Welcoming Paisley: Our birth story


I swear I will not drag this out into a 12 post series.
Here is the short story:

My water broke at 10:10pm on 12/21
Admitted to L&D around 11:45pm on 12/21
Epidural at 3am on 12/22
Start pushing at 9:15am on 12/22
Paisley is born at 11:25am on 12/22

right before we left for the hospital

The longer version: On Saturday night I was getting ready to go to bed, and wanted Chris to rub my back. I had went out to the living room to ask him when my water broke. I just started laughing, I mean really cracking up. Chris says that I said, “what the hell?” then started laughing. I remember saying “either I just peed myself, or my water broke.” It was such a strange, strange feeling.

After we decided it was my water, I called the OB to see what I needed to do next. {They gave me instructions at my last appointment, but I was so nervous I totally forgot everything they said I needed to do}. The OB recommended we head to L&D so they could check if it actually was my water. We ran around gathering up the rest of our stuff and headed to the hospital.

I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly nervous I was feeling. I had been waiting for this moment, and now it was here.. We were going to come home with a baby; it’s just such a crazy feeling.

I had a few strongish contractions on the way to the hospital, but it was nothing like what you see on TV; or maybe my pain tolerance is higher than I thought?

I also hadn’t had any real contractions at this point of my pregnancy. I had braxton hicks contractions off & on all day on Saturday, but nothing that would make me think, “Oh, this baby is coming soon.” I was pretty much convinced that she was going to wait until her due date (1/2/2014) or after to maker her appearance.

I’ll skip the boring details between when I was being admitted and when I got my epidural. Nothing very exciting happened. I had some strong contractions; Chris rubbed my back while I breathed through each contraction. I never had any intention of having a natural birth, but I also didn’t want to get my epidural done too early. I’ve heard/read that the epidural can slow down progress. I had no desire to drag this birth thing out any longer than necessary.

I am OBVIOUSLY NOT one of those women that looks AWESOME during labor.

Sometime around 3am my L&D Nurse came in and said that the anesthesiologist was doing another epidural, and now would be a good time to get mine done since he was at the hospital. Again, I was nervous because I didn’t want to stall labor, but I didn’t want to progress so far that I couldn’t get one at all. I decided now or never, and went ahead and got it. Getting the epidural was a fairly easy process; Chris got a little woozy when the Anesthesiologist started asking me if I heard any ringing in my ear, if I had any tingling, or if I had a weird taste in my mouth. Chris said it freaked him out that the Dr. was so close to my spine.

Everything I’ve read/heard says you should try and get some sleep after an epidural (if you have one). Listen, I don’t know who these people are that can sleep right before they are about to give birth, but I’m not one of them. My adrenaline was pumping at super duper speed, my anxiety was through the roof, and resting was out of the question. Obviously with an epidural I couldn’t do anything but lay in the bed, but sleep was not had.

Sometime around 9:10 my nurse (who I LOVED, btw) came in, checked me, and said it was time to start pushing.

Let me tell you, pushing is NOTHING like what I thought. I gave VERY LITTLE thought to labor during my actual pregnancy. It scared me. The actual delivery part was horrifying to me, and thinking about it gave me major anxiety. So, I just chose to ignore the fact that I would have to push out a kid. Good idea, bad idea? I still don’t know. I don’t really know if there is anything you can do or read that could prepare you for what your body is about to go through.

I think my experience was somewhat abnormal, based on what friends/family/message boards have told me. The pain was incredible. I won’t even lie. It was so intense, and nothing like I’ve ever experienced. I don’t claim to have a high pain threshold, but this was just un-frickin-believable.

The anesthesiologist told me that the epidural would do nothing for the pain of pushing out a baby.. I’m not sure why this is, because I’ve had people tell me that they only felt pressure, not pain. Well, I’m here to tell you that I felt raw pain. I was also told that once she was out the pain would go away.. I’m here to call FALSE on that little rumor. Nope.

They put her on my chest immediately, which was so amazing – but OMG I was still in horrific pain. I was shaking, and practically screaming. Yeah ya’ll, straight up screaming happened. It was a scene out of a movie up in my delivery room.







I held Paisley for a pretty long time while the Dr. & nurses do what they do..

Eventually they took her so they could do her measurements:
7lbs 10.5oz
20” long

Whew. She was a lot bigger than what I was envisioning. All 3 of my sisters kids were less than 7lbs.. I somehow thought this mean Paisley would be that small. Wrong again.

