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A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014.


Consumed by baby

Hey all,

I’m still here, just crazy busy & tired.

Paisley keeps me on my toes these days- it is crazy how busy we are even though she sleeps the majority of the day.

Between feeding her every 2 hours, trips to the hospital lab & trying to keep the dogs entertained, it seems we have no time for anything.

I’m working on her birth story. It’s not insanely long, it’s just taking me forever. I get side-tracked…. a lot.



And then there were three

We made it, we managed to successfully bring a brand new little baby girl into the world.

Paisley Rae was born at 11:25am on December 22, 2013.

She weighed in at a whopping 7lbs, 10.5oz & is 20″ long.

Whew baby.

She is doing great, mommy is surviving & daddy is awesome.

More details later when we get home.
Sorry if the formatting is wonky, I’m posting from my phone.


I think it’s finally here

Y’all, we are experiencing some cool temperatures down here in Florida, and I am WAY more excited than a normal person should be.


I mean, can we all get a little excited about the fact that the high on Thanksgiving Day is 55 !!! FIFTY-FIVE PEOPLE!!!!!! That means I can wear a sweater ALL DAY and not get hot. THIS IS EXCITING!

picture from last Thanksgiving day.. apparently it was cold last year as well, YES!
and yeah, I’m THAT corny.

So anyways, I’m excited about this weather.

In honor of the Fall season, I decided it’s a good time to make some Fall-ish type meals:

Roasted veggies & quinoa
roasted red pepper & chicken sausage orzo soup

I don’t think I need more than 3 meals this week; Thursday will be spent in a turkey coma, and Friday will probably be more of the same.

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving week; this year has FLOWN by.. Man.

I have nothing interesting to say, but some other people do.

Happy Day.. it’s actually pretty gloomy here so far. It rained last night, and the clouds are still lingering.

I have an OB appt this morning, so I’m just dilly dallying around the house, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and reading blogs.

Random side note: The baby currently has hiccups, so that is weird. Well, at least I think it’s hiccups – I’ve been told it’s hiccups. The feeling is different than a regular kick, or movement. It’s a constant pulsing/thumping sensation in the same spot for several minutes – pretty much exactly like when we have hiccups. Very odd.

I’ve been thinking about this blog lately. The fact that I pretty much never post anymore, and that makes me sad. What makes me even more sad is that the lack of posting isn’t because I don’t have the time; it’s just because I have absolutely nothing going on. That is lame, right?

I’m sometimes envious of these bloggers that have boatloads of friends, and are always doing something – they always have something to blog about. I’m just sitting over here missing my Husband while he’s out of town and growing a baby. Nothing really all that exciting.

Sometimes I start a blog post, and then I think, “no one cares about that.” Don’t even waste your time writing that because no one cares. No one is interested in your favorite pieces of maternity clothes (indigo blue maternity shorts & jeans are where it’s at, FYI). No one cares about about you budget, and how you’re saving money. That’s not your niche, so don’t even try.

Instead of those posts, you get nothing, or you get this random, off the wall, I have to much free time this morning and I’m feeling whiny type of post. Lucky you. 

SO, since I’m not really writing anything of importance these days, I’ll give you a few links to posts that I’ve enjoyed lately.

5 things I like about…..being on a budget, from The Lady Okie
The Bald Ballerina, from Audacious Faith Wishes Granted: Theo and Beau All about instagram :: my most-loved photo editing apps, from Hello Hue
Just Shut up, from Recently Roached  — If you don’t read any of the others, read this one. and if you’re reaction isn’t WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE, then I must ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Other things you could do: 

Follow me on Facebook. I swear I don’t post that often, but I need 2 more likes.. so, do it. 
Follow me on instagram, because I love new followers & I love following new people.

Hold on while I spam you real quick

Happy Hump Day!

I’m a big online shopper; probably 85% of my shopping is done online. I don’t know if it’s a Florida thing or what, but for whatever reason, the majority of the stores around here can only manage to have 2 check out lanes open at any given time.

I have zero patience when it comes to standing in line and waiting for the person in front of me to dig out their .50 coupon. Then when the coupon won’t work they stand there for 25 minutes while the cashier calls 3 coworkers, and 6 managers to figure it out. ALL OVER FIFTY CENTS. A similar scenario happened recently and I about lost my mind – I was about to give the lady 50 cents to get the hell out of the way. I’m so friendly, right?

So anyways, if you haven’t heard of Ebates.com, you should check it out. Ebates is basically a referral website that pays you to shop online. You can type in the name of the retailer you want to go to, click on the link, and if you buy something from that retailer you (usually) get between 1 – 7% back on all purchases.


I don’t always remember to use Ebates, but I should. I’ve remembered this week, and I’ve earned a tiny bit of money back. With the holiday season coming up, now is a super time to sign up for Ebates.

This kind of post is totally not my thing, but I got an e-mail this morning from Ebates:


But really, it’s totally free, and pretty much everyone shops online, so there is zero reason for you not to take advantage of the website (and help me out while you’re doing it).

the 3rd trimester…dun dun dun

This year has gone by at incredible speed; it kind of scares me.

When talking to people about being the mother of a little girl, the conversation quickly turn to “Just wait until she is in high school.”



As of today, I am 28wks + 7 days pregnant. I can’t believe we only have 11ish weeks left and then we are parents to a helpless baby. What have we done?!



Baby Size: 14.5 in / 2.5lbs
How far along: 28wks + 7 days .. soo 29 weeks. I don’t know why the app does it that way, weird.

Activity level: I’m not going to the gym, but Chris & I go for walks around our neighborhood 4-5x week. Usually we walk for 30-45 minutes (or 2ish miles). Not a stellar workout, but it beats sitting on the couch.

