I can’t believe it’s been 11 days since I put up a post.. what the heck have I been doing? To be honest, not much.

In the last 11 days we:
– went to the gym

foam roll
– bought a new truck (2010 Ford F150 FX2)

car truck
– spent the 4 day Christmas weekend @ my Mom’s

mom christmas
– Chris wrecked his dirt bike (broken handle bar)

broke bike

– installed my new car stereo (!!)

– laid in bed for 15 hours bc we both had a stomach bug


chkn noodle


so that’s pretty much it. The stomach bug hit us on Tuesday and we are finally starting to feel better today. I haven’t been able to get to the gym since Monday…which sucks.

I was planning on going today (friday) but my stomach was feeling a little uneasy, and I going to the gym just wasn’t appealing when I got off work.

I’ve been eating like crap – pretty much just eating whatever I feel like I can stomach (mostly bread).. Definitely ready to get back to the gym and lift some weights.


Hope you have a Happy {and safe} New Years!


Work it out, work it out

I’m happy to say that I had a pretty great birthday week – No, I’m not actually one of those crazies that celebrates their birthday for a whole week.. I barely even celebrate the day. But, my birthday was last Monday, and I had a great rest of the week.

Tuesday I wasn’t able to make it to the gym so I did a short workout in my garage gym – that workout whooped my ass. My legs were sore for 3 days!

tuesday legs home workout

Wednesday I headed to the gym for a stellar arm workout. I LOVE going to the gym. It is seriously the highlight of my day & I continuously look forward to it. When I was running, I rarely looked forward to a run – I loved long runs, but the midweek short runs were doing nothing for me. I ran because I had to in order to keep up my base, not because I wanted to.

Thursday was a rest day – I decided that I HAD to go Christmas shopping this day, so I went after work. I found a few gifts for family, and a few gifts for me! (it was my birthday week after all).

Friday right back to the gym for legs legs legs-
cable seated row 12, 10, 8
deadlift 3 x 8
smith machine squat 1×12 2×8
DB lung 3 x 12
leg press 15, 10, 10
standing calf raise 3 x 12
leg extensions 3 x 8

Saturday I woke up early and headed to the gym for ARMS.

Sunday was a rest day & food prep day. I spent pretty much the entire day in the kitchen. I do multiple things while I’m cooking so it usually takes WAY longer than it needs to.

I made:
ground turkey
shredded chicken (we had this for dinner)
steamed carrots
steamed broccoli
boiled eggs
sauteed brussell sprouts
baked sweet potatoes


Have a great week! Only 5 more working days until Christmas!

a little bit muddy

Saturday afternoon I dusted off my boots, and dug out my oldest pair of jeans – we were headed to the mud hole!

Some friends of our were taking their mud truck to Lakeland for the mud races, so we loaded up around 3:30 and headed East(ish).

mud hole map

We FINALLY arrived around 6 !! That drive seems to take longer each time we go – We found our parking spot, and cracked open a beer. Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of action happening in the mud hole it self –  but we still had a good time people watching and hanging out with friends.

girls mudhole

Eventually we busted out the grill and grilled up a few hamburgers! They sell food, but who wants to pay $6 for a burger, and another $3 for a coke?! I brought grapes to snack on, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I didn’t have a few handfuls of doritos.. those babies are yummy!

Around 8 pm the “races” started.. The races consist of 2 trucks lining up and then trying to get across the mud hole the fastest.

chevy vs yota

Heavy Chevy vs. Toyota – Chevy won.

Eventually it was our friend’s turn to race! Cindy was at the wheel and Dana was ridin’ shotgun!

Hard to see (droid doesn’t take great night time pictures). Cindy & Dana are in the blue ranger on the right. The Samurai thing they were racing got stuck… Cindy & Dana also got stuck ,but they were closer to the finish line so they won! (woot!)

D with their trophies! Mud racin’ is a real thing, y’all!


