I think it’s finally here

Y’all, we are experiencing some cool temperatures down here in Florida, and I am WAY more excited than a normal person should be.


I mean, can we all get a little excited about the fact that the high on Thanksgiving Day is 55 !!! FIFTY-FIVE PEOPLE!!!!!! That means I can wear a sweater ALL DAY and not get hot. THIS IS EXCITING!

picture from last Thanksgiving day.. apparently it was cold last year as well, YES!
and yeah, I’m THAT corny.

So anyways, I’m excited about this weather.

In honor of the Fall season, I decided it’s a good time to make some Fall-ish type meals:

Roasted veggies & quinoa
roasted red pepper & chicken sausage orzo soup

I don’t think I need more than 3 meals this week; Thursday will be spent in a turkey coma, and Friday will probably be more of the same.

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving week; this year has FLOWN by.. Man.


Looking forward

 Some stuff has been weighing heavily on me the last week or so — I am not an overly cheery person, it’s just not something that comes naturally, or easily to me. I don’t ooze niceness and rainbows. I don’t sugar coat things, and I don’t pretend. I won’t be nice just because it’s “the right thing to do.” That’s just not me. I don’t hide my feelings well. My resting face is a bitch face. I am often misunderstood.

 It’s probable that a lot of what I say on my blog can be misconstrued or taken the wrong way/out of context. I write what I feel, and think very little about how it will come across…

So I was thinking that maybe I haven’t really expressed how happy I really am to be pregnant and to be having a baby girl.

Having a kid is big flippin’ deal, y’all. I am not one of these women that had my wedding planned out at 5, and I didn’t dream of having kids. I just didn’t. If you don’t like that, I’m sorry. Feel free to click the red X at the top of the screen now. The decision to have a kid was a big one for me; You can tell me that your life doesn’t change “that much” all you want, and I’ll tell you that you’re full of crap.

But after all those feelings, I am happy. I am blessed, and some where, deep down, under all the scared feelings, I am excited.

This morning before I left for work I hung up some of the clothes that we received from a very generous person in Chris’ life. I washed them earlier this week, and I had a few extra minutes to put them away, so I did. I stood in her closet hanging up those little sleepers and tried to imagine what she would look like in them. (FYI: I’m legit getting all teary right now.. good Lord, hormones.)

After I found out I was pregnant, I started reading a lot of Mommy-type blogs. I look forward to the days when I can take a million pictures of my daughter snuggling with her dad, or holding his hand while they walk on the beach. I look forward to family vacations, and showing her new places.

There are also a lot of things I don’t look forward to – I am not under some illusion that having a kid will be easy, or fun all the time, and it is by no means cheap. These feelings don’t make me a bad person, or a bad Mom.

So, that’s that. 41 more days until the fun begins…

Happy Weekend, I hope it’s filled with lots of love & joy.


A different kind of pregnancy survey

1. What name did you and your spouse call your baby before you knew the gender?

Punkin Seed

2. When did “Oh-my-gosh-we’re-having-a-baby” really sink it?

I don’t think it will really sink in until she is here; We are constantly saying, “oh my gosh, what have we done?” “Oh my gosh, there is a real live baby in there.”

3. When you think of yourself as a mom, what’s the first thing to come to mind?

The first words that come to mind are, “holy crap.” That’s about as far as I can get at this point. I hope that I will be patient with her. I hope that I will have unconditional love & compassion. I hope I can create a lifetime of memories for her (happy ones, of course).

4. Is your nursery complete? What’s the theme and what do you have left to complete?

It’s 95% done. I need to decide what to do about the rocking chair cushions, and we need to order & hang some pictures; but those are things that I’m not worried about and if we don’t get to them until after she’s born, I’m fine with that.

5. List 5 qualities you hope your baby will possess: fearlessness, loyalty, honesty, compassion, a forgiving heart

6. What’s your ideal labor experience?

Surviving. Labor is something I try to avoid thinking about. I have a very low pain tolerance, and the whole process just terrifies me. I don’t think reading about it will help calm my fears, so this is something I’ve chosen to stick my head in the sand about, and I’ll take it as it comes.

