Day 1; BL Cardio Max

… pretty sure my legs are going to be sore tomorrow. That freakin’ Bob is lunge-happy. He goes crazy on the lunges! Goodness! But I completed the 5 minute warm up & the 20 minute work out. Then dinner was ready; so I did a few stretches then ate some din din,ha. Dinner consisted of 1 left over rib, 1 chicken sausage, a spoon full of potato salad, and spoon full of baked beans.. & dessert is coffee! Yum.

I am really trying to get back into a habit of eating better.

Breakfast: Wholegrain cheerios w/ 1% milk
Snack: a few tricuites
Lunch: left over spaghetti w/ whole grain noodles
Snack: Banana
Snack: more triscuits

The triscuits probably aren’t the best, but they sure are good =)

I am feeling good that i was actually able to get a work out in today! Phew!

Im so excited for Saturday. beach day! WOOHOO!!!


Wanted: Treadmill.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting a treadmill. We’ve talked about it, and decided that in our new house we will set up one of the guest rooms as sort of a little home gym. Thus waiting until we move to get the treadmill.

Uhm, I seriously can not wait that long! I realized today that I will only have 2 days to run this week; and that is unacceptable!

Today: 3.4 miles, the freakin’ wind was blowing 100mph, and i was over it.
Tuesday work 7a-7p
Wed- 830-5, dinner in Clermont for Kailyn’s bday
Thurs 7a-7p
Fri 7a-7p
Sat – long run. not sure about the mileage yet.
Sun- Easter Sunday = going to Clermont for church and lunch w/ the fam- don’t forsee any time to run.

So if I had a treadmill, I could atleast run a few of those nights I get off late and possible Sunday when I get back from Clermont. I need a treadmill. I’ve been surfing Craigslist for the last few days.. I don’t even really know what exactly i’m looking for. I don’t know what I really need. Obviously I need to do some research, but i’m desperate to run more. Work is taking up way to much of my life, and i’m totally not happy about it!

I also need to start the Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD that I bought. . . when is the question!?

I can’t possibly get up any earlier then I already get up. Getting up at 5am is already ridiculous enough. I cant get up at 4:15 or 4:30. I just can’t do it. My days are to long already .

sorry, this kind of turned into a whiney post.

Good night. I’m going to bed.

Oh humidity, I loathe you!

Got up at 6:15 this morning to get a run in before it got ridiculously hot. ha. unsuccessful. I went to my friends, and from there we were off to the Ft. Fraser trail! We planned for 7 miles today.

We started out slow to get warmed up; boy did we get warmed up. We were pouring sweat by the 2 mile mark. thankfully there is a bathroom and water fountains at the 2 mile mark so we were able to take a lil break. Then we trucked on. Oh it was so humid, i checked the humidity about 45 minutes ago and it was 71%, uh i’m thinkin it was close to that when we were out running this morning.

I am thinking I am going to have to break down and buy a water belt, this FL heat is going to be to much to not have water through out the run.

We are going to run a half in November, so we will really start training in July, joy. The heat ought to be really great then!

Other then the heat the run went very well. It was my first real run since my half last Sunday! I attempted a run on Thursday but it was very unsuccessful! Our pace was alright, nothing to brag about; we kept it between 9:40 & 10.

Tomorrow I plan on starting Biggest Loser Cardio max in addition to my runs! I am feeling insecure with my weight, and I have really slacked off – work is a big contributing factor. I guess I am going to have to figure out how to fit everything in.

I seriously need to run…

or i’m going to go apeshit on someone very soon! I haven’t run since my half on Sunday- not because I don’t want to. I’m effing dying to run. I simply have not had a spare second.

Monday, got off at 330p, came home, let the dogs out, headed to Clermont to see my grandma in the hospital. Got home around 10p.

Tuesday- work from 8a-7p… our new receptionist called and left a message on our work voice mail, she isn’t coming back in…. then our 2nd receptionist walks out in the middle of the day- this leaves us with 0 receptionists. Which leaves 6 days, at 10.5 hr days to be covered by the office manager and I – fun.

Wed- …supposed to be off… but said receptionists quit and now I am working 8a-7p. .. joy.

I thought about joining the gym. … but we are moving in 3 months and the gym I would join here isn’t over there. The nearest one is 40+ miles..wrong. i’m not driving that.

I just SOOOOO frustrated. I feel like I can’t win. I am SO far behind in school. I’m “supposed” to be done in August. I’m on class 4 of 12. Uhhh that math doesn’t add up.

