just things

Things I’m thinking about today

I want:
a boat
to be frugal
to save money
unlimited time to study for CCS-P
motivation to study for CCS-P
local friends
to cuddle with my Husband
people to be nice
to have meaningless conversations with my Husband
to enjoy the quiet


I don’t want to be part of a community that drags people down. There are enough naysayers in the world – I won’t be one of them.


I will remain patient when it comes to results
I will be a good friend



I’ve been in a weird/sappy mood for a while now – I’m in a really happy place

so grateful:
– for everything we’ve been given.
– for my family & friends.
– for my job, even on the days when I’m so overwhelmed I want to cry (today is a good example).

to have the choice of whether or not we want to sell – meaning, we don’t have to sell due to financial circumstances.

– to have financial stability


I want this place to be a place of encouragement and positivity & respect. There are many other places you can go to read negativity, I don’t want it here.


On feeling at ease

A few months ago I announced that we were putting our house on the market in hopes of moving back to my home town.

Well, we changed our mind.

We have not officially taken it off the market, but in our minds, it’s off ~ we are staying here.

I don’t know what exactly led to our change of heart, but over the last few weeks we’ve said, on more than one occasion, “are we sure we want to sell.”  We haven’t had a single showing, or phone call (that I know of) and we’ve been oddly okay with that.

We love our house ~ the location, while by the water, the exact location is not ideal. We are far from everything, but I’m learning to love the quiet that comes with living far from everything.

minimal traffic, birds chirping, stars in the sky, sunsets over the water…. I can deal with that.

For a while now I’ve been feeling down ~ just in a funk, a funk that I could not come out of. I don’t know what the cause was, but I feel like I’m finally starting to come out of it. I’m feeing content with my life – happy with the direction it’s going in. at peace.


On working out:

I’m still in love with weight lifting! I’m still not sad about not running/racing. Gasparilla is today (the 15k), which is one of my favorite races, and I’m not even sad that I’m missing it. For starters, the high today is like 80 ~ been there, run in that, not a good time. Last year it was scorching hot during Gasparilla ~ I did PR, but it was nasty.

I had two really great workouts this week, and I thought I would share them with you – each workout left me sore for days – I don’t know why, but I don’t always get sore after I lift. I have read/heard that being sore is not an indication of whether or not you lifted hard, but I guess for me, it kind of is.

I “like” the sore feeling – sort of..

I took Monday off from lifting since Chris was going out of town on Tuesday – I wanted to spend a little extra time with him so I skipped the gym & headed home after work.

I headed back on Tuesday for a super leg day:

warm up: I don’t remember what I did – probably the Arc trainer 5-10 min + stretching/foam rolling

squat (wide stance)  6×5 135#  (I really focused on form & getting low low low)
barbell lunge             3×10  65#
leg extensions           4×8 90,100,110,110
hack squat                3×8  70,90,90
walking lunges          4×15 20lb DB   (15 out/15 back = 2 sets)
plated leg press        3×10  90, 160,160
lateral leg raise         3×20
leg raises                   3×15

Wednesday I was ready to kill my upper body:

warm up: again, I forget. probably the arc trainer

bench press (wide grip) 15,10,10,10   (20#, 25#,30#,40#)
cable crossover              4×8            50,65,65,65
dumb bell flys                 4×8            12,12,15,15

cable tricep pushdown with Vbar       4×10   40,45,50,50
sitting tricep extension                        4×10 20lb DB

lat pull down                  8 (62.5), 4(75), 6(68)
cable row                  4×12  75#
hyperextensions     12/body weight       12×3 10# plate
leg raises                 1×25

This morning I’m headed to the new gym – a little nervous to be entering a new place and having to learn where all the machines I want to use are – I was still fumbling around the Ymca a little bit. Oh well, I have my workout written down, now it’s just time to make it happen.

Happy Saturday, hope you have a fantastical weekend!

it’s time

Does this ever happen to you:  You go somewhere, have a bad experience, or are just generally annoyed by the happenings of the place and then every time you go there you have a bad taste in your mouth.  <did that even make sense?>


This is how I feel about my current gym situation. Every time I go there I feel like there is something new to annoy me. Whether it’s kids running around on the weight room floor, having to wait years for THE ONE AND ONLY squat rack, screaming girls in the locker room, or creepy old men – something is always bothering me.