7. List 5 things that have changed in your relationship with your spouse since you’ve been pregnant:

I don’t know of 5 specific things that have changed, or if anything has really changed. I am much more dependent upon him, especially at 34 weeks. I can barely put my socks on, much less put lotion on my own feet. He’s been very patient and has really gone above and beyond to make sure that I am as comfortable as possible. He’s been a lot more attentive than I ever thought he would. He’s a good dude, but even he has his limits; he’s definitely gone outside what I thought his limits would be.

8. List 5 things you think will change once your baby arrives: Everything will change

9. Where do you think you’ll be when you go into labor? Why?

Home, I hope.

10. Have you been talking to your baby? Playing music?

Not really; Chris talks to her. Tells her goodnight, and that he loves her. I don’t play music specifically for her, but I play it in my car; I guess she hears that.

11. In what ways do you hope your baby is like your spouse?

I hope she’s level-headed like he is; calm, and rational. I’m high strung, and completely irrational at times.

12. In what ways do you hope your baby is like you?

I hope she has my compassionate heart. These questions are difficult

13. How long will you wait for the next baby, or if this is your last one, why/why not?

a year, or more.

14. What kind of grandparents do you think your baby will have?

She has a lot of grandparents. 4 grandmas & 3 Grandpas/Papa’s. They are all excited to meet her, and I’m sure she will be spoiled rotten.

15. Who will be with you during labor? Who will visit you in the hospital during your recovery?

This topic gives me major anxiety. Chris will be with me during labor. I’m choosing to ignore the rest of the question.

16. How much will you tell your baby (child, teenager) about your past? Why/why not?

I don’t think I’ve done anything that I’m ashamed of; I think I’ll be pretty open with her.

17. Do you have any hopes for your child’s activities? (Sports, academics, school preference, activities, etc)

We hope she loves the ocean & the beach as much as we do. After that, she can love whatever she wants.

18. When will you tell your baby about the birds and the bees?

never. Can I please just get through labor, then the first year before we start thinking about the birds & the bees? Calm down people.

19. In what ways do you hope you’ll parent like your parents did?

Love unconditionally.

20. Which childhood memory do you hope your child will have (similar to one you fondly remember)?

We have talked many times about having a yearly vacation place; a place where she can grow up, and that she will have lots of memories of when she gets older. We also want to have some sort of weekend getaway where we can go as a family and relax together; also would serve as a great place to make memories.

I have nothing interesting to say, but some other people do.

Happy Day.. it’s actually pretty gloomy here so far. It rained last night, and the clouds are still lingering.

I have an OB appt this morning, so I’m just dilly dallying around the house, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and reading blogs.

Random side note: The baby currently has hiccups, so that is weird. Well, at least I think it’s hiccups – I’ve been told it’s hiccups. The feeling is different than a regular kick, or movement. It’s a constant pulsing/thumping sensation in the same spot for several minutes – pretty much exactly like when we have hiccups. Very odd.

I’ve been thinking about this blog lately. The fact that I pretty much never post anymore, and that makes me sad. What makes me even more sad is that the lack of posting isn’t because I don’t have the time; it’s just because I have absolutely nothing going on. That is lame, right?

I’m sometimes envious of these bloggers that have boatloads of friends, and are always doing something – they always have something to blog about. I’m just sitting over here missing my Husband while he’s out of town and growing a baby. Nothing really all that exciting.

Sometimes I start a blog post, and then I think, “no one cares about that.” Don’t even waste your time writing that because no one cares. No one is interested in your favorite pieces of maternity clothes (indigo blue maternity shorts & jeans are where it’s at, FYI). No one cares about about you budget, and how you’re saving money. That’s not your niche, so don’t even try.

Instead of those posts, you get nothing, or you get this random, off the wall, I have to much free time this morning and I’m feeling whiny type of post. Lucky you. 

SO, since I’m not really writing anything of importance these days, I’ll give you a few links to posts that I’ve enjoyed lately.

5 things I like about…..being on a budget, from The Lady Okie
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Just Shut up, from Recently Roached  — If you don’t read any of the others, read this one. and if you’re reaction isn’t WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE, then I must ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Other things you could do: 

Follow me on Facebook. I swear I don’t post that often, but I need 2 more likes.. so, do it. 
Follow me on instagram, because I love new followers & I love following new people.