I’m exhausted. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel ; when we move; but i’m drowning in the darkness, i can’t even see the light.

Thankfully I get off at 5 on Thursday & Friday. I plan on running both days, and I work 830a- 7p again on Saturday.

I have a 7miler planned on Sunday….

then next week is more of the same bullshit. Closing 3 days. ugh. i’m tired.

First Half-Marathon Report- LONGGG!!!!

Let me start this blog out by talking about my Grandma Bonnie- She had not one, but two heart attacks yesterday afternoon/evening. Thoughts & Prayers to my Grandma & My family please. She is in ICU and is doing okay. — I’ll go into more detail about this in my race report, since it happened while we were actually driving over to the West Coast FL for my race-

My mom & I left my house around 1ish to head to St. Pete to check into our hotel. On the way down there my G-ma calls my mom and tells her she is not feeling well, my mom says, go to bed.    30 minutes later my uncle calls my mom and says G-ma is checking into the hospital w/ SOB, Chest pain & L arm pain…..  about an hour or so later, after we’ve checked in & gone to the race site & about 40 phone calls between my sister who works in the ER , and my uncle we find out she had a heart attack….. so my mom and I go back to the hotel to get my moms stuff; she is going back home to be w/ my grandmother. Now I don’t know what to do, i really want to race on Sunday, but geez my Grandma just had a heart attack- from what my sister was saying the heart attack was very minor, they weren’t going to take her to the cath-lab until Monday. So i decided I would take my mom home, call my friend and see if she would ride back down w/ me (it’s a 2 hr drive from my house to St. Pete) … She agrees. So about 3 hrs later (7pm) , JUST AS SOON AS WE PULLED INTO MY DRIVEWAY, my sister calls my mom hysterical that my g-ma was having another heart attack.. so now i’m really freaking out, i dont know what to do, but my stuff is at the hotel in st. pete so I have to go back down there sometime. .. my friend shows up, we drive an hour in the opposite direction of St. Pete to go to the hospital so I can see my g-ma.. I see her, she looks okay, I feel better and we head out.. We arrive at almost midnight- and we have to get up at 4:45. JOY.

I didn’t sleep.

4:45am.. roll my ass out of bed. eat some toast w/ nutella & a banana, drink a little water.
6:00 show up at the race. My friend decided she would register for the 5k. we got her registered, got our timing chips then ran back to the car, the wind was blowin 90mph..
7:05 gun time.

i’m exhuasted. I drove almost 400 miles yesterday, i had no sleep , and i’m just mentally exhuasted. I thought for sure my race would suck. My legs started hurting around mile 2.. GREAT.

it was really uneventful. I just tried really hard to focus on my breathing and not the fact that i was so freaking exhausted. . .

I got to mile 6 in a little under an hour, this made me happy.

Mile 7.5 there was water on both sides of us and I could see the Sunshine Skyway, which is a beautiful bridge! It was breathtaking, and i’m so geeky I got a little teary.  Then it started raining and the wind picked up and it was ridiculous. I could wait to get through this mile to get back inbetween the trees so the wind wouldn’t be so bad.

Miles 8-11 were uneventful. I ate an orange & I HATE oranges, but I was dying.. i remembered why I hate oranges, i spent the next mile picking pulp outta my teeth, uh ew.

Mile 12 damn near killed me. I was SO over it. I wanted to be done so badly, and I was getting so close to 2hrs I wasn’t sure I’d make my goal.

Finally at 1:58 I crossed the finish lines, hands in the air screaming the whole way.  Then I found my friend and we jumped up and down and screamed some more.. Then she told me she placed in her age group (her very first race ever) then we screamed and hugged and jumped up and down some more. HA HA HA! It was very dramatic!

Over all the course was great, it is a beautiful course, Ft. Desoto was named one of the top beaches in 2009. It was really flat, and everything was really well organized.

They had hot pasta, cookies, bread, pretzels, danishes, coke, water galore, gatorade & beer after the race. . It really was great. We got our chairs outta the car and just chilled out for a while.

I had a strong race, I was proud to finish in under 2 hrs as tired as I was. I really didn’t know If I was going to make it.

Here is my splits:

1 – 9:06
2 – 8:52
3 – 8:51
4 – 8:56
5 – 9:15
6 – 8:59
7 – 8:45
8 – 8:47
9 – 8:58
10 – 8:59
11 – 9:01
12 – 8:57
13 – 8:52

WHEW. I’m planning on registering for the Womens Half in St Pete on Nov 21st. WooHooo!!

