two miles, and a medium pace, something that feels comfortable. If my knee doesn’t hurt then I’m going to try for 3 miles. Fingers crossed I have pain free, KT tapeless run.

I’ll report back later with how that run goes. Eek!

By the way; I really hate writing posts inside the wordpress site. It’s so annoying.


Go Big or Go Home

Team Git cha’ some

Happy Tuesday, Y’all.

4 more days until a 3 day weekend (I hope). I’m not 100% sure I’ll be off on Memorial Day. More than likely, but I haven’t talked to the DR. about it yet.


After the Tri-Relay on Sunday morning I said goodbye to Carolyn and headed over to the marina where my Dad keeps his boat. When I got to the marina I met up with Chris, my Dad, my baby sister Alli, my sister Stacey, and her boyfriend Jeremy. We headed to SweetBay to grab some lunch, and then out for a fun day of fishing!


The weather was beautiful! It was a little windy in Tampa Bay, but the water wasn’t to choppy so we weren’t getting slammed around to hard.


The Skyway Bridge

Chris fishin’ for bait fish with a sabiki rig

We headed out about 25 miles off shore. We went out of Tampa Bay, under the Skyway and then headed out. I have no idea where we were, but that really doesn’t matter any how. What matters is that we had a great time and caught a lot of fish.

The wind died down once we got off shore, and the ocean was calm and flat. This is good and bad. When it’s a little windy it’s cooler, when there is no wind it’s hot as heck and it feels like you are melting. I love swimming in the ocean, but swimming in 80ft of water is a little scary. It’s dark, and you can’t see the toothy critters that are swimming around you.


If you are offended by fish being caught, or dead fish. You should stop reading now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


See Chris’ hand holding the rod in the back. Ha Ha

We weren’t fishing for any specific. Just fishing for anything that would bite. We also can’t keep everything that we catch. There are size limits, and also limits on how many of each fish species you can keep. Not on all fish, but most fish. Right now there is a lot of talk about grouper limitations. I won’t go into detail. I know I’d lose most of you at the words “Gag Grouper”.

We were catching mostly red groupers, and grunt. We caught one gag grouper, and he was definitely released. Most of the red grouper were released, but we kept the grunt(s).



No Chris holding the rod this time. I reeled in that mac daddy all by myself.

jena grouper 12

Oh yah! 26 inch red grouper!

jena grouper

It was a long day of fishing but I loved every second of it. It’s nice to spend quality time with the family. When you are stuck on a 28 ft boat together you will find some way to entertain each other, trust me, it get’s interesting.


The Sunday events did not end with the fishing trip; Chris drove his motorcycle to the marina since I was already in Tampa w/ Carolyn. Since he was on the bike, and I was in my car I followed him home. I’m a gigantic worry-wart and the idea of him driving at night on his bike freaks me out.. (even though it’s dark when he leaves for work in the morning..I pretend it’s light out when he leaves for work.)

We were not even out of Tampa yet when Chris pulled over on the side of the Suncoast Pkwy and shut his bike off. I thought he was just pulling over to get cash out of his pocket, because the Suncoast is a toll road. He had stopped right in front of the toll booth.

He got off his bike, walked over to my car and said, “We have a problem.” Yah, that’s just what I want to hear @ 9:15pm on a Sunday night an hour away from home… Something happened to his throttle cable and his bike would start back up. awesomesauce.

2.5hrs later one of his friends was able to come get his back and trailer it to their work. It was 1:30am when we rolled into the house.. Remember how I got up at 4am. Longest.day.of.my.life!!!!!


i live for the weekends


everybody dies, but not everybody lives

Live your life, it was made for living, not for sitting on the sidelines watching it pass you by.

Did You know: Wirenuts are a real conversation starter

Hey Everyone; I’m still working on the 2nd Sunday post. No, it’s not that long, I just haven’t had time. I already had this post written from a few weeks ago. It was set to automatically publish, and it didn’t. I really have to figure out how to work that timed publishing thing..


