Go Gators!

That is all.


One long run to go!

Carolyn & I ventured down to Clearwater Beach to get our 10 mile run in today. My mileage has been less then stellar this week, like 0 miles. Yah, zero. I was a little nervous about how today’s 10 miler would pan out. Zero miles is not idea before a 10 mile run, but whatever. School is taking over my life, what is a girl supposed to do?

We met at Sand Key park { I have a special little place in my heart for Sand Key, Chris & I got married there, awwww) mmkay, back to what we were talking about – We met @ 7:30. Carolyn had a fun week of leg work outs so she was a little sore for today’s run, I was a little tired. We decided we’d probably end up taking it easy. Quantity not Quality, right?

I was pretty impressed with our pace, much quicker then I was anticipating.

See that last mile, 9:10 , wooo boy, we were over it. We parked on the other side of a huge overpass. We decided on the way up the overpass that we would get 10miles in before we got back to the over pass because there was no way we were going back over that thing running. It’s a monster. It was about 9.7mi when we got to the overpass, we ran into a neighborhood to complete the 10miles. Then we walked back over the over pass. Carolyn kept her Garmin on to see how far it is over the overpass, a .5mile.

I took some pictures when I was driving back over the bridge from Sand Key to CLW beach.

This picture makes it look huge, which it is, but I don't think it was this bad.

and a pirate ship for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and the reason for the title to this post. Next Sunday we will be completing our last long run before the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete, woot woot!



This is what I look like after hours of homework, or should I say weeks of homework?

Uhm yes, my hair really is that crazy.

wow oily face, and gigantic nostrils. I swear I do have a normal looking face.

Oh. Well. This isn’t cute. See how one eye looks bigger than the other one. I haven’t figured out how to control that yet.

And this concludes my homework procrastination post.

Good Night Ya’ll.

Stop judging me.



Be Nice.

It’s late.




My first time

It was early, cold, dark, and with strangers. Yup, my first time running with a running group was this morning. They meet at the ass crack of dawn, well actually it’s before dawn shows it’s ass crack.. 6:15 A freakin’M – These people are early birds!

I met the “leader”, well, he appeared to be the leader, he was very nice and welcoming. He introduced me to a few ladies in the group who are also training for the women’s half marathon.

We headed out around 6:30, I quickly figured out they were going to run a much quicker pace then I. I hung for a few minute, then fell behind. I’m not trying to kill myself in the first mile, no thanks.

I also quickly found out this run wasn’t going to be as quick as I wanted, oh well.

Here’s how it went:

Not all that great, but not to shabby. After everyone is done with their run they hang out in the parking lot and talk, and eat food. It was a good time.

I have to toot my horn a little right here; This is something that I would never have done a year ago, heck, maybe even 6months ago. Running has totally pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me a much, uhm, more social person? I don’t know. Going to a running group, where I don’t know a single person is not something that the “old” me would do. I don’t know if its my confidence from running, the fact that I have no friends in H-Beach, or just that I’m 25 and a little more mature now. Whatever it is, I am proud of myself. Toot over. Thanks.

Next weekend I am doing a 1mi fun run with a friend who is starting to run. We are dressing up in costumes. More about that later.. it’s going to be interesting, that is for sure!

Happy Weekend, ya’ll!

Things I love

Since I have nothing really to write about, I’ll show you pictures of things I love. I know you were wondering, so this works out well.

But first, I just really wish I could bottle up the smell of my house right now and let you take a sniff! It smells soooo good! I made Minestrone in the crockpot and it like, so yummy smelling. I found the recipe on THIS blog. This lady is pretty amazing, I am going to buy her cookbook, very soon!

mmkay, on to the things I love.

My babygirl Diva

I bet you thought Chris was gonna be first didn’t you? This is in no particular order of how much I love these things.

My Sisters! Which one am I?

Oh, I have another sister, but she is not pictured here. She is 12.

Motorcycles- We no longer have the bike, that green mustang is my old car, I did NOT love that car. P.S., this picture is, like, 4 years old.

Wyatt, aka Bubba

The beach, yo!



& My Babe! {holy blonde hair!} uhm, this picture was @ 4am, we were about to go fishing!


I have a love/hate relationship with running right now

So there ya have it folks, a short summary of the things that make me happy.

Night, off to do homework & drink coffee!

Dear Readers,

I’m a slacker. My posts have been few and far between, and really not all that interesting. I just don’t have extra time to commit right now. Sorry about that.

After February I will have a lot more time to blog, and talk about cool things, and maybe not so cool things.

This week has been low on runs. I ran 2mi on Monday, and 2 mi today. I can’t justify spending an hour running when I should be doing school work. I love running, but it’s not going to help me get my Coding certificate. I am still doing my long runs on the weekend, but my week day runs are lacking in, uhm, quantity?

This weekend I am going to attempt to run with a “local” running group. The “local” group is about an hour away, but that’s as good as it gets. My long run buddy is doing a triathlon this weekend so I figured I could try out this group and see how it goes.

Running 10 miles in my neighborhood is torturous. 10 miles require going up and down all the major streets and that’s awfully boring.  The running group leaves out of a park @ 6:15am. Yeah, that’s early. Oh well. I’ll be done running and back home by 10ish probably. What a great way to start the weekend, right?

Can we talk about Sister Wives for a second? I just have one word. WTH? I guess that’s not a word. so I have three words, What the Heck I am not even going to say anything else about that.

Night Ya’ll, it’s dinner time, then school work.

Fueling mid-run

So after my crazy runger-ness yesterday, and after talking w/ mid-run fueling w/ some other H&F ladies I have begin to wonder at what point should I fuel during my run?

I feel like 9 miles isn’t “that” long, do I really need to fuel during the run? I feel okay.  Will the fuel actually help me run better, or will it just curb my hunger after my runs? I have anxiety about mid-race fuel; I don’t want any belly pain. For the most part my stomach can handle almost anything, but I don’t have a lot of experience with different fuels. I’ve tried a powergel thing and it NA-HAS-TAY! I like the sports beans, but uhm, the Sports Authority near me doesn’t sell them, wth?! I do like the clif shotbloks but they are pretty mushy, and I don’t usually have water with me. Taking fuel brings up all sorts of dilemmas; What kind? Will I have water? How long before I can get to water?

So, do I really need mid-run fuel for a 9miler? At what length of a run do you bring some kind of fuel?

I reckon I should figure this out since the half is coming up in just 4.5 weeks.

What do you recommend I try? I have 3 more long runs before the half (I think).. I just need to find some place to buy this stuff.. Sports Authority is kind of lacking.

Happy Sunday Ya’ll, off to do more school work!