I think this is going to be short and sweet. I’m not feeling to hot, ugh.

I came home from work and got ready to run. But before I came home I went to CVS to pick up a prescription and somehow convinced myself that I should get some sugarfree gummy bears. yah, ew. they didn’t taste good, but I still at the whole package… gross.

I can’t say if that’s what is wrong with my stomach, but I Can only assume that those nasty gummy bears have something to do with it.

I attempted to run 6 miles on the treadmill, but I made 3.6 miles and called it quits. I feel like I have a gigantic bubble just sitting in my stomach. It’s been 3 hours and it’s still just hanging out making me feel gross.


I searched “bubbles” on pinterest and that little baby came up. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s cute and made me smile so I put it up here..

For dinner we are straying away from the meal plan and have grilled buffalo chicken with grilled sweet potato (for me) & regular potato for Chris.  — Chicken was on the menu, but wasn’t intended to be made this way. I didn’t feel like cooking, and grilling is the best way to get out of cooking. Smile

In other, not exciting news, we are going to the Y tomorrow to see if they are running any membership specials since it’s the 1st of the month. I Don’t know if they do that, or maybe they will have a labor day special? For both of us to join there is a $100 sign-up fee, it’s “only” $100, and we “only” have to pay it once, but If I can get out of paying it at all, I would prefer that.

Somehow Chris has turned me into a haggler. (is that even a word?) I used to just accept things the way they were. I either paid, or I didn’t. I never tried to haggle with anyone. Chris on the other hand, he’ll try to haggle anyone about anything. Even at restaurants, it’s crazy..and sometimes drives me crazy, but I love him ❤

While we were in the Bahamas I put my lack-of haggling skills to work. I wanted to buy two straw purses but they wanted $20/ea for two fairly small purses. No way jose. The lady saw my hesitation so she asked what I wanted to pay. I thought about it for a minute – I didn’t want to rip the lady off, but I felt like she was trying to rip me off – I told her $13/ea, and she accepted. score.

I was so proud of myself.. I practically skipped back to the boat to tell Chris. nerd.

Are you a haggler?

Livin’ life, one haggle at a time



Alright friends, we are half-way through the work week, that’s good news!

Tuesday was pretty uneventful, I don’t particularly like Tuesdays. There is always lots of drama in the building I work in. Lots of loud, annoying, smoking, obnoxious patients occupy the halls all day long waiting to get into the pain management doctor. I hate to stereo-type pain management patients, but these people make it pretty hard.

I also left work early to renew my tag…yes mom, I’m just now renewing my tag. oops. It expired on 8/21, but I kept forgetting to renew it. Today when I went online to renew it said that they didn’t have my insurance on file so I had to go to the DMV to renew. dang. I don’t know about where you live, but every time I’ve ever been to the DMV it’s taken no less than an hour. ugh. — I arrived @ the DMV at 4:10, and I was out by 4:20. WHOA. quickest DMV trip EVERRRR!!!! There was no one there – it was the craziest thing.

Daily work out

Today was a cross-training day so I did a little workout I found on pinterest last week. 


I did this work out twice. Then I did an additional 10 pushups. I did 23 pushups at work today, and then another 20 tonight before bed.

I am counting the burpees as pushups, since you do a pushup, right? I hope I did that right.

20 pushups in the work x 2 sets = 40
7 burpees x 2 sets =14
53 additional pushups btwn work & home

total pushups = 107   HOLLA!  

I can definitely feel some soreness in my core. My arms feel great. I need to do a little weight lifting as well, but I really like pushups because they are convenient and require nothing but a little space on the floor.


In an effort to stop killing our brains save money we are going to cancel our home phone and cable. I checked out our phone usage last month and we made/rec’d 19 calls. Uhmmmm, yah. It’s $35 for the phone, not really worth it for 19 calls.  We’ve been talking about cancelling the cable forever. Every day I say, “there is NEVER anything on TV.ever.” Then we talk about cancelling the cable, and then think of some reason why we cannot cancel the cable.