Paisley had a fever at birth, so we had to stay in the hospital an extra day to make sure her 48hr blood cultures came back negative. We also needed to stay so that I could be seen by a neurologist and figure out what was going on with my right foot.

On Monday night the neuro ordered a MRI.. apparently I’m claustrophobic. I made it into the machine, but the tech had to pull me out to do something, and I had a melt down when my head made it out of the tube. I told him I couldn’t do it. He took me back to my room where I proceeded to cry some more. What a mess.

Tuesday morning my nurse gave me some xanax (my first time with the xanax) and I went back to radiology to try the MRI again. This tech was a million times more gentle with me, and put me into the tube feet first vs. head first .. that made all the difference. I survived the MRI just fine the 2nd time around. Thank you, xanax.

After my results came back normal, and Paisley’s blood cultures came back normal, we were discharged to go home. I was a little nervous about taking our brand new baby home – I mean, I had no idea what to do. There are no nurses at home to help figure things out. Whew. Scary.

We’ve been home for a week now, and we’ve managed to keep her in one piece. We’re battling jaundice & a cold, both of which have been kind of nerve wracking, but we are surviving.

I’m going to turn into a neurotic nut job. Kids are scary, yo.

Kudos to you if you made it this far. I will pay you in cute pictures…. you’re welcome.

Paisley Collage


Consumed by baby

Hey all,

I’m still here, just crazy busy & tired.

Paisley keeps me on my toes these days- it is crazy how busy we are even though she sleeps the majority of the day.

Between feeding her every 2 hours, trips to the hospital lab & trying to keep the dogs entertained, it seems we have no time for anything.

I’m working on her birth story. It’s not insanely long, it’s just taking me forever. I get side-tracked…. a lot.



And then there were three

We made it, we managed to successfully bring a brand new little baby girl into the world.

Paisley Rae was born at 11:25am on December 22, 2013.

She weighed in at a whopping 7lbs, 10.5oz & is 20″ long.

Whew baby.

She is doing great, mommy is surviving & daddy is awesome.

More details later when we get home.
Sorry if the formatting is wonky, I’m posting from my phone.


still chugging along

Still here, still pregnant, in case you were wondering.

jena chris dec 2013

I’m trying hard to savor these moments before I have a tiny baby attached to me 24/7, but it’s hard.
It’s hard to be uncomfortable. It’s hard to have this pregnancy induced insomnia. It’s hard to go to bed every night and wonder, “is this the night?”
I’m not complaining, okay, fine… Maybe I am, just a little though.
I know we are blessed.
but, it’s still hard.
We are ready.
I don’t do waiting well, and well, here I am……waiting.

It’s 5:11am. I’ve been up since 4:30.
Chris is still asleep, the dogs are still tucked away in their crates; it’s just me, and all my thoughts.
I know there will come a day when I’ll think back to this time and say, “remember when……”
I’m sure there will come a time when I’ll miss all this alone time.
But, until then, I sure do wish this kid would make her arrival.
Any time now baby, any time.

So anyways, there’s not much to do at 5am so I spend a lot of time browsing blogs, or reading on my Kindle. I’ve been keeping my “Books Read” page up-to-date over the past few weeks. <yay for me!>

Over the weekend I finished, The Things That Keep Us Here, by Carla Buckley.
I will admit that this book freaked me the heck out. I’m not really the type of person to worry about natural disasters, or the zombie apocalypse (okay I don’t worry about that AT ALL) or anything that could leave me holed up in my house for months on end without electricity.. but this book made me want to go out and become a Doomsday Prepper.

The story is about a flu pandemic; it starts with birds, and somehow mutates so that it starts to effect people. The family in the story live in Columbus Ohio, where a huge snowstorm knocks out the power right before Thanksgiving and it stays out until sometime in February. They had power for a few hours one day, and then it was out again for ….. awhile. People were dying all over the place, people were breaking into other peoples homes looking for food.. it was intense.

Obviously there is a lot more that happens in the book, but by the end of this book, I was seriously starting to freak out about the lack of food we keep in the house. I should avoid these types of doomsday books & shows.

Next on my to read list are:
Chasing Fire, by Nora Roberts
The Measures Between Us, by Ethan Hauser


A quick update on the meat-free dinners we had last week… It was somewhat successful. I think we had 3 or 4 meat-free dinners, all which were really good.

Monday night we went out to a hibachi grill (which was terrible) for my birthday. I had shrimp, Chris had steak & shrimp. The food itself was fine, the service was horrendous. I’ll never go back to that place again. It wasn’t even busy, but we waited an hour for the chef to show up…. pregnant lady + 1 hour wait = nope.

