I want to poke my eye balls out.

No Spoilers, but I HATE this singing Grey’s Anatomy. I hope this is the only episode they plan on doing like this. I honestly can not sit through more than one.

Kay. Now that I got that out of my system.

Today I did not forget to work out; I don’t know how I forgot to yesterday. Oh well. Two days of rest never killed anyone, right?

It was still monsooning when I got home, and running outside wouldn’t have been an option even if it wasn’t monsooning.



Lake Beachy Keen

I made Chris take pictures of me playing in the water when I got home from work, but for whatever reason they didn’t turn out. So. The water was about 8 inches deep by our mailbox. No lie. But, I saw pictures of other neighborhoods that were way worse. I just think it’s funny. Chris is not amused. He wants to call the county and complain.

When I was done playing in the water I came upstairs and jumped on the treadmill to bang 3 miles out. I did a 5 minute warm up, got off the ‘mill and stretched. Then I got back on and finished the run in 26:46, 8:55 pace. I’ll take it.

After my run I pretty much did nothing, and it was lovely. I planned on making dinner, but Chris wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t. I made tacos for a party of 1 {me}. I’ve been lovin’ tacos lately. Tonight they consisted of whole wheat wrap, boiled chicken (a piece left over from last week’s pot pie), black beans & yellow rice (left over from last night). I wanted salsa, but CHRIS ate it all. hmph. They were still pretty tasty.

Now I’m baking cookies. I told you I wanted to bake some cookies. That is so weird for me, I don’t even really like to bake.. mostly because I’m horrible at it. I’m getting better. I think. I didn’t totally jack up the vanilla wafers. Only partially jacked them up.

I’m running a 5k on Saturday. For some reason I keep forgetting. I think I’m a little nervous. My knee has been all wonky since the half, and I want to run hard, but I’m scared. I want to PR, but I think it’s going to be hard to beat my current 5k PR which is 24:06. To get to a flat 24:00, that’s a 7:43 pace {according to McMillan pace calculator}. AH! We’ll see.

BTW: I’m a little sore from that lame circuit workout I did this morning. Maybe I should do it again in the morning.  (Oh, just remembered I did 10 regular push ups right after I got off the treadmill. That’s a total of 40 pushups for today. To bad that isn’t all in a row).

By time you read this… It will be Friday Y’all


“Impressive Nature”

Apparently when there is 13oo lightening strikes, that qualifies as “impressive nature.”

Huh. I call that annoying. You know what else is annoying, a tornado watch until 7am. It’s 6:30 right now, that’s another 30 minutes. I guess it’s not really that long, but this lady on the news talking about the weather is acting like it’s coming straight for my house.

She even said, “Jena, get your mattress and get in the tub!”

I think I need a tornado safety course.

This weather ain’t no joke right now. It’s been raining since last night. Seriously, since about 7pm last night. I can hardly wait to drive to work. {sarcasm}. Is it wrong if I call the Dr & tell him I can’t come in because it’s raining too hard? If it wasn’t the last day of the month, and if I didn’t have 2453487 things to do before the end of today I would definitely call him.


I live somewhere in that blue circle. Looks fun, right?


Turn up the volume. No picture. Just rain, thunder & lightening.

There’s some good lightening/thunder around 1:50.

Anyways, moving on from something other than this ridiculous weather.

Chris left around 5:30 this morning and I immediately got back in bed. (I’m an awesome wife and I get up and pack this lunch and put a bagel in the toaster for him.) I laid in bed for about 20 minutes and I couldn’t fall back asleep. That’s not normal.

I got up and made my breakfast, which was oatmeal w/ bananas. No pictures, sorry. Ha.

I did the smallest/shortest circuit work out ever. I’m not a morning work out person. I can do much besides read blogs, and make my breakfast. Working out is the last thing I want to do. But, I felt guilty for being up so early and not doing any kind of little work out. So this is what I did:

10 regular pushups x 2
10 “lady” pushups x 1  
15 stability ball crunches x 3
15 stability ball shoulder press x 3

It wasn’t much, but my arms are actually sore, and I broke a sweat. I think that makes me feel really out of shape.

Well friends, if you are in Florida STAY DRY! I’m not looking forward to the drive to work. Chris’ truck hydroplanes like a champion. Joy.