Now that I’ve discovered Hulu I’m pretty much fine with cancelling cable. If I can’t watch it on Hulu, I can rent it from netflix, or watch it on the network website. Paying for cable is pointless these days. Of course we have to get netflix first, but it’s cheaper than paying for cable., right?

Tonight Chris said, “let’s practice not having cable.” So, we did. First we went to lowes. That was not really a money-saving event, but Chris needed to get some junk for work so we went. Then we dreamed about the new washer & dryer that we want, and looked at a counter for the laundry room. We checked out the dewalt drill that he wants for Christmas. He is horrible when you take him to lowes! There is a whole lot of, “Oh, babe, I need this.”   “Oh, and this, check this out.”  “Oh, I also need a 4ft level.”  He’s like taking a girl shopping, ridiculous.


I saw this cute guy in Lowes and I wanted to bring him home. He’s so schweet lookin’

$50 later we made it home and decided we should play yahtzee. It’s been a while since we’ve played yahtzee, We dug out the game, and sat down at the table and enjoyed each other’s company.

It was really fun. I really like yahtzee, it’s a fun game of chance that had us totally cracking up.


Chris won the first game, I won the second game. Of course we had to have a third game to break the tie. duh.


I won!

Chris’ score was 200 for the 3rd game. Sadly I never scored a yahtzee.

What types of things do you & your SO do together…. besides workout or run.

Livin’ life, winning one game at a time

Plan it out


Monday: 3mi + weights/pushups
Tuesday: Xtrain
Wed: 6mi + pushups
Thurs: 3mi + weights
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8 mi
Sunday: 3mi + pushups

total: 24 miles

Along with planning out my workouts, I plan out meals. I think the idea of planning out a menu is a little restrictive for some. I could see how it would be restrictive for families on the go, or for more creative types. But, since I am neither of those the menu planning works out really well for me.

Weekly meal plan

fried fish & grits
pumpkin black bean soup
chicken w/ balsamic onions & parmesan potatoes  (rachel ray magazine)
veggie fajita burrito  (rachel ray magazine)
flat bread pizza with spinach


Tonight we had fish & grits. Occasionally some of the guys that work with my Dad stay over bc it’s a long drive back to where they live… So tonight we cooked up a big mess of fish & grits. That’s the bomb y’all, fish and grits is the tits. mmmmm

Daily work out

Y’all will be happy to know that I ran outside for the first time since July. Oh yes. outside. and it was hot as heck. oh man was it hot. 

I left the house a little before 6. It was a little cloudy with a slight breeze so I thought it would make for a cool(er) run. wrong.

My schedule says 3 miles so I set out for a little 3 mile jaunt. the first 1/2mi was a little rough. My knees were stiff and achy. I am kind of wondering if it’s my shoes, or if I’ve just adjusted to running on the treadmill. I’m hoping it’s the latter for at least another month or so.

I stopped to stretch around 1/2mi and that seemed to loosen up my knees. The last 2 miles were uneventful. Over all a decent run. I am happy to have put my shoes back out on the pavement. My time was 28:32,, 9:30.  good enough. Plus 20pushups x 2 sets.

living life, one pushup at a time

let’s talk about …


13 weeks until the Women’s Magazine Half-Marathon. 10 weeks until my training half-marathon with Jenny. 

I’m feeling good about the whole thing right now. The last few weeks I’ve been feeling good about my training. I feel like I’m making some progress; not really pace wise, but I’ve been getting in some good miles so that makes me feel more confident.

What I don’t like is that every run since July 21st has been on the treadmill.  I’m really ready for some cooler temperatures so I can get some runs done outside. I should really run in the heat, but it’s just so gross I don’t want to. Chances that the half in october will not have cool temperature so I should really “practice” running long distances in the heat. #wah


weekly workout recap

Last week was a solid week of running. I’m SUPER proud of myself that I pretty much stuck to my plan.

