Longest 5k ever.

Today Stacey and I ran in the Winter Haven Hospital Citrus Classic. The course was kind of rough on the knees; started out running on the road, then we had to run across a soccer field 2 or 3 times, and up an embankment. I am not used to running on anything other then road, and the combination of grass & road was not fun. After 2.5mi I kept thinking “how mad would I be at myself later if I just quit running and start walking”… i kept running. I PR’d with a time of 24:28, and according to dailymile.com , my pace was 7:38 

not good quality, it was taken on my sisters blackberry . i forgot my camera.


My right knee is bothering me quite a bit, i need to do some research and figure out what to do next. If i can just wrap it or if I should actually see a Dr.. Unfortunately I am the type that will procrastinate seeing the doctor…. i know what it’s going to cost me to get an MRI if needed, and that alone makes me not want to go. 

Today has been a complete failure for eating. 


Ham & Cheese Omelet
Whole Wheat Bread- plain

Lunch: … well we ate breakfast at like 1030ish so I kinda skipped lunch.. Does Coffee count?  after the race i came home took a shower, then took a lil’ nap.

Dinner: ugh… Fuddruckers. grilled chicken sandwich. and I ate some of Chris’ french fries…. then i came home and ate a bowl of icecream. OMG ridiculous.

I really want to run tomorrow but I don’t see that happening, not the way my knee is feeling. boo.


30 days till Gasparila!

YES! 30 days till Gasparilla, very exciting! I am kind of nervous, my knees have been giving me problems the last few days. I took yesterday off in hopes that they wouldn’t bother me today….sort of worked.

I ran 5mi at a okay pace, i think it was 10:something. I started out w/ wrapped knees and they were making my legs ache. I took them off and they felt better. My knees didn’t bother me to much during the run today. I am not running tomorrow due to the fact that I work open to close at work. Joy. 

I have been totally slacking in any kind of cross-training or upper body work outs. I haven’t done anything in weeks. Today I dusted off my resistance bands and did a little arm work out. I can’t post it because I don’t remember what all I did, but I think my arms might be a little sore tomorrow. 

Tonight’s dinner was a big fat FAIL. Kielbasa & Cheese casserole. Chris didn’t like it at all, I thought it was okay. Something just wasn’t right. The recipe didn’t call for anyone kind of liquid. How you can cook something for 8hrs w/ no liquid makes no sense to me…and clearly doesn’t work in the Kielbasa & Cheese casserole recipe. It was kinda dry, and the sausage was burnt. Boo.  I will have to try this recipe again, but add some kind of broth or water to it. 

Tomorrow we are going to have Salsa Chicken & Black Bean soup. I got the recipe from this http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ website. It’s a very cool website. Nothing but crock-pot recipes, and that is exciting!! Check it out!

My day of rest.

….. was much needed. My knees were bothering me again today. I guess tomorrow I will wrap them all day and give them some extra stability. Other then that I don’t really know what to do. I plan on running 4-5mi tomorrow. Rest Thursday, and maybe 3mi on Friday. I have a race on Saturday and I really don’t want to push it to much this week. It is really important to me to be able to do my best on race days; even if this is only a 5k. I’ve PR’d, and placed my last two 5k’s… I’d like to do the same on Saturday.

I went and picked up my new glasses this morning. They are super cute.

Breakfast today was Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Cinnamon & 1% milk. …. After some convincing we now drink 1% milk.. We were not big milk drinkers before, and we still aren’t but we use it in our coffee, and now cereal, and oatmeal when we have that. … Chris likes Whole milk :::gaggggg::::…oh its so thick and ew.

Lunch was left overs from last night; creamy cooker chicken..

for snacks I had Chobani (blueberry) greek yogurt, pretzels, and string cheese. I am obsessed w/ pretzels.

dinner was Beef & Lentils (another new recipe)… it was pretty good, different but good.