Happy Thursday Y’all

Day of rest..again.

I feel so boring. I’m taking a few days off, so I have no spectacular, or even bad runs to talk about.

I meant to come home from work and do some stability ball workouts. I don’t know what happened but I forgot. Flat out forgot. I came home and started making dinner pretty much immediately. doh!

It’s pouring right now (again) and it’s supposed to rain allllll day tomorrow. Guess what that means?!

thurs weather

Treadmill day. I think I’m going to do 4 miles tomorrow, it sounds like a good distance. Not to long, not to short. Well, a little short, but still tolerable on the treadmill.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I took pictures of every single meal I ate? It would look something like this.

{insert bowl of oatmeal w/ bananas here}


Lunch would be a microwaved egg w/ cheddar cheese on a cinnamon raisen bagel thing, broccoli & cantaloupe.


The ugliest picture of shepherds pie you’ve ever seen, but it was dang tasty!

Our meals are SOO boring. I would never post pictures of all my food. I’ve eaten the same breakfast & lunch for at least a week straight. I’ve been on an oatmeal kick, so I’ve actually eaten oatmeal for probably a month straight. I was eating oatmeal with blueberries & bananas mixed in. Sadly Publix hasn’t had any blueberries and I refuse to go into Wal-mart for just blueberries so I guess I’ll just do with out.


Random thing of the day: I was just reading Peanut Butter Fingers post about surviving long distance relationships. The longest distance relationship I was in was when I was in high school. I dated a guy that lived about an hour away. Is that long-distance? I think it is when you are in high school.

Anyways; She posted this advice: Send Letters and Small Packages.

I’ve been itching to bake some cookies, but I don’t want them in my house. So, what if I bake cookies and then mail them to someone? How do you pack cookies?

I think I’ll make MamaPea’s vanilla wafers, and peanut butter dough balls.


You know what I’ve been enjoying lately?

The Dr. I work for suggested it. The direction suggest water, but the Dr. suggested milk, so I’ve been heating up some milk and then letting the tea bag steep. It’s actually pretty tasty.

So, I think I kind of liked writing the “Did you know”  post this morning, even if it did almost give my Mom a heart attack. I think I’ll write at least one more. Probably about Chris’ proposal.

Are you a coffee drinker, or a tea drinker?

It’s dreary outside, y’all!!

Did you know: breaking up is hard to do

I thought I would start a mini-series about myself. I think that I’m pretty open on my blog, but I don’t talk to much about my past. I think a person’s past really makes them who they are today.

Breaking up is hard to do:

A quick background: Chris & I met in Feb 2005. Started dating in March 2005. Moved in together April 2005 (yah, that was fast).

chris jena bahamas

In October 2007 Chris & I parted ways. To put it simply, I wanted to get married, and he didn’t. He wasn’t ready, or didn’t know if I was the one. So, what are you supposed to do when you come to that cross-road? I wanted to stay. I wanted to “make it work.” He didn’t think it was fair for me to stay knowing that he was unsure of our relationship.

I called my Mom hysterical. Then I called My Dad.

My Mom came over and started helping me pack my stuff. Later that day or the next day my Dad came down with a U-haul, loaded my stuff up, and moved me back to Clermont.

I moved back in with my Mom for the first time in 4 years. I moved out of my Mom’s house shortly after I turned 19, and returned right before my 23 birthday. It was hard being back at home for multiple reasons. #1, I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be with Chris. #2  I’d had freedom for 4 years. Not to say that I didn’t have freedom, but it was just different.

I was heartbroken. There is no other way to put it. I felt like we had gotten divorced. (Note: I am not discrediting anyone that’s been divorced. I don’t know what an actual divorce feels like.) I felt like part of me had actually died. Everything about my life changed in that instant when he said it’s over.

When I moved home to Clermont I had to find a new job. It was over an hour drive to my current job and I couldn’t make that drive. Plus, being back in that area was hard. Maybe I’m just a wimp, but it was really hard to be there. I made the commute for one month. Then I landed a job in the ER @ Orlando Regional Medical Center.

