Moving on to the next plan

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we plan.. rarely do they work out exactly as we plan.

For example: The Space Coast Marathon.. It’s not happening. We aren’t going to be running the full marathon this year. We will be running the half, but the full isn’t going to work out for us.

Honestly, I’m a teeny bit relieved.

Do I want to run a full? Yes.


Space Coast? Uhm.. I had mixed feelings on Space Coast.
The potential for it to be miserably hot on race day has been bothering me for a while now.. I know I’ve been a whiney baby about the heat – It’s just not fun.

I have been really considering whether or not I wanted to run Space Coast. I want to do a full, but I just didn’t feel like putting in the work. and since 26.2 miles is no joke, and training is required, I needed an attitude change, or a different game plan. (note: my stank attitude isn’t the reason we aren’t running. there are other reasons that are beyond our control- if the timing would have worked out better, I would have sucked it up and continued on with training.)


So. We ( me & jenny ) have a new plan. We are looking at a March marathon. This would put us starting to train the first week of November. This feels better already.

I have a few races on my radar, and a few I’m already signed up for:

October 28th: Halloween Halfathon
November 25th: Space Coast Half-Marathon
December 9th (day before my 28th bday FYI): Holiday Halfathon (already registered)
February: 10th: St. Pete RnR 1/2  (already registered)
March 2: Full Marathon Day


I’m excited for the new full. I think the weather is going to be significantly better than if we were to run Space Coast. I can also try for a half-marathon PR before full training really ramps up.


So. That’s the new game plan.

I’m off to bed. 12 mile long run Saturday morning.


Space Coast Marathon: Week 6

Week 6 was much more productive than week 5. I actually did most of my prescribed workouts {that’s progress!}

sc marathon training

Monday: planned: 4 mi easy, actual: 4 mi easy (38:05) + WOD

Tuesday: planned: 6 miles intervals, actual: 6 miles intervals (7:30, 7:20, 7:20) The way it breaks down is 1.5mi warm up, 800, 1 mile rest, 800, 1 mile rest 800, 1 mile cool down.

Wednesday: cross-training day. actual: WOD + stationary bike

Thursday: planned: 6 miles, actual: 3 miles on the treadmill

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: planned 12 mi, actual 6 mi (stormed out)

Sunday: 10 mi long run, actual 10.77mi, 8:15avg

Total Miles : 29

What’s scheduled for WEEK 7:

Monday: 4mi easy pace + WOD
Tuesday: 6 mi – intervals
Wednesday: WOD + 45 min bike
Thursday: 6 mi + WOD
Friday: REST
Saturday: 14 mile long run
Sunday: REST or WOD


I love making collages from my instagram pictures. (I am obsessed w/’s scary) I wish there was a better iPhone app for collaging.. The only one I Know if Dip Tic – do you know of a better one? TELL ME!!

week 6 collage

1. running intervals on the treadmill.

2. Shannon & I have treadmill dates on Tuesdays- We run our intervals “together.” It makes the time on the ‘mill go a lot faster, plus the support is awesome!

3. who doesn’t love a big bowl of oatmeal & fruit in the morning?

4. Chris wishes I would let him get that Kawasaki Ninja. No way jose, we’ve been there done that w/ the crotch rocket.

5. talking to Chris on g-chat .. he has a black shirt on & the headboard was dark on the bed so he looks like a ghostly floating head

6. mmmmm coconut pancakes!

7. just a random picture of me. We were about to head over to Lowes

8. a sea biscuit from the Bahamas

9. Wyatt loves to lay out in the sun

10. dinner one night was ground turkey with sauteed spinach & green peppers w/ fresh tomatoes

11. no explanation needed there. YUM!

12. I painted a black picture frame green. It’s pretty now!



-WORK HARD this week. Stay on track. Stay focused. Remember what you’re working for

Let’s try this again: weekend long run


I’m not sure how I feel about getting up at 3:30am on Saturday AND Sunday. I also fail to understand why I can get up at 3:30am on the weekend, but I STRUGGLE to get out of bed by 7am during the week? That is not logical at all.

