It’s Friday, so I guess I’ll write a post today

If you celebrate Good Friday, Happy Good Friday to you.
if not,
just a regular Happy Friday to you

I was not planning on working from home today, but our answering service just happened to call while I was standing with the Dr. yesterday and asked if we were going to be open today. I answered, “Yes, we are open tomorrow.” kind of lost as to why we would be closed.. Then it dawned on me that it was Good Friday. When I hung up my Dr, who also had no clue it was Good Friday, asked “What’s tomorrow?”  After I told him he said I didn’t have to come in tomorrow (today). I offered to work from home … sweet!

Man, I love working from home. I love the freedom of being able to work in my Pjs and let the puppies outside often through out the day. (I hate that they are crated, but they really are monsters, so it’s an evil necessity).  Wyatt is currently sitting up with his back propped up against the couch and his back legs crossed.. I don’t have a camera nearby, or I’d take a picture. Dog is crazy.

Kind of like that, but his back is up against the couch. BTW, that is Diva’s bed. He laid in/on that bed ALL DAY last Sunday.


There is pretty much nothing happening over here.  Yesterday I saw one of my Strider running pals and she kind of made me miss running a teeny bit. But don’t tell her I said that bc I proclaimed that I’m never going back to running. In all honesty, I actually thought about putting on my running shoes and going out this morning. But the thought of how ugly it would probably turn out kept me from doing it. I doubt I can run a mile right now, and having to start all over sounds miserable.. Especially when the summer heat is coming.

SPEAKING OF, what the heck is up with our weather the last few weeks. Usually by now we are having scorching summer days, but the last few weeks have been AMAZING!  Our highs this week have been in the 60s!! woohoo!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen the two workouts I did this week.. uhm, yeah, majorly slacking in the workout department, but whatever.

Tuesday I hit the gym early for an upper body workout –

5 min cardio warm up + stretching

push ups 3×5
bench press 3×8 20,30,25
DB fly 3×10  10# db
bent over row 3×12 30,40,40
lat raise with yellow band 3×12
shoulder press 8/15, 6/15,8/10
tricep extension (overhead) 3×12 20,25,25 db
barbell curl 3×10 30#
lat pull down 3×8 70,75,75
cable row 3×10 45#

This was intense.. When I got home I could barely lift a the 1/2 gallon of milk to make Chris’ breakfast. By the next day my chest/arms were so sore turning tight corners in my car, like parking became increasingly difficult & painful. The steering in my car is already really tight, and being so sore was super fun.

tues upper body IG

Wednesday I headed to the gym for some lower body work. I woke up at 4:15, had a banana & protein shake then headed out.. I was tired.   I did 5 min cardio warm up + 5 minutes of stretching – still felt totally wiped out.

I headed to the squat rack. Did one set with just the bar and knew right away that wasn’t going to work. I was struggling with just the bar, what the what? I decided I’d use the smith machine instead.. Loaded 95lbs and could barely squat it out. Oh man, I was getting so frustrated, and incredibly hot. I made it through 3 sets, and contemplated just going home.

I didn’t want to wimp out so easily so I went back to the squat rack and got ready for stiff-leg deadlifts.  Made it through 3 x8 with 95# … dying. so hot. starting to feel like I’m suffocating.

Not quitting. headed to the a bench for bulgarian split squats 3×8 w/ 15lb dumb bell in each hand.. feeling okay

Headed over to the hack squat machine 3×8 50,70,70 …

Done. I was starting to feel nauseous, way over heated, and just wiped out. I still had about 3-4 more exercises to complete, but I just didn’t feel like it.
I hate to feel like a quitter, but I felt horrible. It was bizarre.

lower body wed IG

I ended up with this workout:

smith machine squat 3×8
SL deadlift 3×8
bulgarian split squat 3×8
hack squat 3×8

By the end of the day Wednesday I was starting to get sore. I woke up Thursday morning hobbling around. Maybe I should be thankful I cut that workout short, otherwise I might not be able to walk. I can’t believe how sore I am. I guess I was pushing harder than I thought?





