About Jena

Bahamas (2012)

I’m Jena, a 20-something year old woman born & raised in Florida.

I’ve never been very good at writing an “about me” for my blog. I’ve written, deleted, and re-written this thing more times than I can count. I think the best way you get to know someone is by reading what they have to say.

My very first blog was back in 2005 when Myspace was popular ( I was going to say cool, but i’m not sure myspace was ever really “cool”). I had just moved about 45 minutes away from my family and blogging on myspace was a way that my Mom could keep up with what I’m doing.

Then I started running in 2009 and blogging became a way that I could write about running, and a way for my mom to keep up with me. 🙂

Now blogging is about documenting my journey. My journey through life, whatever that maybe, and wherever it might take us.


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