Oh, here is my freakin’ awesome medal! This is the whole reason I signed up for this half. I LOOOOVEEE starfish. Its a sick obsession. Obviously I ran 13 miles to get a starfish medal, that = crazy.

Slacker, with a capital S

I have been so ridiculous this week. I ran one day, a whopping 4 miles. Wow. This week was a taper week since my half-marathon is on Sunday. I was supposed to run 4 mi Tuesday; instead I bought beer , came home and drank w/ my H. Wednesday was supposed to be 3 mi.. I did 4 with a friend. Today was supposed to be 2mi.. I worked till 7pm- came home, ate a huge bowl of cereal, took a shower, now i’m sitting on the couch;icing my knees (they’ve been bothering me the last 2 days.ugh)  waiting for Grey’s to start! YES!  Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better, I work till 5, then a friend and I are hanging out. Saturday we are headed to St. Pete and Sunday is my race.

I am going to try very hard next week to get back to running on a more regular running schedule- not sure how my legs will be feeling after my race, we’ll see.

What day is it?

Today is my treasured day off! I’m pretty happy about it. Last week was a really long week, and I was glad for it to be over. This week doesn’t really promise to be that much better, except I’m only working the normal 5 days instead of 6. Yay!  

Today I had a 10miler planned. I got up at 6 and ate breakfast, fed the dogs and got ready to go out. I had to check online to see when sunrise was since the time changed. I wasn’t sure what time it would be light enough to run by myself. I headed out at 7:15 and got to the trail at 8a. I wasn’t really thrilled to be running by myself for 10mi, not because I don’t feel safe, but because I don’t have a hydration belt, and I don’t have a hand held water bottle. The trail I run on only has one trail station and that’s at mile 2.. which leaves a lot more miles w/o water.

Over all my run was alright. Nothing to brag about. I started out slow, I’ve learned from recent runs that my first 2-2.5 miles really suck if I start out to hard. My shins burn and my quads throb. I guess I just have to get warmed up. I wanted to run at a sub 9 pace but that wasn’t working out in my favor today. I was able to run at a sub 10 pace, and then i was just trying to keep it under a 9:30. I set out to finish in under 1:40.. I did my 11mi last week in 1:40 . but last weekend i was just having a fantastic run.

so here are my splits:

1- 10:22
2- 10:13
3- 9:16
4- 9:01
5- 9:06
6- 9:37
7- 9:11
8- 9:54
9- 9:46
10- 9:31

Oh, and I also wore my HRM for the 2nd time ever- My max HR was 181 WHAT!? geesh. My avg HR was 167- honestly i have no idea what it should be?! Anyone? Anyone?  181 seems pretty high. I’ll admit I struggled through this run. I could not get my breathing under control, i was struggling to get it regulated. ugh. 

I bought some socks from wal-mart that said they were for athletics. wrong! … they were breathable, but that’s about all they were. My feet were sliding around in my shoes, and there was no extra After my run I went to our local running store, Fit Niche, uh, it was only 10am. They were open. I was seriously confused about what day it was. Working on Saturday’s completely messes me up. I couldn’t sit in the parking lot for 2 hrs so I turned around and went home. I guess I’ll try to find time to go during the week, or if I have to I’ll go to Dicks, but I need new socks! Pronto! 


In Non running news I gave the dogs a bath today. Uh, they were less then thrilled. Wyatt is no dummy. He knows when I call him into the bedroom something “bad” is about to happen. He hates the bath. I had to pick is 60lb Pittie butt up and carry him into the bed room. Then I had to pick him up again and carry him and literally put him in the tub. He is serious about hating the bath. … then that jerk jumped out of the tub all shampooed up!!!! and then i proceeded to pick him up, AGAIN, and put him BACK in the tub so I could rinse him off. Give me a break. 

Diva was slightly easier, she is only 15lbs and she will gladly come in the bedroom- but then I shut the doors and she wasn’t going any further towards the bathroom. ha ha!! She is much easier to pick up and carry to the tub. But she acts like you are murdering her the whole time she is in the bath; but they seriously were needing some baths. Next up is flea-treatments. 

I’ve also been cleaning the house, it looked like a tornado went through here. Last week didn’t leave me much time to clean. Sometime today I need to take my final for my Pharm class. I can’t wait to be done w/ that class! 

what a slacker.

I’ve really slacked on blogging this week. I have been super busy at work and then when I get home I am trying to get some school done.

