100 down, 900 more to go


I think January was a pretty successful month.

  • I was support crew for a Ragnar Van from Miami to Key West! I ran 16 miles as a pacer, and didn’t die.
  • IMG_1686
  • IMG_1682
  • Got to see my very bestest friend in Key West (which I never blogged about. what a loser).
  • videos-1
  • St. Pete Beach Classic 10k, set a PR. Placed 5th in my AG
  • One week later ran the Clearwater Halfathon and had a blast with Jenny!

I’m sure some other stuff happened, but those are the most notable for the month of January.

I don’t think I put this on the blog, but I set a goal of 1000 mile for the year. That comes out to 83.XXX miles a month – or something like that. 

On Saturday, after I logged my last long run into RunningAhead.com I realized that I only needed 6 miles to hit 100 miles for January! That’s a great way to start off the year. 6 miles is really not that much, so Monday after work I hit the treadmill for 2 miles – I was having some hip tightness and I really didn’t want to run at all ,but I figured an easy 2 miles would be good, and then I could stretch until my little IT band was all stretched out.

That left me with 4 miles for today (Tuesday). I wanted to run outside, but as luck would have it, I ran into some trouble when I went to go vote… It’s no wonder that Florida has so many issues every 4 years when the Presidential election rolls around.

The avg age of the poll workers at my precinct were 105, and then when we encountered an error it took 20 minutes to call someone and get it fixed.

No wonder Obama won.

moving on:

by time I got out of the voting place it was to late to get my miles in before dark so me & my kindle fire had a hot date with the treadmill. I banged out 4 miles and called it done.

4 miles, 34:04, 8:31/avg.

I finished January out with 100.9 miles.



How was your January? Did you meet your monthly goals?
Anything fun happen?


I’m not patient, and that’s the problem

It’s a fact that 97% of the time, I am miserable with the way my body looks. This is a judge free zone right now, okay?

I WANT to make changes to my body.

I do.

The problem is:

I’m impatient

I like instant results. Waking up early and doing a 20 minute work out doesn’t give me instant results. It will over time, but I don’t want to wait.

I like a good sweat, but when I look in the mirror and I see the same love handles day in & day out, I get discouraged.

I just get discouraged.

4 weeks…

28 days…….

672 hours…….

before I notice a change.

oh man. that’s a long time


I’ll give it a go.

This morning I got up, packed Chris’ lunch (YAY he’s home!), threw some running clothes on and headed out the door for a warm up before I could convince myself this was a stupid idea.

I didn’t wear my Garmin, and I couldn’t find the running app on my phone so I just started the timer to time how long my run was.

run: 5:49

10 pushups
1 min plank
20 bicycle crunches
30 bicep curls (5lb)
50 jumping jacks
1 min plank
10 tricep extensions
10 pushups


I forgot to time the first circuit – the 2nd circuit was 7:43

My Thoughts: I am disgustingly weak. No, really, I am. I couldn’t even do 10 push ups. I used to be able to do 25. So, that was a slap in the face. There were a total of 4 one minute planks. I couldn’t hold all of those either.

That’s my starting point. That’s where I’m at. Isn’t it crazy that I can run 16 miles when asked, but can’t do 10 push ups. It would be nice if running was a full body work out.


I am not a big fan of tracking food. I think that it could lead to some craziness on my part – however, I realize that my eating habits are not the best, and that by tracking what I’m eating I can/will become more accountable.

I’ve actually been tracking for about 2 weeks now. I don’t usually count calories, I just write everything down so that I can help myself be accountable for what I’m eating.

I plugged my breakfast into MyPlate on Livestrong so that I could get your opinions on it:

That’s my breakfast, plus the cup of coffee I’m drinking right now, which is just folgers plain coffee with 1 truvia and a splash of 2% milk. (nothing fancy).

