yah yah yah.

Thank you to everyone who left kind comments yesterday. Smile 

Today I am feeling better. I’ve only almost cried twice. Ha Ha.

Today is a beautiful day in Florida. Absolutely gorgeous! It would have been a perfect morning run….if I was running.which I’m not, until Monday.

My plans to go to the beach were squashed so with a quick craigslist search I found a few garage sales. I’m looking for a bike; I tried to take our one & only bike out yesterday and it was a gigantic fail. The bike is about 12 years old, and at our old house it set outside in the weather so it’s in kind of rough shape. I was out of breath before I got to the end of my street. I don’t know how the gears work but it was in the hardest gear and it wouldn’t change.

Now it’s sitting out by the street hoping some one will pick it up. Most of the shrimpers around here ride bikes, so hopefully one of them will pick it up. Maybe it’s fixable. Chris looked at it a few weeks ago and he couldn’t fix it.

Well.. That was a long tangent about nothing. Needless to say, I did not find a new bike. I ventured over to B-ville to check out the farmers market.


There is a farmer’s market every Saturday from 8am – 1pm in downtown Brooksville on Main Street. On the 3rd Saturday of every month I hear that it’s a much larger market. On the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Saturday’s they only close off one street and it’s a smaller market. Hopefully I can remember on the 3rd Saturday in May and see what the big market is like.

There was a girl from a nearby restaurant walking around with fresh peach & strawberry smoothies. I opted for a peach smoothie!


It was so yummy but I drank it to fast and got a serious brain freeze.

I bought some 1 lb of fresh blueberries for $5. I don’t know if that’s a good deal or not, but I wanted some so I bought them. Publix has really small containers right now 2 for $5. I don’t know how big those containers are but the last time I bought blueberries from Publix there was mold in the container. Pass.

I bought my veggies today from Beasley Farm. They are a local farm in Brooksville that is open to the public every day. I was just checking out their website and realized they have  a stand down the road from my office every Friday. SCORE! I definitely want to help support a local farm! Beasley farm had quite a large variety of veggies at their stand today. I even saw someone getting some eggs!


3 ears of corn, 5 tomatoes, 5 weird shaped zucchini, & 2 green peppers for $6

The corn was 3 for $1.25, Zucs were 4 for $1, peppers were 2 for $1.50, tomatoes were $2.25. I think that’s a helluva deal. $6 bucks for all those veggies. Especially the tomatoes. At Publix tomatoes are $1.99/lb. Insanity.

So I spent a total of $11 at the farmers market. Sounds like a deal if I ever heard one!

I also went shopping @ Bealles, which is less exciting. Okay, actually it was pretty exciting. I didn’t take pictures of what I bought, but I’ll tell you. I bought 3 fishing shirts for Chris; one wicking long sleeve shirt, one long sleeve cotton shirt & one short sleeve “Save our Gulf” shirt. For me I bought one long sleeve fishing shirt, one tank top, and one dress. I spent a total of $54, and saved……….$98!!!! Wahoooooo!!!! Everything I bought was at least 50% off, and some of Chris’ shirts were 70%. YES! Love buying winter clothes in the summer! I don’t know if Chris will be quite as excited, but I’m stoked.

I’m just amazed at how nice our weather is today. It’s been so hot for the last several weeks and today has been tolerable. I went downstairs with the dogs and took some pictures of them.



Do you see the cattle trail that Wyatt has wore down in the grass? That’s because he thinks that he is a race horse and gallops towards the front door whenever we call him to come inside.

and now my favorite picture of all…. Diva is in so much trouble when Chris gets home.




I think Wyatt started this hole, but Diva is making it worse. Naughty girl.


I gotta go finish folding laundry and them make a trip to the grocery store. We are having pizza for dinner. Well, I might be eating alone since Chris just told me that he will be getting off late….of course.ugh.


You only have one life, so live it !!


When I needed it the most


As SOON as I saw this sign. The tears started rolling.

I can’t think of a better day that I could have seen this. Today I am struggling big time with body image. I changed clothes 3x before I left the house. I finally just had to leave before I could change clothes again. It’s just been one of those days.

I weighed myself and I weighed more than I’ve weighed in years.

I know this is drastically different then how I felt this morning.

I saw this sign on Naptime Diaries.


I do.

Promise not to talk about the Royal Wedding. There are plenty of other bloggers that have been talking about it for days, and will be talking about it through out the day.