I decided for the last 2 weeks before my half-marathon I would look at a training plan to see what I should be running. I wasn’t sure what kind of mileage I should be putting in. So this week:

Monday: was a rest day, which worked out because I had to work till 7pm.
Tuesday: supposed to be a 5mi run, i was having a horrible time so i changed it to 3.
Wed: supposed to be the 3 miles, but I did 5.
Thurs: was supposed to be 5, but it was pouring when i got off- plan on doing it Friday.
Friday- still raining.
Saturday- I work 830a-7p
Sunday- 10 miler planned. There is nothing stopping me so far.

I have really been trying to eat better. I have been taking apples, carrots yogurt, bananas for snacks at work. I also just discovered hummus. uhm yummy! Delish! I need some hummus recipes. I really don’t know what to eat it with. I got a little hummus/pretzel snack yesterday, and then today i ate it with some wheat thins. =) yum.

rethinking the 2011 marathon.

So I posted on a Health & Fitness board about running a marathon. I read on the Hal Higdon website that he recommends running for 1yr before attempting a full marathon. On the health & fitness board some one posted that a race director some where recommends 3yrs of a running back ground before attempting a full fledged marathon. … 3 yrs seems like an eternity away  .  I understand the reasoning behind it; I don’t want to get injured. I want to be strong enough to run the full marathon.   So I am rethinking the decision to run a full in Jan 2011. I am currently researching races for the rest of the year, and then next year I will plan on running several half marathons, and some 5k’s and 10k’s. 


Today was the Disney Princess Half Marathon…. We had to check in to the volunteer tent at 4:45am; uhm the race didn’t even start until a little after 6am. WTH?! I had to get up at 3am. Not a happy camper. It was in the low 40’s high 30’s this morning when we got to Disney. Brr. I wasn’t dressed warm enough to be standing out in the freezing cold for hours.  We were the “screaming fans” in between mile 12 & 13… which meant it was an hour and 20 min after race start before we ever saw the first runner- then we stood there and screamed/cheered for the next 4hrs…. The last runner/walker came through around the 4hr 20 min mark. Holy Crap.  Im sorry but i was totally over it by then. I was still screaming and cheering, but my voice was shot & i was damn near starving. ….. We then went to check out and spent the rest of the day at the Disney Parks. We had a great time… Next year I want to run the Disney Princess, not stand on the side lines.


announcements, annouuuunnnnnceeemmeenttsss!!!!! Did you ever go to camp and hear that little song?! I did.. but anyways, that’s besides the point.

First things first:::: Today I ran 11 miles.  Chris & I got up at 6:30a so we could be out and on the trail by 8… we got there at 8:15, close enough. It was about 40 when we left the house, 47 when we got to the trail. I started out wearing tights, but took them off before we left the truck. I was afraid I’d get to hot.

Chris gave me a lil pep talk before we even left the house this morning. He said ” are you going to bitch the whole time or are you going to go out there and enjoy your run.. you really shouldn’t bitch because you are able to go outside and you are able to run. So you should just enjoy your run no matter what”  — Well okay then, I guess i’ll enjoy my run. & did I ever.

My first 2 miles were at a pretty slow pace, 9:50 & 9:56. I was a little hesitant to try and run any faster. I’ve never ran 11 miles, so I wasn’t sure how hard I should push; and if I pushed if i’d be able to make it through my entire run. … I just got into a zone and I was off.

Here is the break down.

1. 9:56
2. 9:50
3. 9:43
4. 8:54
5. 8:35
6. 8:35
7. 8:36
8. 8:41
9. 8:47
10. 9:43
11. 8:44

I am sore. My legs aren’t sore, my butt is sore. weird. Tomorrow should be interesting. My BFF & I are volunteering at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Then after the race we are spending the rest of the day at the Disney Parks…. not sure how much walking around i’m going to be able to do. Hoping i’ll be fine, i need to do something tomorrow. I know I won’t be able to run, so hopefully all that walking will stretch me out.

So my week went like this.

Monday: 3 mi
Tuesday : Cardio home work out
Wed: uhm, what did I do wed… oh 5 mi
Thurs:  about 10 min of 30 DS, got irritated w/ Jillian Michaels and turned it off.
Fri: Rest… and I worked 730a-7p
Saturday 11mi run
Sunday- walking around Disney.


I decided today that I am going to run my first full marathon (26.2 miles, Mom) in January 2011. January 30th to be exact…….— So Shelly, if you still live in MIA in Jan, uh , i’ll be crashing at your place =)

I am also planning on running The Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011 with my BFF…

I have another race planned in Nov 2010.. I can’t think of what its called right now. That’s sad. Gonna have to do some research on that one.

G’nite. I have to get up in a few hrs. I need to go to bed.