I met David at LongLeaf for a 10 mile run around 6:20. We chatted for a few minutes, then hit the road. I had no goal pace for this run. My last few long runs have been slower than I wanted, and it’s taken a toll on my mentally, so I just let myself run at whatever is comfortable.

We decided to run from LongLeaf to our normal Saturday run spot and then back. Thank goodness we ran to the shelter – my stomach was gurgling by mile 2.. At mile 5 I needed the bathroom for real.. I don’t like to divulge to much about bathroom habits, but I felt like it was affecting my pace.

imaget the Starkey stop I took a green apple power bar gel, drank some water, hit the bathroom, and then we headed back to Longleaf. I felt pretty great on the way back – I kept getting waves of abdominal pain, so that sucked, but I was able to breath through it and keep it sub 8 for the last 3 miles..and right at the end of mile 10 an awesome cramp right under my ribs tried to kill me…dang. I was feeling so good!


Mentally, I really needed a good, strong run like this. I’ve been feeling defeated by the heat and by the abundance of crappy long runs. I know the heat has a lot to do with my pace, but it’s still a hard pill to swallow. We have about 2 months of nasty heat & humidity before we really start to feel a change in the temperature. ….the countdown has begun! (Last year we had a few cool weekends in September. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we get lucky this year! September is just around the corner…. unbelievable! This year has FLOWN by!)

I’m outta here. We are headed to Clermont in a little bit to celebrate my Mom & Step-Dad’s birthdays! Bur first I need to make some sweet potato salad & chocolate cupcakes (wish me luck on the cupcakes.. I suck at baking.

the deadline is coming


I wouldn’t really call clean eating a “diet.” It’s more like a way of life, but there are a few good tips on here so I thought I’d share it. I guess I’m having a rough time adjusting back to my normal schedule. Funny how one week can throw you all out of wack.

I skipped my easy 4 miler on Monday. My tummy was feeling awfully rumbly, and running just didn’t feel/sound like a good idea.

Today (Tuesday) was better. My eating was good, and I got in a workout.
My scheduled run was a 6 mile interval run, but I knew that would not happen. My legs aren’t quite ready to tackle tough runs yet. They were burning when I walked up the stairs to my office this morning… lame. I guess they aren’t back from vacation yet either.

I headed out for 4 miles, shirtless & garminless. I knew almost immediately this run was going to suck. I know my body pretty good; good enough to know that anything containing peanuts before a run is a REALLY horrible idea.. well…… I was an idiot and ate some new kind of larabar that contained nuts and what do you know? I started cramping up almost immediately.

I made it less than 1.5 miles out before I turned around. I’m going to say I made it 1.3 miles, and 1.3 miles back. When I got back to my house I ran 1.2 miles on the treadmill.. I wore my regular watch and the timer said I ran for 36 minutes. Whatever. A little run is better than no run I guess.

I cooled down for a few minutes after my run, sipped some gatorade, youtubed some of the moves for the WOD, then got to work on Chase’s WOD.


Push Jerk: 5-5-5-5 (Going up in weight each round)
10lbs for the first two sets of 5, then 15lb dumb bells for the last 2 sets of 5


7 Rounds For time:

7 Kettlebell Swings @ 53 lbs / 35lbs     I modified & used 20lb dumb bell. this is up from a 10lb

7 Over Head Squats @ 135 lbs / 95 lbs   modified: 10lb first 3 rounds, 8lb last 4 rounds

7 Deadlifts @ 225 lbs / 155 lbs  modified: 15lb dumb bells

I wish that I had access to a gym, but I’m making do with what I have. I know I’m getting stronger, and that’s what matters! I actually enjoyed this workout. It felt good to use some heavier weights than what I used a few weeks ago. — I went to Target today and bought (2) 15lb weights, and (1) 20lb weight.. I should have bought another 20lb, but I figured it would be a while before I was using the 20lb for anything but KB swings… I think I could have used 20lb weights in the deadlifts.. probably will have to go get the other 20, and maybe some 25s in the next week or so.

imagedun.dun.dun …… The Space Coast fee increases are coming soon. The fees go up at the end of this month, which means I need to get it together and register. I’m very apprehensive about this….still.

