Gettin’ it done!

Ooops. I started a post yesterday then never got a chance to finish it.

I got myself out of bed yesterday morning and went for my 2nd morning run, woot.

It was no where near as cold, but it was a little windy. I wore capris, long sleeve shirt, and a fleece vest. I think the vest was over kill, but it was windy and I wasn’t sure. Plus, the vest has a pocket and I put my Iphone in there so I could hear my tunes w/o having to carry it. WIN!

I only did 3 miles. I must admit, I am a little leary of running in the morning, in the dark. The areas are not very well lit, and there is very little traffic that early in the morning around hear.

Chris wants me to take my concealed weapons class, and carry a little pistol. WDYT about that?

So, I only went 3 miles because their are no buildings after 1.5miles out. It’s just woods till you get to the next subdivision. No thanks. To scary for me. Daylight runs are better for longer runs when by myself.

Alright blog friends. I’m off to run some errands. I thought I was going to get to stay in my jammies today. Wrong.


Happy Friday, aka the last day of 2010, Ya’ll.


Just a smidge

I said last night that I was going to try and go out running this morning, even though the temperature would be below freezing.

I succeeded! I drug myself out of bed, bundled up, took some pictures of how ridiculous I looked, and headed out the door.

I was quite surprised that I actually wasn’t all that cold. The first 3/4 of a mile was a little chilly. Mainly my face was cold, everything else was snuggly.


jena blue excuse the blur.

Layer number one. Tights, Nike Tempos, and an old navy thumb shirt

jena vest oops, blur again. That’s how my vision is in the morning before I put my contacts in, or put my glasses on.

Layer 2 was an old navy fleece vest- that was quite snuggly

jena face

Layer 3. Running jacket, gloves, and ear warmer head band.

Did I go over board? Possibly. I was a little bit warm on the way back but oh well. I’d rather be a little warm then freezing and miserable.


Oh, and a headlight. Lolz. Who knew you could break a sweat in that cold weather! I was definitely sweating by time I made it back to the house. {this iphone is a dangerous thing..unlimited stupid pictures, YES please}

florida snow

and just for giggles, some Florida “Snow” on my Dad’s truck. My car doesn’t get icy because I park in the garage, yay!


My run was pretty uneventful, except for the few seconds where I wasn’t sure If I was going to eat sidewalk or remain upright. I some how managed to remain upright. My phone did go flying, but was unharmed. Phew



I felt just a smidge hardcore this morning while I was out running in the cold. I know I looked like an idiot bundled up and with a head lamp on. Yet, I didn’t care. I was outside, breathing in cool air, and having a great run.

I am going to go out again tomorrow morning. It will be no where near as cold as it was this morning. I think it will be in the 50’s, which is just lovely!


Happy Tuesday Ya’ll – LOL.. Just kidding, It’s Wednesday. WOW. I just looked @ my phone and saw that it said Wednesday, December 29th. Wow.Just wow.

Dear Nike

I really like my Nike Zoom Triax. Really, I do. But, can you please create some that aren’t such boring colors?

So far I’ve had blue and silver, and now I have light blue and white with a touch of yellow. The shoe I found yesterday is red and silver. c’mon already. Can a girl get some pink, purple? Anything but blue.



Why, hello pretty shoe! I’d wear that shoe in a hot second!  {Those are not Nikes, they are some kind of Asics}

I really don’t care about  looking stylish when I run. Proof is all those race pictures where I look ridic. I pretty much wear the same few shirts, and shorts. Nothing beats comfort. I just want some cute shoes. That’s all I’m asking for here.


In other running related news: Well, there is none. By time I got home it was almost dark, and I needed to get dinner started. I didn’t want to run on the treadmill because my Dad is down in his apt and my TM sits right over the apt…

I am going to try to get up and run in the morning. I checked the weather. It’s going to be freezing, literally freezing. Now, I’m not complaining, because I’m not buried in 40″ of snow. However, this Florida girl does not have running gear for these temperatures.

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear yet. I don’t even know how I’m going to make myself get out of bed and run in those ridiculous temperatures? What do I wear? Tights, gloves, ear covers, long sleeve shirt, under armour sweatshirt?  I have no idea. AH!

Off to do homework.

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!

Why are you lurking?

Lurkers, come out, come out whoever you are.

I know someone is lurking and they are not showing themselves.

Please say Hi.

I was informed this weekend that I have some family lurkers, but no one says Hi.

Just say Hi. I want to know who is reading!?