Here is what I planned for myself for last week: (actual in bold)

Monday: travel                  we drove home from jupiter
Tuesday: 3 mi + pushups    3 mi (27:15, 9:05) + 20 pushups
Wednesday: 6 mi              6 mi (54:54, 9:09) + 20 pushups
Thursday: 3mi + weights     3 mi (29:00, 9:39) + 20 pushups
Friday: rest                       rest
Saturday: 5 mi + pushups   7 mi (67:00, 9:34) + 20 pushup x 2
Sunday: Xtrain (weights)    3mi (27:45, 9:15) + 20 pushups

                                       total miles: 22  total pushups: 120

22 miles is pretty awesome for me, especially since I’ve been averaging between 10-15 mpw for a while now. I finally broke the “6 miles is faaaaarrrrrr” {wahhh} feeling I’ve been having. I finally feel like I’m doing some real training for this half-marathon. Ideally I would like to be around 27-30 mpw.  I’m definitely feeling like I’m ready to tackle some longer distances and get this non-training plan moving!

If you are training for something how did your week go? Successes? Failures?  If your not training for something, what keeps you motivated to work out?

Livin’ life, one mile at a time

There’s one thing I’m good at …

Welp, Saturday is gone. Sunday is here. bummer. Back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday wasn’t quite as productive as I would have liked:

  • sit on the couch CHECK
  • do laundry sort of check
  • gym/run I did run
  • sweep/mop nope
  • grocery shopping nope
  • return the smallest george forman you’ve ever seen to Target. nope

So, I completed 50% of the list, good enough. I did a super great job of sitting on the couch, I almost earned an award for that.


Today’s to-do:

  • laundry
  • sweep/mop
  • menu plan
  • grocery shop
  • color hair
  • paint toenails
  • short run

Daily work out

Since I didn’t go run with the group yesterday I had to tackle 7 miles on my own. I was planning on using a guest pass I have for the Y. But, then I thought maybe chris & I could go to the Y today and use our passes together. Plus, I really just wanted to stay home. I didn’t feel like driving over to the Y, it’s not far, but the treadmill in my living room is 100x closer Winking smile 

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s was playing on E! yesterday for a few hours so I jumped on the treadmill and ran my little heart out. – I know the Kardashians are a controversial family, and quite a few people dislike them, but they are pretty entertaining.

7 miles was on the menu, and 7 miles is what I did. I stopped at 3 miles to stretch and get a sip of gatorade. I can’t believe the sweat that was pouring off me, considering I was running inside. In my head, running inside should equal less sweat since its cooler inside. .. not so. 7 miles, 67:00, 9:34pace.

My first 2 miles were at a 6mph pace, which is a 10:00, the remaining 5 miles I alternated between 9:40 – 9:13. I felt surprisingly good during my run. – I haven’t had any knee pain for the last 2-3 weeks (yay). I’m surprised that my knees feel good today. I was worried that with the increase in mileage this week that I might have some knee issues, but so far so good. I am going to do a 4 mile run a little later today.


Last weekend while we were down in Jupiter we went to Chili’s one night for dinner. I ordered the Santa Fe chicken wrap, which I just looked up and see that it has 630 calories.. oof!  Anyways, it was really tasty, and possibly worth the calories.  But, I was more interested in the Margarita Chicken that my Dad & Sissy-Love ordered.  It looked like a fairly basic meal that I could replicate at home.


I looked up the recipe for the margarita chicken on FOOD.COM

Chili’s Margarita Grilled Chicken

  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup liquid margarita mix
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • fresh ground black pepper, to taste
  • I put the chicken breasts in a gallon size ziplock bag and then added the marinade. I didn’t measure anything, I just dumped some margarita mix in the bag until the chicken was covered up and then sprinkled some garlic powder, pepper, and salt inside the bag.

    I let it marinade for about 4 hours, and then Chris put it on the grill when he got home. We also had a sweet potato (for me), regular potato (for him) and corn on the cob (for him). We’ve figured out that grilling the potatoes is thebomb.com ! SOO tasty!   (no pictures. sorry).

