pre-race nonsense


My stupid body was awake at 4am this morning.. Hello body, it’s Saturday – in all fairness, I normally get up at 5am on Saturday to get my long run in with the group. This morning, I got to sleep in until 7. I just couldn’t take tossing & turning anymore so I got up and put some coffee on & made Chris & me some scrambled eggs. I’ve been on a scrambled egg kick lately – they seem to keep my fuller longer than oatmeal. I don’t know if that really makes sense, but I swear it’s the truth.

My Mom showed up at my house around 10:15ish so we could ride down to St. Pete together.


Mom should have taken the picture faster

concentrating really hard.

We made it to downtown St. Pete around 12 where I proceeded to almost kill a few pedestrians and several people in cars. I seriously don’t do one-way streets, or downtown big cities. I’m a small town girl for sure, and it shows when I get into big cities. I freak.

I have no pictures of the expo. When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. They did have a big magazine cover that you could stand in front of to take your picture, but that is on my Mom’s phone & I’m to lazy to transfer it to my computer. deal with it.

Nothing very exciting going on around here right now. We went to Publix after we checked into our hotel. We needed some snacky stuff & breakfast for the morning.

Oh, my Mom learned the pleasures of foam rolling. She had a blast on that thing.


She’s really going to be mad when she sees this on the blog. BAHAHA

The funny thing, is that she is sitting behind me while I type this.


reading blogs & hydrating – it’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it.


Let me tell you how relieved I was when I saw that my number is 1336. Phew. That means I’m in corral #1. I knew there was a super slim chance that I’d be in another corral, but you just never know. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Okay, that’s enough nonsense. We are pretty much doing nothing until about 6:30ish – then we are going to carabbas for some pizzzzza & pasta!

Next time you hear from me I’ll either be crying mad tears, or happy tears. For your sake, and my Mom’s, let’s hope they are happy tears!


I’m lazy, that’s why.

Do you know what happens when you eat to much junk during the day? Do you?


Well, let me tell you. Your belly hurts. I’m like a sugar-beast today. I’ve done nothing but eat junk all day long, and it’s catching up with me now. ughhhhhhh. – All day long I’ve been debating back and forth whether or not I wanted to cross train. Now, I can’t. I think If I make a sudden movement I’ll throw up. This is horrible.. I guess it’s good in a way – Good that my body has made positive changes and doesn’t love the junk as much anymore.. but it’s bad because I feel like ass. blargh.

BTW, My Dad is the bomb. I created a google document to keep track of all the random things we need to pack for our Bahamas trip. He also has g-mail so I shared with him so he could see it (and add if he could figure it out). He called me today to tell me he added some stuff. I’m so proud. This is the same man who has called me multiple times screaming because he couldn’t figure out Microsoft word, and he couldn’t figure out how to add a contact to his e-mail address book. Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

jena dad wedding 1

Last we had a dish that I haven’t made in quite a while- maybe since last summer. It’s kind of a summery (but not really) dish. We ate it at a friends house, and were kind of hooked after that. Plus, it’s so simple Diva could probably do it.. if she had hands, and not dirty little paws.

I don’t know what to call this recipe – if it only consists of three 5 ingredients does that even count as a recipe?

Chicken & Carrots +  Pasta = deliciousness in my belly

4 chicken breast
1 bag frozen carrots (diced)
spaghetti noodles (however much will feed your crew)
olive oil (to cook chicken in)
italian dressing (to pour over dish)

1. chop chicken into bite size pieces, then cook in a frying pan with olive oil
2. Cook carrots
3. cook spaghetti noodles to desired doneness
4. put it all together in a bowl and toss some italian dressing on it

Seriously the easiest meal you could ever imagine. We also like to use broccoli & peas. But last night I was feeling far to lazy to cut up broccoli, and we didn’t have any frozen..and we didn’t have any peas either. Not only is this super duper easy, it tastes yummy hot or cold. We ate it hot for dinner last night and I ate it cold for lunch today.

Target has really cute summery plates right now. I got that little doll for 99 cents yesterday, SCORE!

In running news:

Remember how a while ago I signed up for the Women’s Running Magazine Half-Marathon? I’ve been dreading that race since I clicked “submit.”  Yesterday they released the design of the new medal. Let’s just say I can’t wait to cross that finish line!! Check it out!!!!

WHM medal 2011

Holy crap. Love. Even better is the fact that the little gold palm tree inside the ring are a necklace charm.

If they keep designing medals like this, I’ll keep running the race (even though I hate the brick streets, and running through The Trop).

So. Who wants to run the Women’s Half with me??

and so it begins

Happy Hurricane Season Day

Yup, today is the start of hurricane season.

They are already talking about home owners insurance going up and stocking up on food items that can be eaten with out being cooked.