1 medium onion (you’ll leave this one whole)
3 whole cloves   (spice aisle in case you are wondering)
5 cups of water
1 lb of lentils ($.94 at walmart, woohoo)
1 tsp salt (i used kosher salt)
1 bay leaf ( spice aisle)
1 lb. ground beefe
1/2 cup of ketchup
1/4 cup of molasses (uhm, by the syrup i believe)
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp dry mustard
1/4 tsp worcestershire (i think i’ll leave this out nxt time, i think that was the strong taste…maybe BBQ sauce instead)
1 onion finely chopped

1. stick cloves into whole onion- set aside; i carved out a hole in the top of the onion and put the clove their.

2. in large sauce pan, combine water, lentils, salt, bay leaf and whole onion w/ cloves. Simmer for 30 minutes

3. brown hamburger w/ chopped onions.

4. meanwhile, combine all remaining ingredients in slow cooker, stir in simmered ingredients & browned hamburger.

5. cover. cook on low 6-8 hrs  (i cooked for 7.50 hrs)..

we also added shredded cheddar cheese to ours when we put it in our bowls to eat. 

It was good, not my favorite recipe in the world. but pretty good none-the-less..   The prep time was kinda long. I got up at 5:45, and had everything in the crockpot ready to cook by 6:30…. i did other things in between, so this could be why it was a 45 min prep time…

Tomorrow we are having Kielbasa & Cheese Casserole.

Good night. I have to get some studying done… …. i’m reading about diseases and treatments..fun times.


Nice ‘n easy.

I decided that today I needed a nice & easy recovery run. My right knee was bothering me all day at work, but I wanted to run to loosen up my legs. My friend and I did 2.something miles around the lake- i forget the exact mileage, and it really doesn’t matter. I think it says it on the side of my blog in that dailymile thing…

This morning i totally went bezerk on caffeine. I had coffee on my way to work, then my coworker texted me on her way to work and said she was stopping at Hardees; did i want anything… ugh… Dr pepper… so then I drank a dr pepper through out the day, i also drank water through out the day…. now tonight i’m drinking more coffee as i’m doing homework/studying..holy caffeine.

I did start out w/ a some what good breakfast this morning. I had honey bunches of oats w/ banana slices.

For lunch I had toast w/ nutella & some chobani blueberry greek yogurt- this is not a typical lunch, but we had no lunch meat, and no left overs so this is what i had. I hate eating out for lunch, it bothers me. I’m a freak about saving money on lunches if at all possible… so toast and yogurt it was. yum.

For dinner we had a new chicken recipe.

Creamy Cooker Chicken = totally delish!
 6 chicken breast  i used 4
 2 cups of sour cream
1 package of dry onion soup
1 10 3/4oz can of cream of mushroom soup  (we had no cream of mushroom, i used cream of chicken)

1. combine sour cream, dry onion soup, and cream of mushroom soup in crock pot and mix together.
2. put chicken breast in mixture and make sure all the breasts are covered.
3. cook on low for 8 hrs.

freakin’ delish. we loved it. we put it on some wild grain rice and it was totally awesome.

this was the finished product::: note::: i am not a food photographer, and this was after i had already put the leftovers in tupperware for lunch tomorrow.. It doesn’t look pretty but it was yummy!

Tomorrow we are having Beef & Lentil soup… Never had it before, we’ll see how that turns out.
 I get my new glasses & contacts tomorrow, YES! i’m super excited. I got some cute new Tommy Bahama glasses, yayy!! I’ve had my current glasses for 2 yrs, and i’m completely out of contacts. boo. Running w/ glasses on is not cool =(
Tomorrow I am taking a rest day from running. I have a 5k on Saturday and I really want my knees to be feeling 100% so that I can run well. I think i’ll do some upper body or something tomorrow when I get home from work.
G’nite. I have to get back to my homework now. Boo =(

This weeks menu & other randomness.

I know I already posted today but I’m bored. Chris has a friend over & they are playing Mario on the Wii.

I made our menu for the week so that I could grocery shop appropriately. I have found that making a menu reduces the number of misc. grocery items I come home with. 

This is what we are having, in no particular order. All of them are crock pot recipes.