    Chris said it was the best “white” chicken he has ever had. I guess white means breasts as opposed to thighs. He really isn’t a gigantic fan of grilled chicken … which is funny considering the amount of grilled chicken we’ve been eating lately. (ha! Smile  )

    What’s on your menu for this week? Did you have any damage from Hurricane Irene?


    Livin’ life, one lazy day at a time

    here I go again

    Happy Weekend Friends! 

    I took Friday as a rest day. I am planning on running 7 miles sometime today, and I wanted my legs to be rested for today’s run.

    My original plans for this 7mile run was to go run w/ the group this morning. and then. 5am came and went. The alarm went off and I decided I wasn’t getting up. I have no excuse except that I just wanted to sleep in. and sleep in I did. I got out of bed at 9:30. heck yes!

    source – I just wanted to post a cute puppy picture.

    I’m considering using the guest pass I have for the Ymca to get a work out in today. It seems like a good day to go over there and check it out. It’s probably not to busy, and maybe a new environment will help me tackle 7 miles on the treadmill.

    Today I have big plans:

    • sit on the couch
    • do laundry
    • gym/run
    • sweep/mop
    • grocery shopping
    • return the smallest george forman you’ve ever seen to Target.

    Oh man, I’m so cool.  Oh, I also need to work on my blog. I’m playing with the theme, which is why it looks a hot mess right now. I wasn’t happy with the way it was looking before… It’s a constant work in progress.

    I like to dream, okay, I love to dream. Sometimes it gets me through the work day. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great job. I love my job, but the summers are really slow for healthcare in Florida so sometimes I get a little bored.

    Dreaming pulls me through.


    I like to dream about the places I would like to live, the car that I really, really, really want. bad.

    Lately, I’ve been dreaming hard about what kind of car I want to get. My car is getting close to 100,000 miles. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with my car.  My Dad & I have had good luck with toyota’s, they’ve lasted forever… unless you wreck them.


    My car is a 2008, with 94,000 …. uh. yah.

    I have this problem.. It’s called “old car-itis “  After a few years with a car I get bored and start itching for a new one. This is a serious problem. I’ve been driving since I was 16, I’m 26 now.. sooo, 10 years.

    In 10 years I’ve had:

    • ‘89 toyota 4runner – met an untimely death (2001-2001)
    • 88 toyota pickup – sold it to an ex boyfriend..  (2001-2003)
    • 92 honda civic – (2003-2004)
    • 01 ford mustang (2004-2007)  this car hit 100k and went downhill. plus, I had a mid-twenties crisis
    • 08 scion TC (2007 – current)

    See, it’s time for a new car. I’ve been eyeing this baby:


    weeeeeeee, a 2007 350Z Roadster. Boooyah.

    Actually, this car is a automatic transmission, and that’s not cool. But I LOVE that color. Oh man.  Do you prefer a manual transmission, or automatic? 

    I’ve been driving an manual since I got my 2nd truck, the 88 toyota pickup. I was less than excited when I found out it was a manual, but it was a truck my Dad had so I had no option. I was just going to have to learn to drive it. 

    I think I learned to drive it pretty quickly, and once I got the hang of it, I’ve never gone back. Every car since that truck has been a manuel. (Chris’ truck is an automatic, but that’s his).



    awwww yah, that’s better. check out that beaut !!

    What do you dream about? Cars, houses, jobs, kids?

    What gets you through a boring day?


    Livin’ life, one daydream at a time!

    Hunker down, y’all.

    Yay, the weekend is creepin’ up on us! I know for some of y’all, it’s probably not exciting. The weekend means Hurricane Irene is going to be gently slamming rain & wind down on you.


    That just doesn’t look good. Looks like the West Coast is going to be spared – but, there will be no trip to the beach this weekend. There is a chance of rain all weekend so the plans have been nixed and postponed for a week or two.