As per usual, the weather people are forecasting a busier season than last year.

Yah. They said that last year as well Winking smile

I think everyone should experience hurricane season in Florida. We get lots of goofy reports, and lots of advice. Reporters go out in 80mph winds to report that its reaaallllyyyyy windy. It’s pretty comical.

It’s funny until your power goes out.for weeks.Then it’s not funny anymore.

I started Tuesday out bright and early with some physical therapy. I woke up this morning to sore quads & glutes, yay? That means I’m working hard in therapy, right? I feel like I’m working hard. I always leave all sweaty. super cute.

My obsession with the Women’s Running Magazine Half-Marathon, St. Pete has already started.

Yesterday after work I started looking up training plans..after I cleaned up the latest thing the dogs chewed up. But, that’s a whole other blog post.

I used a Runners World training plan for my half in March and was pretty successful. Well, I had to modify because it only had me running 3 days, and I needed/wanted to be running 4.

What I like about Runners World is that you can enter the date of the race and it will spit out a plan that starts today and goes through the date of your race. My race is 25 weeks away so it spit me out a 25week training plan.

25 weeks of training isn’t really ideal, but since I’m coming back from this knee/hip thing I figured it would bring me back slow enough that I hopefully won’t get re-injured or whatever it is going on.

The plan starts out running 2 days a week and progresses to 5 days a week. It incorporates easy runs, tempo runs & long runs.

I think I will loosely stay with the training plan until around August when training should really begin.

jena7 text

I’m also considering doing the Florida Halloween Halfathon on October 30th. It works out because on October 29th my training schedule actually says to do a 13mi long run. Sounds like a perfect reason to run the Florida Halloween Halfathon. It’s only $50 to register until 6/26/2011.

The only thing holding me back from running the Halloween half: my knee. I’m afraid that if I run a half before my the Women’s Half I won’t be able to run the women’s half.. I think I would try to treat the halloween half like a training run and not go balls to the wall on it. In theory that sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know if I could restrain myself. The course is so flat, and awesome. It’s a great PR course but, so is the Women’s Half.

I’ll have to think on this some more.

The runners world calculator has estimated that if I stick w/ this training plan and do the work outs as I’m supposed to my finish time would be 1:44, 8:00 pace. Wow. That would be spectacular, but that’s an 8 minute PR.

That would rock my socks off.



Happy National Running Day

I didn’t even know such a day existed.

Did you?


Are you doing anything to celebrate National Running Day?

What have I done?

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that if you were off on Memorial Day you enjoyed it!

If you had to work..I hope It was a quiet, pleasant day.


I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, aka 6am, to get in a run before we headed down to Tampa for a fun-filled day of fishing.

My plans were to run on the treadmill, since Sunday mornings run was less than stellar. But when I looked at the thermometer it said 66, so I decided to take it outside. I wore shorts & a sports bra since I was pretty sure the traffic would be zero at that hour of the morning (I was right, except for one guy outside stretching on his balcony. Not sure if had clothes on, I tried not to stare.)

The weather was decent, but the run sucked. I had plans for 3 miles because I didn’t have time for more, but my knee had other plans. It started to hurt so I headed back home at 2 miles. not cool.

2mi, 18:44, 9:22 pace

I got an e-mail from Dailymile yesterday, they told me I ran 12 miles last week. Whoa. That’s the highest mileage I’ve run in one week in a while and I think my knee is angry about it. I didn’t do any crazy runs this week, I didn’t even run over 3 miles(lame).

Today is my last day of physical therapy and I’m not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I’m happy because $90/wk is not my idea of a good time. On the other hand, I’m frustrated because the pain is not completely gone. Maybe it will never be completely gone? Maybe I just need to run w/ KT Tape forever?

In other news: I just registered for the Women’s Running Magazine, St. Pete Half-Marathon.

I’m sure you are baffled by this news since 2 paragraphs ago I was whining about a 2 mile run that included knee pain.

I know.


Peer pressure made me do it.

Are you registered for any Fall/Winter races yet?
The group that I run with when i’m not injured registered a Team for this half so that’s pretty much why I decided to run. I didn’t have such a great race last year at this event. Hopefully this knee crap will get situated and I’ll have a more successful race.

I know you are dying to know what we did for Memorial Day?

Chris spent most of his day like this:

chris sleeping

In his defense, it was really quite rough this morning. I heard my Dad say 3-4ft seas. Not sure about the wind, but I promise ya, it was blowin’


Then Chris & Jeremy did this:

jeremy swim

chris swim

It worked. For about 10 minutes. Poor Chris, being sea sick is not fun. Especially when you are 25 miles from shore or 1.5-2hrs from the marina. Not fun.

The wind & wave finally died down and he was able to enjoy some of the trip.

