I scoff

A few weeks ago I was scouring the internet for new meals to make. I enjoy cooking, but I find that I’m usually short on time and need something relatively quick to make.

I found this recipe for Black Beans & Sausage on Pinterest. The actual recipe is from Martha Stewart, so I’ll link back to the Martha Stewart site.

picture from Martha Stewart site.

This wasn’t exactly a quick recipe, but it was easy, and it was super tasty. Chris & my Dad commented on how delicious it turned out to be.

I made a few changes to the recipe: The original called for carrots & shallots.. I didn’t have carrots, and I don’t even know what shallots are, so those were out. I added onion, green pepper & brown rice. Here is my final recipe:

Black Beans & Sausage

2 tsp olive oil
1 lb kielbasa or smoked sausage (I used turkey kielbasa)
1 small yellow onion, diced
1 green pepper, chopped
1tbsp garlic, minced
2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
brown rice – I use that instant bagged rice (2 bags)

1. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high. Add sausage and cook until browned on all sides, about 8 minutes. Transfer to a plate. Add onion & green pepper, cook until they begin to soften (season w/ salt & pepper). Add garlic, cook until fragrant. Add black beans & broth and bring mixture to a boil. Add sausage, reduce heat to a rapid simmer. I let this simmer for about 15-20 minutes.

2. If you use instant rice, start around the same time you add black beans & broth to the skillet.

work it out

I was planning on taking a total rest day today; but then I got home, sat on the couch, and felt miserable. I just felt so lazy, and gross. I didn’t want to run, or do yoga, but I wanted to do something.

I’ll be the first to admit that I scoff at walking treadmill workouts. Like, really? Walking..treadmill.. doesn’t exactly seem like it would produce much sweat…and then you ramp the incline up to 7 or 8 and the speed to 4.3 and you’ll sweat your ass off. At least I did. I didn’t start out with an incline of 7 I kept bumping it up. I put the speed at 5.2 for a few minutes and ran/jogged(?) for a few minutes with the incline up.

fine. I admit. it got me sweating. and I felt like I at least did something besides sit on the couch and stare at the treadmill.

I also did a few ab exercises, and rolled my poor legs with The Stick.


tomorrow I’ll be back out on the road to get a few miles in (need to check my schedule to see what I said I’d do).

I’m currently in denial about the weather for saturday. my plan is to skip 9.3 miles, at an 8:00 pace, while holding hands w/ Jenny. just ask her, she’ll tell you.



hi mike 🙂


Summer, is that you?

I’m trying really hard not to focus on the fact that the weather this weekend is going to be absolutely miserable.

Gasparilla 2010  I was a new runner at that time, and clearly I had no idea how to dress. I’d probably wear shorts & compression sleeves if I could go back to that day. According to my recap it was 41 at race start. Definitely would have worn shorts. What was I thinking wear tights?

Gasparilla 2011 – the race started with a yellow flag warning. I still had a pretty decent race despite the heat.

and this year…. who knows what will happen.
Hopefully the clock will say 1:14:XX – Hm, I just pace calculated that.. that’s an 8:02 pace. that sounds scary.



After work I came home and attempted to put music on my MP3 player. 45 minutes & one piece of toast later I still didn’t have any music on my MP3 player so I threw the MP3 player out the window and headed out for my run, music-less, again.

I’m pretty sure someone tied bricks to the bottom of my shoes. My legs were so heavy it was all I could do to move one foot in front of the other. I really hope that these last two runs are not indicative of what is going to happen on Saturday.

5 miles, 44:23 ugh

I had planned on running on Wednesday, but I think I’m going to do yoga, or rest, or something besides running. I think my legs are just worn out. Plus, it was approximately 80* when I set out for my run.


It’s going to be a long summer. I don’t think summer really ever left, it’s just been hiding and comes out to play every so often. stupid jerk.

Earlier, while I was heat stroking on my 5 mile run,  I was thinking that I should go north during the winter because then I’d have an actual cool season to run in. But then what happens when I come back to Florida during the summer? It’s hot as hell. I just can’t win. Maybe I should live in a different state..country? 

If I could move anywhere, where should I go? What state/country has the best running climate? (preferably flat, ha)

not this month

In case you missed it, this morning I recapped my very lackluster 5k from Sunday.

