It’s March, and that means….




I started a new blog to document my journey to my Bikini Body.  The challenge starts tomorrow March 1st, and “ends” July 1st. I hope by then whatever I’m doing is a habit, and that it won’t actually end.

Oh dear.


This means I really have to do this.


Yesterday my hip was hurting and I told myself that if it was bothering me today I would not run. My half-marathon is only 3 weeks away and I don’t have time to over do-it, and get injured.

Thankfully my hip was not bothering me at all, so I felt running would be okay.

I had 4 miles planned.




What the heck legs? They just hurt. Shins hurt? Check. Quads hurt? Check.

I stopped to stretch several times.

Oh, let’s not forget the 100mph headwind.


Oh well. I got it done.


Surprising. I felt like I was crawling.


After  I ran I stayed down in the garage and did a few more little things to kick off my bikini body challenge.

I did 2 minutes of standing punches. If you’ve ever done Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, she does them there.
200 jump ropes, JM also does these in 30DS.
10 “guy” push ups.


Happy Monday Y’all


crazy eyes

What the heck is going on with my eyes?

Uh, not cute. There are a few more up on the website, but this is all I am going to do for right now.

None from during the race are up yet. Only pre & post race. Can’t wait to see during the race, I was screaming my head off when I went under the photographers at mile 9. HA HA


How was your weekend? Anything exciting? Long runs? Work outs? Or just laying around in your PJs all day?

I think I still have a runners high from my awesome Gasparilla race. I’m trying really hard not to just do a happy dance all over the house. I just want to shake my butt and fist pump.


I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon on the couch with Chris. I did manage to get up for a few minutes to sweep the floor and pickup a few thing. Chris told me every hour for several hours that he wanted to go to Sonny’s for dinner to have ribs. I didn’t want to, but finally after some discussion we agreed to go to Cody’s for dinner and we would go to Sonny’s when they have the AYCE Ribs special. Fat kids, aren’t we?  I love me some ribs.

We went to Cody’s and I ate pretty much everything in site. It went like this:

Peanuts (they are one of those restaurants that lets you eat peanuts and throw the shells on the ground)
2-4-1 Malibu & Pineapple
More peanuts
Bread & the most amazing cinnamon butter
more peanuts
Ribs. – I ordered a half rack and ate about 3 ribs off of it. They were so dry. ick. I was sad.

Then, to top off the sodium bloat we went to wal-mart and bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I had Cookie Dough.

OH YAH, sodium bloat.

I woke up feeling fat and not happy this morning. {sad face}.

I got up early {7am} to do some cleaning because my BFF, her man, and her new little baby K were coming over. YAY! Sooooo excited.

We had an incident with our dogs & the neighbors dogs.. Which has me so worried. No one was injured. I’m also not going to give any details.


I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for home made pizzas. I think I must be a weirdo because I totally enjoy making home made pizza dough. I just love the whole process of it. It’s fun.

We spent the day just lounging around the house and catching up. Baby K is the sweetest, cutest, tiniest baby EVER!!!!!!!!! even if she did puke down my shirt.

She is so tiny, like, little. I think D said she is around 9lbs something…and she was born January 13th. I can’t believe babies come out bigger than that when they are born. OUCH!!

Since I unofficially officially joined this Bikini Body Challenge that Yum Yucky is doing I decided I need to google some upper body weight routines that can be done at home. I haven’t done it yet, it’s on my list of things to do tonight after work. {because I TURNED IN MY LAST SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT LAST NIGHT..OH YAH, OH YAH!!!}

So yah. I need to add a little something, something to my working out.


Monday: 4mi
Tuesday: 4mi/ upper body workout in the A.M
Wed: Yoga
Thurs: 6mi speed work out of some kind {AH!}
Fri: 2 mi easy @ 9:15 Rest
Sat: 13milesOMG
Sun: total body rest day. Will probably be spent on the couch icing various body parts.


Last night I spent several hours doing my very last coding assignment for school. I was so determined to get finished last night I stayed up until midnight working on it. That junk is time consuming. Inpatient coding ain’t no joke. Some of the records were 45 pages long and you have to sift through all the nonsense to figure out what needs to be coded. No thanks. I’ll stick with outpatient coding. Oh my. It feels amazing to be almost done with this part of my life. I started August 9, 2009! AHHH!!!! 19 months of my life have been consumed by this program. I’m ready to get my study on for the CCA exam, and then for a little break, then possibly on to some more schooling adventure. Your schooling is never over, right?  Not for me. I’m a professional student, folks.

