kind of like a wedding registry, but not


Breaking (not really) News::


all my bitchin’ about the hot weather paid off, and now we have some cooler weather rollin’ in. (for like 2 days, then it will be hot again)

I’m stoked about this forecast, especially since we are running a 10k this weekend! I’m feeling a little more hopeful about the race.


I ran Thursday after work even though it was the very last thing I wanted to do. I even text my friend whining about how I didn’t want to run. pathetic.

I’ve never really had sore shins like I have right now. I woke up Wednesday with sore shins, and again Thursday, so I was a little apprehensive to run. I’ve never had shin splits so I have no idea what that feels like, or what pre-shin splints feel like, and I don’t want to know.

I decided 3 miles on the treadmill. No shin pain while running, so that’s a relief. Finished in 27:06, 9:02 pace. done.done.done. Friday is a rest day. ..this whole week has been one big rest week. Oh well. it happens.


Thursday after work I headed to Target to pick up a few things. One of my very favorite things to do at Target is browse the book aisles. I love it. I never buy anything but I just love to browse. I don’t remember whose blog I was reading, but they mentioned that iPhone has a Good Reads barcode scanner.. life changing.

I used to take pictures of the books, now I just scan the barcode and it uploads the title to my phone. If that’s not awesome then ….get off my blog Winking smile  Jk. sort of.

But seriously. It would be even better if I could figure out how to upload the list to my actual Goodreads account.  {be my Good Reads friend, please!}

When I scan a book my phone makes this delightful beeping noise, kind of like when you registered for weddings gifts. Good times!


Now I just have to go on my library’s website and see if they have any of those books.


Do you have a Good Reads account? I added a widget over there on the right side menu. Add me!!


a few things

1. I ran on Wednesday, and it wasn’t pretty. – 6 miles, 56:24

2. my shins hurt. like really hurt. not when I run, but right now just sitting on the couch.

3. I have a 10k on Saturday so it would be really swell if my shins stopped hurting in the near future. now would be fine.

4. I finally finished Keeping Faith, by Jodi Piccoult. …. Here’s my review: what a weird book, I was utterly confused by the ending. I even googled the book to see if there was some insight on the ending floating around on the interwebz. There is. I’m still confused.

Anyone else read this crazy book? What were your thoughts on the ending?

5. My friend is coming over this weekend. I’m probably as equally as excited as a kid going to disney for the first time. I haven’t seen her since April when we went camping in Boca Grande.


6. Above mentioned friend is the reason I run

7. I’m the reason she races

8. Reebok is paying 25mil bc their toning shoes don’t work. 

“We stand behind our EasyTone technology – the first shoe in the toning category that was inspired by balance-ball training. Settling does not mean we agree with the FTC’s allegations; we do not. We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone customers, and we remain committed to the further development of our EasyTone line of products. Our customers are our number one priority, and we will continue to deliver products that they trust and love.” 

Yah. sure.

and with that tidbit of fun I gotta go get ready for work. I think I’m going to stop by walgreens and grab some old lady compression socks. I can’t be playing with this shin pain.

accepting defeat

This week is really beating me up.

Monday I didn’t run. I starting feel nauseous around 2 or 3 and it lasted for several hours. My legs were also really tight; just walking was painful.

I ran 1/2mi on the treadmill to warm my muscles up so I could stretch them out. I have one of those elastic resistance bands and when I went to physical therapy they showed me some good ways to stretch using the band.

Not me. found picture here

found here

The hip stretch is my favorite. Oh man, it hurts so good!

I also did a little work with my foam roller. I really hate that thing. I can’t make myself stay on it very long.

found here

kill me now.

This site, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has a lot of good stretches & exercises to keep our hips & knees limber & strong. I’ve added it to my favorites, as a point of reference for some good stretches.

Tuesday’s attempt at running just as pathetic as Monday. I hemmed & hawed about this run. I didn’t want to do it, but I was feeling fat & lazy. I felt like I needed to do it. But want was overpowering need in a big way.