I’ve been eating oatmeal for at least a year, probably longer. Sometimes I eat it plain, sometimes I jazz it up. The problem is, I’m usually hungry by time I get to work. This morning should be okay since I ate breakfast later, but when I wake up at 5:45, eat breakfast right away, I’m hungry by time I get to work at 9. Which, I guess make sense since it’s 3 hours later?

If my daily calories are supposed to be 1600, is that breakfast to big? to small? What would you do differently?

I’m serious guys, I’m sick of feeling miserable.

who cares

Another weekend, another long run in the books.

This weekend I finally got to return to Starkey Park to long run with the group! I haven’t been able to run w/ them since New Year’s Eve!!

Quite a few people in the group are training for the St.Pete Rock ‘n Roll which is coming up on February 12th. This weekend was our last training long run so someone decided we should do 13 miles. 

sure, why not? 

if you find yourself wondering, “Can I run a half-marathon two weekends in a row?” The answer is yes. Yes you can.

I enjoyed pretty much every step of this 13 mile run. Running with friends will make a run 1,000x more enjoyable. I’m pretty sure that’s a scientific statement right there. I ran w/ Jackie, JM, Josh & Clive – Those 4 will make any 13 mile run fun. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard, or been so embarrassed during a long run.

A “cold” front came through our area on Friday, and that made for a very pleasant run on Saturday. It was colder than I was anticipating, which left my hands feeling like popsicles, and my face feeling frozen – I tried to refrain from complaining to much because I’d rather be freezing than boiling.

I left my watch running during every water stop so the time is actually not our running time, but the total time from when we started until we returned back to the parking lot.

I just realized that garmin tracks the actual time, and then moving time. good to know. According to Garmin our running time was 1:49:46 (which is 21 seconds more than my half PR) and our avg pace was 8:26.


RnR is on Feb 12th.

I’m not going to worry about it until Feb 12th.

I’m in corral 2.

that’s good.

I will not stress about this race.

all by myseeellllffff

It was disgustingly hot today! What is up with this ridiculously hot weather lately? I want cold temperature, like the 30’s or 40’s! I want a reason to wear my jackets, and sweatshirts! I don’t want to crank my air down to 70 just to wear a sweatshirt!

It’s supposed to rain tonight & tomorrow & that should bring us some colder weather; just in time for my long run this weekend. I’m not quite sure how far I want to go this weekend. My next half is on Feb 12th, so that’s 2 training weekends away… I’m thinking 13 this weekend? (even though I ran a half last weekend?…I don’t know). I could do 5 this weekend and be fine @ the half in 3 weeks. At this point I’m just maintaining, not building up mileage.

whatever.anyways.moving on.

After work today I had to go to the pet store and blow 50 bucks on dog food. WHY does Blue Buffalo cost so much? $50 for a 30lb bag. damn dogs. /wah

moving on to something you might actually care about – probably not, but maybe:

I decided earlier this week that I wanted to get in at least two 5 mile runs and then a long run. I usually rest on Fridays before my long run on Saturday, so that meant that today would be a 5 mile day. I really wasn’t feeling it, I would have been much happier sitting on the couch, but I forced myself out the door.

I pretty much whined (in my head) for the entire run. It sucked. It was hot, I couldn’t catch my breath, my freakin’ right knee hurt, my right groin hurt, my quads hurt..nothing felt right. I just felt off. Ugh. Walking 5 miles would have been more fun than that run.


glad that’s over.


Check yes or no: going to the bar by yourself?

Lame? Thumbs up or Thumbs down

I decided last week that it was okay to go to the bar by myself. I hate sitting at home every single night by myself doing nothing but watching netflix & reading blogs. It’s boring. It gets old, and we are on week # 9…. it’s a good thing I didn’t think of this earlier, otherwise I’d have a pretty awesome wine gut going on.

So we have this really neat little bar/café thing by our house. I won’t tell you the name bc then some freaks might be trying to google it or something… Chris & I have been there a few times to have drinks and just hang out, and it’s nice. I love local hole in the wall places. It’s not somewhere that would really attract the snowbirds, or tourists – it’s a place where locals can go to just chill out. love . The last few times we’ve been there I’ve gotten a glass (or two) of sangria (sadly they don’t have a liquor license, and I’m not a beer drinker) so I was thinkin’ it would be nice to go to the bar and have a glass of sangria & just relax.