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to run 1000 miles in 2012. That is roughly 83 miles per month – I met that quite easily in January, I ended the month with 100 miles. I’m struggling a little bit in February. Taking an entire week off did not help that situation at all. — Huh. I just remembered that the month actually ends on Wedensday, not Sunday. All day I’ve been counting my race(S) this weekend as part of my February mileage.

What a crappy realization that was.

Well, regardless, I still have to have a plan for this week.

work it out

:last week:

Monday (2/20): 3mi + yoga
Tuesday: (2/21): 4mi
Wednesday (2/22): rest
Thursday (2/23): 3mi
Friday (2/24): 3mi
Saturday (2/25): rest
Sunday (2/26): 5k + 6.3mi
Total: 22.4

Never give up
:the plan for this week:

Monday (2/27): 4mi
Tuesday (2/28): 5mi + yoga
Wednesday (2/29): 4mi
Thursday (3/1): yoga
Friday (3/2): Rest
Saturday (3/3) 15k + 5k = 12.4mi
Sunday (3/4)= rest probably


Today after work I set out for a 4 mile run. My quads are feeling sore after Sunday’s race + 6.3 miles, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This run was a disaster. My stomach was rebelling, and my legs were just over it.


I felt like I swallowed a balloon for the entire run. My stomach was so bloated and so uncomfortable. Man, it was horrible. My legs just weren’t into it. My brain wasn’t into it. I ran without music, and that sucked. I definitely need to get some music back on my MP3 player. I enjoy running w/o music sometimes, but it’s nice to have when I’m struggling through a run.

Check out this picture from the Bradenton Herald

take stock start line
see all the kids? ugh.

Race Recap: Take Stock in Children 5k


I am feeling very …. well, nothing.. I feel nothing but annoyed by this 5k performance. The whole thing was just very mediocre. I kind of gave up towards the end, and that feeling pretty much sucks.

I stayed over at Jenny’s house Saturday night since the race was down in Lakewood Ranch. That’s about 2hrs from my house, and 30 minutes from hers. I got up around 4:30, ate some toast, drank some coffee and we were headed out the door by 6:00.

Jenny ran the 10k, and that started at 7:30ish. We did a few warm up laps, used the bathroom a countless amount of times and then wandered around trying to find the starting line. The set up of this race was a little bizarre, but it worked… i guess. Everyone lined up in one place, they sang the national anthem, and then walked everyone around the corner to the start line. It was a little confusing.. why didn’t they just start the race where everyone was lined up to begin with?

I did another lap or two for a warm up and then lined up … in a pack of kids. This race benefited the local school district (or something) and there were a million kids running around. I don’t expect little kids to know race etiquette but I would at least expect their parents to have a little control and make them move off the start line.  Thankfully the one of the guys running the race announced that he wouldn’t start the race until all the kids were towards the back. Some listened. some didn’t.

the race started, and I knew right off the bat that this was going to suck.

 I put my earphones in, turned on my MP3 player and…nothing. No music. I had plugged it into Jenny’s computer the night before to charge it and apparently that deleted all the music off. great.  — I have no problem running w/ out music. I run pretty often at home without music, but a 5k race? Where I was trying to PR? I needed music to avoid me from the suck that was bound to happen.

I know better than to go out to fast in the first mile. so I didn’t. but even the “not to fast” pace hurt. I was sucking air, and struggling before the first mile was even up. terrific. I played leapfrog with a 10 year old for about 3/4 mile before he finally gave in & I passed him. (He actually finished about 20 seconds behind me.) dang kids. 7:27

The 2nd mile wasn’t any easier. I tried to bring my pace down, but it just wasn’t happening. I was struggling to stay under a 7:30, and the 7:10 that I wanted really wasn’t happening. I pretty much gave up during this mile and just tried to keep moving. 7:24


This must have been the longest 5k of my life. I actually contemplated stopping and just walking. That would have been so much easier. My stomach felt empty, but full of air..if that even makes any sense. It was horrible.  — the temperature were cool(er) but it was still pretty humid. There was a headwind on the way out, but now the wind was behind us, and that made it even hotter. I let myself slow down in this mile. I made a conscious effort to slow down.  —- Looking back, that decision totally pisses me off. If I had just kept trucking along I could have gotten the result I wanted. 7:26

I crossed the finish line in 23:02. Is it a decent time? yes. Is it a PR? yes. Is it a time I’m happy with? No

 I know it’s silly to be upset over a PR.. but I think by now, you know me. You know I get upset over these things. I wanted a 22:XX and it just didn’t work out.

