Boat Build Project – GF18

Chris has been dreaming of building his own flats boat for a few years now. We are finally in a spot where we are able to build the boat without breaking the bank and going into major debt – This page will be dedicated to the building process. I’ll link posts & post pictures on this page –

Chris bought the plans from bateau & is building the Garvey (GF) 18. 

3/23/2013 – Getting started. Building the table that will hold the boat while it’s being built.

getting started boat1


The boat build is getting started today, for real this time. There was a slight issue with the wood Chris boat from our local(ish) store. Apparently it didn’t have the certified seal on it, and some other technical stuff that neither i nor you really care about, so we’ll just skip those details.. He was able to return the wood (phew) but that meant he had to wait until he could get over to Vero Beach to get the right wood. Luckily for him, he had to work out of town this week (near Vero) so he was able to place his order, and pick up the wood (Saving us a ton of $$ in shipping) on Friday.

So, I’m officially the single wife of a boat builder.


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