After my run, I ate some dinner, took a shower, and then headed over to the spot…. only to find out that they were OUT of sangria….. so sad. so so sad. The bartender suggested some Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz, I said yes, and it was love at first sip. Yum. It was so fruity, and sweet, and just…delicious. don’t judge me, but I had 3 glasses. The owner gave me one on the house since I stuck around even though they didn’t have the sangria that I came in for …

I’ve never been one to venture out by myself. In the past, I would rather just stay home and sulk than go to a bar by myself. Maybe I’m growing up, or I’m just sick of sitting at home by myself, but I had a good time tonight, and I’m glad that I ventured outside my comfort zone.

I’ll be back to that little bar…probably this weekend, and I hope they have my sangria waiting for me!

Do you ever go to the bar by yourself? Is it better to drink alone at home? or drink alone at a bar?

At least at the bar I’m not the only one drinking, right?

so, is that good?

Every week I get an e-mail from the running group recapping the weeks events, and every week there is talk about how my running friends are getting faster because they attend speed workouts on Tuesday & Thursdays.

I don’t attend speed workouts (they are an 1hr drive away) & I don’t do speed workouts on my own..and every week I worry that they are going to leave me in their dust, and I’ll be left to do long runs by myself, and I definitely don’t want to do that. So Tuesday night I got the e-mail, and once again there was talk about how speedy my friends are getting! Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic for them! But I don’t want to get left behind!

I decided I have to suck it up (buttercup) and do some speed stuff. Up until this point I’ve magically gotten faster without any sort of real speed stuff, but I think I’ll tap out eventually and then I’ll just be stuck, and I don’t want to be stuck. So just like with anything else, I’m taking the first step to improving my pace.

Since I’m basically clueless when it comes to the way things should be done I went to McMillan for some help. I plugged in my most recent 10k time, 48:40, and McMillan spit out some numbers. image

So. I really don’t know how to read this thing. What is the different between a sprint workout & a speed workout? I feel like I’m sprinting when I’m running a 7:30pace! That’s not sprinting?

I’m interpreting the chart to say that I should be running my 400’s between 1:42 – 1:48 … correct?

Well that didn’t happen.


So since I don’t actually know what I’m doing; I’m quite happy with these results. This was my very first interval workout outside. I’ve done one on the treadmill, and that is the extent of my interval workouts. Hi, I’m lazy.

I felt pretty good during the fast intervals. My breathing was a little wonky, but nothing I couldn’t tolerate. I could feel myself getting tired towards the end, but it was a “I should feel tired, I’m running hard” kind of tired. Not a, “you are such a wuss” kind of tired. I felt like I was working for that pace.

I do think that I should have made my recovery intervals slower. They got slower the further into the run I got, but I think I was dumb to do the recovery intervals at anything under 9, right? I don’t know. ugh. — I started realizing that I could recover better if I actually slowed down enough to catch my breath. what a concept.

Dare I say that this was a fun workout? It was weird counting down by 1/4 miles, but the miles did click off really quickly. 400’s might be fun, but I doubt 800’s are fun. 1/4 mile goes by really quickly, but a 1/2 mile? Hm. Maybe once I get more comfortable with the 400’s I can graduate to the 800’s?

Advice on speed workouts? What is the benefit of a 400 vs 800? or is an 800 better than a 400?

This is all so confusing.

Clearwater Halfathon (#5)

Can someone please explain to me WHY it was so blasted hot today? Doesn’t mother nature know I had a half-marathon to run today? I checked the weather last night & discovered that it would be about 60 with 99% humidity at race time. uh. yay?

I dressed appropriately in shorts & a tank top…on January 22nd…. it just doesn’t seem right, even for Florida. Last year at this race, it was freezing. Literally, freezing.