Jenny also had a super race, but i’ll let her tell you about that…  

It was forever + a day before the awards ceremony started. I placed 3rd in my AG, although the results say 2nd.. I think something is wonky there, but whatever.

Time: 23:02  (those stupid 2 seconds.. ughh)
AG: 3/18
OA: 23/407 

After the awards ceremony Jenny & I headed out for another 6 miles. How to put this nicely? It sucked. The first 2 miles were okay, but after that my legs were burning, and I was feeling the effects of racing, then standing around for 2 hours, then trying to run again. not fun.

After our final miles we headed over to a local place to get some breakfast..even though it was already 12, breakfast was in order. I loooove me some coffee after a race, or long run.

Not pictured is the bowl of grits that I also ate.
Veggie Omelette + WW toast + grits + coffee = LOVE


This race has come and gone, but believe me when I say I already have another 5k on my calendar. While we were standing around waiting for awards to start I was surfing active.com for a 5k on March 10th.  FOUND ONE! Armadillo 5k, in Oldsmar on March 10th. This works out really well – This is one of the featured races that my running group does, so they will be there! The 10k is the big race for the group, but as I’ve said before, I’m done with 10ks for this season. This 5k will probably be my last 5k (maybe) so I need to go out with a bang. 

Upcoming Races:

March 3rd: Gasparilla 15k
March 10th: Armadillo 5k
March 18th: Florida Beach Halfathon
April 22nd: Flying Pirate Half 

I’m trying not to think about Gasparilla to much. The weather isn’t going to be ideal – At 6am it will already be 68 with 87% humidity. The high is 80 with a heat index of 91. Doesn’t that sound fun? Better start hydrating now!


How was your weekend? any races? new PRs? long runs? short runs? fun runs? bad runs?
tell me about it.


a lot of things wrapped into one

The weekend was pretty busy; I spent the entire day Sunday cleaning. I got up at 8:30, had a boring breakfast of oatmeal, then got right to work cleaning. I carried my coffee cup around with me as I started deciding what to do first. I love our house, I really do, but the entire house is wood floors, except for the bathrooms, and those are tile. That’s a lot of sweeping & mopping. ugh. It seems like a pointless chore with two dogs (& a husband) that track dirt in just as soon as the floor as dried. Oh well, I tried.

A few weeks ago I started decluttering our house. I started in our bathroom. Good grief. We had so many bottles of shampoo & conditioner, and various other hair products, it was ridiculous. Half used bottles, unopened bottles.. in the trash. I only kept what I actually used.

It felt so freeing to throw away all that clutter.

Then I started to tackle our closets (all 4 of them) and dressers.

buh-bye old clothes & shoes.


After way to many hours of cleaning I decided to test out my new treadmill (and my foot). I haven’t run or done any sort of impact workouts since Feb 12th (RnR) so I was really anxious to get a run in.

I decided on an easy 5k: time was 26:56, 8:42avg. I felt great, aside from being bored. I had no pain or discomfort, I think my foot is on the mend.

I’ll be taking it easy this week just to make sure my foot is 100% healed come March 3rd (gasparilla 15k).

Monday after work I ran 3 miles on the treadmill; 26:29, 8:49avg– I also did Jillian Michaels Yoga meltdown. Two workouts in one day!

I think the rest of my workouts this week will look like this:

Tuesday: 4mi treadmilly
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: 3 mi treadmilly
Friday : 3 mi treadmilly
Saturday :  rest
Sunday: Take Stock in Children 5k + 7 miles = 10miles total

Total: 23 miles + yoga x 2

I’m opting to run on the treadmill this week just in case the foot pains rears it’s nasty little head again. All my running routes (all 2 of them) are out and back routes; if I started having pain I’m stuck. It’s easy to just jump of the treadmill.


Are you a neat freak? Any tips for me?

Any races this coming weekend?

I did it

I was a little sad that I didn’t get to go on a long run this morning.

The weather was disgusting this morning, so maybe I shouldn’t be to upset that I missed out on my long run?

Right after breakfast my Dad called and asked if we wanted to go to Tampa. I said, “Uhm. why?” He said, “because there is a treadmill here that you can have.”

Me. “yep, see ya in an hour.”

I got a new-to-me nordic-trak treadmill (or something like that). It’s still in the back of Chris’ truck, but I’ll take a picture when it makes it upstairs.

stock picture form the nordic trak website

It’s a pretty bad ass treadmill! Has a lot of features..like a TV screen. According to my Dad it can be hooked up to your cable, or DVD player. I’ll definitely need to figure out how that works!