    Actually, I’m a tiny bit excited to have no plans this weekend. We’ve been on the run every weekend for since July 29th when we left for the Bahamas. I need a weekend at home. I’m excited to lounge on the couch, and watch trash TV. Maybe read a book, or two.  Oh man. I’m getting more excited the more I think about it.


    Daily work out

    I’m really trying to get in “half-marathon training mode..” I don’t want to just skirt through the half like I did last November. I’ve goofed off long enough this summer.

    I still haven’t made a training plan. Probably not smart. I’m pretty much just winging it. It works for Sarah, sort of.. she has a training plan of sorts I guess. 

    My only plan Is to make sure I’m at least at 11-12 miles by the last weekend in October. I am planning on running the Halloween Halfathon in Ft. Desoto with Jenny on Oct. 30th. There is 9 weeks until Oct 30th.. Plenty of time to get to 11 – 12 miles.

    I’m looking for a race before the Halloween Halfathon. I need something in the next few weeks to keep me motivated to keep on, keepin’ on.


    Now, to actually recap my miles for the last few days:

    Tuesday: I scheduled myself to have a short run. 3 miles + 20 pushups, and that is what I did. 3 miles @ 9:05, 27:15 , on the treadmill. I’m still avoiding running outside. It’s tooooooo hot. I could wait till it starts to get dark, but then that means we eat dinner late, and I hate eating dinner late.

    Wednesday: 6 miles. bam. done. whoa baby. 6 miles on the treadmill. I felt seriously awesome. I was smiling when I got off the treadmill, and I was still smiling when I woke up this morning.

    that is just weird.

    6 miles, (on the treadmill) 9:09, 54:54  booyah. + 20 pushups. holler!

    Thursday: another 3 miler on the treadmill. Today was a little bit more of a struggle. My legs felt heavy, and I just wasn’t into the run. I felt like I was running a lot faster, but according to the treadmill I completed 3 miles in 29:00 . Huh, I swear it felt faster. Oh well.

    Tomorrow is a rest day, I might do a Bob Harper DVD to get some strength training in.

    I’m still deciding what I really want to do on Saturday. I’m thinking about going over to run w/ the group… The group that I haven’t run w/ since March. Wow, that is so lame.

    DINNER. mmmmmmm

    I made a meal plan super quick on Tuesday afternoon before I went to the grocery store. I was browsing a cooking message board and stumbled upon this blog, Elle says Opa! 

    I made her Honey Ginger Pork Tenderloin, and man was it ever delicious! Chris told me about 10 times how much he liked the marinade. He thought I bought a bottle of marinade, he was surprised when I told him “No, I put all the ingredients together and marinated it the tenderloin all day.”

    I didn’t take any pictures, but you can check out her blog to see pictures of this yummy looking meal! I also had a sweet potato, and chris had a regular potato which he cooked on the grill with the tenderloin.

    Unfortunately Chris got off work really late, and we didn’t eat dinner until 10pm. So, here I am at 11:30 with a super full belly. Ugh. going to bed isn’t going to be easy.

    Any new recipes this week? I have one or two more up my sleeve for this week…


    To all my friends that are located along the Eastern seaboard. Stay safe, and hunker down. Hurricane Irene looks like she is going to be a real bitch.

    It ain’t over yet



    We’ve been out & about for the last few days. We went down to Jupiter Inlet on Saturday and we came home Monday night. Our original plan to head over to the Bahamas early Sunday morning got nixed because of rough weather. 

    Instead of crossing to Grand Bahamas we spent the day riding around in the intracoastal waterway (Okeechobee Waterway).  It was a good time. Any time spent out on the water is a good time, right?


    Before we can head out on the boat a grocery shopping trip is in order. We usually get lunch meat, ginger snaps, bread, chips, beer, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and other misc. snacks when we head out on the boat. Obviously ginger snaps are a must.

    I have no idea why, or when it started, but ever since I was a little kid we’ve always taken ginger snap cookies out on the boat. They are soooooo tasty! 