I was a bad,bad blogger yesterday and didn’t post anything. I woke up late, and didn’t have time to bang anything out. I try to pre-write the post the night before but that didn’t happen either. {slacker}

Wednesday afternoon I had a little fight with myself about whether or not I wanted to work out. I wasn’t feeling it when I got home. I even tweeted that if the on-demand workouts on Brighthouse were working then I’d do a work out. If not…well, then it was meant to be. (that I shouldn’t work out)

do work

I gave it and hung out with Bob Harper for about 20 minutes. He whooped my ass..again. Thursday my quads were so sore, walking sucked.

This dumbell sumo squat thing KILLED me. dead.

Thursday around lunch time Bob Harper tweeted this:


so I did!! My first time doing 20 push-ups in a row!!! That is very exciting!

Thursday after work there was no work out done. I was supposed to walk around the neighborhood with a friend, but we didn’t. It was hot as hades here yesterday. ew. Plus, my quads were still killing me.

I surprised myself a little with how much I am enjoying the little bit of cross training that I am doing. Maybe it’s because I can do 20 push-ups in a row? That’s progress, and that’s fun to see. I seriously flex my guns at Chris at least 5x a day. He probably wants to punch me in the head.

I am ready to get back to running, but I hope that I can find a good balance between running, and some weight training at home. I am going to need some heavier weights soon I think. I only have 3lb & 5lb. Obvs the 3lbs are a little to light these days, and I only feel like the 5lbs are to heavy at the end of the Bob Harper workout.

I’ve been wondering how quickly do you gain muscle weight? I’m wondering if the few extra lbs are because I’ve gained muscle? My clothes are not any tighter..except one pair of jeans, but I think that’s just because they were washed recently.

This morning I’m glued to the couch watching the Royal Wedding, so I did not do an actual work out.

I did 23 push-ups (holla!) and 10 tricep dips!! (First time I’ve ever done those.intense).


I liked those tricep dips, felt a little burn. I’m becoming addicted to that burning feeling.

Well. I’ve sat on the couch and watched the Royal Wedding long enough. I really have to get ready for work, and end this post. (I know you are thoroughly disappointed).

Happy Friday, Y’all



You only have one life, so live it!!


Happy Hump Day!!

On my way home from work today I remembered how incredibly blessed I am. I mean really. We are so blessed to live where we live, have great jobs,  and we are healthy.

I rode home with the windows down, the sunroof open, and the radio as loud as it would go. (obnoxious, right?) Kenny Chesney was singin’ Live a little and it was totally appropriate. I even saw a lady in a jeep driving with no doors, or roof in her bikini. {jealous}



I didn’t work out Tuesday afternoon, instead I convinced Chris to take me fishing!!


Whoever invented work didn’t know how to fish

Monday when Chris went fishing he caught a ton of trout. Only one keeper, but a lot of little ones. I don’t care what size they are, I just want to catch fish. I was hoping we would have similar luck.

We definitely did not have the same luck. We went at a different time of day, so that could have had something to do with it.

Chris kept catching pin fish:



The first picture is a pin fish (which we use when we fish with live bait). The 2nd picture is the type of artificial lure we were using.. Uh, they are the same size and you don’t normally catch pin fish on an artificial bait.

I kept teasing Chris and saying we should take a picture so he can send it in to Capt. Bill Miller on Hooked on Fishing.

I know this is a lot of fishing talk. Stay with me for a few more sentences. Chris wouldn’t let me take a picture.. so I got the brilliant idea to make our own “fishing show.”

So, without further ado:

I know, I am so lame; but it was fun. To bad we didn’t catch more..or a bigger fish. Oh well.  This was our fish count:

  • 4 pin fish
  • 1 undersize trout
  • 1 legal size trout (15 inch)
  • 1 foul hooked lady fish
  • 1 small & foul hooked snapper

Not impressive. I had a couple of good bites, but they got off every time. sad face.

Oh well, I was still happy to be out on the water with my Hubster!





Live life; Today is not certain, and tomorrow is not promised!

One more week

Happy Tuesday Y’all!


I had intentions of getting up early Monday morning to get a work out in. Alas, I hit the snooze button for WAY to long and the work out did not happen.

All day long I was thinking about what kind of work out I wanted to do. I sometimes feel silly doing work outs at home because I don’t feel like I’m really getting a good work out in. I’ve been reading up on some stretching exercises and other exercises I can do at the house.