I started this Did you know series a few weeks ago. They are posts about things that I don’t normally talk about. Not because I don’t want to, but because they don’t really fit into every day life conversations.

You can check out the other two posts here:

Chris two weeks after we started dating. He broke his ankle “stunting” on his motorcycle.

When I was 20 I a cashier @ the Ace Hardware in my home town. I worked there for a few years and it was a good job for a 20 yr old girl. Hello loads of guys coming in and out all day Winking smile

I don’t know how long Chris has been coming into the store before we met, but he says he’d been coming in for a while. Maybe he came in on days I wasn’t working, or maybe I wasn’t lookin’ cute. For whatever reason we never met. He knew my co-workers, but never had seen me.

baffling I know.

In February 2005 (I don’t know the exact day, how un-girly of me) this guy came to my register to check out. He was buying some wire nuts, which can be bought individually or can be bought by the box.

I asked “the guy” how many wire nuts he had, because he was buying them individually I needed to know how many there were.

He said, “I don’t know, you pick a number.”

Me “okay, 69.”


I don’t know what the next remark was but it was something along the lines of me being a freak and my mind being in the gutter.

Great first impression right?


I don’t remember what I saw him again. I started to notice when he came in though. He was/is so cute. Baby blue eyes, wranglers, crooked smile & boots. What more could a girl ask for, seriously.

One Saturday he came in with his buddy; they came through my line and as I was ringing them out Chris asked for my number.

I laughed him off. Not to toot my own horn, or sound conceited, but I seriously got asked my number pretty often. I rarely gave it out.

Before he left he said, “Sooo, Can I get your number.”

Me, “Oh, you were serious.” 


Obviously I gave in and gave it to him.

We talked on the phone for a few weeks; I remember parts of our first conversation, but that’s not something I’m going to blast on the internet. Nothing naughty, but I’m still not sharing.

We went on our first date on March 20th. It was kind of a group thing. We met up with my friend & her boyfriend @ Festival Bay movie theater. We went and saw The Ring 2 – I hate scary movies.

It’s probably bad technique, or whatever, but we kissed on the first date..

and as they say….the rest is history. Ha.

The night we got engaged. That’s another story.

Race Report: Mad Dogs Tri-Relay

Whew Monday. You showed up WAY to quickly. I need a re-do of this weekend, or at least a few more hours tacked on to Sunday!

Sunday was so busy it requires two separate posts. Aren’t you excited?! Ha Ha!

In case you missed my picture over load on Saturday, you can check it out here.

Saturday night I went over to Carolyn’s house to slumber party. It was easier to drive to Madeira beach from her house, rather than my house..aka..it’s closer to her than me. Even thought it was closer it still required a 4am wake-up call. Mix that w/ a late bed time, and very little sleep, I woke up Sunday morning really tired. I stumbled/rushed through my pre-race routine. Toast & PB for breakfast w/ some water. Slapped some make up on (yah, I know..whatever.) We were headed out the door by 4:30. That is record time for me. I usually wake up at least an hour before I need to leave. But, since I was the running leg of the Tri I knew I would have a little wait time so I didn’t need to make sure business was taken care of prior. ahem..youknowhwhatImean. I don’t mind porto-potties anymore. It’s like a second home. Ha Ha

We met up w/ our other team member for check-in @ 5:45. Got marked up. Then went to the transition area.andwaited.andwaited some more.

and some more.

still waiting.

Our wave started at 7:15 so Carolyn headed towards the beach to complete the swim. She zipped into transition around 7:30ish and Barbara was off to kill the 15mi bike ride.


Carolyn may or may not kill me for posting this. (Sorry Carolyn!!)

 Barbara is the pink tank running through the transition area. P.S. running w/ those cycling shoes on looks hard. Props to y’all Triathletes!