It will be so nice not to worry about whether or not I’m getting any school work done. It will be awesome to have my whole night, every night to do whatever I want to do.

Now, let’s hope that the Professor grades my assignment today, returns it to me, I return to her for corrections, and I’m done with this mess by tomorrow. Starting March out school-free would totally rock my socks!


Alright friends, I have to go get ready for work now.


Happy Monday Y’all!

Race Recap: Gasparilla 15k

As I said last night I went to the expo last night to pick up my number and shirt. I have a few pics that I stole from Carolyn’s blog.

jena gasp

jenny carolyn jena expo

excuse my face in this picture. My glasses always cause this wacky glare.

I went to bed around 10:30 and slept like a rock. My alarm went off @ 430, and I snoozed it until 5. Thankfully I was only a 5 minute walk from the start line, yay!  I had a cinnamon raisen bagel thing with egg and shredded cheddar cheese, yummy!!

I met up with the running group @ 6:15am, I missed the team picture. oops. Then we headed to the start line for a 7:05 start time. David told me I needed to get about 15 seconds from the start line so I bobbed and weaved my way up closer to the start line. I lined up around the 8:30 pace group not really thinking I’d be able to hang w/ them but I wanted to try.

7:05 race time.

My entire race was pretty uneventful. No major issues, and nothing to exciting. It was hot as hell, I will say that. They told us before the gun went off that it was a yellow flag heat warning or something along those lines.

There were water stations every mile starting at 1.5. Thank goodness. I don’t usually get water at every station (except for the Women’s Half, and that race sucked). I got water at every station but one and tried to stay hydrated. It was stupid hot. At mile 7 they had some Gatorade and it tasted SO good!

I also ate some sport beans at mile 3, 6, & 8. I don’t know why 8, I just felt like I need a little jolt of caffeine. I was right behind the 8:30 pace group for most of the run, which was totally awesome. As long as I had them in my sights I felt good.

I had no calf pain, yay! I also didn’t have much toe pain, yay! I did have some  pain but it was tolerable and it didn’t last for the entire race.

I felt pretty strong, but I kept worrying whether or not I would be able to maintain the 8:30 I was running.

I crossed the finish line in 1:19:05, woohoo! My time last year was 1:22:55- Pretty good PR in my book!

My goal was 1:19-1:20, and I would have been happy with 1:21.


I can’t believe the results are already up, but YAY that they are!

To say I’m happy is an understatement. I’m ecstatic with my time. I did feel tired around 7 & 8, but I just tried to zone out to my music and get it done.


Don’t mind lap 11, I hit my watching on the door and it started the timer. doh! I’m really happy with my splits. I am really happy that I hovered around 8:30 for 9 miles.



This year& last year. I will admit I’m sad that the medals are so similar looking. I want a medal with a pirate on it!

Oh, I should add: This race is really well organized. There were thousands (I don’t know the exact number) of runners in the 15k this morning and I never felt like it was chaos. There were porto-potties everywhere. I saw three different lines of porto-potties spread out between the convention center and the start line. Love that. I waited for about 2 minutes in the line, and we didn’t get there particularly early. The expo is also really well organized. I didn’t wait long for my number, and I was extremely happy that they exchanged my Small shirt for an XS {still sad it’s not a tech shirt, but I’ll survive 😉 }

I will definitely be back next year for Gasparilla. Maybe the half-mary?!

My plans for the rest of today are to do nothing. I’m camped out on the couch and I plan on taking a nap pretty soon. I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow I might run 3 or 4 miles. We’ll see.

Next up: Half Marathon on March 20th!

Happy Weekend Y’all

Hmph. I’m pouting.

I got off work @ 2:30 today (yes, i’m spoiled rotten, and my boss the DA BOMB) and headed to Tampa. I was crusing down the highway by 3 (had to make a stop at the bank first).. It’s about an hour drive from my office to Tampa. It’s a really boring drive. Really. Nothing to look at.

I’m quite positive that my GPS hates my guts. He always take me through the roughest neighborhoods he can find, and takes me on detours with the worst Friday afternoon traffic ever. What the heck GPS?!  I don’t know my way around Tampa, and driving in the city totally freaks me out so I just went they way he said, but I could have done with out the scary neighborhood.

Thankfully my Dad lives .6 miles from the race start on Bayshore and .4miles from the race expo. I found a parking spot in my Dad’s ‘hood and walked over to the expo. No way jose am I paying $10 to park for an hour. Those people are nuts.