The fishing wasn’t as great as it was last weekend. Well, it was for Stacey & Jeremy, they caught some keepers! I caught quite a few grunt, but no keeper grouper. sad face.


What’s that picture of you ask?

Oh. That.

That’s just a wall of water. That was my view from the back of the boat on our way out. It was rough y’all. I wish I had video of the boat slamming up and down on the waves. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been out, but basically you go up a wave, and fall off the other side.

pleasant, right?

It doesn’t happen every time, it just depends on what angle you hit the wave. It’s quite the science. My Dad’s got it down, but sometimes, those waves pull a fast one on ya and you end up getting your spine crunched into your brain.


Raise your hand if you like gigantic sea turtles!

oooo me me me me !!


See Shelby, sea life is nice!

Jena Boat

duh. I know you didn’t think I was going to go a whole post without a picture of myself.

get real.


btw. That is not me. In case you were confused.

That is my Sissy-Love, Stacey.


and that will conclude the longest post ever.


but remember:



Post-Race reflections

Happy Monday Friends!

I know that I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I’m exhausted, even after laying on the couch all day yesterday after we got home. I think I got up 10 times and that was to let the dogs out, or use the bathroom. I did not move much.

Today I am feeling better GI issue wise. My knee is still a little tender, and my quads are all sorts of pissed off. Who wouldn’t be after the abuse they took yesterday? 🙂

Incase you missed yesterday’s race recap, you can read it HERE.

Now that I feel better I am riding high on my PR yesterday. I’m excited, and ready to take on another half! I’ve been thinking a lot about what went right, and what went wrong at yesterday’s race. I’ve also been thinking about how well put together the race was.

First, a review of the actual race. I absolutely LOVE  Ft. Desoto. Love. It’s a beautiful park. They have a great paved running trail which we run on for most of the race. The race does start out in the parking lot, loops through a picnic area, back through the parking lot and then you take off onto the paved trails. I don’t love running in parking lots, but they are nicely paved with no pot holes (that I saw), so it works okay.

Seriously, who doesn’t love running next to the beach. You can see the beach, and the water from miles 4-6ish. Somewhere between miles 6 & 8 it opens up and you can see the Skyway Bridge, OMG, gorgeous.

The volunteers were great! The only station I thought I might not get water was the first one, I think they only had 2 or 3 volunteers there and I just about didn’t get any water. The first water stop was at 2.3 so maybe they weren’t expecting to many people to get water so early. All the other stops had plenty of volunteers and I never thought I might not get what I needed. At mile 7  they had oranges, I didn’t have any, but I saw them there. I also read on a race paper they gave us in the packet that they would have vaseline at several of the stops. I don’t know if it was there, I didn’t ask, but I thought that was cool for anyone that needed it.

The finish line was great. They had plenty of people to cut of f the chips, and when I told the lady there was no way I was lifting my leg up to that bucket she got down and cut if off my shoe. WIN. They also had ice cold water at the finish. I hate it when races don’t have cold water at the finish. Gasparilla didn’t. Fail. They also had plenty of people handing out medals so I didn’t have to hunt anyone down for my hard earned Starfish.

Speaking of medals, who doesn’t love a gold starfish! Seriously! I love their medals! They are so awesome!

I love this race group! They put on 4 other races through out the year.  I would definitely recommend this race to anyone! It’s seriously awesome!

My own race reflection:

Truthfully, I’m 97% happy with the way my race went.


I’m very happy with my splits. Mile 1 was 5 seconds to slow, but it was congested. I think that is one thing I would change is to line up closer to the front. I was not surrounded by walkers, it was just really, really congested getting to the start line. If I moved a little more towards the front I’d be through the start line quicker, and into the loop quicker and hopefully avoid some of the congestion that was in that loop. That was the most frustrating part of the whole race. People were running 3 across and it was impossible to get by.  I definitely don’t think I went out to fast. 

David advised me here not to go out to fast:  You know your expected race pace and simply do not allow yourself to get all caught up in the hoopla and start running more than 5 seconds per mile faster. If you do, you will pay dearly later on.  (from a comment he left last week on another post)

I got water or gatorade at every water station. I don’t know if it was the gatorade that jacked up my stomach, but next time I think I’ll stick to just water.

I ate some sport beans around mile 6. I didn’t feel like i needed them, but it was half way through the race, and it seemed like a good time to take them. I never felt like I was getting tired, or running out of energy, so I think I’ll stick with that strategy.

I think I gave it all I had in my last two miles- When looking at my splits I’d say I gave it all I had. I was ran hard. I sprinted for that finish line with my arms in the air. I don’t care how cliche it is to run with your hands in the air towards the finish line. I killed all of my goals and I couldn’t have been happier!