Sometime last week a friend & I were discussing how fun it would be to travel out of state for a race. I’ve never done this before, but would love to.I also doubted that Chris would ever be on board with the idea, so I’ve never put much though into it.

Some how this morning said friend & I started talking about travelling to a race. Then we started looking at races. We checked out the Country Music Half-Marathon in Nashville.. but I’m totally over RnR races.. The logistics for that race look like a gigantic nightmare. More paying for a shuttle back to the start line. Family having to pay to get to the concert @ the end of the race. No thanks. We passed.

I briefly looked at the Blue Ridge Half-Marathon, but when I saw the elevation I laughed myself right off that website.


I checked out the Charlottesville Half-Marathon, which didn’t look to bad, but the hills were a little scary.

actually, that looks horrible.


Friend text me and said “ duh, I forgot about the OBX half marathon.”  This was the site of her first marathon…and that’s where the plan to run the Flying Pirate Half-Marathon started. We looked at the race, decided it was the one, then spent the rest of the afternoon looking at hotels and figuring out how we can make this work.

We seriously talked about this for hours.. well, we texted about this for hours.

We finally came up with a good plan. A plan that wouldn’t force me to sell a kidney, and a plan that wouldn’t require us to make the 14hr drive all in one day. (14hrs to run a half-marathon?? who does that?) 

This will be the last half-marathon of our “season.” Number 8 for me, number 7 for her! WHEW! It’s been a busy season, and I’m sad to see it go, but I know that this race is going to be great!


It’s official. I’ll be there..and so will my friend. I’ll let her reveal herself in her own blog! It’s going to be EPIC.. rofl.. No. I’m kidding. I don’t use the word epic.. but it is going to be pretty dang spectacular.


That’s not that bad..right?

Want to join us? We’ll be there! We are arriving on Saturday, and leaving Monday morning!! It’s going to be grand!

yoga a day makes Jena’s shoulders pay

There is one good thing about not being able to run. Not being able to run forces me to cross-train and do things I otherwise wouldn’t.

I have several of Jillian Michaels & Bob Harper’s DVDs, but when I’m in running mode, that’s all I do. I run. Everything else gets put off. Until I’m injured. Then I crawl back to Jillian & Bob begging them to make me sweat.

I always say that I’m not really a yoga person, but I really enjoy Jillian’s Yoga meltdown. Maybe because there it is a combination of yoga + power moves.

You can get a glimpse of Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown here.


My shoulders are already sore. I can only imagine how sore they are going to be on Friday & Saturday.

One of my favorite poses that she does during the level one workout is the Locust Pose.


ahhhh, this feels so good on my lower back. So So So good.

The most challenging pose is that darn chaturanga.

and when Jillian (yah, we are on a first name basis) says to do chaturanga push ups – I basically fall on the floor laughing. She’s crazy. just plain crazy.

One other thing I’ve learned is that I have like zero balance. That warrior 3 pose makes me want to fall flat on my face.

yeah right. In level one we do a modified version where you put your hands on you’re your quad.. still makes me want to fall over. I can balance better on my right leg than my left leg? weird.

So, I’m thoroughly enjoying this DVD, but I’m really ready to put my running shoes back on and get in some miles.

I’m really going to be sad on Saturday when I can’t get a long run. This will be the first weekend since August that I haven’t done any kind of long run. sad.

Now I’m off to go watch The Guardian on netflix.

well that was boring

So. I really have nothing nice to say.

I’m annoyed because my foot still hurts. It doesn’t feel any better today than it did on Sunday, and that’s frustrating.

thank goodness my feet are clean

That X marks the spot of my pain, but it’s deep, not on the surface. I even rolled my foot with THE STICK and didn’t feel any pain.

I tried walking on the treadmill on an incline and that was horrible. Pain shot through my foot and made me limp off. No good.

I epsom salt bathed my feet/legs & then iced my foot.

I also tried wrapping it. That didn’t work either. Made my foot cramp up and hurt like hell.

Chris fixed my POS bike so I was able to ride today after work. I squeezed my 15y/o mountain bike in the back of my 2dr hatchback car just so I could ride somewhere besides my ridiculous neighborhood.