Finally after I made dinner I put my running clothes on & headed out, the temperature was a cool 90 degrees. I made it about 200 yards before I started walking. That pretty much set the tone for my “run.”

I don’t want to complain. There is nothing I can do to change it, so complaining really doesn’t do any good, but oh my gosh, I am SO SICK of this heat. All I want to do is run and be able to breath. Is that to much to ask. GOSH! If I wasn’t in the middle, or near the end of training for 2 half-marathons I’d quit running until it cools down. (probably not, but I seriously considered during Tuesday’s pathetic attempt of a run).

I made it 1.66 miles before I quit and went inside. I stretched some more then ate dinner. Not exactly stellar.

So, I’m moving on and I’ll try again another day.


Chris told me Saturday night as we were getting in bed that he set the alarm for 6am so we (translate you) can get up and clean the kitchen.



He said, “I don’t feel like cleaning the kitchen tonight so we (I mean you)can get up early to clean it.”

He’s crazy. I asked him what we were going to do at 6:05 when it was clean? We ate out last night so there were no dishes to clean. There was like 4 cups in the sink, 1 plate, 1 pan from the biscuits I made and a knife.

Really? We have to get up at 6am for this. He’s crazy.

He was kidding, but I really thought he was serious.


He wanted to get up early so that we could go to the shooting range and shoot his .357 double-action revolver.  To say I was anxious about this is an understatement. I’ve been to the shooting range once, a few years ago. But, I didn’t shoot. I just watched. I was way to nervous to actually shoot back then.

Chris was adamant that I need to learn how to shoot his gun for a “just in case” situation.

There is a gun range that is open to the public on the weekends so we headed over there this morning to get some shooting in.

I was nervous.


All these pictures are going to be crap. I forgot the SD card for my camera, so we had to resort to my iPhone for pictures. yay iPhone.


Chris set up our targets. I made him shoot first. I needed to watch him. I needed to see how much recoil was going to happen. I knew it would be slightly different for me since he is stronger, but watching him first made me feel a teeny bit more comfortable.

When it was my turn I was shaking like a leaf. Chris said he could tell how nervous I was. The gun was bouncing all over the place.

It’s pretty difficult to aim at that stupid little target, with one eye closed, while your heart is racing 300 beats per minute (bpm) !!

Finally, I cocked the hammer, aimed, and pulled the trigger. bang.

phew. I survived. — It was really that dramatic, y’all.


I need to work on that stance.


The first round (6 shots) was pretty tense. After that I felt more comfortable. I shot about 13 rounds. By the last round my arms were tired, and my eyes were starting to cross.



Top target is my 1st one, bottom target is the last one. I shot a few rounds through it.

When we were done shooting I suggested riding up to Ocala to Gander Mountain to check out the gun selection there. I didn’t have to do much convincing, Chris was right on board with this plan.

Gander Mountain was pretty crowded, and we didn’t end up getting to hold any of the guns, but I looked at a few that would be a good fit for me.

When we were done browsing the guns we browsed the clothes. Chris was a good sport and followed me around while I fawned over all the clothes that I wish I could have.




pink carhartt? yes please

I prefer Bass Pro Shop over Gander Mountain for sportsman needs (Fishing/guns) but Gander Mountain takes the gold medal for women’s clothes.

I hope to see the pink carhartt jacket under the Christmas tree!


I’m off to balance our check book, and make up my training plan for the week.

No cold water? That’s a problem


Happy Saturday!

Dare I say that I am starting to enjoy getting up early on Saturday’s to get my long run done? That is weird. I hate getting up early.

