beach day fail

Happy Saturday, Friends !!

I woke up early this morning so that I could head down to Clearwater beach for a beach day with my BFF.. The good news, I got to see my Bestie for a little while; the bad news, it rained. What the heck. I swear I checked the radar before I left the house and it showed scattered storms North of CLW.. What I didn’t check was the wind.. We got sandblasted during the 10 minutes we were on the beach.

We ended up just hanging around and eating lunch, then headed back home. mega bummer.

When I got home… it was sunny. I spent some time relaxing in our kiddie pool. That thing is amazing – that is the best $30 I’ve spent in a long time.

We had grits & eggs for dinner, and now I’m just relaxin’ on the couch while Chris is downstairs working on the never-ending boat project.

I really need to be packing for my trip since we leave on Wednesday, but I’ll probably procrastinate until tomorrow.. although, I probably should wash some clothes.

Wyatt would like it if you came over and took him outside to play.
poor dog,


I take relaxing very seriously

I woke up this morning at 4:45 thinking it was Monday; I woke Chris up and asked him if he had submitted his times to his boss “yesterday” because his boss is going on vacay and needed them a day early. I also asked him where he was working “today.” 

I don’t know how he managed a coherent response, but he said, “I’ll do it in the morning.” “It’s Sunday.”

Me, “It is?”

Chris, “isn’t it?”

Me, “Oh.. yeah. okay”   zZZzzzzZZZzzzz

Man. Glad it was only Sunday.

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend ALL month. This month has been a total blur, and every weekend has been filled with event after event after event.

June 1 – 2 : My BFF from HS moved back to town & my cousin had his graduation party, so I spent the entire weekend in Clermont

June 8-9 : My nephew turned 5; spent the entire weekend in Clermont

June 15-16: My sister & fam came over on Saturday. We went shopping then out to dinner w/ my Dad for Father’s Day. Sunday we headed to Lakeland to spend Father’s day with Chris’ dad. We got home WAY TO LATE for my old/pregnant ass.

THIS WEEKEND:  NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I’ve left the house three times. Went to get Chris a drink @ the store, went out to dinner & went to Target.

June 28-30 : Next Friday night Jenny & I are going to the Ke$ha & Pitbull concert in Tampa (this should be interesting).  On Saturday, Chris & I are planning on going Kayaking & on Sunday we are headed home to Polk county to celebrate a cousin’s baby shower.. (me, not Chris, but he is driving me).

The following week(end) I leave for NC with my sister & her kids. I think we are half crazy for driving 11 hrs with a 5yo & 9yo , but we’ll see.

The weekend in pictures:


1. I know it’s silly, but this little kid pool is a lifesaver on hot day!!
2. Diva is done. She says it’s toooo hot to play outside
3. We got cable this weekend so my ass has been parked on the couch
4. more proof of the ass parked-ness
5. Having some coffee on Saturday morning while Chris works on the boat.


Pregnancy related things:

— I’m 12 weeks as of yesterday; so almost to the 2nd tri
— As of now, all my regular shorts & jeans are uncomfortably tight.
— I ordered some maternity clothes from Gap & Motherhood Maternity.. Hopefully the shorts will get me through the rest of the summer.
— the nausea is gone. thank goodness.
— holding steady at my 3-4lb weight gain
— next appt on July 1.
— told Chris if it’s a boy I want to name him Beau Ceephus H … JUST KIDDING.. I mean, I did tell him that, but I wasn’t serious. Good thing because he shut that down real quick.
— We already have boy/girl names picked out.


I think that enough babble for one day; Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine.

The real truth about what’s going on around here.

Apparently LiveWriter does not want me to preview my posts before i publish them; both times i’ve done this it’s resulted in a lost post.  So, I’m going to attempt this post, again, and hope that we make it into publishing.

I suppose I have kind of been ignoring my blog; not because I don’t like it anymore, but because I’m not doing anything and not doing anything leaves me with nothing to write. I’m not working out, and I do have a reason for that, and I’ll tell you why (even though it’s not even a really good reason).