    Did you know that ginger helps with nausea, or sea-sickness? Now ya know.  Oh, BTW, that isn’t me in the above picture. That’s my Sissy-Love.


    No boat trip is complete with out a trip to West Marine. It’s also not complete unless something has to be fixed before you head out. It’s a rule: “Thou shalt make a trip to west marine @ 8:30pm to get a part for the boat”



    That is the best Salt Life sticker I’ve EVER seen! Salt Life with a hammerhead in the middle. Omgeezy, of course I had to have that sticker. It’s just waiting to be put on my car!   — I was in need of a new one anyways. My windshield wipers ruined my other one.. I also have one with a palm tree in the middle. The shark is going up first. Palm tree can be a back up sticker incase the shark doesn’t make it.


    I’m so awesome at pictures, I even got my finger in it. what the heck? I forgot my camera in the truck so I had to resort to awesome iPhone pictures.


    A rain storm was trying to sneak up on us. It didn’t get us, we ran the other way. Smile

    I know some people dislike instagram. I love it, and I don’t use the pictures very often in my posts – I think every once in a while is okay.





    Last week wasn’t to stellar in the work out department. It wasn’t a total fail though:

    Weekly Run-down

    Monday: 4 miles
    Tuesday: work event. Rest Day
    Wednesday: 1 mi + weights
    Thursday: 5 mi on the treadmill
    Friday: 3 mi on the treadmill
    Saturday: Rest – drove to Jupiter
    Sunday: Rest- out on the boat

    Total: 13 miles

    plan it out then work it out

    Monday: travel
    Tuesday: 3 mi + pushups
    Wednesday: 6 mi
    Thursday: 3mi + weights
    Friday: rest
    Saturday: 5 mi + pushups
    Sunday: Xtrain (weights)

    If all goes well: 17 miles total

    It’s a short week this week thanks to my extended weekend. I have a conference in Tampa Wednesday from 12 – 1:30 , so it should be an easy day as well.

    If Hurricane Irene stays away I have plans to hit up the beach this weekend. I’m working on my sunglasses tan, y’all.

    The kids around here returned to school this week, so their summer is over. My summer ain’t over, y’all. I’m celebrating summer until it’s to cold to wear a bikini. – but, I do wish we could at least get a break from this heat once the sun goes down.

    Celebrating Summer, one day at a time, yo

    ho hum boring

    Happy Friday, Friends !!  I’m glad this day has finally arrived. This week has really dragged on for me. Maybe because I’m ready to get this weekend rolling? Probably.

    It’s been a pretty chill couple of days. Nothing to exciting going on, and my brain has just been bleh.

    I don’t have any meaningless pictures to post, and I don’t post pictures of every meal so that pretty much eliminates any blogging that I could do.

    Daily work out

    Wednesday after work I got a work out in. It wasn’t my planned work out, but it was better than nothing, right?

    Wednesday’s planned work out was 3mi + weights

    What actually happened: 1 mi + weights . Instead of using the 5lb weights and doing more reps I used 8lb weights and did a few less reps. I really want to increase my weight and from what I’ve been told, and have been reading weight>reps

    10 one arms rows (alternating)  x 2 sets
    10 shoulder press (Standing) x 2 sets
    10 dumb bell flys (lying on back) 1 set   (these bother my shoulder)
    10 alternating bicep curls x 2 sets
    10 overhead tricep extensions x 2 sets
    10 pushups x 2 sets
    10 lateral raises x 2 sets (these also bother my shoulder)

    My poor little arms were worn out after that. whew. Oh, I ran one mile as a warm up prior to lifting weights. I have no clue what my time was for the mile. apparently I didn’t think that was necessary to write down.