Stretch marks: No ..I lotion up my belly after every shower and every morning. Let’s hope all that lotion does my skin some good. I’m aware that stretch marks are pretty much a gene pool game, but let’s just pretend that the lotion is going to help. mmmkay.

Belly button: Oh man, it’s on it’s way out. Chris thinks it’s the most hilarious thing he has ever seen. A few days ago I was leaning back stretching and my belly button was poking out and he actually pointed & laughed. He’s convinced it’s going to make a POP sound when it finally pops out.

Sleep: It’s hit or miss. I have to pee at least once every night, and whether or not I easily fall back asleep is anyones guess.

Symptoms: Not sure what I’m supposed to put here. I get short of breath REALLY easily. If i have to make multiple trips up and down the stairs in a short period of time I get really winded. This morning I was short of breath just sitting in my desk chair – I think baby girl was positioned weird.

I have some awesome acid throat going on. I really don’t know what else to call it. I’ve never had heart burn or acid reflux, so I don’t know if it’s either one of those. It’s just this random burning in my throat. The only thing that makes it go away is a big glass of milk.

Other things: Pregnancy really is a weird beast. I’ve written before that one of my biggest worries with getting/being pregnant was the weight gain involved & my changing body. It is a big mind game, for sure, but the further along I get, the more I’ve accepted what is happening.

Somewhere around 23-24 weeks my baby bump started to look less like fat & more like an actual baby bump. When that happened, it suddenly became a lot easier to accept what was happening.

The weight gain is still tricky, seeing the number go up is not a good time, but I think I’ve embraced the changes pretty well and to be honest, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I’m sure it helps that Chris is absolutely enamored with my bump. 

So anyways.. That’s the latest news on our little one. She will be here before we know it!


when the book ends

I love being able to curl up on the couch for as long as I’d like without feeling guilty that I should be studying. Sure, there is laundry to be folded, and dishes to be put away, but they have no looming deadline. They will still be there when I’m ready to deal with them.

I recently finished a three books, one of which I wished that hadn’t ended. Do you ever feel that way about a book? Like, the story was just getting really good, why did it have to end there? It’s okay if there is a 2nd book, but bad if there is no second book. I feel like I was watching a movie and the DVD just quit working right at the good part of the movie.

I hate that.

Last night I finished Barefoot Season, by Susan Mallery. I really loved the story, and I was seriously disappointed when the book ended. The relationships in the book were really just starting to blossom and I was anxious to see where they went..and then, it ended. darn it.

Any books you’ve read recently that you didn’t want to end?


Other books I’ve recently read:
Spin, Catherine McKenzie
The Weight of Silence, Heather Gudenkauf
Three Sisters, Susan Mallery

I had, I mean, I hijacked an idea.

Earlier today I was reading The Shu Box; Sarah mentions having a morning writing session every day.

I really like this idea. I love writing, but often times I feel like I have nothing substantial to say, so I just skip it all together.

Being pregnant brings on a lot of changes.. It brings on a lot of things, really.

Maybe I’ll try a writing session every morning, whether it’s just how I felt the previous day, or about something I did; a conversation I had. Anything really.

My me time is limited. Approximately 113 more days, 16 more weeks.. That’s not very long, when you really think about it.

I’m one of those weirdos that gets up way earlier than I need to. For example: This morning Chris’ alarm went off at 5:15. He got up ate breakfast, then came back into the bedroom to get his boots. I also got up, made coffee & his lunch.

I definitely do not need to get up at 5:30 to be at work at 9. But I like to mosey around the house, drink my coffee slowly, read blogs, eat breakfast, take the dogs out 10 million times. Basically, I hate rushing. I need time to wake up, and get going.

My Husband, on the other hand, likes to wait until the VERY LAST second to get up and get ready. It drives me bananas!

I will attempt this writing project during my morning time, after Chris leaves, so that I can maximize the amount of time we have together in the mornings, and not take up any time after work.

It is a weird feeling to know that you only have so many more days until your lives change forever. Very surreal. I’m sure it will get even crazier the closer it gets, and then after she is here.. but it’s just strange. It’s strange to walk past her bedroom and see a crib. What in the world!?

So, there ya have it. My random thoughts for the day.



We packed up my sister’s car on Wednesday afternoon & headed towards North Carolina.

My Grandparents have a cabin in Avery County, NC and as kids we spent many Memorial Day weekend’s playing in the creek that runs through their property and running around exploring.

A few months ago one of my cousins mentioned getting together at the cabin for the 4th of July holiday weekend. Last time I was at the cabin I was there for less than 24 hours so I was excited to get to spend some time up at the cabin.

My sister and I decided to cut the drive into two days since we couldn’t leave until around lunch time. It’s about 10.5 hours, which isn’t super long, but 2 kids & 2 pregnant women didn’t sound fin for 10.5 hours.

We found a place in Columbia, SC ; we booked the room and that was that. We were headed to the mountains.

The drive up was pretty uneventful. We hit a few big storms and one bad patch of traffic but besides that it was incident free.


I checked into the hotel & when I came back out to the car my sister was on the phone laughing hysterically.

….because sometimes all you can do is laugh.

We found out that there was a flood warning for Avery County… I guess my Grandma thought there was a pretty good chances the bridges would flood and we would be unable to get to the cabin.

After some more laughing, a couple hundred texts and a few phone calls we had a back up plan. Thankfully one of the cousins that is meeting us at the cabin lives in NC.. they found a place for us to crash if we needed to.

Fast forward to this morning: we get a text that it didn’t flood and that we should be able.to get to the cabin.

We headed to cracker barrel for breakfast and discussed what we should do…

I’m writing this post from my sisters car as we head towards the cabin.

I guess we’ll see what happens.