WE ARE PREGNANT.. and by WE I mean ME..  I can’t decide if it annoys me when I say “we are pregnant” because technically, i’m the only one getting fatter in this equation, but it’s Chris’ kid, and he’s suffering (bc if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy)EDITED TO ADD: I AM HAPPY WE ARE PREGNANT, BUT IT’S NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES. and there is nothing happy about getting fat in the summer in Florida. can I get an amen?  Thank goodness I’m not 9 months, right? Whew. I’d never leave the comfort of my air-conditioned house.

SO, yeah. I’m pregnant, and that has made me the laziest slug in the entire world. I think I’ve gone to the gym approximately ONCE since I found out on April 25th. … i said, laziest slug IN THE WORLD.

We found out at about 4 weeks on the dot; I wasn’t even late yet, but I was having a major bitch fit and decided I was either pregnant or about to start so I took a test and holy crap it was positive. I chugged some water and took another test, and the lines were faint, but they were there. DON’T WORRY, I HAVE NO INTENTION OF POSTING MY PEE STICKS. Plus they are on my iPhone that died.. 

Chris was out of town so I facetimed him and showed him the test, and he said, “What does that mean?” 

We were both pretty surprised – We were trying, so it wasn’t THAT big of a surprise, but man, I really expected it to take longer. AND let me just say, that I know we are SO BLESSED to have it happen quickly – I know there are many couples who struggle. 

I truly thought there was NO WAY it would happen right away because my cycles have been out of control since I quit taking birth control in November. That was TMI, right? Sorry. I’ll try to avoid to much TMI from now on.

Chris made me buy a digital test because he didn’t trust those lines.. so i went to wal-mart at 11pm to buy a digital and took it the next morning.. yep, still pregnant.

We were lucky to be able to have our first appointment when I was just 6 weeks; I know many places wait until 10-12 weeks.. that is just torture! The Dr. did an ultrasound, and while we couldn’t see a baby, we could see the sac, so that was kind of neat.

Our second appointment was on June 3rd, and at that time I was 9wks/2days; For whatever reason my OB isn’t contracted with my insurance to do regular ultrasounds, so we had to go somewhere else to get a “Dating” ultrasound done. My OB has a little hand held u/s machine so he uses that to show us the baby, then I guess for regular/more detailed scans we will have to go somewhere else.. that’s annoying, but i guess it’s okay since it’s helping my deductible to get met. (insurance talk, blech).

I’m currently 10wk/6days, and my estimated due date is January 5th, 2014 !! Crazy crazy crazy!

I had morning all day sickness from about 6.5 weeks to 9 weeks; the last 2 weeks have been significantly better. The week after we found out I ate pickles like it was my job. SO weird. I like pickles, but I’ve never wanted to eat pickles so bad in my life. Then I went through a ginger snap cookie & chicken nugget phase. I’m finally able to eat fruits & veggies again. It’s a miracle I didn’t gain more than 4lbs in the first few weeks.

don’t judge my crocs; i wear them around the house. /// regular jeans (which i had unbuttoned all day) & a maternity shirt

I think the hardest thing has been the changes in my body so far; I definitely notice I’m getting thicker, and that is hard. Pretty much none of my clothes are comfortable. Hallelujah for scrubs! I have a few pairs of maternity pants, and a few shirts, but I’m trying hard not to wear those yet. I know it’s silly, but whatever.

I’ve done pretty good at avoiding the scale. I’ve gained between 3-4lbs depending on the day; from what I’ve read, 5lbs is normal for the first trimester; so I’m okay with that.

I suppose this is as good of time as any to be pregnant; My sister is 16ish weeks, and one of my good friends is 13ish weeks, so we can all commiserate & celebrate together. Both of them found out what they are having so now I’m SUPER anxious to find out what we are having… It’s going to be a long 8 weeks.

So. I think that’s about it. that’s what’s going on around here. I’m just busy growing a little baby.


Enough about me, what about you. What’s new?