I almost didn’t get up on time. Chris set the alarm for 4:30am. (He thought he was going to get up early and go to work.) ….. uhm….. he doesn’t get up early. He can barely get up on time.

anyways. the alarm went off at 4:30, he snoozed it and the next thing I know I’m waking up at 5:30 to the alarm. Our alarm only snoozes for 9 minutes, so I (we) slept through the alarm going for quite a while.

found here

I jumped out of bed and started racing around the house to get things ready to go. I pack Chris’ lunch (aww, I know, I’m such a good wife) – gathered up my junk & I was out the door by 5:49.

I’m sure you are dying to know what the weather was like this morning. Let me tell you, it was humid with a side of nasty. The thermometer in my car said 78, and when I checked on my phone it said 90% humidity. I seriously can’t wait for cooler weather.

We hit the trail @ 6:45 – I ran with (and by with I mean behind) Jackie B, Tanya, David, Christina, Marcia (for a little bit), Chris #2(I think), and probably some other people.

I don’t know what went on this week, but my miles were tough, and today was no different. But, I’m not going to complain. I am happy with my pace. But that pace wasn’t easy to come by, that’s for darn sure.


There it is.

Oh, and my knee started hurting in mile 7 and it was pretty tight through mile 10.

Today after our run, Jackie, Tanya & I were strategizing about our upcoming 10k. It’s next weekend and I’m a little apprehensive about it. I’m not sure what a reasonable time goal would be.

I think I’m going with the goal of anything 52:00 & under.

Hopefully that’s not to unrealistic 52:00 is an 8:22 pace. We’ll see.

On my way home from Starkey I stopped @ Dunkin Donuts for my post-run iced caramel latte lite, and the veggie flatbread. Then I went across the street to Kohls. I generally do not like Kohls, but my boss gave me this $10 coupon thing he got in the mail so I thought I would check there for a water bottle.

I saw some cute clothes I wanted to try on, but I’m pretty sure that Kohls would not appreciate my sweaty ass trying on clothes. I can’t even believe I actually went in there. But, there is no kohls close to my house, and this one was on the way home, and the coupon expired today.

I didn’t find a water bottle. boo


When I finally made it back to H-beach I stopped at the store and bought 2 bags of ice so I could take an ice bath. I’m not really sure if it’s even worth it that long after a run?

I don’t know what the deal is with our water, but it does not get super cold. The ice melts before I can even get in the tub. This time I dumped the ice box from our freezer into the water first hoping to cool it down some so that when I dumped in the two bags of ice they wouldn’t melt as fast.

Didn’t work. The bags were melted with in a few minutes of getting in the ice was melted completely. It just wasn’t that cold. I know this sounds like a totally stupid problem, and it kind of is, but I wanted to take a cold ice bath. Not a kind of cold ice bath. Honestly, it really wasn’t all that cold.


It looks cold, but it wasn’t bad. And, yes, I’m wearing two different colored socks. At 5:30am I can’t be bothered to find socks that are the same color, ha. No, but really, I had to be out of the house by 5:45 so I couldn’t waste much time looking for matching socks. who cares anyways.

Chris explained to me why we don’t have really cold water. Something to do with the fact that our pipes are downstairs in the garage. It’s hot in the garage so the pipes got hot, and that makes the water warm. It sounds logical to me, I guess. –

Next time I’ll just buy more bags of ice.

Florida, summer called, it said it’s ready for a vacay

…..and quite frankly, I’m ready for summer to get the heck out of here. C’mon already with this 96* heat at 7pm. It was so hot yesterday I swear my brain was melting and leaking out my ear.


So yesterday I ran 5 .5 miles. 5 was the plan, but then I thought, “ooo, i’ll be a real bad ass and run 6.” and then, the sidewalk ran out, and I already ran down one road with a dead end and couldn’t get enough mileage out to end up with a full 6 on the way back. What a stupid problem to have.

I set my garmin to the clock face so that I couldn’t see my pace. My pace has really been a pain in my side this week, and last week, and the week before that so to save myself the agony of seeing my slow pace I just focused on my music and ignored my pace. It felt good to not agonize over my pace.