Italian Pork Chops with red potatoes & carrots
Beef & Lentils
Kielbasa and cheese casserole (…we are actually have turkey sausage, not kielbasa)
Creamy Cooker Chicken
Potato Soup

All but the Potato Soup are new recipes, and they are all crock-pot recipes. I am obsessed w/ my crock pot. It just makes my life so much easier. Yes, sometimes the prep for some of the recipes is tedious and time consuming, but I don’t have to come home after work and stand in the kitchen for an hour making dinner. I thoroughly enjoy coming home from work/running and dinner being done. yay! 

So, I went to wal-mart to grocery shop..i hate it, but it really saves me money so I just suck it up and go. I was looking for cloves, whole cloves. I’ve never bought cloves before. I don’t have a clue where to look. I ask a lady who is working in the fresh produce section do you know where the cloves are :::blank look::: “Is that food?”…..  me- ::eye roll::: walk off. oh brother… i found them on the spice aisle..no thanks to the great employees of wal-mart. 

I’m still trying to find a hotel for our anniversary. We decided that we are going to go to the Tampa Aquarium & do the Shark Feeding + see everything else at the aquarium. We are also going to stay Saturday night in a hotel. This is MUCH more then I was originally planning. But Chris was planning something WAY larger then this… but we talked about it and we can’t justify spending as much as he was planning on spending when we are trying so hard to save for our down payment.  I am still really excited. I absolutely love aquariums/Sea World. I’ve never been to Tampa, and it’s one of the top 10 aquariums to go to. I’m just excited. I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year. goodness, how time flies!

Into the double digits!

Today was my first double digit run. I ran 10.2 miles; whew it was kinda hard. The first 5 miles seemed SO slow to me, but in actuality I was running a 9 min mile.. but gosh it just seemed so slow. I forgot my Garmin so I couldn’t really tell where we were at until we saw the markings on the ground. (this trail has the mileage carved into the trail).. from 4 to 5.1 miles seemed to take the longest, i was getting very frustrated. I was ready to turn around, but I kept pushing because I wanted to get 10miles in today. We finally reached 5.1miles and I stopped, had a power gel (BLECH!!! it was tangerine , nasty)…The 5 miles back was tough as well. There was a strong wind pushing against me the whole time. It took me an hour to get back, and it was only a 45 min run the first 5mi. ugh. My right knee was really bothering me. I kept getting the feeling that it was going to give out at any second, so i kept slowing down my pace, and then speeding back up. I was so happy to see the truck =)  

All and all it was a good run. I mean it was my first 10mi run. My total mileage for the week was 27miles..which is by far the most miles i’ve run in one week. I’m also thinking this may be why my knees are also bothering me.

In other news: Our 1 year anniversary is in 2wks. Holy crap~

kiss that trail goodbye.

It’s been a few days since i’ve written. Hm, guess i’ve been pretty busy. So this week I am at a total of 17 miles . It’s been a pretty good week for running.

Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday  0..i closed at work.
Wednesday 6mi
Thurs 3 mi
Friday 5 mi.
Sat- I close at work.
Sun- I “plan” on getting 10miles in.

I think i’m well on my way to my half marathon in March.

Oh, I haven’t written on here since I registered.. So, the good news, I registered for the Florida Beach Halfathon in Ft. Desoto on March 21st. I’m pretty excited, nervous. 13.1 miles is a long way…but I think I can do it pretty well. =) I just have to keep up my running.

Today I went running on the trail I usually use during the week… so i’m running, minding my own business and i am coming up to a cross street, and there are kids sitting on the bench on the other side. Then one of the kids stands up and points a gun in my direction….yah, a gun. I don’t know what kind of gun, i’m no gun expert, but i’m thinking it was a BB gun or something. It was long (like a shotgun)… so for reasons I don’t understand i continued to run towards them…naive…not thinking they would hurt me? I don’t know… so i stared hard at the gun and said “Hey Ya’ll” to them.. they said “hey” back.. I just wanted to be friendly so they didn’t shoot me. I got past them and called Chris, then I took a left off the trail onto the next side street. I didn’t want to take a chance by running past them again. Chris said i should call the non-emergency line just to report the incident- even though I won’t be running on that trail again, other people do use it. Although I rarely see other runners on that trail during the week.  That was my excitement for today. I’m kind of angry about it. That was one of the few places that I can run in Winter Haven. Now I have to drive to Dundee when I get off work, which is a 20min drive..which doesn’t seem far, but when it gets dark at 6, and I get off at 5 every minute is kind of crucial when I want to get long runs in. Oh well. Better to be safe-obviously.