I really struggled during our break up. I lost about 15lbs, and cried pretty much every day. I would actually count the number of days it had been since I’d talked to him last. Lame, right. I had a hard time not calling him. I still called him..a lot..after we were broken up. I couldn’t let go. I didn’t want this break up, at all.

Sometimes I would congratulate myself for making it X amount of days with out talking to him. Sometimes knowing that I had gone 2 weeks with out talking to him was enough to make me not call him. If I called him then I had to start the count all over again.

(I’m fully aware of how pathetic this may make me look. It doesn’t matter. This was my life, and this is the way it went down. I’m being 100% honest about my feelings, and how I dealt with this}

I went to Wisconsin to see a friend over Thanksgiving. I needed to get away.


(Oh yah, I chopped all my hair off and colored it brown.) I bought a new car, and all sorts of things I couldn’t buy when Chris & I were together. Identity crisis much?


I came home and I was just as lonely as I was before I left. I made some new friends, and went out with new friends.

One of the very first times I went out with friends we went to a Monster Truck thing at a bar in Orlando. Guess who was there.Chris…. with a girl some girl he met there. I don’t know who she was. I don’t remember what he told me, but I was devastated. He was drunk, and she was drunk. Oh. It was bad.

jena dana camo

(I’m having a hard time finding pictures from this period of my life. I know there are some, but they are missing).

It’s hard to describe how I felt. I was definitely broken.

Even after several months had gone by, I still cried. I still wanted to be with Chris. I really, really loved him. I really thought that we would spend our lives together. Maybe that was naïve of me. I don’t think I can accurately describe the kind of heartache I felt.

Eventually I stopped calling him. I tried to move on with my life.

I don’t know if I ever stopped crying. I don’t know if I ever thought, Okay, I need to move on. It’s time to move on.”   I really don’t think I ever felt like I would be able to get over the heart ache. I tried to be interested in other guys, but they weren’t Chris.

Some time at the end of February or the beginning of March we started talking again. I don’t know how it happened. I probably called him. That is the most likely scenario. He didn’t shut me down and hang up. He talked. He wanted to talk to me. (I’m getting all teary just thinking about this. I’m surprised it took this long. I usually cry pretty quickly when thinking/talking about this time in my life. Even if it was only 5 months, it was a struggle every single day.)

He asked if I wanted to come down and go eat with him. uh, of course. I was nervous. He had not actually told me why he wanted to get together. He was very vague when I asked him questions. He wouldn’t give me solid answers for anything. I was actually really scared that he was going to tell me that it was really, really, really over. …. He had never made it seem like it wasn’t actually over. He always maintained that it was over, and he was moving on. I was the only one holding on for dear life.

We went to an Oyster Bar that we both loved and talked. and talked. and talked.

We talked about a lot of thing. Our feelings mainly. It really sounds so cliché, but Chris said that being away from me made him realize how much he loved me and wanted to be with me. (He also said no one can cook meat loaf the way I do. .. he still tells me that).  He asked me to be his girlfriend again. OMG YES!

To say I was happy is an understatement. I was ecstatic.

I stayed in Clermont for a while, but eventually moved back to our old house, and actually got the job I left back.

The break up was really hard, but it made us better. I really believe in the statement, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” or “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” 

I grew up a lot during those 5 months. I became much more independent. I know it doesn’t seem like I could have possibly became more independent when I sat around and cried all the time. I also went out a lot. (which drove my Mom crazy). I spent a lot of time with friends. I actually hung out w/ other guys. (Chris saw other girls).

So, that’s the story of our break-up.

Did you know we had broken up prior to getting married?

Can you guess how long we were back together before we were engaged?

Have I written about our engagement before?

What a way to start the day, huh?

Happy Wednesday Y’all!

Huh, that’s interesting.

It’s Tuesday. We are that much closer to the weekend, and hopefully nice weather for everyone.

So, I was looking at my blog post last night. Ended kind of abruptly. What the heck was I doing last night? My only excuse is that I started to feel bad and my mind just went fuzzy. I don’t know if I was done w/ my post before or after I started feeling bad. I can’t believe the way it ended. I really need to work on the endings(is that a word?) of my posts.

Let’s rewind and go back to last nights post: …….. I think the majority of runners despise the treadmill. It’s boring. I know a lot of people do intervals to break up the boredom.