My work out was 50 minutes and it was a circuit work out of sorts. It went like this:

First I started with some stuff to get my heart rate up:

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 50 plank jacks

Then I did some stuff on the stability ball:

  • 100 flutterkicks. I have no idea what these work..I just saw them in an active.com article.
  • 50 shoulder presses (seen here)
  • 50 bicep curls (seen in the same post as the shoulder presses)

Then I did some push-ups & crunches:

  • 10 regular push-ups (because that’s all I can handle)
  • 50 crunches with my knee raised @ a 90* angle

Then I did some leg strengthening exercises (learned in PT)

  • 30 side leg raises (R & L)

  • 30 front leg raises (R & L)

  • 30 Mystery exercise (R & L)

Let’s play a game: Name that exercise!

I learned this exercise some where but I don’t know what it’s called. Help me out & tell me what it’s called.

This equaled 50 minutes of exercise. I did each of these exercises twice.

After that I stretched & rolled for about 10 minutes.

Oh, and after dinner Chris & I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I mapped it out and it was 2.01 miles.

This week is my last ditch effort to heal my IT band on my own. Then I’m giving in and going to the Dr, or Chiropractor. I’m thinking about seeing a chiropractor that deals with sports injuries. I’m not running this week (again) so hopefully after 3 weeks of no running, lots of stretching, and some foam rolling I’ll be good to go next week without a visit to the Dr. (wishful thinking, right?)

I think this is the longest amount of time I’ve gone with out running since I started running in Sept 2009. so sad. I’m sure y’all are tired of hearing reading me talk about my IT Band. I’m trying not to whine about it. I’m talking about it, but I’m trying to keep the whining in check.

This is a really good article that has some stretches and strengthening exercises for leg injuries.


For dinner I made up some burritos. I had sausage in the fridge that need to be used so sausage burritos is what we had for dinner Monday night.

1lb sausage
1 green pepper (chopped)
onion (chopped – however much you like)
1 can black beans
tortilla shells
shredded mozzarella

**First I cooked up the sausage, drained the grease then put it in a bowl and set it in the microwave to stay warm

** Then I sautéed up the green peppers, onions, and black beans until I thought they were done enough.

**Layer on the pepper/onion/bean mix, then add some sausage, then some cheese and salsa

*Oh, I also added some spinach to mine.


mmm mmm good. Probably not the most healthy thing we could have eaten, but it was tasty and filling.

What are your favorite home work outs? Chris was asleep on the couch when I got home so I couldn’t really do a work out DVD. The exercise TV on demand thing hasn’t been working lately so I’ve been kind of at a loss for what to do.

I did enjoy my work out for today. I think it was a decent mix of exercises. I’m sure my arms are going to be a little sore tomorrow.


You only have one life, Live it!!


Good Monday Morning! Hope your weekend was relaxing. My weekend was awesomesauce:

Saturday while I was at the beach I was listening to Kenny Chesney on my iPhone. Normally I don’t listen to music at the beach, I enjoy taking in the sites & sounds of the beach. But, this isn’t a “real” beach. I don’t know how to explain it.

Here, I’ll show you a picture… Thank you Google maps.


It’s this weird peninsula thing. The park is at the end of that weird peninsula.


See. It’s weird. That is the ocean, but it’s just weird. Anyways.

So, there is no crashing wave sounds, it’s mostly screaming kids & bitching mothers, and chain smokers. (klassy).

So you can see why I would need to take an iPod with some relaxing music.

Kenny Chesney makes me want to sell everything and move to the Bahamas. I swear if I could figure out a way to make it work I would. I want to live somewhere that’s a little more simple. So what if a gallon of milk is $12. lol. (just kidding.sort of). I don’t know how much milk is, but with a quick Google I found out gas is $4.83/gal – which from what I hear isn’t that much different from many places in the U.S. (Thankfully we are still in the $3.70s/gal).

I’ve come up with a 5 year plan. I never had a 5 year plan, I don’t have a plan at all. After reading Megan’s post last week I started to wonder if I should have some sort of plan.

I sort of feel like a slacker because I have no real goals. I mean, I have a great job so CHECK that goal off. I just finished billing & coding school so CHECK that goal off. We built a house, CHECK. We got married, CHECK.

What’s left?

moving somewhere tropical.

Key west anyone?

Yes please.