    Thursday I had 5 miles on the schedule. 5 miles is scary. 6 miles is even scarier(er). It rained yesterday pretty good and it was humid as anything when I got home so I hit the treadmill for my 5 miles.

    at some point I really should go outside and run. I will. soon. maybe saturday.

    quick note: I am currently letting wyatt bark his head off in the back yard. it’s 7am. I’m sure the neighbors hate me. . Do you let your dogs bark their head off? He just stands at the fence looking @ the neighbors yard and barks. every.single.day.

    Anyways. running. So I rented the move 127Hours with James Franco. I put that in while I ran my 5 miles on the treadmill. A good movie or TV show is pretty much the only way that I can make it through anything longer than 3 miles on the ‘mill.

    The movie kept me plenty distracted and before I knew my 5 miles were up.

    I must say, that movie was intense. I knew what was going to happen just from hearing different reviews, and I saw an interview that James Franco did after the movie came out. But, it’s like one of those things where you know it’s going to happen, but you don’t know when.

    It was a pretty good movie. There was some down time when he was stuck in that crevice that kind of made me antsy, but all in all it was good. I’ve been wanting to see it, but I never wanted to sit on the couch and watch it. Usually I like to watch comedies or romance..


    That’s that. Today should be an easy work day and then it’s the freakin’ weekend!

    Livin’ life, one boring day at a time

    Cancer Awareness

    Tuesday has come and gone. Once again I’m counting down the days until the weekend. We are headed down to Jupiter Inlet on Saturday night for an early morning fishing trip Sunday, and possibly into Monday. I can’t say for sure what our plans are but they might rhyme with “shalamas”


    I know that cancer awareness gets beat to death in the blogging community. You probably know someone or know someone who knows someone who has raised money for one cancer or another. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer, The American Cancer Society DeterimiNATION, Making Strides against Breast Cancer, or maybe there is another group you are thinking of that I’m not.

    The point is, Cancer Awareness is out there. I probably don’t even have to say anything about it. Oh, BTW, I’m not asking for money if that’s what you think.

    In my career, and personal life, I have been exposed to various kinds of cancer, treatments, and lots of death. 

    I attended a work event Tuesday night and now Cancer Awareness is just weighing heavy on my mind & heart. Cancer is tragic.

    Did you know that every month of the year is some kind of “Cancer Awareness” month?

    I mean, you hear the statistics. You see the commercials.

    But do you really know how many people are affected each year by Cancer?

    How Many People Are Expected to Die of Cancer This Year?
    In 2011, about 571,950 Americans are expected to die of cancer,
    more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second most com­
    mon cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. In
    the US, cancer accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 death
    excerpt from the ACS Website.

    Can Cancer Be Prevented?

    All cancers caused by cigarette smoking and heavy use of alcohol
    could be prevented completely. The American Cancer Society
    estimates that in 2011 about 171,600 cancer deaths are expected
    to be caused by tobacco use..

     Scientific evidence suggests that
    about one­third of the 571,950 cancer deaths expected to occur in
    2011 will be related to overweight or obesity, physical inactivity,
    and poor nutrition and thus could also be prevented

    Certain cancers are related to infectious agents, such as hepatitis B virus
    (HBV), human papillomavirus (HPV), human immunodeficiency
    virus (HIV), Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), and others, and could be
    prevented through behavioral changes, vaccines, or antibiotics.
    In addition, many of the more than 2 million skin cancers that
    are diagnosed annually could be prevented by protection from
    the sun’s rays and avoiding indoor tanning.

    Regular screening examinations by a health care professional
    can result in the detection and removal of precancerous growths,
    as well as the diagnosis of cancers at an early stage, when they
    are most treatable.
    Cancers of the cervix, colon, and rectum can
    be prevented by removal of precancerous tissue. Cancers that
    can be diagnosed early through screening include cancers of the
    breast, colon, rectum, cervix, prostate, oral cavity, and skin.
    However, screening has been shown to reduce mortality only for
    cancers of the breast, colon, rectum, and cervix. A heightened
    awareness of breast changes or skin changes may also result in
    detection of these tumors at earlier stages.
    Cancers that can be
    prevented or detected earlier by screening account for at least
    half of all new cancer case


    Taken from the ACS statistics site.