I have mixed emotions about Sundays; on the one hand, it’s usually the day we stay home and chill out, and who doesn’t love that kind of day? On the other hand, Sunday means the weekend is coming to an end and we have to report back to work on the following day.  <— master of the obvious right there aren’t I?

Chris isn’t home, he’s helping someone hang some shelves in their home – I’m home… doing lots of wifely things, like cleaning & laundry. ick. I suppose Husbands do these things to, Chris does..on occasion. I’ve been trying really hard not to let myself stray to far away from my chores. I even set a timer on my phone earlier while I played Wii. I had already cooked food for the week, washed/dried a load of laundry. I gave myself 30 minutes to sit on the couch & play Mario.. I’m only in the first level and it’s whooping my butt. Chris & I have a separate game and we are on level 8… I don’t see myself getting to level 8 (by myself) any time soon. I’m going to need a lot of 30 minute sessions for that.

<— Wyatt says he wants a bed, and he’s not getting out of Diva’s until he has his own. – I can’t believe he sat still to let me take his picture.. you can see he is thrilled that I have the camera stuck in his face.

After Mario, I dumped all the laundry on the bed and got to work folding, hanging & putting away. OMG, I HATE laundry. I hate to admit that at least two of three baskets have been sitting in the bedroom for a week, probably more. No wonder I can never find anything I want to wear.

so here I am, sitting in front of my computer, totally avoiding what I need to do next…… study. 


Okay, a few things, real quick:

new things on the blog screen shot

If you read in google reader, or you’re an e-mail subscriber, you might not have seen  a few new things.
#1. I made up a new header. It’s simple, basic, and I love it. if you don’t, well…sorry

#2. google reader is being eliminated in July – if you didn’t know that, sorry that I had to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true.
        I use google reader religiously, so I’m totally irked that they are getting rid of it, but whatever.
        If you are a google reader user, I tried to make it somewhat easy to re-subscribe with a few different options.
          – RSS feed button. First blue button under the header
         – Bloglovin button – I moved all my blogs to bloglovin.. it’s okay. I’m not a huge fan, but maybe you’ll like it.
         – and you can still subscribe by e-mail, which is not shown in the picture above, but I believe it’s right beneath the bloglovin button

#3. I created a new page for the build-a-boat project. I highly doubt most of you are interested in that, BUT, I know a few people from my FB that will be interested and maybe a few folks that google bateau boat plans might end up here. So I wanted a central place for pictures/posts to be located.

#4. You can also follow me on FB, twitter, pinterest & instagram. IG is the one that I use the most.. I hardly ever tweet, or FB, and I occasionally pin crap on pinterest – so if you’re worried about me blowing up your feed….don’t be. I don’t have enough time, or the patience to tweet everything I’m doing.. I’d rather take pictures and blow up your IG feed.


Lastly, and then I swear I’m done. I really need to study.

We went to the races last night, and had a blast…except the part where I got my butt ate up by no-seeums. Holy smokes, they were bad. I thought they were only on the coast.. WRONG.


track collage 3 23 2013


1. headed to the track. chris really really loves taking pictures..really
2. middle left: Aidyn stole my chair!
3. middle right: BABE, take my picture!
4. bottom left: he wouldn’t leave me alone. when we first got to the race he wanted nothing to do with me bc “he was sick.” .. hmm
5. bottom right: if you’re not first, your last – Ricky Bobby

life is beachy keen, isn’t it?

life is good sunset blog

Life is good over here in the Beachy Keen house.

Last night Chris sold his dirt bike (yay!) and that means he gets to start his boat project. He’s been planning to build a boat for YEARS, but we’ve never been in a place where we could just throw a whole bunch of cash at this project. Not that we have a whole bunch of cash to throw at it now, but we recently paid off all of our credit cards, so that has allowed us some extra freedom. Chris  does some odd jobs here & there + the money he got from selling his bike will allow him to get a good chunk of the boat done with very little money coming out of our pocket. (phew!)