I don’t like the Y, so I think that amplifies my annoyance. I’ve had two other gym memberships – The first time I joined the gym I was 18 or 19, and wanted to get gain some strength. I joined the NTC (national training center in Clermont – you might be familiar with that name as that’s where several Olympic athletes train – I can think of 3 right of the top of my head) — I was planning on applying for some EMS jobs that would require me to be able to lift a certain amount of weight …. I must have been 18 – I was doing really good at going to the gym and doing the prescribed plan given to me by one of the “trainers.”  Then I got a tattoo and they told me I couldn’t workout/sweat for a week… that one week killed any & all ambition that I had.

My second membership was at Gold’s ~ This was in 2007 (I was 22) and I was bored. Chris & I had broken up & I needed a way to fill all my empty hours in the day. I don’t even remember really ever going. I got a job in Orlando that required me to run around the hospital all day long, and I think by time I got off work I was done running around and moving.. I eventually cancelled my membership when Chris & I got back together and I moved back into our house (which was not in Clermont, and not near a Gold’s).

I was never serious about fitness during either of these memberships ~ maybe that is the difference now. I’m serious about lifting, and I don’t feel like the YMCA atmosphere is conducive to that.


So I’ve decided it’s time to move on ~ I’m definitely not attached to the Y, I haven’t made any friends that I’ll be sad to leave. I went to check out a new-to-me gym : The price is better, and the hours are better. I already like this place. It’s huge. Much bigger than the Y I currently go to. The weights & cardio are completely separated. Weights downstairs, cardio equipment upstairs. I don’t know why, but that excited me. They offer classes, which is great, but I doubt I’ll ever attend. They also have child care, which is fancy, but I don’t think they’ll take Diva, so I’ll just leave her at home.

This was their nutritional tip of the day on Valentines day… “(NUTRITIONAL TIP OF THE DAY) “BROCCOLI MAY GET STUCK IN YOUR TEETH BUT FRENCH FRIES GET STUCK IN YOUR ASS!!!”


I guess I pretty much already have my mind made up, that this is the new gym I’m going to join. I hope I’m right, but it feels like the atmosphere will be more about working out & less about……everything else.


So, that’s what’s new today – I was going to post my workouts for the last two days, but this is getting long & I need to go study.. Yup, study. I finally registered for the CCS-P exam.. June 1st. AH!

live a little, love a lot ~ kenny chesney

If that doesn’t make you chuckle; YOU HAVE NO SOUL  ::slams gavel down::

Oh, hey ~ I’m still here. Just busy living life, and not a whole lot to say. Sometimes I think I want to write up a post, and then I change my mind. I sit down to write, (i actually wrote “right” originally) but then I can only think of like 2 sentences worth of writing so I say “fuh-get-about it” and find something more fun to do.

Things are good here. I’m still not running, and I still don’t miss it. Jenny is running Gasparilla this weekend, which she is regretting, and I’m not jealous. The weather is supposed to be crap, which is pretty much par for the course for Gasparilla ….. plus, the half starts at 6am, on a sunday. Nope, I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping in on Sundays.

Except that one time a few weeks ago I woke up at 3am to go watch Jenny & her co-worker do a duathlon relay – That was fun. It was at Ft. Desoto, I just can’t pass up an excuse to head over to Ft. Desoto, I love that place.

I’m still lifting 4-5 days a week – sometimes less. I don’t do cardio on an regular schedule, I do it whenever the mood strikes (kind of like sex, but less frequent.) JK. I’m not talking to you about my sex life – geez, my Mom reads.. and possibly my Papa.



This morning I sat on my back patio, with my cup of coffee, eyes closed and just soaked in the cool air. I listened to the sounds around me. Let myself be at peace for a few minutes. I think these types of moments are so important ~ just a few minutes to be completely relaxed. Life is so GO GO GO GO GO ~

I LOVE Kenny Chesney.. I’ve never seen him in concert, but I own his albums, and I just love him. He speaks to my soul ~ His songs brings out the dreamer in me – The girl that wants to sail away on a boat and never come back. The girl that would pack up her house and move to the Caribbean so fast your head would spin. That girl is spontaneous, and laid back, and has dreads.

I love almost every Kenny song, but here is one of my current favorites, Don’t Blink & then my all time favorite, Boston.

Don’t Blink ~ Kenny Chesney http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f0p5KqdU9U

I turned on the evening news
Saw a old man being interviewed
Turning a hundred and two today
Asked him what’s the secret to life
He looked up from his old pipe
Laughed and said “All I can say is.”