Saturday adventures : Cedar Key

This morning we woke up at 6am… on a Saturday. who does that? I woke up starving, so I crawled out of bed, started the coffee & waited for Chris to make his way into the kitchen. He asked if I wanted french toast, pancakes, or grits & eggs for breakfast.

I chose grits & eggs, this is my most favorite breakfast, ever. We kind of have a tradition, that if we are both home, Chris makes breakfasts on the weekends. We sit at the table, drink coffee and eat breakfast together – this is one of my favorite things about the weekend. It’s a change of pace from our weekday mornings; I usually wake up before Chris, put coffee on, eat a bagel, and pack his lunch while he is getting ready for work. He pours his coffee, grabs a bagel, and then he is headed out the door.

This morning, over our grits & eggs, we decided to have an adventure day; a day where we get in the car and drive to a place we’ve never been. We’ve been talking about going to Cedar Key for a while now, but have never made the time to venture up that way.

Today was the day. We were in the car and on the road by 8:30; the weather was kind of crappy this morning, but we didn’t let that stop us.


When we arrived, we parked on the  side of the bridge & walked into the touristy part of Cedar Key. We checked out the pier, where there were quite a few people fishing. (We saw a few dolphins). We both commented that we were surprised it was free to get out on the pier. Recently when we were in Ormond Beach, we had to pay to get out on the pier; you also have to pay to get out to the end of the fishing pier in Clearwater beach.

We found a little shop where we bought our yearly Christmas Ornament. I’m sure this is a pretty popular idea, but every year we buy one new ornament for our tree. We usually try to make it some kind of beach themed thing (surprise, surprise, right?)

Eventually we decided we were hungry so we stopped in at the Pickled Pelican to grab some food. I picked the restaurant based solely on the name, I mean, who wouldn’t? That is a great name!

The Pickled Pelican was alright. They have outdoor seating, which is nice, but we opted to sit inside. It was a little windy, and kind of rainy when we stopped for lunch, so outside wasn’t really ideal. I had the fried shrimp basket, which came with fries & coleslaw  ($10); Chris has the grouper sandwich which came with chips & coleslaw ($15.50), he upgraded to fries, which was another $1.25. I think upcharges are ridiculous, but what can you do.


My meal was good, but it’s hard to mess up fried shrimp. Chris said his sandwich was okay; it came served on a pretzel bun (this pretzel bun craze is kind of nuts), which was to much bread and kind of overwhelming for a grouper sandwich. He would have preferred a regular bun.

Overall the meal was fine, but kind of expensive for lunch, and for the portions of food we were served.

jena chris cedar key 1

After lunch we wandered around a little while longer before we ran into our neighbor. Pretty odd to be about 1.5hrs from home, in a tiny little town, and run into our next door neighbors. After some brief chit-chat we meandered down the road back towards the car. The weather was cool, but my fingers were starting to swell up like vienna sausages so we loaded up and headed back towards the house.

These types of adventures are my absolute favorite; I love getting in the car and riding somewhere new; although, at this point in my pregnancy, long car rides are not really my friend.

Hope you’re Saturday was everything you wanted it to be.

Hold on while I spam you real quick

Happy Hump Day!

I’m a big online shopper; probably 85% of my shopping is done online. I don’t know if it’s a Florida thing or what, but for whatever reason, the majority of the stores around here can only manage to have 2 check out lanes open at any given time.

I have zero patience when it comes to standing in line and waiting for the person in front of me to dig out their .50 coupon. Then when the coupon won’t work they stand there for 25 minutes while the cashier calls 3 coworkers, and 6 managers to figure it out. ALL OVER FIFTY CENTS. A similar scenario happened recently and I about lost my mind – I was about to give the lady 50 cents to get the hell out of the way. I’m so friendly, right?

So anyways, if you haven’t heard of Ebates.com, you should check it out. Ebates is basically a referral website that pays you to shop online. You can type in the name of the retailer you want to go to, click on the link, and if you buy something from that retailer you (usually) get between 1 – 7% back on all purchases.