I picked up my race number, and my fancy Gasparilla bag. Then I went to pick up my shirt.


Cotton t-shirts. Really?

Oh, and I got a size small, which would have fit my Hubster who usually wears a large. Not cute.

Thankfully they let me switch it for an XS. Still not happy about the cotton. Last year we got Nike dri-fit shirts.

Major sad face.

The half-marathoners got long sleeve tech shirts.

Not cool. Just because they are running 4 more miles than me they get a much cooler shirt? Hmph. {insert pouting face here}.

I guess next year I have to run the half if I want a tech shirt.

Now I’m just hanging out, about to make some pasta for dinner. Maybe download a book on the Nook App and chill out.

Happy Friday night Y’all.

I’ll report back tomorrow with my race results!

Oh, and I’m very excited that my BFF D*Faye is coming over Sunday!! Woot!

Where am I going and how long am I going to be gone?


This doesn’t even include the broccoli, cauliflower & brussel sprouts that are in the steamer right now.

At least if I get stranded, uh… well, I doubt I’d get stranded anywhere, but if I did, I’d be eating good for at least a few hours. Oh, this also doesn’t include the two bagel things, bowl of soup, and bowl of spaghetti I need to pack.

Since I’m running Gasparilla in Tampa tomorrow I’m going to go down and stay at my Dads apartment which is about 1/2 mile from the race start. We live about an hour from Tampa, and I don’t do well with traffic or city driving, so staying there tonight is the easiest solution for me.

I’m packing my lunch and dinner + snacks for today. Breakfast for tomorrow & snacks for the drive home. I’m a balla on a budget baby, gotta keep it cheap,cheap,cheap! Plus, I know I’m eating healthily(that’s a word) if I pack my own food.

I’m on a blueberry kick. I just bought a carton yesterday and between last night and my snacks today they will be gone. Good thing they are on sale right now!!!

I have a little tupperware with just blueberries. Then some yogurt & blueberries,then another thing of yogurt/granola/blueberries. YUMMYYY!!!!!

I gotta go straighten my hair. You’d be kseerd if you saw my hair before the straightner get ahold of.


Whose excited it’s the weekend! I am!!

What are your plans? Long runs? Work outs? What’s up this weekend?!

Happy Friday Y’all!


It’s almost here. T-some hours, until I’m headed to the Gasparilla Expo and then it’s race time! AH!


Obviously I’m feeling much better. My calf is like 98% right now. Can I get a “HIP,HIP HOORAY!”

When I got home from work today I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill. I started out at 12:00.. I was planning on hanging out at 10:00, but I couldn’t. It was boring, I knew I wouldn’t make it 3 miles at that speed. I increased my speed every so often until I ended my run at 9:05.

Oh, I forgot to mention that at .5mi I stopped the treadmill and sttttrreeetttccchhheeed my calf. STRETCHED! It felt so good!

After I completed my 3 miles I jumped off the treadmill and stretched my calf again. Then I did 10 push ups, the boy kind, not the girl kind. I also did 80 crunches. 50 bicycle crunches, and 30 other kind of crunches.

That kind of crunch. No clue what it’s called.


So, here’s the deal. I may or may not be privately joining this Bikini Body Challenge on YumYucky. ZOMG! I don’t even want to talk about it. This is all I want to say about it.

Running is the only kind of work out that I’ve been able to stick to. I don’t know why, but I can’t make myself commit to anything besides running. How do I hold myself accountable for this challenge?

It’s not about weight loss. It’s about: Body transformation.

More about this later. I have to go pack, and do laundry. It’s 11pm. ugh.


Happy Thursday, almost Friday y’all!

Horrible witness

What do you do when you walk out of your office to see some moron standing in the back of your truck taking things out of your toolbox?

I scream. I scream a lot. I scream, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET OUT OF MY TRUCK.. HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.”

If you haven’t guessed this was my afternoon yesterday. I left work a little early to find some moron trying to steal stuff out of Chris’ truck.

I was screaming and dialling 911 at the same time, all while continuing to walk towards my truck. (In hindsight, I might should have just stayed away).. The guy jumped out of the truck, put the stuff back in and started screaming at me that he thought it was his friends truck and he was just getting some stuff out…


I don’t think this was the case since the maroon car sitting next to Chris’ truck drove off the second they saw me walking towards the truck screaming.