Don’t blink
Just like that you’re six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you’re twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don’t blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your better half
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you’re praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don’t blink

I was glued to my TV and it looked like he looked at me and said
“Best start putting first things first.”
Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand
You can’t flip over and start again
Take every breathe God gives you for what it’s worth


I’ve been tryna slow it down
I’ve been tryna take it in
In this here today gone tomorrow world we’re livin’ in


Now, don’t blink


BOSTON ~ Kenny Chesney http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iARe58XFGuU {there is no official video that I can find, that’s just a link to a youtube video that plays the song)

She comes from Boston
Works at the jewelry store
Down in the harbor
Where the ferries come to shore
She never really knew how good it would feel
To finally find herself in a place so warm and real

She wears a Red Sox cap
To hide her baby dreads
The girl she was in New England
Is different now and dead
In all the local bars
She flirts and tells the boys while they’re talkin’
She’s from Boston

She comes from Boston
Talks to her family now and then
Through e-mails and postcards
She tries to explain to them
That education and occupation will have to wait for now
She loves the Rasta, reggae rhythms, her dreams have changed somehow

She wears a Red Sox cap
To hide her baby dreads
The girl she was in New England
Is different now and dead
In all the local bars
She flirts and tells the boys while they’re talkin’
She’s from Boston

Her toes dig deep and deeper in the sand
She’s seduced by the sunsets and her new life at hand

She wears a Red Sox cap
To hide her baby dreads
The girl she was in New England
Is different now and dead
In all the local bars
She flirts and tells the boys while they’re talkin’
She’s from Boston

She wears a Red Sox cap
To hide her baby dreads
From Boston
She came to this island from Boston


Is there an artist that speaks to your soul? Or a particular song that you just feel totally at peace listening to?
I could listen to Boston by Kenny Chesney on repeat FOR HOURS.

Oh no, not THAT number again

Last week I had a bit of a mental break down – I was feeling completely beat up by the number on the scale.

I know ~ Everyone says you shouldn’t focus on the number on the scale, but how your clothes feel.

You know how sometimes things are easier said than done? Well, this is one of those times.


Monday morning I weighed myself, and the number was higher than it’s been in months. I tried to shake it off since my eating over that weekend had been ridiculous.

Monday afternoon came & I was exhausted. I skipped the gym and did a short workout at home.

Tuesday came: weight still the same. Definitely feeling defeated. Exhausted again – went to the gym. Struggled through the entire workout ~ no motivation what-so-ever.

Wednesday: I gave up on the scale. I didn’t weigh myself anymore. It didn’t matter; agonizing over the number wasn’t going to help, but I was already defeated. I let myself eat whatever I wanted to eat, and do whatever I wanted to do. “What difference did it make anyways? I already weigh XXX, a few bowls of cereal won’t kill me.”



Cereal is dangerous – I bought the cereal because it was on sale at Publix. I rarely keep cereal in the house because it’s a trigger – it sends me into a downward spiral of eating bad and thinking bad. I know better. I knew better when I bought it.

The good news is that I recognize that this is not normal, and that it’s a place that I go and need to come back from pretty quickly.

I let myself take the rest of the week off from the gym, and subsequently my eating was shit for the rest of the week. Huh, imagine that.


So here we are, on Tuesday morning and I’m back. I’ve taken control of those feelings, and I’m moving forward.

I sat down on Sunday night and made a plan: a plan for how to move forward. How to take control of my feelings, how to ignore the number on the scale, and how to make this week a successful week.


I started Monday out by waking up at 4:30, having some coffee, then heading down to my gym and did some cardio. Starting the day out by sweating felt good – so cliché, but so true.

After work I headed to the gym for leg day ~ I love leg day.



squat (wide stance)      5 x 6
squat (narrow stance   5 x 6
leg press (plated)           3 x 12
hack squat                     5 x 6
bulgarian split squat    3 x 12
donkey kicks                  3 x 20 


The gym was PACKED. I mean PACKED. People everywhere. It felt like the assisted living bus got confused and dropped everyone off at the gym instead of the bingo hall down the road. I had to move things around so that I wasn’t standing around waiting ~ I hate this, but I guess that’s the price I pay for working out after work.


I’m changing up some eating habits this week, but more on that later. I need to get ready for work, or I’ll be late.