Approximately 45 minutes later Barbara came back through transition and I headed out on our last leg of the Tri. 3.1 miles. Seems easy right. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

I feel whiney & guilty for even complaining about the 5k. First of all, I only did 1/3 of what the Triathletes doing the whole thing did. How can I even complain about running 3.1 miles when all I did was sit around and wait for an hour. (or 3). Anyhow, I set off on the run. I had no idea what to expect out of this 5k. I didn’t know how hard to push myself. When to pull back. I felt like I was running my very first 5k. It was frustrating to say the least.

Mile 1 was good 8:15 (I think)… I started way to fast. I looked @ my watch and one point and I was running sub 8..like 7:05 or something equally as insane. I pumped the brakes and slowed it down to just over an 8. I felt okay w/ that, but I wasn’t sure if I could maintain. Oh, and did I mention that the last 1.5 miles of the 3.1 miles was in the sand. Oh yah..there’s that.

I had no idea going into this that we would be running in the sand. I looked at pictures from last year’s race, and I saw the finish was in the sand, so I was expecting that, I was not expecting half the run to be in the sand. Thankfully (I guess) it was in hard packed sand. But still, it’s a different surface than what I’m used to and it was kind of banked so it was still difficult. Just before the finished we had to run through soft deep sand.. ha ha, that was interesting. I thought I might throw up. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. yes. that many o’s are necessary. Thank you.

miles 2 & 3 were in the 8:30s.

Not quite dead from the sand yet.

Please just put me out of my misery w/ this sand. Good grief.

Quickly after I finished the run went to find ice for my knee. I didn’t have any pain, but I was icing preventatively. I ice after every run now. I’ll be surprised if I can walk by time I’m 30. Ha.


As I was writing this post the results came in my email:

 5   196   903 Embrace The Suck                                    1:26:50    1   12:46    1:16    5   45:12  19.9    0:43    6   26:55  8:41 

OA time: 1:26:50
Swim: 12:46 
Bike: 45:12
Run: 26:55

I won’t waste a lot of time talking about how I’m not satisfied w/ my 5k time. Obviously there were factors slowing me down. Bum knee? Check. Sand? check. Hot as hell? check. But still. I’m disappointed in myself, and I feel like I could have done better for the team. So that’s that.

We didn’t stick around for the awards. We heard they were @ 11:30 and we were sitting in the tent icing my knee @ 9. Uhm, not hanging around for 2.5 more hrs. Carolyn text me later to tell me that they gave out awards 10 deep, and we got a cool mug..so there’s that. We got 5th out of 8 female relay teams. I had a great time. Despite all the waiting, and my lack of a great 5k, it was fun. It was a totally awesome atmosphere. I’ve never been to a Tri before, so that was a whole new experience for me. If I liked swimming, I would probably give it a tri (har, har, har).. I really do want to do a duathlon.. need a bike. a real bike. not a 20yr old mountain bike. I know I can rent them for race day. I’ve said this before, but I should look into upcoming duathlons.

Get excited, tomorrow morning I’ll be posting about the rest of my Sunday. It was a really long day. like really. long. didn’t roll into the house until 1:30am Monday morning..yah. it was long.

Go Big or Go Home, right?

Saturday’s are for fun

ROCK sign

Today we went ventured to Tarpon Springs to see the sponge docks, and go to the aquarium. There was a street festival going on this weekend so there were a lot of vendors, and yummy smelling food!


We were not able to drive to the aquarium because the vendors were all set up on the main road that runs by the sponge docks and the aquarium. We paid $3 and parked at the end of the road and walked to the aquarium.

I get so excited over street festivals. I’m like a kid going to Disney or something. All the smells of delicious food, and all the people make me all excited!!


It’s definitely no Florida Aquarium, but it was pretty neat in it’s own way. We made it just in time to see the first shark feeding of the day. Y’all now I love sharks so I was very excited for this!

There were lemon sharks, bonnet head sharks, nurse sharks, and a bull shark or two in the tank. There was also a big fat cobia, 2 snook, a little redfish, parrot fish, puffer fish, and a few jack crevalles.

