well that was unexpected

I started working in health care in 2006 as a part-part time receptionist at an Urgent Care Center. A few months after I started I moved to full time, and at some point I started to do the billing for the practice.

During my time at the Urgent Care I was in school for numerous things… Nursing, Health Care Administration, Business Administration… I’m not much of a school person and I couldn’t decide WHAT I wanted to do w/ my life.

In 2007 I left the Urgent Care for a brief period and worked in an ER in downtown Orlando. It was during those 8 months I knew I did not want to be a nurse.

I returned back to the Urgent Care and continued doing the medical billing/helping to run the front office.

In 2009 (i think) I decided I wanted to go back to school (for the millionth time) for my medical coding certificate. I attempted to go to a local community college, but I was not impressed with the program, so I decided to research my online option. I eventually decided on Kaplan Universities continuing education medical coding program.

The program was designed to be 12 months, it took me 18… Doing school from home is challenging – requires lots of focus. Focus that I don’t really have.

By this time I was in my current job as an office manager for a surgical practice – I do it all here, including the medical billing/coding. I’ve been putting off getting my certification – mostly out of laziness, partly out of just being terrified that I would fail.

All this to say that I took my exam this morning, and by some miracle of God, I passed.

A perfect score would have been 400, I needed a 300 to pass. I received a 374. I’m super thankful that I was able to get my results right away; waiting several months would have been agonizing.

I’m shocked that I passed. I’ve been studying, not as much as I could have – but I did study. Every time I studied I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, despite having been in the field for many years.

I guess I know what I’m doing after all, which is a relief. so yay me!


i wrote a post, but live writer ate it

true story. I just wrote out an entire post, went to preview it and edit it then live writer froze, crashed, and my post is no where to be found.

sad panda.

The post was nothing special, BUT STILL, that is annoying.  I’m using a new (to me) laptop, and the version of live writer I downloaded must be an upgrade from the one that is on my other laptop because it is way different. I prefer the old  one; it was easier to add links & edit the font. Minor things, but I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately – books. I’ve been reading a lot of books. I suppose “a lot” is kind a relative term here, but I’ve read 4 books since last Monday. That is A LOT in comparison to what I’ve read over the last year. Before I discovered blogs I LOVED to read – I could lay in bed for hours getting lost in whatever book I was reading. I’ll stay up all night to finish a book if need be. I’ll lose sleep over scary books.

Somewhere in the last few years I forgot to read books. I’ve been reading school books & blogs, but not much else. My local library has a ridiculously horrible selection  & until recently their website for Ebooks was damn near impossible to navigate. I always browse the book section at target but I can’t ever make myself throw down $12 for a book I’m only going to read once.

So here I am, my love of books has been rekindled and I’m excited about it.

Here are the 4 books I’ve read most recently:

1. Lethal, Sandra Brown
2. Come Home, Lisa Scottoline
3. Don’t Go, Lisa Scottoline
4. The Sinner, Tess Gerritsen

I enjoyed them all. I’m not going to give a synopsis of them bc quite frankly, I suck at that. So, if you want to know what they are about, you can take yourself right over to Amazon and find out. Sorry, that’s rude.. but whatever.


Before I go, I need to tell you about two things i’ve been pondering. Maybe one of you can explain this to me:

In the last two weeks I’ve looked up flights to Freeport, Bahamas & Key West. NOW, Remember, I live in FLORIDA.  KEY WEST IS IN FLORIDA. Yet, a one-way ticket costs between $150 – $250  AND REQUIRES A LAY OVER in MIAMI or Fort. Lauderdale. SOMEONE, PLEASE explain this to me. WHY?  I hate this. There is also a boat that goes from Fort Myers to Key West, but that’s also $130.  I could drive, but it’s an 8 hr drive… which is also mind boggling. Florida is dumb.

AND ALSO, WHY does it cost $500+ to fly to Freeport, WHICH IS LESS THAN 100 miles from FLORIDA? This blows my mind.. Not only is it outrageously expensive,  it takes between 8 –14 hours… Seriously. Mind = blown. Several years ago there used to be direct flights from Orlando to Freeport.. a whopping 45 minute flight.  not anymore.. HIGH WAY ROBBERY.

but I can fly to North Carolina for less than $100… this makes no sense to me friends, none.  I should get a FL resident discount to fly to Key West. C’mon now.

Why we refinanced

After an excruciatingly LONG & ridiculous week, I am SO thankful it’s the weekend, (but so sad that tomorrow is Monday already).  Chris FINALLY made it home on Friday, after being out of town (again) all week. That was week number 5, and I am SO thankful that he plans on being home this coming week. Hallelujah!

We met up at the bank at 1pm so that we could finally close on our re-finance. Man, that was a long (but not difficult) process!  After reading THIS post on Words of Williams blog back in February; Chris and I had several talks about refinancing our own home.  I know, you’re probably confused because 5 minutes ago we had our house on the market, and now we want to refinance. Yah, we can’t make up our mind.

Our home loan used to be through Mid Florida Credit Union (if you have the chance to use them…don’t) – In 2013 they started a new thing where they sent us paper statements every month vs. those payment books. So when we got the statement we could actually see where our money was going. $273 towards our escrow for taxes/insurance.  (yeah, our taxes/insurance are ridiculous)… (never live in a flood zone. it’s not a money smart choice)  $5xx towards INTEREST (excuse me, what?) and a measly $17x towards our principal. Seeing that breakdown in February pretty much SEALED THE DEAL.  (We definitely NEEDED to refinance) We were paying WAY TO MUCH interest.  Seeing those numbers made me sick.

When we bought our house in 2010, I guess the interest rates were high  – to be honest, I paid no attention to the whole buying process. I wasn’t on the home loan –  Chris dealt with pretty much the entire process. I just showed up to closing and signed some papers. (not smart on my part, not smart..don’t do that. be involved).

I started looking around & playing with every single mortgage calculator  known to man to try and figure out what kind of rates we could get and how much it was going to cost us.  Eventually I gave up and called BB&T;  it took them about 3 weeks to get their act together and call me back, but we weren’t in a rush, and we were still thinking about whether or not this was something we really wanted/needed/could do.

BB&T was/is offering low closing costs, with a rate of 3.74% for 15 years. After some calculating we determined this would raise our payment about $100. 

Some stuff happened, blah blah blah, we ended up adding more to our loan and at signing we are paying about $221/mth more.

and now in picture form:

refi graph

Overall I am very pleased with the process and happy to be free of Mid-Florida. Paying more is not fun, but 15 years is so much better than 30.

Obviously refinancing would not be ideal for everyone, but it was definitely ideal for us.  I realize this type of post is way outside the realm of what I normally post, but this was a great learning experience for us, and definitely eye-opening.