To keep this story short, another guy in the parking lot got a picture of the car (no license plate) and I sent it to the Sheriff’s Dept. We filled out police reports and the whole 9yds. The Officer was asking me questions and I realized I would be a horrible witness to a real crime.

I was just in shock, like, what is going on right now? I can’t believe I just walked outside to see someone trying to take stuff out of my truck. Good Grief… It was 4 in the afternoon. Hello broad daylight. Keepin’ it Klassy.

The guy ran through the parking lot and his buddy in the car picked him up.. The best part of this whole situation, there was a 9 or 10yr old kid in the back of the car. For realz.


Remember that pesky calf knot? It was really killing me yesterday. I felt like it was getting worse, not better. All day long I was incredibly frustrated. I even told Carolyn last night that I was thinking about dropping out of the race. {I’ve never, ever thought about dropping out of a race}. I just didn’t see how I could possibly run 9.3mi with a calf that hurt to even put weight on it.

Yesterday when I got home from work I took Wyatt for a walk. Running was out of the question, but I wanted to try and walk to loosen it up. Fail. Wyatt is a 60lb pit bull, all he wanted to do was drag me around the neighborhood. He dragged me around for a mile and a half. After Wyatt walked me I came home and tried foam roll. I just wasn’t feeling like it was doing anything. It hurt like hell, but I have a hard time inflicting pain on myself. I told Chris I needed him to roll my leg with the rolling pin later.

I then dug out the heating pad and kept heat on it for like 20 minutes. Nothing. Then, after my homework I walked on the treadmill at a pace of 15:00 for about 3 minutes, then bumped it up to 12:00 and jogged(this is where the am i jogging, or running? questions comes into play).. I’ll say jog… anyways, I jogged on the treadmill for 1 mi. It felt a little looser.

Then came the torture. I laid on my yoga mat while Chris rolled my leg. Uh, ouch. I made him stop a few times so I could breathe. Then we moved to the couch and he rolled me some more… Then, I iced for about 20-30 minutes.

While I was laying in bed watching TV i was pointing my toe then bring it back up to stretch my calf. I slept with my leg extended out straight.

I woke up this morning almost pain free. OMG, you don’t even know the happy dance I wanted to do. I’d say it’s 90% better today. I can still feel it, but it’s nothing like yesterday. Hopefully after some heat,rolling and ice tonight I’ll be good to go tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I think this is long enough, and I have work to do.

Oh, good news, real quick: I turned in my 2nd to last assignment last night. OMG SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!


Happy Thursday Y’all

I did it

Last night I did it. I finally did it. I broke down and bought a foam roller. I had to, I’m desperate this week.


Let’s start from the beginning. I promise I will not whine, I’m just going to state the facts. Deal?!

When I got home from work last night I put dinner on the stove{on low}, put my running clothes on and headed out the door.

Mile 1: omg my legs are killing me.

Mile 2: will they ever loosen up?

Mile 3: I’m turning around, screw 5 miles

Mile 4: Fine, I’ll keep going, but my legs still hurt. WTH?

.5: Oh, now my legs want to wake up. To bad, I’m done.



My calves were SO tight for the entire run. I tried stretching them every way I know how, but nothing was doing the trick. Then I walked up the stairs to our house. AH! I can feel a golf ball sized knot in my right calf.

I take a cold shower. Yes, it was hot yesterday and I was sweating buckets.

Knot still in my calf.

Tell Chris I’m going to sports authority to get a foal roller. NOW.

No time to wait and order one offline. Need it ASAP.

Go to sports authority.

Torture Device bought.


Try & foam roll calf. It doesn’t seem to be getting deep enough.

Chris massages my calf. holy crap that hurt.

Ice. Calves & Toes.

Foam roll some more. I can feel it now, but it’s just not getting it.

Chris massages more.


Wake up.


Foam Roll. OH! There it is..rolly,rolly,rolly,rolly.

I’m taking my foam roller to work. I’m sure I can find a few minutes to roll while I’m there.

I have specific goals for Gasparilla this weekend and this little calf knot is worrying me.

So schweet

I was cleaning out my computer a few days ago and I found the most adorable pictures of my puppies. Humor me.



Oh my gosh, look how little he is!!!!



Aw, I always forget how cute she looks with a hair cut!




AW! He’s so big, and swweeetttt!

Clearly Wyatt stays still during pictures. I don’t have that many good pictures of Diva because she is always jumping up.


Happy Tuesday Y’all