My first injury of 2010..

….and its totally not running related. See what had happened was: I got up early (5:45am to be exact), so that I would have enough time to throw dinner in the crock pot , make breakfasts/lunches, and still be able to get to work early… and so i’m slicing an onion, and it happened: I cut the tip of my left ring finger. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Chris was still in bed so I start hollering and it went like this:


Chris: What?


Chris: What?

Me: I – CUT – MY – FINGER!!!

Chris: How?

Me::: ON A KNIFE……
That finally got his attention he got out of bed and came to investigate. It bled pretty good.. After it quit bleeding we could finally see the damage. Not really all that bad, it hurt though. I’m a huge baby when it comes to pain, i don’t tolerate it, but I have to say I handled this pretty well. I think it scared me more then anything…. So I went to work and when the Dr got there he looked at it and then the nurse put some steri-strips on it.. Thats all there was to it. Thank goodness it didn’t require stitches, but I was preparing for it. So needless to say typing takes me a little longer then usual.

On to running news:

Today I did a 3mile recovery run with a friend. It was a good, slow paced run, which is about I could handle. My thighs were tight, and my knees were hurting. Tomorrow i’ll be resting since I close tomorrow night (7pm). Probably try to get a upper body work out in the morning.

I talked to Chris about possibly trying to run a half-marathon in March. I mean i’m running a 15k on Feb 27.. The half I want to do is March 21st.. Im sure I can fit 4 more miles in by the end of March, right? So I found the half I want to run and i’m going to register on Thursday. Yay. It’s the Florida Beach Halfathon in Ft. Desoto! Very exciting!!!

New Crock pot recipe:

tonight we had pork tenderloin & green beans for dinner.

4-5 lb whole pork tenderloin
sliced onion
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp garlic salt
1 bay leaf
1 3/4 cup water

1. Put the pork, onion, soy sauce bay leaf in crock pot. pour water over top.

2. cook on high for 1 hour. Then set to low and let cook for 6 hrs

I think this was the easiest recipe by far…minus the cutting my finger this morning slicing the onion. The pork had a really great flavor, and it was really tender. Delish!

That’s all. I’m sick of chicken peck typing & I have homework to do. Boo.

First 15k

Today’s plan was to run 7mi…. Chris and I got up and he took me to the Winter Haven/ Lake Alfred trail. The first 2 mi were torture. I couldn’t find a rhythm my pace was all over the place and i was thinking about giving in at 3. Then somewhere in that 3rd mile I found a good pace and it was on. We didn’t use the whole trail because then we would have to cross Havendale and we didn’t feel like dealing with the traffic. So we had to do several out and backs on the trail. So at the end of the trail i was about 6.something and he says, well lets just go out till you get to 7mi, and then we’ll walk back the last mile… So we go out, we hit 7, we turn around and by time we get back to the turn around i’m at 8.5…. so i was like WTH lets just get 9mi in today… So we turned around and headed back down the trail for another 1.3 miles to get the full 15k in. I was VERY pleased with my time.

I told Chris that when I registered for Gasparila they ask you what you think your finish time will be.. I put 1:30… that means i have to run a 10min mi…. Which I know I can do.. During my 5ks i usually run 8.something miles…but thats only 3.2 miles.. So today I finished in 1:29:07, and my pace was 9:34

My miles looked like this: (I just remembered I set my watch to record every mile what my pace was-SCORE!!-:
(1)  9:31
(2) 9:41
(3) 9:5
(4) 10:35
(5) 9:11
(6) 9:14
(7) 9:47
(8) 9:16
(9) 9:06

Now i’m debating whether or not to go take a icy bath. My legs are feelin’ sore. Ugh the thought makes me shiver. Maybe i’ll just take some aleeve and take a hot shower.