Merry Christmas 2010, Ya’ll.

I’m probably the 1001 Christmas recap that you’ve read in the last 2-3 days.

I assure you that, mine will be no where near as interesting as some of the other one’s you’ve read.

Thursday night we went to a Christmas Eve Eve service and then went over to my Mom’s to open presents with the family.

matt maia kailyn presents

My brother-in-law opening presents with his daughter, and our niece.

cali baby

my baby niece Cali

wrapping paper 2020

Yay Christmas!


wyatt walk on christmas eve

Friday morning I took Wyatt for a nice long walk. It was such a beautiful day. He loved exploring. It was a really low tide that morning, and super windy.

Then we went to Chris’ family house to celebrate with them!

jena chris merry christmas 2010 

Saturday we woke up at our own house and just hung out. We didn’t open presents because we already opened our presents to each other earlier in the week. Ha Ha! We couldn’t wait!

Chris got me an Iphone, which was totally unexpected! I was S-U-P-A-H excited! I’ve been asking for a new phone for a year!

I got Chris some Carhartt clothing, none of which fit him. =/ Stupid sizing.

Saturday night we drove back to Clermont to my Aunt’s house to have dinner with more family 🙂


It’s a 2hr drive. Give me a break.


maia and aunt jena











Aunt Jena & Maia playing


Today we slept in a little bit then went shopping. P.s, don’t go shopping the day after Christmas. What a stupid idea. I didn’t know how crazy it would be. We tried to go to Bealles to return some stuff. Ha. We decided we would come back another day. We did return Chris’ carhartt jacket to tractor supply with only a minor snafu. I had to return a shirt to Old Navy, and ended up buying a few other things while I was there. They were having 60% sales, and I couldn’t resist some cute sweaters, and a few vests.

jena vest

Yesterday I discovered there is a Gander Mountain in Ocala {yay!}  I thought they would have Carhartt there so I convinced Chris that we should ride up there and check it out. We drove the back roads and got to see some really beautiful areas.

gander mountain

On our way home we saw:

hogs side of road

HOGS! – There were actually 2 big ones, and a little bitty baby! I wasn’t fast enough to get all three of them. I think the baby is behind that big one there, but the other one had run off in the woods. This is very close to our house. We’ve seen deer, and turkey, but we’ve never seen hogs before!


When we got home I decided that I should really run on the treadmill. I skipped out of running with the group this morning. It was really cold, and super windy this morning. We are actually under a “gale warning” tonight. It’s supposed to be really, really windy.

I chose to stay in bed and skip the windy run. 😦

I got dressed, and headed to the living room to get my treadmill run on.

jena run dec 26

I did 3.2 miles in 31:24, 9:40something pace. This is my first run since last Sunday’s 10k in Clearwater.

I’ve been sick all week and running was just not appealing, at all. I am ready to get back out there and get my run on.

P.S., you will be getting lots of stupid pictures of me. I now have an Iphone, and a full length mirror in my bathroom. YAY!


I will leave you with two silly videos from the weekend.

My Mom got Chris, and my 2 brother-in-laws these remote controlled helicopters that you fly in the house. Chris has been torturing Wyatt with it. Wyatt loves to chase it.

This is my niece Maia being silly.


Merry Christmas Ya’ll

Merry Christmas

My blog has cobwebs. It’s been several days since I’ve written to my dear bloggy friends. Sorry friends. I promise a blog post is coming very soon.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season Greetings…whatever you feel most comfortable with. Happy {insert your word here}

Dear Jake,

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal,

I want to be your girlfriend.

I won’t even write crazy songs about you when we break up.


The girl who wants a 100k bracelet for Christmast like Taylor swift.

mmkay, thanks.

Seriously, is he out of his mind?

I can only imagine the break up song that is going to ensue after these two bite the dust. Don’t get it twisted, I am a huge T-swizzle fan, but geez. He dropped a hundred grand on a bracelet for the girl. Whew. I’m clearly in the wrong industry.

That was your mid day wake up post.

Be back later for more.

“ I feel like you tied me up like a pretzel and beat me with a bat”

….yah, that’s what Chris just told me.

Apparently he is sick too. Well, aren’t we just a fun crew @ the LIBK household.

Chris called me today at 4 o’clock and said, “I’m going home, I’m taking nyquil, and I’ll be out for the night.” Well, okay then.

He came home and drank some theraflu then fell asleep on the couch, poor guy!

I decided chicken soup was the best thing to have for dinner. I picked up some chicken breasts, baby carrots, and celery on my way home from work.