SOMEBODY thought it would be a good idea to take their truck around back to the smaller mud holes….

baby chevy stuck

ahem…. Chris……

I thought Jeremy (chris’ brother) was kidding when he came riding up on the 4-wheeler saying he had to get his truck so he could pull Chris out.. PARDON ME? 

They were supposed to just be riding around, not actually going in the mud holes. Here’s Chris’ explanation as to what happened,

“See, what had happened was.. I was minding my own business and I just fell off into that mud hole.”

Every good explanation starts with, “See, what had happened was…..”   But what had really happened was – he was trying to kick rooster tails on his brother (who was riding the 4wheeler around) and he started sliding sideways and fell off in that hole.

and he ended up ass deep in mud. The exhaust on this truck was gurgling.. it was lovely.


baby chevy muddy

and now, he’s doing this:


This will likely be an all day affair. Several years ago (like 5) we had a green dodge that found it’s way into a mud hole. The next day he jacked it up on jack stands, took the tires off and cleaned the hell out of that truck.

Not sure if he’s planning on going to that extent today, but when you play, you pay.


Hope you had a great weekend!

For me today is a rest day & food prep day, with some house cleaning thrown in.

progress…..or something

Today the air still feels thick.. The somberness is all around. It feels wrong to move forward when there are so many families that can’t – their lives will never be the same.

I know I already wrote about this on Friday, but it just weighing so heavy on my heart. I wish there was something I could do – instead, I read MSNBC & CNN hoping for updates.

But updates really don’t matter – these families will not get justice. WHY this happened will likely go unanswered – is there really any reason why someone would kill children?

I don’t want to dwell on this, but it’s just…. well, you know. You’re probably thinking about it as well.



I started going to the Y in the middle of October..8 weeks maybe? Let’s just go with that.

When I started going to the gym I didn’t know what my goals were. shoot, I still don’t know what my goals are – I just want to be happy. I want to accept my body, and love my body. I want to look & feel strong. Nothing super solid there, I guess.

I started taking “progress” shots during the summer when I started doing CFE workouts – I’m not going to show you those because they are ridiculous. I’m terrible at taking pictures of myself.. okay, I’m not … I take a bunch of really stupid/silly pictures of myself …. but when it came to taking before pictures – I found that really challenging.

The lighting in our house is absolutely wretched – I mean, it’s just bad. There is practically no natural light, so all pictures come out with crazy shaded areas, or weird looking.. it can’t be helped, and I’m not a photo shop pro so editing isn’t happening either.

front nov _ dec

November 11, 2012 & December 15, 2012

nov dec back

November 11, 2012 & December 15, 2012

Personally, I don’t see much, if any progress. But, that’s okay. It’s only been 8 weeks, and I don’t eat perfectly. I probably don’t eat enough. I find it realllly difficult to shove 1700 – 1800 calories in my face every day. That is A LOT of food, and A LOT of prepping.. 

and I like to drink beer, and eat ice cream

I will just keep on, keepin’ on

Like I said, my goal (right now) is to be happy.

and I’m happy. so I’ll just focus on staying that way.

a nightmare

It feels inappropriate to blog about anything other than today’s unthinkable tragedy in Newtown Connecticut.

Tragedy doesn’t feel like a big enough word for what happened today. It’s not heavy enough – there just isn’t a word to describe today.

My heart has been so heavy as I watched the news, and scoured the new sites for any new details.

It’s devastating.

I can’t even wrap my head around what these families, what this community must be feeling.

There’s really not much to say.

My thoughts and prayer are with this community as they clean up the pieces, and try to figure out why such a senseless act took the lives of their babies, and loved ones.

Lifting Log: wow, I’m sore

On Tuesday I wasn’t feeling all that great so I worked a few hours in my office then came home and worked for a few hours. Eventually I started to feel better, but I didn’t want to drive to the gym so I headed down to our “home gym” and did a short leg workout.

