can I have my runner card back?

back to running

The return of these ridiculous pictures {and the strider shirt} can only mean one thing:


I won’t go into the long, drawn out story, about why I finally decided to put my new balance back on, and go for a run. I’ll just say that I ran, 3 miles, and it felt awesome. I didn’t wear my Garmin, mostly bc I’m afraid of what the numbers would say, but also because the strap is broken & I haven’t put the new one on yet – maybe I’ll finally do that.

My running shoes are happy, I’m happy, we’re all happy around here.


see, happy.
Chris was not amused by all the pictures I kept taking when we were out last night /// when we got home we started working on the boat again – there was a big cricket and he tried to throw it on me – I’m showing him I’ll slap him w/ my pimp hand if he tries that again

Speaking of the boat; I started a new blog for that project. I think it will be a lot easier to just have a totally separate blog, rather than try to include the updates in this blog – then no one is subjected to the boat build if they don’t want to be. You can check out the new blog HERE.


live well, fish hard, love harder


I’m crazy & I know it

I’ve started & deleted this post about 4 times since Monday. I just don’t have anything nice to say & you know what your Mama always told you? “If you don’t got nothing nice to say….don’t say nothing.”  Actually, Thumper says that, but so does my Mom.

The truth is, I have nothing nice to say. I’m having a ridiculously trying week, and I can’t wait for it to be over.



I realized on Tuesday that I posted my run from Monday but that’s all I did – I didn’t even say how it went, how I felt..nothing. What kind of idiot am I?  So, let’s talk about Monday’s run. The “interval” run: I’m really not sure what my intervals should be how fast? how long?  My set was fine. Nothing I couldn’t handle, I didn’t feel like I wanted to die. Second set was the same. I don’t think I was trying hard enough. Next time I’ll bump up the speed. I don’t love the treadmill, but I think for now, until I get used to speed work outs, I should stick w/ the treadmill.

Tuesday I was planning on resting because my hips were kind of achy. But then I got home & Wyatt was being a major pain in my butt, which almost led to a major meltdown. I decided I needed to run, and I’d deal with my hips later. I don’t really like running in the dark, but Tuesday I didn’t care. It was 7 when I laced up my shoes & headed out. The air was so cool, and it was just lovely out. I loved every second of that run, except when my garmin wasn’t working right. I don’t have splits for tuesday’s run but I ran 4 miles somewhere between 32-33 minutes. The last 2 miles recorded and they were sub 8 (yay!).

Wednesday: I took my foam roller to work so that I could foam roll my IT band a few times while at work. I had a feeling that the cause for my hip pain was because of tight IT bands. After some good stretches & rolling the ol’ hips are feeling good as new.

Thursday: my stupid soleus on my left leg is being weird. it’s tight and feels weird when I mash the clutch in my car I can really feel it.. and now that I’ve figured out what it is, I’ve been stretching & rolling. I really hope this shiz clears up soon. OH, and I currently smell like a 90 year old man. I took a bath in bengay a few minutes ago. I’ve got that junk 2inches thick on my calves. I hope I wake up with refreshed calves and a happy soleus. think wishful thoughts people.

So. There you have it. My life in 4 paragraphs. exciiiiiiiiting.

and because this post is just totally boring, I’ll leave you with some pinterest pins that made me laugh last night.

Oh hai patient’s that call at 4pm on Friday & expect me schedule them for Monday

Chris doesn’t understand this – but I can’t sleep w/o a blanket. For this reason. I also can’t sleep by the window. I know. I’m weird.

Can someone find out where I can get this? Please & thanx

This is true. I’m crazy like that.

I smiled

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you’ve had a lovely Thanksgiving

We (my friend Sherry & I) started our morning nice & early @ 4:45. I had plans to run the St. Pete Times Turkey Trot (10k). Sherry was also planning on running it but due to some unresolved foot pain she decided not to run. I’m sad my friend couldn’t run, but glad that she still came to hang out.

The SPT races are a pretty big deal in the Clearwater area – I’m not sure how many people were there, but it was a big crowd. The St. Pete Times offers something for everyone. There is a 5k fun run, a 5k competitive run, a 1 mile fun run & the 10k.

I registered for the 10k with hopes of being in the top 125 women, and running a PR. The top 125 women & top 125 men receive neato SPT Turkey Trot coffee mugs!

I lined up near the front of the pack so that I wouldn’t have to weave to much, and hopefully reserve my coffee mug. When the gun went off I was by myself ( No striders) but within a few minutes I found Tracey & David, which was perfect because I knew Tracey wanted a sub 50 race – same as me.

Our first mile was 7:52, ooph. My legs were feeling a little heavy & stiff, so I was worried that I would crash & burn. – The weather was pretty nice, so at least we had that on our side.

SEE, I’m smiling. weeee I looove running

Mile 2 was a little more conservative at 7:56. An 8:02 avg would secure a sub 50 race.

Miles 3 & 4 we slowed down, 8:10 & 8:12. Somewhere in mile 4 or 5 there was a long incline. I feel funny saying there was a hill on a course, because I’ve seen elevation maps of courses that actually have big hills and our elevations look nothing like that. However, for this area, we had a hill, and it didn’t kill me, and I was happy. wheeee

sidenote: our windows are open and I can hear the neighbors screaming at each other. yay thanksgiving family get togethers.

Miles 5 & 6 I found another gear and pushed forward. I felt good. I felt strong. I felt …. happy. whoa. happy, while running? Huh. what a concept that is.

mile 5: 7:59
mile 6:  7:50
.25: 6:55

I squeaked in at 49:44, 99th female and secured my top finisher mug !! woot!


(it’s okay to be jealous of our Guy Harvey tray table)


It’s a good sign when 4 out of 6 miles were sub8. That makes me smile!


I really enjoyed this race – the weather was nice and the course was lovely. We ran through Clearwater, and apparently part of downtown Largo (according to my garmin map). There were a few little bands, and some people hooked up stereo systems in their driveways with music blasting. I’m not a fan of big races with lots of crowds but somehow this race didn’t seem all that crowded – except the start ..somebody was smelly.

I felt focused, and on point. Not a mess like last week. What a difference a good race can make in my attitude, right David? heh.


Sherry & me eagerly waiting for the Turkey to get done frying. We were super hungry. The boys fished until almost 4pm. eesh.

Are you crazy people going shopping on Black Friday? 

The only place I plan on going is the running store. They are having a sale on shoes, and who doesn’t love a good sale on shoes?However, they open at 10 AM.. you people are crazy going at the ass crack of.. well, you’re just crazy.