Of course there are more goals I could have. I think I am more “fly by the seat of my pants” person than I thought. I like to have plans…for one day..not my entire life.

I’m certainly not saying there is anything wrong with setting 5, 10, 15, or 20 year goals. That’s great for some people, but for me(us) that doesn’t work.  Or maybe I’m just not creative enough to think of goals for my entire life? Maybe I’m not motivated enough?

I’ve really been thinking about this a lot for the last few days. I even went on Craigslist to look at houses/rentals in Key West.


I have no idea what I expected but it wasn’t what I found. We will be living in a 1 bedroom shack. But it’s okay because it will be tropical!!

Honestly the only thing in our current price range was trailers. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a trailer. Hell, we lived in a trailer for 5 years.

But. Key West + Hurricane season + trailer = fail

So, that’s my goal, err dream. It’s totally attainable..one day..probably longer than 5 years away though.

I don’t know where I’d go if I could move anywhere in the world. I haven’t traveled enough to make an informed decision. I really love the atmosphere of the Bahamas, but that’s the only place I’ve been. Maybe I should keep it that way? Then a decision of moving wouldn’t be so hard because I wouldn’t know what someplace else has to offer.

Where would you live? What type of place would you live?  Do you like the hustle & bustle of a big city? Or do you crave a laid back atmosphere?

What can we do to make our life a little more simple around here?

Hope you have a quick & painless Monday!


You only have one life, live it!!

Part of the “club”

Happy Easter!


Today we went to my hometown to spend some time w/ my family! We left this morning around 8:30 for the 10:00 church service. We decided earlier this week that we would ride the motorcycle today! YAY!

I don’t think I’ve ever rode a bike so far before; We had a crotch rocket a few years ago, but I don’t remember ever going very far on it (and for good reason). The ride was nice today but my butt hurts. I don’t have enough junk in the trunk or if the seat is that uncomfortable but about 30 minutes into the 1.5 hr ride by hiney was numb.

I held my camera for a little while so I could take a few pictures while we rode. What a weirdo; I’m sure Chris really thinks I am a weirdo. To bad he’s already married to me. HA!

I took a video.. It’s sideways; that didn’t occur to me while I was filming it.duh.


Ready to ride & the boat ramp by our house!



Does someone care to tell me what this is? I think it’s a church, but it’s the craziest looking church I’ve ever seen. Thoughts??

After church we went to my sister’s house where Chris got “Tatted up”.”



The finished product. Ha Ha

Then we went to another sister’s house for Easter lunch, and easter egg hunting.


Aidyn finding some eggs  & Maia & Uncle Joe trading easter baskets.


Maia and her “pet” lizard. I don’t even want to talk about the frogs that this girl has! She loves frogs, lizards & bait fish, but don’t ask her to kill a bug. She will freak out!


We also went to my Aunt’s house for another Easter lunch. We didn’t eat since we had just eaten but it was good to see my family. My Grandma is going up to North Carolina for the summer on Wednesday and I wanted to see her before she left.

Much to my dismay somebody busted out an OLD Easter Video. So sorry that  I will not be sharing that video with you! I was probably 12 and we were at my Grandma’s house playing bingo. That was a tradition for a very long time; We would go to wherever Easter lunch was, eat, hang out, and then we would play bingo (all the cousins). There was a prize tray and whoever won bingo would get to pick a prize off the tray.

Looking back, it was a lot of fun and I’m so thankful to have those memories with my cousins! … It was funny to see the video, but a little embarrassing. I don’t think Chris has seen any old home videos of me.. for good reason, I was a total brat.


I loved riding the bike today, it’s a lot of fun and you get a whole new perspective. We are totally part of the motorcycle club now! Sometimes when you pass by other motorcycles they give you a little wave, like “Yo, what’s up you badassmotorcycle guy you”  Not everyone does the wave, but quite a few people do it…kinda cool.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m off to tackle a gigantic mountain of laundry that I’ve been piling up on the guest bed for sever days.



You only have one life, live it!!

Dear Sony Cybershot


This morning I got my ass beat.


I sure did.

Bob Harper kicked my ass for sure.

I bought this DVD a few months ago and this morning is the first time I’ve used it {pathetic} — There are 2 work outs on the DVD. A “beginner” which is a 20 minute strength session and there is a longer death 60 minute session.

I really enjoyed the work out. It was just tough enough and I’m feeling sore! It’s that kind of sore that hurts so good. I will definitely do this work out again(soon). After I can lift my arms again. JustkiddingIcanliftmyarms. butwalkingisaproblem.