Tuesday night we had this creamy tomato spinach pasta. It was seriously good! Chris really enjoyed it, as did I – my only problem is that I think tomato based things are giving me acid reflux… sooo, obviously creamy TOMATO pasta is a problem.


Wednesday night we had this veggie taco casserole, which I did take a picture of, but it’s ugly, so I’ll spare you. Also very good, but the chips get soggy if you try to refrigerate the leftovers.. I can tolerate soggy chips for one meal, but after that I just threw the rest away.

Thursday night we had pasta e fagiole-esque type soup. I subtracted the ground beef from the recipe to make it meat-free. Again, it was really good.. but I paid for it later. Dang you acid reflux. I actually didn’t realize it was tomato based foods that was causing the reflux until Chris pointed it out to me over the weekend. I thought it was the dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee… LOL.. Which, I guess it could be, but it’s more likely the tomato based things, since tomatoes are very acidic (according to Chris). My knowledge of these things is limited.


I think that was the end of our meat-free dinners last week; Friday night we had a GIANT steak. Saturday night we had oysters & crab legs… delicious!

I have some meat-free dinners planned out for this week as well, but last night we ended up eating pancakes & eggs.. DON’T JUDGE! Don’t tell me you don’t eat breakfast foods for dinner sometimes…

I think that’s enough rambling for one day.

Happy Tuesday

challenge accepted


Happy Monday Friends.. WHO AM I KIDDING, today is not happy. Last night was awful; I attempted to get to bed at 9:30, all went well until Chris came to bed around 10, and woke me up.. I was wide awake after that. I took Tylenol PM hoping it would help me fall back asleep. Nope. I think it had the opposite effect on me this time – I was wide awake for the rest of the night. I was up every single hour between 10pm & 5am to pee; that is NOT an exaggeration, that is real. It was awful. I got up around 2 and attempted to sleep in the recliner. Nope. Tried the couch. Nope. Then I was starving at 2:30am, so at 2:30 in the morning I made scrambled eggs. I sat on the couch and read a book while I ate.. ridiculous. I got back in bed around 3… got up every hour, but managed to sleep from about 5a to 7a. Holy crap, I am done with this.

so I’m feeling a bit frazzled & tired today… thankfully I’m home.

Friday night was also a rough night around here. We are having an awful lot of bad nights around here.. Friday night I was feeling really antsy & anxious. I couldn’t get comfortable and my back started to ache. I attempted to go to bed around 9:30 (which is normal for me), but I could not find a position that was comfortable. Chris was so sweet and rubbed my back & head for what seemed like forever, but I just could not relax.

Finally, around 2:30am I got in the shower, nothing else was helping me to relax, so I might as well try a hot shower. I felt a little better when I got out, but I knew that sleep would not be happening any time soon. Chris was a real trooper, he stayed up with me and we rented Two Guns with Mark Wahlberg & Denzel Washington.

Somewhere in all of this we had a conversation about eating meat-free meals for 7 days. This is the 2nd time we’ve had this conversation; a few weeks ago Chris mentioned that he wanted to try eating more of a plant based diet – which is so weird for Chris, the man loves his steak. But, hey, I’m game.

So Saturday morning I searched around Pinterest for some vegetarian meals that looked tasty {and easy}. I like cooking, but I don’t want to spend an hour prepping and then another hour cooking – I don’t have time {or the patience} for all that.

I made my grocery list & we headed to town to run errands & get our groceries.

green peppers spinach
tomatoes mustard greens
green onions celery
carrots onions
diced tomatoes tomato sauce
monterey jack cheese kidney beans
crushed tomatoes grapes
tomato paste penne pasta
elbow pasta grated parmesan
tortilla chips milk


We have a great little farmers market every Saturday morning, not far from our house, but I always forget about it & end up spending 3x as much on veggies from the grocery store. This mess of veggies was $16 from a local farm… I think that’s pretty good, plus, it’s all fresh & local, so that’s bonus! We bought everything else from my favorite grocery store, Publix; we spent $48.

Has anyone else noticed the cost of milk has gone up in the last few weeks? I don’t usually pay to much attention because it something that I MUST HAVE, so I’m going to buy it no matter what the cost is, but I choked a little when I saw the $3.99 price tag. Geesh.