Tuesday: LEG DAY

I started on the treadmill:

5 min @ 7.5 incline – speed 4.2
2.5min @ 7.5 – speed 6
2.5 min @ 7.5 – speed 6.2
4 min @ 8.5 incline –speed 4.0
1 min @ 10 incline – speed 4.3

4 min – foam roll
1 min jump rope


sumo squats – 20lb DB
15, 10, 5, 5, 10, 15

alt leg lunges 3 x 12 (24 each set) w/ 15lb DB

lateral leg raises x 25/each leg
regular leg raises x 10
air squats x 20
push ups 2 x 10

Total time was about 40 min, 317 cal, avg HR 140

This workout is short, and not complicated at all, but it kicked my butt. My quads/glutes are actually pretty sore today.


Wednesday: ARM DAY

warm up:
15 min on elliptical
foam roll
arm circles

Good Mornings  3 x 8
EZ bar curl 3 x 8
Cable triceps push down 3 x 8
reverse cable curl 3 x 8
cable up right row 3 x 8
Wide grip lat pull down 3 x 8
hanging leg raise 3 x 10
back extensions 3 x 10
crunch 20

total time: 1:03:15
avg HR: 130

I had planned on doing bench presses but a guy sat on the bench talking to another guy for the majority of my workout. When he finally got off, another guy snagged the smith machine & started doing squats.

I’m not quite sure how to handle the smith machine hog situation. It’s annoying, that is for damn sure. The gym was really crowded today, which made my workout interesting. I felt like I was just wandering around the weight room floor – I knew what I needed to do, but it was just so crowded. Geez.

weekend wrap up

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday & a wedding!
The wedding was on Sunday afternoon – a small, intimate affair with just immediate family members present. It was a sweet setting, and I’m thrilled to see these two lovebirds married.
jena dress stacey wedding

yep, same dress/shoes I wore to a wedding in October.

After the wedding we hung around a bonfire, and drank beer… and then I woke up with a headache on Monday morning. drinking fail.

Monday was my birthday so we took the day off and headed to Orlando for a day at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure!
I haven’t been since 2009 (which is ridiculous considering my step-dad works there) and I was anxious to ride the “new” rollercoaster; Rip, ride, rockit


I seriously screamed my head off – Oh, by the way, that is not my video – I found it on youtube. You would not be able to hear music if that was me filming.. I seriously screamed the entire time. I love rollercoasters, but that one was a doozy!

The park was not busy at all, so we pretty much just walked on to every ride. We really never had a wait over 5 minutes – it was fantastic! The weather was overcast all day, but I’ll take that over blazin’ sunshine any day of the week.

It started to rain later in the afternoon, but at that point it really didn’t matter since we were already soaking wet from Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barge – it’s basically a river rapids type of ride; you sit in a big circle tube and hope you don’t go down backwards, or get soaked under a waterfall… let me tell you about how we were soaked within the first 30 seconds! AH! The water was FREEZING!

I was not thrilled to be soaking wet the rest of the day, but that ride was probably the best of the entire day.

We dragged out butts into the house around 11pm on Monday night – exhausted and ready to crash. Thankfully the dogs were tired as well, so we were able to make it into bed around 12am…

which means 5:30 came WAY TO EARLY!!!!!


Hope you had a great weekend! We had a nice extended weekend. One more full week of work, and then we are off for a few days for the Christmas Holidays!

doing what I want

Hope you’re having a terrific weekend so far – This morning I woke up early to make Chris’ breakfast before he headed back to Tampa for work. Poor guy got home at midnight and then was back out the door around 6:45 on Saturday morning.

I was planning on getting up early anyways because I wanted to head to the gym fairly early to avoid any Saturday crowds.
I had some oatmeal, folded some laundry then headed out – There was pretty much no one on the weight room floor when I arrived – a fair number of cardio machines were being used, but the weights were FREE, which made me HAPPY!