Last year the Strider’s volunteering at water stop 4, 6 & 9.

This year at the same water stop. a little bit of a difference in apparel.

Back to the race:: I met up with Jenny around 6am – after I got scammed into paying $5 for parking (what the heck?) I had planned ahead of time where I wanted to park, I’ve parked in this same lot for two other events and never had to pay. This morning I saw a sign outside the lot that had a 5 on it.. I thought it meant Lot 5 .. there was no $$ sign. Had there been I wouldn’t have turned in there. Oh well. Lesson learned. Don’t park in that lot. I was just trying to avoid the crowd that would be parked down in Coachman park.

Anyhow, I met up with Jenny, and we hung around the start until it was our time to head over to the start line.

When we decided to do this half-marathon we decided that it would be a no-pressure race for us. This was half-marathon number 5 for me (since October) & 4 for Jenny (plus she ran a marathon in October). We decided we would just enjoy the race, and not take it to seriously. Plus, there were 2 massive bridges that we had to go over, then back over again, so it wasn’t going to be a PR course no matter what.

I brought my camera with me to take some picture since we weren’t to worried about our time. Uhm, it’s quite hard to take a non-blurry picture while running. Honestly I have no idea how all these other bloggers do it? Don’t worry, I don’t plan on making this a habit – I just thought it would be fun today.

The gun went off, and we were tackling our first hill out of Coachman park. We didn’t really pay attention to where we were standing in relation to the starting line so we got trapped behind some slower runners. We bobbed & weaved for a minute and then we were clear and able to run our own pace. Two turns later and we were tackling our first causeway, the Memorial Causeway. If you’ve been to Clearwater, this is the main causeway that goes from Downtown Clearwater into Clearwater beach. It’s a beast.

blurry picture # 1. you’re welcome.

the views really are awesome from the top of the bridge.

From Memorial Causeway we shot around the round-a-bout onto S. Gulfview Blvd. We hung a right onto Gulf Blvd, and this is where we started to climb the 2nd bridge, the Sand Key Park bridge! This bridge is a beast. It’s a pretty gnarly incline for about 1/4 mile. Then, it’s a ridiculous down hill for a 1/4 mile. down hills are not my friend, neither are up hills.

We zipped on through Sand Key Park, but before we entered the park we saw 58 screaming Suncoast Striders!! It was so much fun to get to run by them and grab a water from one of my friends. It’s hilarious to have your own cheering section! That must be what celebrities feel like; people screaming your name!? Fun times!

hmmm, yes, that is Mike in the cheerleading outfit! I didn’t even notice he was in a skirt until I saw the pictures.

right after this water stop we turned right into Sand Key Park. I LOVE Sand Key Park, # 1 we got married there, # 2, it’s just beautiful. I had to make a bathroom stop in Sand Key. I knew at the start line that I was going to have to stop, but the gun was about 2 minutes from going off, and there was still a pretty good line at the port-o-potties, so I decided waiting would have to happen, and I’d hit up a bathroom the first chance I got..which was 4 miles later.  (there were other bathrooms before this point, but I didn’t want to run off course to get to them).

Jenny kept running, so when I came out of the bathroom I made a mad dash to catch up with her. I’m sure I looked like a total idiot passing all sorts of people trying to catch up to her.

As we exited Sand Key Park there were our trusty cheerleaders again!

and were off again, take a right out of Sand Key Park and down Gulf Blvd a few miles then a turn around and it’s back to see our friends at mile 9..and then… we hit that darn Sand Key Park causeway again. We stayed strong and ran all the way up that baby!


I asked Jenny if she wanted to do burpees at the top (They are her fave.heh) but she declined, so we flew down the other side of the bridge, and we were on our way towards the finish line.

It’s not your eyes, it’s the camera.

At this point it started to get really hot. There is pretty much no shade on the entire course, but what can ya do besides hope for some cloud cover..which we did not have.