What’s Next:

I’ve been scoping out future half-marathons for about 2 weeks… “Hi, my name is Jena, and I’m addicted to training for half-marathons.”  I’ve pretty much decided which two I will run this summer, er fall. But let’s be honest, it’s like Summer in Florida until at least December.

First up, a half marathon put on by the awesomely wonderful guy that put on yesterday’s race, The Florida Halloween Halfathon. It’s the exact same course as yesterday, so that’s always a plus.

After that is the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete. Remember last year when I ran this race, and it was horrible. Well, I will have none of that this year. I am going back to tackle this race course.

Florida Road Races also puts on a half in December, the same weekend as my birthday. What better way to celebrate my birthday than self-inflicted torture, right?  This is 4 weeks after WHM…and it goes over one cause way, and two overpasses. I’ll have to think on this one. I hate bridges & hills of any kind. Such a wimp.


Train harder. It’s pretty much unacceptable to be running the small amount of miles that I run weekly. I would like to increase my miles but I’m not quite sure how much yet.

Break 1:50. That’s natural, right?  I think with a summer full of hard training that it totally attainable. Training through the summer sounds like the worst idea ever, but it will make me a better runner, right? RIGHT?! And, it’s not like I can just stop running and wait for winter to appear. (Y’all know we don’t have a fall here).


I’m pretty sure this is long enough. Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.


Happy Monday Y’all!


“Embrace the Suck”- Race Report

Well, how should I start out this race report? Should I tell about the best sign on the course? Okay, I’ll start there.

Embrace the Suck” wins the best sign of the course award. I don’t even think I have to really write a race report because that sign just sums it right up pretty nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Fine. I’ll write a darn report.

My day started early 4:30am-ish. I stayed in St. Pete about 10 minutes from the start line. I found a parking garage @ 6, and met Carolyn & Allison a few minutes later.

Race start was 7am. We lined up @ the front of the 2nd Corral. Horn sounded, and we were off. Carolyn mentioned something about our pace and I looked @ my watch and it was completely different from what hers was saying. Crap. I reset it, and then started it over again @ mile 1. So, you will not see my mileage splits right now (Don’t worry they aren’t impressive anyways) , I have to wait for Carolyn to post her so I can steal them from her =) .

Miles 7 was kinda cool, we went out on the St. Pete pier, they had GU @ 7.5 (ew, i didn’t try, that stuff freaks me out). Miles 8, & 9 were pretty uneventful, there was a good band at mile 9. They were playing a good song, which I can’t remember what it was. Maybe Carolyn knows?

Mile 10, Oh Mile 10, I hated you so much, you were the start of my downfall. Damn you mile 10. So, let it be known that 10 miles was my longest training run. So now we are entering into uncharted territory. (yes, this is my 2nd half, so I have run over 10 miles before, but that was back in March). So, mile 10 was over by the Tropicana field and it was pretty tortuous. We ran past the field, then back towards the field, then through the parking lot, and then, the worst part. Through the field. Ew, It was not fun. It was hot, stinky, and running on astro turf is not my cup of tea.

Mile 11. I hate you too.Stopped to walk for a minute

Mile 12. Hate you. stopped to walk for a minute.

Mile 13. I kept telling Carolyn, we are almost there, almost there. She kept saying, not close enough, I can’t see the finish.

Oh, I forgot to add that we saw the Embrace the Suck sign @ mile 7.5, and we saw her 2 more times before we finished. We also kept saying, “Embrace the Suck.” I need a running shirt w/ that on it.

Finally, we threw our hands in the air like we just don’t care, and crossed the finish line.

Grabbed some water, our pretty medals, some food, and found a place to hang out.

ooooo, pretty!!!

Whew. Glad that’s over. I knew going in that I was severely under-trained. Here, I’ll even show how under-trained I was.

My last 4 weeks of training consisted of 7 runs. Hm, I’m not a running genius, but I somehow think that might be bad.

I guess I started training in Sept. I really don’t know. I was doing so good, and then, I realized I wasn’t going to finish school If I didn’t get my ass in gear and crack down. You live and you learn, right?

So, remember that redemption run I mentioned that we were going to run if we didn’t come in under 2 hrs?

WAIT, did I even tell you what our finish time was? OMG, my brain is mush. Wow, the official results are up already.

Gun time: 2:08:16
Chip time: 2:07:58 {whew, just barely squeaked in}
AG- 127/who knows how many
Sex: 908  (this was mostly all women)
OA: 960/4746 .. The top 1000 ain’t bad, right?

So yesterday I heard someone say there were 10,000 runners, and the last weekend someone told me 7,000.. but according to the results that is not the case. Hm.

So, that redemption run. Not. Happening. I’m done w/ 13.1 miles for a while. Maybe March. Maybe I can PR and beat my old time on the same course. Sounds like a plan.

Next race is a Jingle Bell run on Dec 4th.

Happy Weekend, Ya’ll.