I started with 15 min on the elliptical – I changed the resistance setting every few minutes to give my legs a little workout. I don’t know why, but I hate the treadmills at the gym a million times more than I hate my own – I can barely make it through a mile at the gym, so I just stick with some easy cardio on the elliptical.

I love that the gym has a foam roller – at first I was skeeved out by it, but whatever – I shower when I get home, and I doubt I’m going to catch a disease (well, maybe MRSA), but I can “catch” that at work.. so I’m not really safe anyways.

moving on from the grossness that is MRSA:


3 x 8
smith machine bench press
DB lat raise
DB delt rear row
EZ bar curls
cable triceps pushdown
reverse cable curl
cable upright row
hanging leg raise on the bosu ball stand thing

After the gym I headed home to do a few chores – coloring my hair was first on the list.. I was going to try & let my natural color grow out, but my hair has been looking sort of blah lately, so I let that dream go and bought some color.

gun show 12 8 12

I have no shame – I walk around the house flexing…constantly. I ask Chris at least 3x/day if he wants to see my muscles. He kindly lets me show him every time. What a good Husband!


I am scheduled to run the 11th Annual Holiday Halfathon on Sunday, but, I’m not. I finally decided that it is not in my best interest to run the race.

We have some family events happening on Sunday afternoon, and It would be to much strain to run, then haul booty to Clermont. To run I’d have a 3am wakeup call, and this event will probably go late into the night – Besides the event, I truly just don’t want to run. I’m not in shape to run a half marathon; could I complete the distance, probably. Would it be fun? I don’t know. I just envision myself being miserable for the last 3 – 4 miles, and that’s not something I’m willing to do.

I take full responsibility for not training for this race like I could have – the truth is that I really love lifting, and that is my focus right now.

I will miss running with my Strider buddies, and I will be jealous as I read all the facebook commentary that is sure to ensue almost as quickly as they start to cross the finish line – but I have to do what is best for me.

eat, eat, eat, lift, eat, eat

It seems as though eating has taken over my life; I spend a lot of time prepping food & eating food. I’m eating ever 2 – 3 hrs (depending on what’s happening at work) . I feel like I’m always stuffing my face, and I pretty much am.

My mornings start between 5:30 – 6:30; meal times are based on what time I eat breakfast.

Tuesday morning I got up around 5:20, made Chris’ lunch, unloaded the dishwasher, then made a bowl of oatmeal for my breakfast. I ended up eating around 5:45 –

At 7:45 I was still at home, so I made a quick protein “shake.”

8oz almond milk
1 scoop gold standard vanilla ice cream whey
not exciting, but it gets the job done

Our house was finally listed for sale this morning, so I spent the morning running around the house tidying up. We’ve kept the house relatively tidy over the last few weeks, but with 2 dogs there is always dirt to be swept up. With a hard workin’ husband, there is ALWAYS dirty dirty laundry to be washed. IMAG0328


Okay, I lost track of what I was talking about for a second, back to what I’m eating..

10 am: fuji apple with smuckers “all natural” crunchy PB


Lunch came at 12, in the form of shredded chicken, quinoa with black beans , green beans & sweet potato

I was stuffed silly after that meal!

At 2pm I still wasn’t very hungry but I ate a boiled egg and called it good.

Thankfully my day allows me to eat whenever necessary – I’m thankful for the freedom. Eating this much would be difficult during a very busy day.

At 3:45 I drank a pre-workout drink – a supplement I ordered off of bodybuilding.com a few weeks ago. It’s not the best tasting stuff, and it makes my skin tingle, but it’s supposed to help with muscle growth so I’ll stick with it for a little while longer.


I leave work at 4 and head straight to the gym. During my workout I drink this:


{you’re welcome for my stellar photography skillz}

Tuesday was upper body day: I started out with 15 minutes on the elliptical where I worked up a pretty good sweat – I usually don’t work very hard on the elliptical but yesterday I changed the resistance every couple of minutes.