I’m making up my “honey-do” list for Chris before he gets too deep into this project – he’ll be down in the garage for the next 6 months only coming up to eat, sleep & work.

boat build 2 pic

The current state of my garage… or, I should say, Chris’ garage! Remember, we live in a stilt-ish home, so our entire downstairs is garage  + my gym – the entrance for that is near the ol’ Ford…. which, at this rate, is never leaving the garage.. but hey, as long as my car gets to stay inside, I don’t care what Chris does with the rest of his man cave. Poor new Ford has to live outside now.. and maybe for the rest of time.  Not sure if the boat & truck will fit in the garage.

If, for some reason, you are interested in the boat Chris is building, you can check out the plans & some pictures of the boat here. The website is, and they have plans for various kinds of boats along with forums so the builders can ask questions and talk with each other. It’s really kind of neat. There are quite a few builders in our area, and we have seen a few of the boats around the boat ramps.


We are headed to Dade City in a little while to watch the Dirt bike / 4-wheeler races, that should be excitingly scary! Those guys are crazy!

JCharles ride

picture taken by my mom, Susan Northcutt Photography  /// That’s my brother-in-law, Jeremy. He’s racing tonight.

lift it up, set it down, rest, repeat

Happy Hump Day, Friends!  Who is excited that we are already half way through this week?

After taking Monday off from the gym, I got my lazy bones back there bright & early on Tuesday morning.  My schedule is M/T /R/F, and starts with upper body on Monday. Since I skipped Monday I decided to just move everything back so I started with upper body on Tuesday.


5 min warm up on elliptical

bench press                          3×10
bent over row                     3×10
DB shoulder press               3×8
tricep ext                             3×10
barbell curl                          3×10
DB lat raise                         3×8
flat bench DB press             3×8
lat pull down                      3×8

13 min on stationary bike
10 min on elliptical
5 min abs – butterfly kicks, leg raises & another thing that I don’t know the name for (ha)



5 min warm up on elliptical

squat                          3×12
stiff leg DL                 3×10
barbell lunge            3×8
leg press                    3×10
leg extension           3×8
stand calf raise       3×12

I plan on doing cardio this afternoon after work


AND NOW, some totally unrelated pictures…

Kailyn learned how to ride my Mom’s 4-wheeler. It’s a Yamaha 350 (I think).. that’s a big ol’ bike for baby girl to ride, but she’s got it down!
Aren’t those pants the cutest things you’ve ever seen!? Pink Fox riding pants. OMG, I die!

She even hit the hills! She’ll be racing in no time!

The pictures are my Mom’s… WHO, BY THE WAY, had shoulder surgery yesterday. Remember a while back I wrote about how she wrecked the dirt bike & broke her collar bone? Well, APPARENTLY, she also tore her rotator cuff which required surgery. It went well, and she is at home probably driving my Step-Dad bonkers! (Hi Mom!)

no way!

This morning I was given permission to work from home – I took full advantage and didn’t change out of my PJs until almost 3pm.  That, my friends, is a successful work at home  day (in my opinion). I did some billing until my eyes started to cross from reading progress notes & operative reports. 

Wearing PJs until 3pm was great, but the best part of my day happened at 12:08pm – This morning, via Gchat, my sister told me to listen to her local country radio station and try to win Taylor Swift tickets. I loaded up my iHeartRadio app and turned on her station. The contest was at 12:08, so I listened we chatted for a while, and as the time approached I dialed the number on my phone, called it once so it would be in my call list. Around 12 I pulled up my call history and had the number ready to go.. This is serious, folks! We NEED those Taylor Swift tickets !!!

Blake Shelton came on, then it was time to GO! Grace, the DJ, announced caller 9 would win, and I had my finger ready to go.


RINGING. RINGING. RINGING… GRACE ANSWERS THE PHONE.  Grace asks if I’m at home, at work, in the car.. I say working from home. She say, “So you can scream when I tell you that you won TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS….”

I said, “ Nuh uh..” which is redneck for “no way!”    She laughed, I laughed. Holy crap. I said My niece would be so excited & that I would be giving the tickets to my sister so she could take my niece.

She congratulated me then told me to hold so they could get my information.

After she put me on hold I sent my sister a message on Gchat saying I won…where she proceeded to think I was kidding.