Do you have any other tricks to keep yourself entertained on the treadmill?

Do you watch TV, or listen to music while on the treadmill?

Okay. That is a little better. I have no idea what I was thinking last night when I ended that post. That is no way to keep, or gain readers. Geesh.

I’m in a weird little funk today. I’ve slept(or haven’t slept) for the last 3 nights. I keep having the most bizarre dreams/nightmares. They keep me up all night. When I wake up, then fall asleep I start dreaming about the same thing all over again. Chris says I need to get out of bed and get some water or something to clear my head before I try and go back to sleep after a bad dream. I guess that kind of makes sense. If I go back to sleep thinking about what I was just dreaming about then I’m likely to continue to dream about it.

I should not watch TV, or any movies that have anything to do with the end of the world. Seriously. It freaks me out beyond belief. I know what triggered that bizarre dream last night; The Dr. called me yesterday while it was pouring rain and said that someone told him that they found this radiation Iodine in the rain around here. excuse me, what?  ::cue freak out::

So I start googling. Mistake. I found several articles saying that there have been trace amounts of Iodine 131 found @ the Nuclear Plant in Crystal River…. I really should not read the news, or google things like that. ever. This leads me to have insane dreams that the world is coming to an end. I will not go into details, but that’s really what my dream/nightmare was about last night. I have issues.

Do you have dreams related to things that you see, or here?  I can’t be the only one.    {so there is a peek into my brain. If that doesn’t scare you off, nothing will.}


In other news:

My right knee hurts….again. I knew it was going to. I could feel it tightening up last night during “Embrace the Suck 10k” {lol}.  But, I was racing, so of course I couldn’t just stop. BTW, Carolyn totally killed me in the “race”.

Today I am paying for not stopping. I iced last night, but it’s still pretty painful today. It actually hurts to walk, and that’s kind of a problem. I guess I’ll be taking today, and probably tomorrow off. I have an actual 5k this weekend that I am running. I just might not be running as hard as I thought I would. I don’t see a PR in my future.

If I had an ice pack at work, i’d be icing my knee right now. Do you think I can convince Chris to bring me one from home? No? Yah, I didn’t think so either.

I’m not sure what to do next about my knee. Suggestions?


Happy Tuesday, Y’all!!

Embrace the Suck 10k:race report

It’s still raining. 13 hours later, and it’s still pouring.




Imagine 5 days of this. Oy vey!

So, running outside is not happening. Carolyn & I were simultaneously whining on the interwebz about having to run 6 miles on the treadmill. 

I tweeted her this:


then she tweeted me this:


Sometimes you just need a little motivation. When I got home I created my own race bib (I drew on the back of one I already had)


This pretend 10k is the only thing that pulled me through that treadmill run. It was Horrible.with a capital H.


First picture is probably 1.5 in..last picture is when I got done. Hello smeared mascara.

I started watching The Newlyweds: Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Season 1 around mile 3. lolz. {I loved that show when it was on. It makes me laugh so hard}


I actually ran about 7.3 miles. My treadmill has a 10k button so I hit that and started..then somehow I managed to hit some other button which reset the whole thing. I was about 5 songs in so I’m guessing I was about 1.3 miles in. I don’t know. Maybe only a mile.. whatever.

I hit the 10k button again and started over. This run was not fun. I ran 6.2mi in 60:02. According to dailymile that is a 9:40. It felt hard.

Well, isn’t that just lovely.

It looks like I’ll be BFF with the treadmill this week. I suppose I should not complain to much since we had such amazing weather this weekend. But two days of amazing weather does not = 5 days of craptastic weather. I mean, really? Geesh. I might need to invest in a kayak because I will have to paddle my way out of the neighborhood if it actually rains this much this week. That’s the truth. I also need to invest in some rubber boots. You think I’m kidding about this rain flooding our neighborhood, but that’s a true story. I will try to take some pictures on my way home. It’s a mess. (We are required to have flood insurance in our area.awesomeness.)

At least the weekend forecast doesn’t show rain. I’d hate to have to bail on my Saturday long run, and that ain’t getting done on the treadmill fo’ sho! Oh, just remembered i’m running a 5k on Saturday. Hm, maybe a long run on Sunday?