I didn’t run today. I started feeling like crap around 3pm. Like, nauseous, belly hurt, please let me throw-up so I’ll feel better kind of crappy. I’ve felt like that the last 3 days at some point during the day.

and no, Mom, I’m not pregnant.

I came home, ate some bread, drank gingerale, and laid on the couch.


I feel better, but I can’t help but wonder what the culprit is for this nausea. — I started birth control on Tuesday, and that’s pretty much when this started, so I’m wondering if they are related.

IT doesn’t make much sense, I take the BC in the morning, and the nausea starts at night. Today it came on earlier than it has the last 2-3 nights.

BTW, the new BC…it’s on that recall list. cool. I just picked this pack up about 3 weeks ago so I think I’m safe, but I’m going to call the company..and …uh, use other protection until I find out what I’m supposed to do, if anything.

Oh, one thing before I end this pathetic post: Go enter Lisa’s giveaway, and then, name the new baby calf!


The good news: It’s Tuesday. or Wednesday
The bad news: It’s only Tuesday or Wednesday

The Good news: Lisa is having a giveaway to celebrate her one year blogiversary
The bad news: If you enter I have less of a chance of winning!  (just kidding.sortof.. no i’m kidding, go ENTER!)

The good news: I planned out my miles for the week
The bad news:  I already messed it up by not running on Monday

I know I can’t be the only runner who sometimes doesn’t want to run, and then doesn’t just because they don’t want to.

I really don’t have a legitimate excuse as to why I couldn’t run yesterday. I could have. But I didn’t want to. I had planned on running 6 miles, and then 6 miles just sounded not fun.

I thought about cross-training, but that didn’t sound fun either – plus, I ate a whole bunch of candy corn on my way home from work and my belly hurt. I’m stupid, but those candy corn were pretty tasty.

Today when I got home I laid on the couch and read a book. I love reading and for the last year or so I’ve really neglected reading actual books. My time has been taken up by reading blogs, and writing my own blog.

I love all things blogs, but sometimes I need a break and like to submerge myself in some fictional characters. – This book isn’t quite the book I was looking for, but it will do. I’ll write a short review when I’m done reading it.

When I couldn’t wait any longer I changed into my running clothes and headed out the door. It’s still like a million degrees here so I have to wait until I think it might have cooled down a little.

“Cooled down” mean it was 90 degrees instead of 95. awesometastic. I wore my new shoes today. Did I show you my new shoes? I forget.


There ya go.

I ran 3 miles, 27:10, 9:02avg of pure suck. I felt like I was running with two cinder blocks tied to my legs. It was brutal. I stopped to stretch at 1/2mi, 1.5mi, 2mi, and I walked for a few seconds about 3/4mi from the house. I can think of multiple adjectives to describe today’s run, none of them are nice.

Running schedule for the rest of the week:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3
Wednesday – 5
Thursday – 4
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10
Sunday –Rest
total miles – 22


Can we talk about Biggest Loser 12? I only have one thing to say.


okay. two things:

I miss Jillian.

nowhere in sight

Sunday’s are glorious.

single tree channel

Sleeping in is rad, and so are cheese omelets.

I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you that there was no running of any kind completed today.

Sunday’s are for relaxing – not torture.

Sunday’s in September are for bikinis, not sweatshirts

jena boat sept


What? You’ve never seen a big shrimp on top of a boat?
That’s to bad.

Sunday’s are for dreaming:

dream house homosassa1

about houses you’d love to live in

homosassa dream house 2

Sunday’s are for exploring uncharted territory

I just like the name of the boat


Sunday’s are for prioritizing:


Clearly Dish satellite is a priority when you live on a house boat.duh.

and the most important thing about Sundays:



Good food. (smoked mullet and shrimp)

freakin’ right

eaten at


“”The Freezer”

Also acceptable on a random Sunday in September?


not pictured.

Chris keeps telling me a cold-front is coming through-

I guess he’s right.


Fall is nowhere in sight, y’all.