Definitely not kidding. I really won. I was almost in tears, LOL.. Seriously, and my heart was racing.. I was SO excited. Y’all, my niece LOVES Taylor Swift.. 
Taylor is coming to town (orlando) on April 11 – 12, and Kailyn turns 9 on April 1st (an april fools day baby) so it is the PERFECT birthday present for her!

FINALLY, they replayed me winning, and Stacey finally believed me. It was SO COOL!  I’ve never won anything before, so to be able to win Taylor Swift tickets for my niece was really cool! I can’t wait to see her reaction when she gets the tickets!

side note: We actually looked at buying tickets several months ago when they first went on sale, but they are CUH-RAZY expensive.. Home girl needs to come on with those ticket prices – ridiculous.

SO, that was the BEST part of my day!



What was the best part of your day?

whirlwind weekend

Holy smokes, I’m exhausted. Our weekend was JAM packed full of fun and not-so-fun events!

I don’t feel like typing anything out, so I’m going to take the lazy way out and just post a few pictures:

Saturday morning we slept in, ate pancakes, then took the puppies for a not so leisurely  walk down the road. Diva forgets her brains when she gets her halter on and acts like a total goof when we get her on the leash. The walks are usually very short-lived.. but it was nice to get out for a few minutes.

diva wyatt1 collage

Next up on our agenda was the KENNY CHESNEY CONCERT !!! woooooohoooooo !!!!!! YES! I was THAT excited!!

kenny collage1

OH MY GOSH, I can’t even tell you how much I LOVED this concert!!!  Yes, multiple explanation <— LOL WHAT? Let’s try that again, EXCLAMATION points are needed after every sentence, it was THAT good!

Edit: The first post went out with “explanation points” … what the heck. I came back & fixed it, but I don’t know if it re-sends or fixes it in google reader… so yeah. I’m a dope.

Kacey Musgraves opened.. I’ll be honest and say I’m kind of meh about her. We went to meet Shannon & Tom during her set – I wasn’t sad to miss her show. 

Eli Young Band was next; They have a few songs I know, there show was fine. I’m not a huge fan.

ERIC CHURCH: LOVED his show! I was an Eric Church fan before, but now I’m in love! I’ve been listening to his albums non-stop. I already had two of them, and never listened to them.. He & Kenny Chesney are currently on constant repeat.

KENNNNYYY CHESNEYYYYY:::  Kenny could not get on stage fast enough, I was seriously SO excited. I must have told Chris a million times, “BABE, BABE!! IT’S KENNY CHESENY, OMG!!!!!”   Yes, I am THAT big of a fan. I just love his music SO MUCH. I REALLY wanted him to play the song Boston, but knew there was like ZERO chance that would happen. It’s not a hit of his, but I was holding out for it.. No luck, but he did play Old Blue Chair, which is probably my second favorite song of his.

We rolled into the driveway at 12:30…and walked into a house that reeked of dog poop.. I won’t go into great detail, but Wyatt had an upset tummy while we were gone…. soo I was mopping at 1am. fun times.

The jam packed fun continued on into Sunday – We (well, I) got up around 8:30, made breakfast and lounged around for a little while before I had to get ready for a trip over to Orlando. Chris rolled out of bed around 10, ate breakfast, then headed down to my boss’ house to do a few things around their new house.

My Uncle Jack turned 60 so I went over to Orlando with my Dad & Sister to celebrate his birthday…

Uncle Jack Bday

Now we are both finally home, wishing there was another day of the weekend ~    Hope you had a great weekend, I’m off to bed.

#flexfriday…err I mean, #flexsaturday

Let’s get straight to the point here:























I really need to practice those back pictures – those are crazy hard.   
That picture also makes it look like I cut all my hair off – I didn’t. Well, I mean, I did… a while back, and now I’m in this horrible process of growing it back out again. Gah! NEVER let me chop my hair off again. geez o’ pete !


Today we spent the ENTIRE day helping my boss move. We got to his house are 9:15am and we pulled into our garage at 12:15am. Whew, that was a SUPER long day. I am BEAT. I’m sure I will be sore tomorrow. I’ve NEVER moved so much furniture in my life.