I don’t always remember to use Ebates, but I should. I’ve remembered this week, and I’ve earned a tiny bit of money back. With the holiday season coming up, now is a super time to sign up for Ebates.

This kind of post is totally not my thing, but I got an e-mail this morning from Ebates:


But really, it’s totally free, and pretty much everyone shops online, so there is zero reason for you not to take advantage of the website (and help me out while you’re doing it).

8 things, because 10 is 2 to many

Things are chugging along pretty smoothly over here.

1. My sister went into labor last Wednesday (Oct 30) and my newest nephew was born at 4:41pm (I think). He is 6lbs 15oz of awesome.









2. My baby shower was this past weekend; when I first got pregnant the thought of having a baby shower made me queasy. Getting in front of a group of people makes me anxious and sweaty. I just don’t do well in big crowds of people, they freak me out. But, I think I did pretty well. I don’t have any pictures; there are some, but I don’t have any of them.

picked up this dress from TJ Maxx for my baby shower.
I actually had good hair that day – to bad it doesn’t always look that good.

3. On Sunday we went shopping for some more of the essential baby things that we still needed. Holy crap, babies are expensive. Why do they need so much crap?

I can’t remember if I’ve put up any pictures of the nursery, so here is one:

We LOVE the colors. So bright, and so beachy feeling. All the walls are coral, except for one, which we painted gray.

4. I don’t know where this is, but I want to go there…. ASAP

5. I do not take serious pictures (this is from my sister’s baby shower)

6. We did maternity photos a few weeks ago 

7. I am obsessed with baby GAP.. it’s bad.


BABY SWEATER DRESS!!!! I haven’t bought this…….yet

8. French toast for dinner is always acceptable


You’re welcome for that post. Mind blowing stuff right there..

can’t put my finger on it

According to the baby bump app, I only have 63 days until my due date, or 9 weeks. Baby girl is the size of a head of lettuce (?) approximately 19in long (this seems huge for a kid that has 9 weeks left) and about 3.9lbs.

not really relevant, but it made me laugh.

I’m not sure if it’s my impending parenthood, or something entirely different, but I’ve been feeling really unsettled.

Maybe unsettled isn’t the right word, I’m not sure what the word is – but I just feel…… something.

Every day feels like a countdown.

I wake up, and think, “If I eat breakfast now, it’s X hours until lunch time.” Thus, the countdown to lunch has begun. On Monday I start counting down until Thursday; the only significance to Thursday is that I work from home. On Thursday I start counting down until Saturday.

Every Wednesday I mark off another week down until we meet our precious baby girl. “How many weeks pregnant are you?” 31 on Wednesday… just another count down. I guess that doesn’t change once our girl arrives. “How old is she?” “X weeks.”

I guess it’s never ending. It’s just hitting me hard right now – big changes are headed my way.

I hate the unknown; I’ve said it before, I’m a planner… and with pregnancy, and birth, and pretty much anything for a while, I can’t plan anything. My inner planner is going INSANE! 

The holidays are coming, and I can’t make any plans because….. I’ll either have a baby, or I’ll be hugely pregnant. This is causing me quite a bit of anxiety all by itself…

truer words have never been spoken. Chris has been a saint, but that deserves it’s own post.


October was a crazy busy month; we had something going on every single weekend, maybe that contributed to my feelings of …… whatever.

I know that we only have so many days left as a twosome, as non-parents.. So many days of complete (sort of) freedom. I’m not upset about it, it’s just a fact. It’s a weird feeling.

My baby shower is this weekend, which is fun & frightening all at the same time. I’m excited to see everyone, but nervous for what the baby shower represents… a baby.

I think that even at 31 weeks pregnant, I’m still shocked that I’m going to be someone’s parent. Responsible for raising someone into a {hopefully} productive citizen. It’s a big task, a task that I really didn’t think I could or wanted to handle; and now, here I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, and I can’t wait to meet our baby girl, but c’mon y’all, it’s scary… and if you say that as a first time parent you weren’t scared, you’re lying.. straight up lying.

Sorry these thoughts are so jumbled, and probably not  very coherent. It’s just a mess of thoughts that have been on my mind constantly for the last few days.

Happy Friday!