Onto what we are actually going to eat this week:

Stuffed pepper soup
veggie taco casserole
farmers market quinoa
pasta fagioli
creamy tomato & spinach pasta
mustard green w/ mac n cheese

It will be a miracle if I actually end up cooking all these meals this week… lately we’ve been eating a lot of grilled cheese, and other random things. My energy & desire to cook is running pretty low these days, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I’m off to do a little bit of work & then hopefully catch a short nap.

The final 4


Well, here we are Friends, in the last 29 days of my pregnancy.. I think these last 4 weeks are going to be harder than any other weeks of this pregnancy.

My nephew as born on Oct 30 & my friend had her son on Nov 26th, which made me next in line and I’m SO ANXIOUS! I think the fact that those two sweet babes are already here is making it even worse! I JUST WANT TO MEET OUR BABY GIRL!!!!


We went and had a 4D ultrasound done a few weeks ago, and this kid was about as uncooperative as a kid can get. We were there for over and hour, and all we got pictures of was the side of her face; There are 180 pictures of her profile… stubborn, just like her Dad (ha). In case you can’t tell, she has her hand in her mouth.


These pictures are cracking me up! First one in the gray tank is 10 weeks, second on is 20 weeks, third is 25 wks… and I actually thought I had a real bump going on. Puh-lease!

35 _ 36 weeks

Now that is a bump. 35 & 36 weeks.

I’ve now reached the point where I go to the OB every single week; isn’t that fun?


 — 36 weeks
— Gained about 33ish lbs at this point
— No stretch marks (fingers crossed my good fortune continues)
— Some nausea at night
— According to the baby bump app, baby girl is about 5.75lbs – I have no idea how big she actually is
— According to the ultrasound tech from Tuesday she has a lot of hair!
— All that hair causes some serious acid reflux
— had our first NST (non stress test) this Tuesday; Baby girl was pretty quiet on Monday & when I mentioned this and the fact that I had some pretty steady braxton hicks on Monday my OB sent me to the hospital for monitoring. All was well, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
— I’ll spare you the status of my cervix; but I will tell you that Chris has put me on “bed rest” until next week. Ha. Lucky for him my boss pretty much agrees, so I’ve quit working in my office, and I’m working from home now until ?????

After Tuesday’s exciting appointment, Chris came home and installed the car seat in my car AND packed all of our bags. We are ready to go!

Recent reads & my book wish list

Hello Friends, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We had a pretty great weekend over here.


We headed over to my Mom’s house bright & early on Thursday morning. We spent the day just lounging around and getting ready for a big family meal on Thursday night.

This little turkey slept the whole day


Today was the perfect lazy day! I managed to sleep until 7am, which is quite the feat these days! I made some scrambled eggs for breakfast, while Chris put a pork shoulder on the smoker. We went for a nice walk around the neighborhood then I spent the rest of the day just lounging around the house.

I even managed to update my Books Read in 2013 page; I was seriously behind on that! I’m surprised I managed to read 25 books this year, I don’t usually keep track, but I’m pretty sure that’s a pretty big jump from the last few years.

Chris got me a kindle for Christmas 2 years ago, and I put it to good use this year. I do try to use our library somewhat often, but more often than not, they don’t have the books that I want to read, or the waiting list is super long. For example, the book I currently want to read, Killing Floor, by Lee Childs has a wait list of who knows how many people, with 1 copy of the book. They also have digital copies, (3) with a waitlist of 50 people. I am not that patient; chances are I’ll end up buying the book before I wait for the book to become available at the library.

Moving on…. I recently read two books, the first was The Forgotten, by David Baldacci & the second was The Silent Wife, by A.S.A Harrison. Neither book was all that great. The Forgotten took me a pretty long time to read, & The Silent Wife only took me a few days, but mostly because I just wanted to get to the end to see what happened; the story line wasn’t all that interesting.

Since the book I want to read has a long waiting list, and I’m not quite desperate enough to buy it, I’ve been browsing my Amazon Wish List for my next book. The wish list feature is a great way to keep track of things you want, but aren’t ready to buy yet. When you buy something off of amazon they always have that “another person who bought this item, also liked this item” lists so I usually end up browsing the book section for a long time. As I find books I want to read, I add them to my wish list, then when the time comes, I can pull it up and find my next book.



I also love to browse the book section at target; I’m a bit of a nerd, so I’ll take pictures of the books I want to read, then come home and add them to my Amazon wish list. Not exactly efficient, but it works. Amazon needs to create an app where we can take a picture of the barcode, and add it to the wish list that way. (Goodreads already has this on their app.)

I’m off to see if my library has any of the books on my wish list available!