I’d rather run. I was so bored on this bike ride. Seriously. bored. I was counting down the minutes until I’d be at the turn around. Then I was counting down the minutes until I was back at my car.

so boring.

There is absolutely nothing to look @ on the trail that I rode on today. It runs right next to the highway, so it’s really loud from the traffic and kind of in the boondocks. boring so boring. plus, I really just suck at bike riding. double plus, it’s a 15y/o mountain bike. it doesn’t even go fast.


. I’m definitely not feeling satisfied. I’d like to go for a nice run right now. But no. My foot will not allow that. Stupid jerk.

I called Monday morning to make an appointment for next week. But I’m getting a little impatient with my foot so I called this morning & rescheduled for Friday morning. I can’t wait until Tuesday. I need to know if something is wrong. I wish they could have gotten me in today. That would have been awesome.

The bike ride wasn’t enough. I also did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown. I bought this DVD a few months ago, and just took the plastic wrapper off of it today. #slacker.



and now the pictures you’ve been waiting for…

doesn’t everyone throw their hands in the air when they run by their friends?

Don’t pretend like you don’t love those arm warmers. Those bitches are baaad.

Apparently we had two photographers from our group.. Aaron was hiding on the other side of the road in this crazy beanie/beard thing.

The guy in the crazy beard – That’s Aaron.. and that is not a real beard. lol. this cracks me up

I always look like I’m walking. I swear I was running!

You ran how fast? Are you sure?

Hiii, I look like a boy! Mile 12 – we went over a little bridge onto Snell Isle



If she doesn’t beat me up for beating her by 7 seconds at RnR – She’ll beat me up for posting this picture. Hi Jackie!


In other running related news: my R foot still hurts. I’m hoping it’s just bruised. I succumbed to my paranoid & googled lateral foot pain. So far I have a stress fracture and/or cuboid syndrome. Who knows what I’ll be diagnosed with tomorrow.

In all seriousness though; It doesn’t hurt unless I’m wearing shoes or putting pressure on a certain spot on my right foot while standing. I can poke/press/prod/squeeze my foot all I want to & it doesn’t hurt. – I don’t know what cuboid syndrome should feel like, but it doesn’t feel like anything is out of place. It feels exactly the same as my left foot. ..and according to Dr. Google, if it was a stress fracture I’d have pain to the touch.

Because I’m a total freak I scheduled a Dr. appointment for next week just in case the pain doesn’t go away. I don’t have time to be playing around with some weird foot pain. Gasparilla is 3 weekends away, and Florida Beach Half is in 5ish wks. … So, if the pain isn’t gone by next Monday I’ll be going to the Dr on Tuesday. If it’s gone, I’ll cancel the appointment. – If I wait until next Tuesday to call, it could be another week before I get in.


Soooooo, what’s everyone doing this week? I guess I’m going to have to live vicariously through all my running friends. It appears I’ll be taking some more days off.

Inaugural Rock n’ Roll St.Pete – done!

Let’s recap the weekend, shall we?

Saturday I drove down to St. Pete to meet up w/ Sherry & Jenny. Sherry & I decided to get a hotel and have a little girls weekend. We stayed at the Magnuson Marina Cove. It’s located right before the Skyway off of 275. Very convenient location for us as it was only about 10 minutes to the race. It was also very reasonably priced at less than $100/night.

We met up at the hotel around 11, then headed downtown for some lunch. We wanted to eat an early lunch so that we could eat an early dinner, and get to bed at a decent hour. We ate at Central Café & Organics.I had the Southwest black bean special (wrap). I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the area.


We headed to the expo after lunch to pick up our race packets & see how much $$ we could spend. I was anticipating a huge crowd at the expo (which I don’t do well in) so I had a little anxiety over this expo. They had the expo @ the Trop, and for a nominal fee of $15 you could park at the Trop… These people are crazy. There is a TON of free parking in DT St. Pete – needless to say, we did not park @ the Trop. We actually parked by Central Café & walked the one mile to the Trop. good thing I wore my walkin’ shoes (no..actually I didn’t. bad idea).

cookbook for Katie
why am I looking all crazy? jenny & sherry look normal.

I succeeded in spending more money than I should have. I bought THE STICK. I’ve been eyeing these for a while now, and since I had some cash to spend I decided to just go ahead and get one.

I also registered for the Florida Beach Halfathon. The race director, Chris, had a booth set up so I said Hi & then registered for the race.