Wow, just looked @ the hourly forecast. If the weatherman is right, and you know they never are, it’s supposed to rain solid for the day and a half. We get a break Wednesday early in the morning. I might have to go out for a run Wednesday morning!!  David suggested this schedule for my Spring/Summer schedule.

Mon- 6
Tues- 3
Thurs- 6
Sat- 10  (I think I’m going to alternate btwn 10 & 12)

This keeps me at a mileage of 25-27 a week, which sounds great to me.  I might have to switch it around this week since it’s going to be raining on us all week and the sun might come out Wednesday morning. Oh shooot, the power is flickering. WAH!


If THIS doesn’t make you saw Holy*#$%  nothing will: It’s a video of a GINORMOUS shark swimming next to a kayaker. It says the kayak is a 14ft kayak. The shark is WAY bigger than that. Seriously. YOU  MUST CHECK IT OUT.. It’s amazing. I wish I could see something this amazing in person. I would have peed my pants from excitement!!


Well, it’s still raining. I’m going to make a cup of coffee. I keep yawning.

Hopefully our day is drier than mine!

Happy Monday y’all

Pretty Perfect

Happy Monday Y’all!! It’s raining here. Boo. I’m thankful it didn’t rain on my perfect weekend!

An entire weekend spent outside on the water is a pretty perfect weekend.

Saturday I went to Kayoga with Carolyn, Jenny & Sara. You can check out my recap here.

Sunday we got up and headed down to Tampa to go out on the boat with my Dad & little sister, Alli.

047 Spending the day with her was pretty cool..and interesting. She has lots of energy, and is pretty random. It was fun!




It was windy! Windy = choppy, and choppy=bone cracker

There were several times we hit big waves and crashed down off of them; I swear my brain went crashing into my skull several times. I’m almost positive I’m at least an inch shorter today from my spine being compressed. It was rough, but fun! I wouldn’t trade a day on the water for anything else.  We cruised out towards the Skyway but it was way to rough to get very close.


Click on the picture to make it bigger and you will be able to just barely see the Skyway.


We went under a bunch of bridges and even saw one open & close! That was pretty cool. I learned that the bridges open on a schedule and that sometimes the big boats & sail boats have to wait long period of time for the bridges to open so they can cross through.


This sailboat was circling around waiting for the bridge to open.

072We docked in the scariest boat slip I’ve ever seen. It was REALLY windy, and the slip was just broke down looking. It took us a while to get maneuvered in there, but we did. We ate lunch at this cute waterfront restaurant called Seacritters Café.


I had Conch Fritters & the Clear broth Clam chowda. YUM! I didn’t take pictures..because, I don’t take pictures of my food most of the time.

After lunch we ventured out towards the beach. I told my Dad I wanted to see the Don Cesar from the water so we headed out that way.

OH!!! I forgot to tell you! We saw two PINK Flamingos flying around. It was so cool! I’ve only seen Flamingos in the zoo, never out in the wild! I  couldn’t get a picture, but I swear we saw them!


087Me & The Don.. lol, if you click the picture you can see that it’s right behind my ear. HA HA!!

091We are the blue dot. I used the google maps GPS thing on my phone to look and see how far John’s Pass was from where we were and I thought it would be kinda neat to show where we were .


The bridge going into John’s Pass..

Crazy Alert: A few years ago Chris & his friend took Chris john boat in and out of this pass.. That is just insanity. This pass is no joke. The water was pretty rough through there. Not to mention there are a lot of other big boats coming in and out. oy!

At this point my phone is pretty much dead and the picture taking stopped. We headed back towards the house. It was probably about an hour from here.

When we got back to the marina where my Dad leaves the boat we saw a Manatee.

Warning: Alli did pet the manatee.. I now know this is illegal and would have discouraged this had I known at the time that it was illegal to give them fresh water, and to pet them. I learned this after I googled it once we got home.



It is illegal to pet them because it encourages them to come near boats & marinas.. Obviously this one already knows about people and the marinas as he/she swam right up next to the boat/dock.  It really is a horrible place for the manatee to be. There are boats going in and out of there all day long. It’s kind of sad that the manatee was there. Sad smile 

It was an amazing weekend! I don’t think there is a better way to spend the day than out on the water, or at the beach. 