I was feeling great and we were keeping a relatively easy pace (for me). I was definitely enjoying the run – I really needed this easy paced, no stress or expectations race. I know that I’m the only one that puts pressure on myself, but I still needed this race to just chill out and remember why I like long(er) distance running.


We had one final bridge to tackle – We had to run back up the Memorial Causeway and back into Coachman park. I knew that this bridge was going to be a bear, so I put it in a low gear and trucked on up that bridge. Jenny was not having such a fun time on that bridge, but she stuck with it and got it done.

Then we looped down the helix thing that takes you off the bridge and it was just a short jaunt to the finish line. Hallelujah! I needed some water and some shade!

We crossed the finish line in 2:01:56
Female: 96/237



Race Review: Awesome! I’m a huge fan of Chris’ races! This was my 5th race, and I’ll continue to go back for more fun in the sun, and awesome Starfish medals! I don’t know how Chris manages to have put on such a fabulous race, but he does!

I follow Chris on FB and over the last few days he’s been doing facebook updates while he has been getting things ready for the race. Man, that guy is busy! It was a lot of fun to follow along as the Race Director gets ready for the big day!  I’m really looking forward to the March Race, Florida Beach Halfathon; I plan to try for a PR there! 1:49:1X or bust! Winking smile 



I need a nap. Is 5:30 to early to go bed? to late to take a nap?

lookin’ back

Should I apologize for the last post? It was kind of ranty. Sorry if you were kind of thrown off by the ranty-ness of it.I try to keep things light around here, but some days my patience are just pushed until I freak out.

so moving on:

I’m feeling kind of sappy: Our 3 year anniversary is coming up on Feb 7th (so is Lisa’s) and I’ve been looking at pictures. I was thinking about making a picture book on shutterfly for our anniversary. I wanted to include some older pictures so I’ve been reminiscing for hours. fun times.

Oh LOOK! My natural hair color!

That picture has nothing to do with Chris, but it makes me laugh. I think I’m a senior here (2003). I was at a work Christmas party, I work for a hard ware store… I can totally get away with the wranglers jeans, wrangler jean jacket, and nextel two-way. don’t be hatin’ on my fashion!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Bahamas 2006 (I think)

Cocoa beach, maybe? Maybe Sebastian. Can’t be sure

Camping in Sebastian inlet. Chris shaved off his beard. I made him promise to never do that again.

look. we are at Sebastian inlet..again – We spent a lot of time in Sebastian. We’d leave laaaaaate Friday or Saturday night, fish all night (or sleep in the car) and then fish for the majority of the day the next day.
We thought about moving to Georgia. We even went up there a few times to look @ houses and jobs.

We stayed @ the JW Marriott for the weekend after we got married.

Englewood @ The Westin

on the beach,We are at Stump Pass. I think this might have been one of the first nights. By the end of the week we were professionals at this sleeping on the beach thing. We knew exactly what we needed.
click the picture to make it larger- in the left hand box it shows the time the picture was taken. 1:32am. I slept in that chair. That light behind me is the Boca Grande lighthouse.
I love fishing.
That’s the Boca Grande lighthouse behind us.

I think that’s a long enough trip down memory lane. One last picture, which was taken on our wedding day. Don’t focus on the guys. Focus on the bridge behind the guys.

We have to run up that beast tomorrow. twice. I’ve done it before and it was just as horrible as it looks.


That was a fun trip down memory lane. Now I need to finish making my playlist for tomorrows half-marathon. It’s going to be a doozy.

That’s your emergency, not mine.

I love my job, I really do, and most of the time I really like my patients. I’ve mentioned before that I will go out of my way more often than not, to accomodate patient requests.
You want me to schedule that appointment for you… sure, i’ll do it.. Want me to pick up that CT scan CD on my way to work… sure, i’ll do that too. Would you like some coffee while you wait for the Dr? No, I don’t have any made, but i’ll make some if you’d like some… but call me on Wednesday, request and appointment for Thursday, and then demand surgery on Friday..