I found a recipe for “home made” chicken noodle soup and went to work.

I used this recipe from Allrecipes. I did make some adjustments, so I’ll just give you my recipe.

1lb chicken breast

water– the recipe on allrecipes recommends 8cups. I didn’t measure.
celery- chopped
carrots- chopped
1/2 can of chicken broth
egg noodles
3 chicken bouillon cubes


1. Boil the chicken until it’s cooked all the way through, I added the chicken bouillon cubes.

2. Run chicken under cool water until you can handle it, cut into chunks. – or how ever you like your chicken. I just sliced it into bite size pieces

3. Combine celery,carrots, egg noodles, chicken broth, and chicken, salt & pepper (to taste) into pot and boil until egg noodles are soft.

I used the same water I boiled the chicken in. I might be weird like that, but it makes the flavor better, in my opinion any ways.

Ugh, I can’t get the font to change back to black. So, blue it is.

This is the first time I’ve ever made home made chicken noodle soup. I’m pretty impressed with how it came out. It was very flavorful. We really enjoyed it.


In work out news… Well, there is none. My schedule says I should have run 2mi today. bahaha. Not happening. Maybe tomorrow.

I currently can not stop sneezing. ugh.

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you are suffering from a cold?

Happy Monday Ya’ll.

I didn’t come here for that.

After doing basically nothing yesterday and feeling horrible most of the day, I decided I should go to the Dr today. I do not like to go to the Dr, and normally, I procrastiate as long as humanly possible. However, it’s not like I can just call out sick. My job relies on me to be here, so going to the Dr is a priority.

I don’t have a primary care doctor and I haven’t had once in the last 5 years. I’ve always just seen the Dr I used to work for at the Urgent Care. So, when it comes to seeing a Dr here I also went to an Urgent Care. I’ve been to this UC one other time, and was “alright” with the care given. It’s not like I’m dying so I don’t expect a whole lot.

My symptoms are that of the “Common Cold.” Pretty easy to diagnose, the only thing I was unsure about was the wheeziness of my cough and voice when I wake up in the mornings. I know that most people feel worse in the morning and right before bed, well, that’s what my Mom always says. So the wheezy could be nothing, but I wanted to make sure.

The Dr, or PA, not sure which, spent about 4 min in the room, I’m fine w/ that. I don’t need a full on exam, I have a cold. However, what annoys me is that they prescribed me a Z-pak for a cold. Now, I’m not a Doctor, and I have no licensing of any type in the medical field. However, I’ve spent the last 4.5 years around people w/ the common cold, and working for a Dr. who does not prescribe antibiotics for the common cold.

Whatever. I’m obviously not going to argue. I take my prescription, and the paper work telling me I have a common cold and go on my way. I get in my car and read over the paper work that tells me all about my symptoms and the fact that:

 “Antibiotics should not be used to treat a common cold. They will not help and may make the situation worse. Thick yellow or green nasal discharge is not a reason for antibiotics, unless it doesn’t get better within 10-14 days”

Even Wikipedia says antibiotics aren’t going to do anything.

Antibiotics have no effect against viral infections thus have no effect against the viruses that cause the common cold[46] and due to their side effects cause overall harm.[46] There are no approved antiviral drugs for the common cold even though some preliminary research has shown benefit.[47] 


I’m not really questioning the Dr. per say, I just think it’s “the way of the world” these days. I obviously can not speak for everyone, but I’ve seen my fair share of patients; I think that a lot of people feel like the Dr has “done something” if they are prescribed antibiotics even when they are not neccesarily needed. I believe that people feel like they paid their $25 copay (or whatever yours is) and they deserve antibiotics, or something.

I don’t feel this way. I go to the Dr for peace of mind, and if I actually do need something to kick whatever I’ve got, then fine, prescribe them. But, don’t prescribe them just because you think that’s what I want.

To make sure I was correct in my thinking, and to make sure that wikipedia isn’t misleading me, I contacted the Dr I work for, and my previous Dr. Both said that Z-pak will not be effective if all I’ve got is a common cold. So there Mr. Urgent Care Dr!

How do you feel about the situation. Honestly? Do you feel like you should get antibiotics since you went to the Dr and paid your copay?  I just want the Dr to do what is right for my health.

I’m not going to take the Zpak. If I don’t start feeling better in another week, then I’ll reconsider. For now, I’ll be drinking my weight in Theraflu.

Sorry this is kind of wordy, with no pictures.