The Race

Since I had some trouble with my IT band this week I wasn’t sure what I should do in regards to pacing. I wanted to PR, but I wasn’t sure my leg would let it happen.

On Friday my IT band was feeling okay, I didn’t have that uncomfortable feeling that I had for the majority of the week. On Saturday as we walked around DT St.Pete I didn’t have any discomfort, and when I rolled on the foam roller I didn’t feel the knots that had been there during the week. I decided that I would try to PR but if it didn’t happen, it was okay. I know it’s kind of silly that I have to tell myself it’s okay if I don’t PR, but If you recall the Women’s Half & that disaster & how upset I was.. A little “it’s okay” is good for my mental state.

60 cent socks from target. Cut the bottoms out and made thumb holes. Best arm warmers ever.


One of the bigger challenges of the race was figuring out what to wear. We got hit with a cold front on Friday that brought the temps down into the 30’s & 40’s. Not only were the temps low, the wind was harsh. I can handle cold temps, but the wind? That makes getting dressed a little more difficult. I finally decided on my Strider tank, arm sleeves, thin C9 capris & spandex shorts on top of the capris + gloves & ear warmers. To the start line I wore all of the above mentioned plus a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, & sweatpants. I stripped the sweatpants/jacket before we got into our corral and the l/s shirt went somewhere around mile 5.

IMG_1802[1]I’m a fan of posting stupid pictures of yourself on the internet. I think it’s a good way for people to get to see the real you. The you that you’re friends know.

Jenny (& Glenna) picked us up at the hotel around 5:30 – We wanted to arrive early so we could beat the traffic into downtown. One of Jenny’s co-workers we super kind and let us park in her condo parking lot. It worked out perfectly, we were about 1/2 mile from the finish so we didn’t have to take the trolley back to The Top (which was another $15).

We hung out in Jane’s condo for a few minutes before making the trek over to the trop. After a not so quick potty break we headed to corral 2 and before we knew it the gun was sounding and we were off.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find Jackie or JM before the race so I was on my own for this 13.1 – I knew there would be bands at every mile, but I opted to wear my music instead.

The first 4 miles went by really quickly. I was just running along enjoying the scenery? No. We ran through some interesting parts of St.Pete..nothing all that interesting, or nice.

I took my first gel at 4.9. I really like those power bar green apple gels, they are tasty. I saw the Strider cheering section a few times along the way. I can’t remember what miles they were at but it’s always fun to have your own personal cheering section!

There were a few times when I looked @ my watch and saw some sub 8 paces and kind of freaked out. Whoa. A few times I saw some 8:05s and freaked out about that to. I didn’t have a particular pace in mind that I wanted to keep. I knew I had to keep anything under 8:20 to PR, and so that’s what I was doing. Anything under 8:20.


Somewhere around mile 6 my IT band started to bother me. I was really wondering if I’d be able to hang onto my pace. I told myself I could quit with the 8:05s and hang onto 8:15’s. 8:15’s would still get me a PR.

At mile 10, which is a make it or break mile for me, I told myself, “you can do this. you trained for this.” and I did train for this. Also at mile 10 was the 2nd set of brick streets. I can’t stress enough how much I hate these brick streets. They are really uneven, and just really hard on my knee.

mile 10..hideous brick streets Sad smile

In mile 11 we made a turn that took us out towards Snell Isle. At this point we were heading out while other runners were heading back in. This gave me a chance to see some of the other members of my group! I love watching other people run by – so fun to see their faces, especially at mile 11. I was feeling really strong, and I hit my first sub 8 mile here.

I crossed the finish line feeling strong, but in some pain. My R knee was bothering me (ugh) & my R foot has some weird pain. I have no idea what is up with that. I’m currently icing but I’m quite frustrated with the foot pain. I know the knee pain will go away in a few days..but the foot? hmm. this is new.



I’m STOKED with my time. I couldn’t believe the clock when I crossed the finish line. My PR in December was 1:49:25 !! That’s a pretty decent chunk of change off that last PR.

Flo Rida was the headliner at the St.Pete RnR, but we were so cold that we didn’t stick around to see him perform. There was a bag check, but we didn’t use it since the car was fairly close to the finish. However, once we got back to the condo we decided we didn’t want to turn around & walk back to the finish area so we changed into warm clothes then headed to Cracker Barrel.

I know there were a few Striders with camera’s today, so I might have a few more pictures tomorrow.

I have no idea why there is a blue tint to the shirt.
It’s white.