Wait a damn minute, who do you think I am here? Look, I can do all sorts of things, I can make appointments, and schedule surgeries, I can even beg your insurance to give an auth for something, but I can’t clear the OR schedule or the anesthesia teams sschedule so you can get your gallbladder taken out 1.5 days after you called to make an appointment.


maybe I can

I’m good. I’m so damn good I made that happen. Yup. Patient called on Wednesday, got an appointment for Thursday, and I even begged the OR scheduler to schedule the surgery for Friday, bc ill be damned if I’m going to listen to someone cry on the phone bc I couldn’t get their surgery scheduled.


side note: this is an established patient. this would not normally happen. My Dr. is supercalafragalisticexpealladocious THOROUGH –usually there is a work up to be done, blah blah blah..but the patient was recently in the hospital and already had the full workup. I really can’t clear the OR schedule, or the anesthesia teams schedule. this patient just got lucky. …. 

but seriously,


side note number two: I really don’t love myself that much that i just wrote an entire post talking about how awesome I am. this whole event stressed me out. I don’t do people that are all, “ZOMGGGGGGG IM IN SOMUCHPAINICANTEVENFUNCTIONNNNNNNN … PLEASEEEE SCHEDULE ME TODAYYYYYYYY”  They stress me out.  Plus, gallbladder symptoms are so googlable I have a hard time really believe people are in as much pain as they say they are. They know JUST the right things to say. (such a pessimist). “Why yes Dr. it does hurt in my right upper quadrant”   “Oh, and yes, it does radiate towards my back.”  “And y’know, now that you mention it, greasy foods do exacerbate the problem.”  

Thank-you Dr. Google & Wikipedia.

I wrote this to get it out of my system. i actually wanted to cry & laugh simultaneously while this patient was here. they were all up in my face about this,that & the other. I can only do so much. i dont know what the OR schedule is, and no I don’t know how late pre-op sees patients, and i’ve never heard of the Anesthesia team seeing someone after 5. and no, for heavens sake you can’t skip pre-op, what world do you live in?  give me a frickin’ break here.. your lucky i even scheduled your ass to come in today.

clearly i’m not over this.

now, excuse me while I take this xanax with my malibu & pineapple.

so lame. I fartlek’d

You know what can turn an okay day into a bad day?

Opening the door to your house and being smacked in the face by the smell of dog puke. How do I know this, you ask? Because that is what I came home to today. I knew the second I walked in the house that Wyatt got sick sometime during the day. I knew he’d be huddled in the corner of his crate trying to stay away from whatever mess was awaiting me in his crate. 

I let Wyatt out of his crate, and into the back yard then tackled the task of cleaning up his crate. ugh.

Details aren’t necessary, but I needed makeshift gloves to handle the situation. Mini trash bags over my hands held on by hair ties. I’m so crafty. ha

Never give up

After that fiasco I was ready to get my run on.

I decided it was time to bust out my newest pair of Brooks Adrenalines. They’ve been sitting in my closet very patiently since the day after Thanksgiving. My other adrenalines had about 360 miles on them, and I was having some weird hip pain today and I didn’t want wore down shoes to exacerbate the problem.

I don’t know if it was my socks or what, but the ball of my feet were burning. Very weird – I’ve never felt that before.It didn’t effect my run, but it was a weird feeling. I checked the bottom of my feet when I got home and they are fine.

I’m not very good at structured speed work. I don’t like the “800 @ X:XX” then “400 @ X:XX” … it’s good in theory, and it obviously works for a lot of people, but I just don’t do well with that. I think telling myself that I have to go a certain distance at a certain speed is a total turnoff.

I think fartlek’s are my favorite kind of speed workout. Run hard until you don’t feel like it anymore, short break, run hard again until you don’t feel like it. What’s not to love?

I googled fartlek and this is what I found on the CoolRunning website:

A ‘mild’ form of Fartlek can also be of benefit for the ‘average runner’. Here I am thinking of the road runner who normally trains over a variety of distance, at a fairly constant pace, and who may have done no or little specific speed training.