I suppose lifting is a blessing  & a curse all at the same time. I’ve never been strong enough to help move furniture so I always got out of it (blessing?) – I can definitely say that lifting has giving me a lot more strength than I used to have – I helped Chris move every piece of furniture out of that house. (curse!)

Two three things I learned today:

1. we are NEVER moving. EVER
2. I need to work on my grip & forearm strength. I’m afraid my little baby forearms are going to be so sore tomorrow.
3. furniture companies really should design furniture so that it’s easily moved. Would it kill them to put a rope type handle on a mattress? I mean COME ON, those things are so awkward to move. A handle would be pretty helpful. (I’m looking at you SERTA!)


It’s finally bed time. I can’t wait to sleep in….

What I’m loving now


I feel like I’m going through some weird transition/phase in my life. A phase where I just CRAVE peace & happiness..  Hold on while I get out my tie dye shirt, grow my hair into dreads, and hold up my peace sign while I walk around town protesting various things.

But seriously, I’m just craving tranquility.


I want to drive to the park every night & watch the sunset & pretend I know what I’m doing with my little Nikon camera.  I want to put my beer in a koozie, sit on my back porch and talk about anything & everything with my husband. I don’t want to study – that takes up to much of my time.

I want to read blogs that make me feel at peace – that offer words of wisdom & the Love of God.

Work is so busy lately, maybe that’s why I’m craving tranquility.  I’m busier than I’ve been in the last 3 years, and it’s an adjustment. I like being busy, but it’s an overwhelming feeling – I’ve forgotten how to prioritize what needs to get done first, and what can wait just a little bit longer.  I’m learning, I’ll get back into the swing of things – until then I’ll hold on for dear life, and do my very best.


A few weeks ago Lindsay from Hello Hue introduced me to a network of blogs, The Influence Network – I’m hooked. I go there every morning and click on one of the blogs, and discover a new blogger that I love.

A few blogs I’m loving right now:

Hello Hue: I absolutely LOVE Lindsay’s blog. She just radiates happiness. I love her bright clothes, and bubbly personality, and her adorable son  always makes me smile. PLUS, her Husbands name is also Chris, and anyone with the Husband named Chris is A-okay in my book !

The Tiny Twig: I JUST started reading her blog a few days ago, but I know I’m going to love it. I mean, c’mon, look at her 4 adorable BOYS!

Kimber Campbell: also a BRAND new blog to me, but she had a great post recently about holding our tongue & avoiding gossip. I am definitely guilty of saying to much sometimes.

Arielle Elise: her pictures give me the sense of tranquility that I’m longing for


I ALSO love:

The seasonal Starbucks Tribute Blend  – I made a special trip to target before work this morning JUST so I could get a venti tribute blend.. target is no where near on my way to work, but it’s THAT good, and I needed it.

Taking pictures of my dogs: They are so cute. Seriously, so cute.

things I love collage 1


That’ll do for tonight. I need to park by butt at the table and read a few chapters in my coding book.

get up…work out

Whew, we made it through Monday, Friends!

Hopefully your Monday was an uneventful & productive day. We are starting the process of refinancing our home, so I met with the bank to get that started. Fingers crossed that it’s a smooth process. I’m a little gun shy when it comes to this type of thing. The credit union that holds our mortgage currently screwed up about 2 weeks before we were set to close. I KNOW that is COMMON, things happen, but this was HUGE. Like, FHA wouldn’t approve our house because it wasn’t built to their INSANE flood zone specs….  which are different from Hernando County flood zone specs… so y’know, that’s a problem.  The bank had the information on the house that would have told them WAY in advance that our house wouldn’t qualify for an FHA. We aren’t the only ones that have had difficulty with this credit union . Some friends of our recently quit using them after their own mortgage fiasco.

Anyways, you might be wondering how we went from having our house on the market to refinancing in just a few months time. Well, we had a huge change of heart. I mentioned in another post that we were going to take our house off the market, and remain living here, and that is true. We are going to stay…. for a long time. We decided that we will be much happier on the water, than not. We do miss our families, and not moving means we will still be far (but not THAT far) from them, but we love the water… A LOT. 