Where did THAT come from?

Friday came and went pretty quickly, but it wasn’t with out some worry. I woke up Friday morning with some weird shin/calf pain in my right leg.

I sat at my desk all day and worried about how I was going to run 9 miles on Saturday. When I got home I iced. Then I busted out the heating pad and put some heat on it.

Then, in a last ditch effort I took a muscle relaxer before I went to bed. I couldn’t find a comfortable way to lay, my leg was really bothering me. Then the pain started to radiate up to my knee. awesome. I was fully anticipating that I would not be able to run this morning.

I slept with a couch pillow between my knees. I was desperate for comfort. I whined pretty much the whole night about my weird leg pain. Because of this Chris made me promise that if my leg, now knee, was still hurting in the morning that I would not run. I promised.


I woke up at 5am on Saturday.scared. I was scared my leg would be hurting, scared that I would have to call off my 9 mile run. I got up, hit the snooze on the alarm and lay there for the next 9 minutes trying to decide if my leg was still hurting.

I finally decided it was okay and started getting ready to go. I told myself that if my leg started hurting in the truck on the drive to the trail then I would just hang out at the shelter and not run.

I’m really paranoid about being being injured again so I’m trying to be cautious and aware. (it’s kind of annoying to be responsible.)

thankfully my stupid shincalfknee pain did not flare up so I gave myself the green light to conquer that 9 mile run.

I was as happy as that cute little puppy!

The weather this morning wasn’t fabulous, but it wasn’t as bad as last week. — at 6:45 I was headed out for a 9 mile jaunt through the forest with David & Tanya..and other people whose names are totally escaping my mind. Uhm, sorry.


I felt great. Sometimes it is mind-blowing how runs can vary from sucktastic to awesometastic. Uhm yes, those are real words. Today’s run falls under the awesometastic category. I’m copyrighting that word as soon as I’m done with this post, so don’t try any funny business and beat me to it!

I’m think I’m almost crossing the line from happy to annoyingly happy over today’s run. sorry. bare with me.

I tried some orange gu-chomps today. MUCH better than those nasty apple-cranberry or whatever they were that I tried last week. That junk was gross.

One of the reasons I love the Starkey Park trail so much Is because they provide water coolers at some of the little rest things. I’m really great with words, it’s okay to be impressed.

Our last water stop was at mile 7 and apparently that water stop gave me a little pep in my step, I brought it on home the last 2 miles – mile 8 (8:09) and mile 9 was (8:13). No idea where that came from but it felt good. whew!

Gives me a little hope for my upcoming race season. I’m going to register for a 10k this week that takes place on Oct 1st . My 10k PR is 50:33, obviously I would like to beat that time, but I’m being rational and realizing that my summer was less than stellar on the training front, and that PR took place in February, on a freezing cold 0% humidity type of day.

When I finally made it home I showered and became totally useless. I even took a nap for a few hours. Usually I lay on the couch for a nap, but this time I cuddled up in my bed under the covers. It was glorious..until Diva start barking. that jerk.

Here is the rest of my day in pictures:

You are seriously boring lady
Btw, that is not my corona. that would be Chris’.

watching Alaska State Troopers – that’s quality TV right there

Please take us outside your piece of crap, you’ve been on the couch all day.

Are you sure?



Iced coffee @ 5pm. Sure, why not?


Clearly I should get a for writing the longest post ever!

Friday Funnies

Friday has finally arrived. This week was rather long for me, especially after I woke up on Tuesday thinking it was Friday. That was a cruel joke.

Thursday’s schedule had me run 4 miles so that’s what I did. It was a fairly decent run. No knee pain, so that’s good..  4mi, 36:10, 9:02..

I obviously have a love for pinterest, I mean, c’mon you can find all sorts of weird stuff on there. Like this little gem:

I could spend all day browsing pinterest and finding things that make me laugh.

Some other sites that make me laugh are:


Any websites that you go to for a good laugh?