    Did you know that it’s estimated that in 2011 52 THOUSAND women will be diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  That my friends, is a lot of women. In Men, approximately 49 THOUSAND will be diagnosed with colon cancer. Of those, approximately half from each sex will die.

    Do you know when it’s recommended to get your first colonoscopy? According to the CDC, we should start getting colonoscopies at age 50.

    I don’t know how many of my readers are older than 50, but if you are, and you haven’t had it done. You should. Seriously. It’s important. I mean, it’s only your life.


    I’m just saying that if there are things/technologies available to us that we can help detect cancer early, why aren’t we taking advantage.

    Does your Mom, Step-Mom, Grandmother keep up with their yearly mammograms? Remember when you were a kid and your mom/dad pestered you to eat your veggies. Now it’s your chance to pester them.

    Everyone knows to get a mammogram if they feel a lump, but do you know what other signs to look for?

    • A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue
    • Bloody discharge from the nipple
    • Change in the size or shape of a breast
    • Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling
    • Inverted nipple
    • Peeling, scaling or flaking of the nipple or breast skin
    • Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange

    Taken from the Mayo Clinic Website.


    In 2010 209,000 women were diagnosed with some form of breast cancer. In 2011, it’s approximated that 232,000 will be diagnosed.

    Get checked. Seriously. It could be the difference between keeping your breasts or not keeping your breasts.. It could be life or death. There are so many resources and so much awareness out there today that there are very few excuses why we can’t get ourselves checked. If money is the issues, check HERE. The CDC has a program that can help low-income families/women with getting a mammogram. Also, in the month of October many radiology places do mammograms for free, or for a super minimal fee like $5… take advantage. geesh. (That’s for women over 40, which is when the CDC recommends that we begin mammograms). UNLESS you feel a lump.. then you need to get to your DR ASAP.

    I think that sometimes when we go to the Dr. and they tell us something it kind of goes in one ear and out the other. Generally speaking, our Doctor is probably older than us, and maybe kind of a mother/father figure. I love my Mom to death, and I’m sure you love yours to, but let’s be honest.. Sometimes their advice goes in one ear & out the other.

    Self breast checks are one piece of advice that you should really listen to. When I go to my GYN in a few weeks and she asks me if I do self checks. I can say, “Oh yes ma’am I do. I have TWO self check things hanging in my shower”

    You can check yourself in the shower. Do you? You better believe I do. I’m feeling myself up all the time.

    Men, you aren’t excluded from the cancer scene. Oh no. Did you know that in 2011 approximately 240,000 MEN will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. That number is just men. Prostate cancer isn’t a women’s cancer. Yah men, you get your very own cancer. Isn’t that special? Of those cases, approx 33,000 will die. So, y’know. get checked. You can check out the CDC recommendations HERE on when to have your prostate checked.


    Cancer doesn’t play people, it doesn’t play and it sure as hell doesn’t discriminate.

    Do yourself, and your family a favor and be aware.

    I don’t know exactly what the point of this post was. Cancer just weighs so heavy on my heart and mind all the time. Every day I hear statistics. Seriously. I hear the number of patients that are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, or that have a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (tumor in the stomach). I know that “well differentiated” cancers are better than “poorly differentiated”. I know that squamous cell carcinoma is the “Good skin cancer.” My life has been infiltrated with information about cancer. I’m not complaining. Heck no. I’m blessed. I’ve met some really wonderful people. I’ve experienced sadness. I’m thankful.

    If you want more information on Cancer you can check out the American Cancer Society’s website.. If you really want to freak your self out, check out the statistics here..

    Get checked.


    Livin’ my life, checkin’ my boobies one shower at a time.



    Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor. or anything even closely related to a Doctor. The majority of the statistice came from the American Cancer Society website. Some information came from various other websites.

    For more information you can contact the ACS, or your local health department.

    If you need help finding something feel free to contact me. I know people. I can find out.