When we bought our house in 2010 the interest rates were a lot higher than they are now – so after some thinking, researching, and working up some numbers, we decided it would be stupid if we didn’t refinance. … We’ll see. We aren’t approved (or whatever) yet.

…..and that was a long tangent….

on Working Out:

this morning I pretty much had to drag myself out of bed – I REALLY needed to workout, but I REALLY did NOT want to get up.. After one snooze I rolled out of bed, made coffee, ate an apple & PB then drove to the gym.

I should have done an upper body workout on Monday, but I didn’t …. I wanted to do legs today, so I skipped the upper body and went for the legs. I love leg day. so much power.

I can’t tell you how much I love going to the gym early in the morning and being the only one there.. to bad that requires a 4am wake up call. There was one other guy there, but he was never in the same area I was in – it was like I had the whole gym to myself.


LEG DAY: Tuesday 3/12/2013

Deadlift                                       3 x 10
leg press                                      3 x 12
walking lunges                      4 x 12
seated calf raise                    3 x 12
bulgarian split squat        3 x 10
hack squat                                 3 x 10
glute kick back                       3 x 10

Pre workout: 5 min walk on an incline + 5 minutes of foam rolling/stretching
Post workout: foam roll/stretch
total time: 1:05

I was home & eating breakfast by 6:30 – would have been sooner if I didn’t get stuck behind a dang bus.. Getting stuck behind a bus on my road is THE WORST. It’s a 2 lane road, with 1 or 2 passing areas. This morning it was raining, and dark & my car loves to break loose in the rain so I just had to stay behind the bus that stopped FOUR TIMES in less than a MILE.  ….. seriously.

There has to be a more efficient way to pick up the kids.
If you can sit at the bus stop with your kids:

A. why can’t you drive them to school? 
B. why can’t everyone meet at ONE location instead of 5? 

There is a great Coast Guard station with a big parking lot where everyone can get picked up at the same place.. See Hernando County, it’s not that difficult!

a peaceful place


I love driving with the windows down & the radio up. That seems like a DUH kind of thing, (doesn’t everyone love this?)  but I REALLY  love it. It brings me a lot of joy & peace. It would seem odd that I could find peace with the radio up, but I do. I let Kenny Chesney sing to me about boats, and islands, and living in a place I could only dream of living in.

I dream of what I would do If I won the powerball, I decide that I’m going to ask Chris if he wants to go to Bayport and watch the sunset. I dream of what our lives will be like in the future. Where will we live? Where will we retire?

If there wasn’t so much damn traffic I’d drive for hours…. just dreaming.


We had a great weekend. On Saturday we went to the AMA Supercross by Honda at Daytona International Speedway. That place is huge, FYI.  It was a fun event, but sooo long! We finally made it into bed around 1:30am on Sunday morning. I am definitely not good at staying up late.. 11 is my zonk out zone. 1 am is crazy town.

Sunday we slept in a little, then loaded up our junk and headed back home – (we stayed at my Mom’s after supercross since Daytona is on the opposite coast. Three hours would have been WAY to far to drive when we left the track at 11:30.)

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging around the house doing pretty much nothing. I went grocery shopping at some point, and Chris browsed his favorite boat building forums.

I bought a (new to us) beer at Publix, and thanks to the new time change it had enough time to get cold in the fridge before we headed over to Jenkins Creek to watch the sunset. We packed a little cooler, grabbed a yoga mat to sit on, and then raced (just kidding, there was a  cop in front of us) we actually drove very slowly over to Jenkins Creek.

sunset JC 2

I never get tired of watching the sunset over the water. To bad the no-seeums were out in full force; we only stayed long enough to chug our beers.


I am SO not ready for it to be Monday yet. Oh man, I need another day off to relax and catch up on my sleep. I didn’t work out AT ALL this weekend. I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday, and while I’m ready to go back, I’m okay with not going. I didn’t get up in time to go this morning, hopefully I can make it this afternoon. Although I’m not sure I want to fight with the afternoon crowds… Maybe I can just do a workout downstairs in the gym…. <— totally thinking out loud there… Here I go again trying to plan everything out.

Anyways, try and have a good Monday today. We are seeing a few patients, and then I have boat load of billing to catch up on.