Today was a okay for eats until it got to dinner time… 

For breakfast I made a smoothie. I get sick of oatmeal, plus it makes me feel like a bloated little pig. I want to try a protein shake, but I have no clue what kind of protein powder to get.. Plus, do I really need it?

In my smoothie I put:

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen cherries
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/3 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 vanilla silk milk

Lunch…salad…again. I forgot a bowl to put my salad in so I ate it straight out of the bag. I dumped my broccoli, carrots, cheese & turkey into the spinach bag and ate it straight out of the bag. It was mmmmmmmmmmmmm good.

Dinner went down the crapper. I had plans to eat the left over grouper w/ veggies. But what had happened was; Chris wanted to go to chilis, and we had 2 gift cards soooo we went. It sure was tasty. I love Chilis and it’s worth the 5000000 calories!! mmmmmm

Chris brought me a present home today: be prepared for the worst pictures you’ve ever seen.






My camera is crap. or. Maybe it’s the operator, but mostly I think it’s the camera. Thanksalotsonycybershot.

Oh, and this picture is the real winner:


Uhm. be prepared for like 5,000,000 pictures of me flexing. Bahahahahahahaha.

Tomorrow I have big plans. Oh yah, big plans.So big they require a bikini & a beach chair. Yup. I’m going to the ugliest beach ever but it’s 5 minutes from my house so I’ll take it. Be prepared to be assaulted w/ ugly beach pictures.

Happy Good Friday

Do you have tickets?


Happy Good Friday!!

Are you off today?  I’m not. The Dr. is out of town today so I’m holding down the fort Smile

I got up early(er) than normal to get a work out in Wednesday morning. I follow ToneitUp on twitter so I went to their website to get a quick workout.

I chose the Spring into Bikini season full body work out. You can get a print out of the work out here.

The video shows the circuit done twice, but my knee could not handle the frog jumps and side lunges w/ crunch. Here is the Toneitup work out:

  • 20 frog jumps
  • 30 side lunges w/ crunch (each side)
  • 10 walk out push ups
  • high knees
  • 30 waist line crunches (each side)

Then I added a few more things of my own:

    • Chest press on stability ball (30)source
  • Seated curls on stability ball (30)
  • push ups (10)

I think tomorrow morning I’ll do the routine in this article. Same article where the pictures came from.

I am feeling a little sore from my work out ; I can only imagine what I would be feeling if I had done all the exercises twice. oy!


yes, I’m aware my bra is showing..whatever. I took this picture like 6 times. This one is the best.
Don’t be hatin’ on my pink sweatpants.

I don’t have a “before” picture. I don’t do a whole lot with my arms. Mostly some push-up here and there, but I see some definition (and so does Chris..I’m always flexing my guns @ him!)

I did pretty good with the eats yesterday. No M&Ms or candy at all.

breakfast: oatmeal..again. & iced coffee. (not from anywhere. I have some powder stuff)
snack: chobani lemon yogurt … one cup of coffee
lunch: spinach salad w/ broccoli, turkey, & carrots

snack: pretzels
snack: banana (on my drive home from work)   & iced coffee when I got home from work.
dinner: baked (on the grill in aluminum foil) with zucchini, red potatoes, green beans & onions (SO DELISH!!)


I didn’t take a picture of it wrapped up in the aluminum foil, but that’s how Chris cooked it on the grill. I chopped up some red potatoes, zucchini, fresh green beans & onions. We put them in some aluminum foil with the fish and Chris cooked it on the grill for what seemed like for-ev-er!

It was SO tasty. The only problem was the grouper was a little dry. Chris said it’s because it was frozen for a few days. (This grouper was caught last weekend..not by Chris, but by my Dad’s friends) I LOVE having access to fresh fish, mmmmmm.

It’s so crazy that grouper is $20/lb at Publix. Chris said we had about $40 worth of grouper on our plates and we still have a gigantic filet to eat tomorrow night.


After work Chris & I went motorcycle helmet shopping. It’s much harder than it should be. There are not very many motorcycle places around so the pickins are slim. I want need a pink helmet. Unfortunately the place we went only had one, and I wasn’t throwing down the amount of money they wanted for it.


I’ll leave you with that little gem of a picture. Ha!


Happy Friday, y’all!!


You only have one life, live it.