After the elliptical I headed over to the mat and did some foam rolling, and stretching. I am thankful the gym has a foam roller {Even though it kind of skeeves me out} – I foam roll pretty much every day now.. I do have one at home, but I’m lazy, and it’s down in the apartment.. out of sight, out of mind.

I started my workout with pushups, 3 x 8 .. The last set had me shaking, but I completed them!

all sets were 4 x 6
Bench dips
DB shoulder press
DB lat raise
DB rear delt row
bent over 2 DB row
reverse cable curl
cable up right row
cable seated row
cable triceps pushdown
wide grip lat pull down (behind neck)
incline bench press (on machine)

I did a few arm stretches for my cool down and bolted out of the gym.. I enjoy going to the gym after work, but I hate getting home so late.

I ran out of almond milk at work, so I couldn’t make my regular post workout protein “shake.” I had this in my work fridge so I grabbed it and sucked it down post-workout.

Dinner {for me} was more shredded chicken, sauteed brussels sprouts & steamed carrots. Chris had spaghetti {yum}. Chris usually eats the same thing I eat, but he wasn’t a fan of the shredded chicken so I made him something different – I’m trying to stick to a clean eating diet so while spaghetti sounded amazing, I wanted to stay on track.

After dinner I try really hard not to snack or eat any unnecessary foods, but I wasn’t SO successful on Tuesday. I’m a sucker for trail mix, and it just so happens that I bought peanuts/almonds/raisens for Chris’ lunches… and they were just taunting me in the pantry, so I had some.. yum! …and by some, I mean several handfuls..


So, there you have it.. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday. I’ve been eating shredded chicken for 3 days. I’m finally going to finish it up today. hallelujah!

gettin’ it done monday: legs, legs, legs

It’s a new week, and I wanted to start it out right ~ I fixed a bowl of Bob’s redmill rolled oats; I added gold standard vanilla whey protein, 1/4c of raspberries, and 1tsp of cinnamon powder. Fantastic way to start the day.

I’ve been staying away from the oatmeal lately because it causes me to bloat, but I need to increase my calories, and oatmeal is a good & healthy way to do that.

I’ve realized over the last few weeks that I’m not eating enough – not on purpose, I just don’t have enough food pre-made to take to work with me, and then when I get home from work I eat whatever is easiest …. which is usually a scrambled egg on a ezekiel bread english muffin.. not exactly stellar nutritional habits right here.

These crappy eating habits are probably to blame for my lack of progress at the gym. I am getting some definition, but I don’t feel like I’m really gaining any muscle, which is one of my goals.

(it’s my blog & I’ll post pictures of my muscles if I want to)

I switched up days this week so instead of doing arms today, I did legs today.. by time I got to the gym today I was ready to get my workout on.

Warm up:
15 min on elliptical
foam roll
push ups 3 x 8


DB squat 4 x 6
Barbell DL 4 x 6
DB step ups 4 x 6
Sumo squat 4 x 6
leg extensions 4 x 6
seated leg curls 4 x 6
calf raises 4 x 6
seated row 4 x 6
leg press 4 x 6
leg raises 3 x 12
ball crunch 3 x 8
bosu ball rack crunch 3 x 10


I have no idea what that thing is called, so I will refer to it as the bosu ball rack.. makes total sense in my head!

After the gym I couldn’t wait to get home & eat! I loosely used this recipe to create shredded crockpot chicken. I also sauteed some brussel sprouts, and ate some left over quinoa & black beans that I made last night.

the chicken was meh.. kind of dry, not a whole lot of flavor. We didn’t have any BBQ sauce, and I’m not a big fan anyways (to much sugar, and other junk) .. We poured the juice that was in the crockpot on the chicken, but it didn’t make a huge difference. 


I’m headed to bed.. need lots of sleep to help my muscles grow!