I mean, I’m not putting a whole lot of effort into making sure I do all of my training runs, and that is kind of worrisome considering we are really not even into the meat & potatoes part of training yet!

I’ll get there (I hope). My first 14 mile run is on August 26th – hopefully that first really long run will get me excited (or kill me) about training!

Lastly, check out Chase’s new post today on Goals! Great post! Everyone needs some sort of goal. Fitness goals are what keep us moving forward and keep us pushing our bodies to places we didn’t think they could go. To lift things we didn’t think they could lift. To run faster than we thought we could run. Goals are essential to success.

Tell me three fitness goals that you have?

Mine are:

Sub4 Marathon
1:42 half marathon @ Rock n Roll
1000 miles in 2012
Continue strength training throughout marathon training & after

230 days

…..until the Space Coast Marathon… 91 days until training start- Okay, I’m not actually going to start counting down yet. but I couldn’t think of anything else for the title so…. yeah.


Last week was a pretty great week for running; I had a great 5 mile run, with some sub 8 miles, and then I had a great 8 mile run – slower paced, but 8 miles on a week day is pretty stellar for me.

I scheduled myself for 35 miles. I knew that wasn’t going to happen, but I might as well aim big, right?


(I really like that runningahead gives the avg pace per week. I don’t know why I like it, I just do. I definitely prefer runningahead over daily mile. I still like the garminconnect split chart the best.)

I ended up with 28.2 miles last week; I’m definitely happy with that number.

group shot at the 4 mile water stop

This week will (hopefully) look like this:

Monday  5 mi easy
Tuesday 6 mi interval
Wednesday rest (XT?)
Thursday 6 mi tempo
Friday XT(?)
Saturday 10mi
Sunday rest
Total: 27

That is pretty much what my marathon training weeks will look like. The only difference will be Monday, which will be a 4 mi easy run, and then obviously the long runs will change every weekend.

You might be wondering how, or why, I decided to run a full marathon.

me too.

Maybe Jenny can refresh my memory as to how this conversation took place; Did I suggest it? Did she? Did she drug me, then hypnotize me, and convince me that I could definitely run 26.2 miles. The latter is the most probable.



side note: google documents rock! We created this document that we can both edit. We can also watch live editing – Jenny watched me try to move that stupid I love 26.2 image for at least 5 minutes. There is also a little chat box with in the document. so fun.

All I know for sure is that we spent days looking at marathons that take place in the Fall. Surprisingly, or not, there aren’t that many Fall marathons. We have a short time frame that we need to stay within, so perhaps that made the search a little more difficult.

We even made a spreadsheet with each marathon and added the pros and cons of each race. Picking a marathon is serious business, it’s kind of like picking the name of your kid. If you pick the wrong one, it could ruin you life.

Okay, so maybe picking the wrong marathon won’t ruin your life, but it can definitely taint the experience. Nobody wants bad marathon juju.


Space Coast Marathon takes place in Cocoa, Florida.


Not sure what mostly flat means – I know we stay on one side of the river, and don’t head over towards the beach – so no causeways. I looked at an “interactive” course map, but that was no help.

As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t know what goals David has set for me. It’s probably better that way for now – I’d probably spend the next 91 days freaking out.. and then I’d spend the following 20 weeks continuing to freak out over whether or not I can actually pull off the goal time.

I do have my own goal; which could be in line with David’s goals. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m not even going to pretend that “just finishing” would be a good enough goal for me. That’s great for a lot of people – It’s a great goal, but I can’t pretend that I would be satisfied with that.

I hope I can do it.

Obviously there are a lot of factors that can make or break a race: Weather is going to be a big factor .. November, in Florida, is a tricky, tricky month. In 2011 we had plenty of cool days leading up to the Women’s half marathon, and then when race day rolled around, it was hot as hell.

If everything is working against me, and I realized that I can’t make my goals, THEN I would be happy to just finish – but I refuse to go into the marathon saying, “I’ll be happy to just finish.”

LOL found on pinterest


In other marathon related news: Whose excited for the Boston Marathon? I watched it last year on Universal Sports, and I plan on watching it again this year – assuming it will be available on Universal Sports again. – just have to make sure I don’t schedule any patients to come in next Monday. heh