Always wear your sunscreen! (skin cancer ain’t no joke)I was out in the sun for about 16hrs this weekend and I don’t have a sunburn to show for it, yay! I have a little redness on my back but for the most part I’m good to go. I wore SPF 50 all weekend. Applied before we left the house so I wouldn’t forget to put it on!


Have a great week Y’all

What do you get when you mix..

Kayaking + Yoga?

Kayoga, of course.

Saturday morning I met Carolyn, Jenny, & Sara in Ft. Desoto to get our Kayoga on!

kayoga 3

We loaded up in our kayaks and took off to Shell Key.

kayoga 5

I have no idea how long it took to get to Shell Key, but I’m going to guess it took between 30-45 minutes. That is what Tim, the guide, told us. I felt like we were paddling up hill, with the wind blowing against us the whole time. I don’t think I’m a very efficient kayaker, but I had a pretty good time doing it!

We saw lots of mullet jumping, and quite a few sting rays (my 2nd favorite animal!!)

When we got to the beach we hung out for a few minutes before we started yoga.

kayoga 2Don’t pretend you don’t like my lifejacket!


After a little break we got our Yoga on.

The yoga instructor was really good. I don’t know what is typical for yoga, but he moved through the poses slowly and I had no trouble keeping up or figuring out what I should be doing. The only trouble I had was that darn crow pose. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would (or did) struggle with that tricky crow pose. I did enjoy the yoga. I don’t know if yoga is really my thing but I did enjoy it out on the beach.

After yoga we hung out on the beach for a few minutes and then loaded up in our kayaks and headed {back up hill} to the take off point. I swear we paddled against the current both ways. I don’t know what was going on but I was struggling the whole time. I enjoyed the trip, but I was over it by the time we got back to the beach. Smile 

kayoga 4

kayoga 1

My shoulders were only a little sore when I got out of bed this morning.


After I left the Ladies, I met up with some other friends from high school! I met Shana & Jess in St. Pete and we had lunch at Twisted Tarpon. I had a veggie wrap and it was very yummy, even if I asked for no tomatoes and it still came out w/ tomatoes. I know, you are probably wondering how I can have a veggie wrap w/o tomatoes. easy. I don’t eat raw tomatoes. EW!

After lunch we headed to St. Pete beach where we our tan on. It was great to lay out and catch up with friends. It’s been a really long (to long) time since I’ve seen either Shana or Jessica.

It was a great day of sun & fun! I couldn’t ask for a better Saturday!

If I had $1,000,000

Happy Saturday!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their day! I know there were a lot of runners doing the National Half today. I saw one major PR, hopefully everyone else had the race they wanted.

I did go to Kayoga (Kayaking + Yoga) this morning. Carolyn has all the pictures, so once she posts them I’ll steal borrow them from her and write up a review.


Do you ever play the “What if I(we) won the lottery” game? Chris and I play this game pretty often. We pretty much always say the same thing every time. The powerball is 125 million right now and as I was passing a powerball billboard while talking to Chris on the phone I said, “Holy cow, 125 million, I need a lottery ticket.”

We never play the lottery. We play sometimes when it gets way up like that. Not because we actually think we will win, but it’s pretty entertaining to talk about what you would do with that much money.

Seriously. 125 million dollars. Whew. That’s a lot.

Here is what we would do:

1. We would decide on a lump sum for each side of our families and then divvy up those sums.

2. We said that right away we could each spend 100k. Let’s be honest, 100k isn’t a drop in the bucket for 125 mil. (Even if you took one lump sum and only got half that’s 62.5 mil)

With my 100k I’d buy a car, or two.

370z370Z – I’ve wanted a 350Z for a long,long time. In my non-lottery winning life, this will be my next car. Believe that!

cadillac_CTSCadillac CTS coupe.

There is nothing exotic or really great about either of these cars, but they are cars that I really love and want! 


Chris would buy a truck & a boat, and probably a Harley. I would post pictures, but I don’t know what kind he would want.

We’d keep our current home, but we would definitely have a vacation home on the beach in Boca Grande.


What about you? What would you buy right off the bat if you won the lottery? Be honest. No donating to charity. What would you splurge on?

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