It was seriously so cool to see the diver feed the sharks, and the big fish. OMG, I want that guys job, for real!!


bonnet head shark






There was a little tank that had some sting rays! Y’all know I love some sting rays!

After the aquarium we headed back out to the street to find something to eat. We couldn’t decide if we wanted food from one of the street vendors or if we wanted to eat at one of the Greek restaurants. Tarpon Springs is known for it’s Greek Culture. I decided it wouldn’t be right if we went to Tarpon and didn’t eat at one of the Greek places.

We chose Hellas and we were seated immediately. Earlier in the day I had commented on my facebook that we were in Tarpon; someone else commented that we should have a gyro. I’ve never had one so I was down to try it.

Hellas Gyro “Largest & best Gyro in Town”
A unique blend of beef & lamb, finely seasoned, broiled and served on pita bread with thinly sliced onions, tomatoes and delicious tzatziki sauce




That joker was gooooooooood. We didn’t stay in the restaurant for dessert, but we went next door to the bakery that is attached and had some dessert. I was so stuffed but I couldn’t miss out on a yummy dessert!


I had the cherry napoleon and Chris had the chocolate baklava.. both desserts were really yummy! I would definitely recommend visiting Hellas and their bakery if you are ever in Tarpon Springs!

After lunch we walked around a little bit more. My belly was so full I was miserable, sitting in the car for 40 minutes sounded really unappealing so we walked around for a little bit longer.

DSC03512 DSC03516



I love random Saturday’s like this. Since Chris normally works on Saturdays, today was extra nice.


Tomorrow is going to be a long day. It starts with an early wake up call, haven’t decided what time yet, but Carolyn says we have to leave her house by 4:30am! ah! I also just found out that my license is in Chris’ wallet…at home..an hour away. Awesomesauce. Hopefully they will still let me pick up my race stuff. ugh. I hate it when I forget stuff..especially important stuff.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday.


Go Big or Go Home

Don’t be late

Since I had that meeting in Tampa on Wednesday I had to reschedule my PT to Thursday. That means I went to PT two days in a row. fun.

Actually it wasn’t that bad. I’m surprisingly just a teensy bit sore. Yesterday I showed up to PT 30 minutes late, oops. I usually go @ 8, and I forgot that when we rescheduled the 8 slot was already taken so I was supposed to be there at 7:30. As soon as I walked in the door I remembered. They are nice people and let me do my PT anyways.. plus a little extra torture for being late Winking smile  

I would never no show on a Dr appointment w/ out proper notice. That makes the practice lose money, and that’s not cool.

I think PT is going well. Kind of hard to tell since I’ve been running w/ the KT Tape. I told the PT I’ll run with out it over the weekend to see how my knee feels, but I lied. I’m not running w/o it until after the 5k on Sunday. To scary.

I’m debating whether or not I’m going to run today. I didn’t run yesterday because I had PT this morning. I’m laying on the couch quite comfy and getting up to go run doesn’t sound appealing at all. Getting sweaty sounds miserable. What has happened to me?

I really should go run right now, but it’s 87*, and it’s 6:30. uhm. But tomorrow morning it will be 67* w/ 90% humidity.. I don’t know which is worse. Or, there is the treadmill in the living room.. definitely not.

I’m seriously coming up with every excuse in the book not to run:

We are going to the sponge docks tomorrow and we will be walking around a lot. I don’t want to be to tired for the 5k on Sunday.

it’s hot

Chris will be home soon, I need to start dinner

it’s hot

no really, it’s hot.


still debating……………

come back later. I’ll probably still be laying on the couch deciding whether or not I should run.

This makes no sense, why can’t I just go out and run for 28 minutes or so. I only want to do 3 miles.

I get so bored running up and down the same 6 streets. (add that to the above excuse list).




I’m going.


might as well. it might be my last run. y’know, because the end of the world is tomorrow and all.