The technique here is to introduce into your normal runs some short periods of slightly higher pace. Maintain these for a short period, say 200-400m (aim for a bend in the road, power pole or some other landmark up ahead). Then drop your pace back below your normal running pace, or slow to a jog, until you have fully recovered and your breathing has returned to normal. Then return to running at your normal pace, and put in another slightly fast interval later in the run. In this way you are putting a slight extra stress on your system which will, in time, lead to an improvement in your speed and in your anaerobic threshold.

You can use this approach to develop more self-awareness, by concentrating on what you are feeling while running at the different paces. How fast a pace can you attain before your regular, easy breathing begins to be laboured? After slowing down, how long before your breathing & other responses return to normal? What happens to your stride length as you increase speed?

That font in the bold red, that’s exactly what I did. I would find a sign and focus on that until I hit that mark, then I’d slow my pace down to get my breathing in check, and pick a new spot ahead of me. During the intervals I was trying to keep my speed between 7:40 – 7:45.

Unfortunately the garmin doesn’t reflect those intervals – I guess I could have hit the lap button every time I started a new interval? would that have worked? anyone?

I actually really really enjoyed this run. I felt really great, and I was happy to be running a faster than normal pace.


Definitely loving that sub 8 4th mile!

What are your favorite speed work outs? Do you like structure, or do you prefer a little freedom?

I obviously prefer freedom..with speed workouts, and training plans (or lack there of). I definitely prefer to make my training plans week to week rather than month to month.

Get a move on it Monday

Here we go again, another day another dollar. If you are fortunate enough to have the day off today, lucky you. I, however, am working today.

My work-out weeks always begin on Mondays – I guess DailyMile decided that for me because they total up miles run from Monday – Sunday. Speaking of Dailymile, I’m currently boycotting the site. I hate the fact that they round up the distance, and the time. It just annoys me. If I ran 5.5 miles, then that’s what I ran, don’t round it up to 6. If I said I ran a 10k in 48:40, then that’s the time I want to be displayed, not 49 minutes. So, you won’t see me using Dailymile anymore – for now I’m using Garminconnect and Runningahead. Neither have the social media aspect that Dailymile has, so that stinks, but they use the correct numbers, and I’m more concerned with that.

Last week was a bit of a recovery week from that crazy 16 mile run I did during the Miami to Key West Ragnar Relay. Thankfully the soreness in my quads had resided it by Wednesday and I was able to get back to pounding the pavement (or treadmill).

Monday was a super long van ride from Key West back to Tampa.
Tuesday was a day of rest because my quads weren’t quite ready to run yet.
Wednesday I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill. It rained the majority of the day and some of the roads were flooded.
Thursday I attempted to run in my Brooks Pure Cadence. My calves felt horrible so I cut the run short at 3 miles.
Friday I went to dinner with my Sister & Cousin, who was in town from Indy.
Saturday I ran in the St. Pete Beach Classic 10k, where I had a great race, ran a 48:40(PR) & placed 4th in my AG.
Sunday I went to Starkey Park and did 10 miles solo.

Total miles for the week: 23.8 miles


I’m excited to get some miles in this week – I know I was sore, and traveling, but I felt like I took to much time off last week(Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday). I’m running the Clearwater Halfathon on Sunday, but since I’m not trying to break any records I’m going to keep my mileage up during the week instead of tapering.

January 16th – 22nd

Monday: rest – My IT bands are feeling a little sore, so I’m planning on stretching/rolling maybe a DVD workout
Tuesday:  5 miles @ 8:20
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy pace (8:45?)
Thursday: Rest, stretch, roll- upper body workout?
Friday: 4 miles @ 8:30
Saturday: rest, stretch, roll
Sunday: race day. 13.1 !

If all goes well, I’ll have a total of 26.1 miles for the week.

Results for the St.Pete Beach Classic are up:

Time: 48:40
AG: 4/40
OA Female: 21/340