Every day moments

We’re still just chugging along over here… If you follow me on instagram, you already see a good bit of our every day life, but if you don’t – then these pictures will be new for you.

Don’t worry, we are anchored in about 2 foot of water. We aren’t moving, and we are barely rocking. All babies were safe and secure.

I took Paisley outside & took some pictures when she turned 5 months old.
Chris calls this outfit her potato sack… lol

Not ready for her to be sitting up…and she’s getting to big for the boppy lounger, how unfortunate.. We love the boppy lounger.

hanging out on Saturday morning while we wait for Dada to wake up …. baby einstein for the win.. parenting at it’s finest.

Play time with Dada – Every night when Chris gets home, he takes Paisley until she’s ready to eat again. Usually during this time I either start dinner, or go to my office and work for a few uninterrupted minutes.

Enjoying a walk around our neighborhood – This was my last attempt at trying to get Paisley to nap today.. Let’s just say, it didn’t work. No way she could fall asleep and miss out on an adventure with Mama & Dada. Nope, not happening.

Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride



I’m getting really good at being a day late, sometimes two days late on these portrait a week posts.



“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


This past Sunday we went over to my sister’s house to hang out with her & her family. Her youngest son, Liam, is 7 weeks older than Paisley!

We took a similar picture when Paisley was only 4 days old, and man, she looks teeny tiny compared to him. Now, she’s almost as big as he is!

It’s unbelievable how fast they grow!


I’m a little late posting this picture.. I completely forgot..again
This week has been another whirlwind of a week. We had several doctors appointments, then Chris went back to work. Paisley discovered her lungs, and she no longer thinks it’s a good idea to go back to sleep after she eats in the middle of the night. She’d rather stay awake and stare at me.
it’s been an interesting week.

DSCN4032_ 4 52
“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


Even with all the chaos of last week, we were able to snap a few pictures of Paisley on her ONE MONTH birthday! I can’t believe my baby is already one month old!

Actually, she is 5 weeks old today!


Thursday dump

The word dump just makes me giggle. I know, so immature. I can’t help it.

Lucky for you, I’m just talking about a phone dump for today’s post. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these pictures. I’ll try to post mainly pictures that I haven’t posted on IG already.

lucky kid
Isn’t our kid lucky?

Chris’ funny attempt at reminding me to turn off my flat iron. For some reason it doesn’t have an automatic shut off, so if I forget to turn it off, it stays on all day. Chris wrote this note and stuck it on the mirror in the guest bathroom where I straighten my hair. It still makes me laugh re-reading it.  and LOL at “electrical hygiene items” this guy kills me.

“The Boat”  it’s just about ready for paint. Chris has been working non-stop on this project. Once it’s painted he’ll flip it over on the trailer and start working on the inside (I think).  FYI: The Boat is 17ft long.. it’s a big project.

to tight
ugh. Clothes that are looking …ridiculous.  Another scrub top bites the dust.  … and I’m not even sure what to say about that ridiculous gym outfit. Obviously I need to figure something else out; I have capris but it’s to darn hot for capris…

I went for a long walk on Saturday; Chris got worried and came looking for me. awwww, sweet. (My car is for sale…)


My 2nd favorite lazy night dinner



Man she really needs a haircut!



My niece & nephew making cupcakes from scratch. I hear they turned out pretty tasty!


My Boo with the finished product! She even made the icing from scratch.


Happy Thursday! Are you looking forward to anything special this weekend?

I’m headed to Orlando w/ my sister & friends for a pregnant lady expo .. woohoo!

October Review

I wrote a check today (lol yes, I occasionally write checks) and when I wrote the date on it I was surprised to write November. I know it’s November, but GEEEEEZ where has this year gone? I swear it was just New Years!

October was a pretty good month – Chris was gone a lot, so that sucked, but otherwise it was good. We finally decided on a Realtor (even though the house still isn’t listed), and moved forward with some house projects.

I ran 72 miles and did 6 weights workouts (that’s pathetic). Ran 1 half-marathon, and ran my longest training run of 14.25 miles. 

and now, because I have nothing else to say about the month of October, I’ll just post pictures..

OCT collage 1

In October we had: beautiful sunrises, drank coffee outside, beautiful sunsets, long runs, went to Old Town, moved the dog crates and Diva got confused.


OCT  Collage 2

We had: good food, more long runs, spent time with friends, drank lots o coffee & went dirt bike riding

OCT collage 3

We drank more coffee, went to a wedding, finally got our clean eating subscription, and ate more yummy food.


I have a 5k Sunday morning – I’m a little nervous. My shins have been bothering me for the last two days. I took Diva & Wyatt for a walk on Thursday and they pull SO HARD! They pulled me for about 1.5 miles, and I think that led to a slight case of shin splits.

I currently have KT tape & compression socks on. I’ll run in the tape tomorrow, and see how it goes. I thought about not running, but I really want to… so we’ll see how that goes.

new things are fun

This weekend we made some changes around here:

1. Chris finally joined the rest of the world & got a smart phone. Sadly he still has that piece of crap nextel, but at least now we can have a conversation that is not filled with, “What?” “Are you there?” “FORGET IT, call me later.”

playing on his “new” phone while we waited for our paint at Lowes.

Chris should have gotten a new phone when we added a line to our plan, but he was nice & let me have the new phone, and he took my iPhone. What a nice Hubster! 

I got the HTC One X – So far, I love it. I don’t get great service at my house, but I didn’t with the iPhone either. {it does seem a little worse w/ the droid system, but whatever.} I haven’t put any music on it yet, so I can’t comment on that aspect of the phone either. I love the texting: I can just drag my finger across the keyboard and it creates the words – so easy, so fun. {so easily amused}.


still waiting on our paint …..

I chopped my hair off {again} this weekend. I love it. I have no issues with cutting my hair off. I know some people would probably rather do other horrible things than have their hair cut – to me, it’s just hair. It will grow back – my hair grows freakishly fast, so it grows back quickly.

This was from Friday.










TADA! I absolutely LOVE it! So short, so easy!

I was wondering what I would do with it when I run – today I ran a few miles on the treadmill & I wore a bondi band {which I am not a fan of, FYI} … but it kept my hair out of my face. I will be in search of an alternative.  me + bondi band + race picture = fug. – Not that I look super cute in race pics anyways, but I don’t need to increase the chance that I never get a cute race pic ever again. … I know, what kind of moron worries about race pics..

me. it’s race season, yo.


On Saturday we went over to my Mom’s house for a day of family fun {& work}..

Uncle Chris giving Aidyn a push ……

I love this!  This kid is awesome..and he sure does love his Uncle Chris.


Boys will be boys

What? You don’t pull kids around in the lawn mower trailer?
Kailyn leadin’ the way on the 4-wheeler


Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of love & family

Fact: It’s Tuesday


I’m feeling good about this week – Maybe it’s because I don’t have a race coming up this weekend? I love racing, but 2 weekends in a row was a little tough. It would probably be easier if the races were actually local to me instead of an hour+ away. Traveling for races is a little exhausting.

Never give up

Last week I had more crappy runs than I had good runs. I hate it when that happens. I’m chalking it up to tired legs from the 5k + 6 on Sunday.

Monday: 4mi, 36:13, 9:04 (blistering hot day)
Tuesday: 5mi, 44:24, 8:52 (blistering hot day)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 5mi tempo, 42:08, 8:25 (temps starting to drop)
Friday: rest/expo in tampa
Saturday: Gasparilla 15k 1:15:34, 8:04
Gasparilla 5k, 50:03
Sunday: rest – long dog walk

grand total: 26.6 miles

work it out

Moving on to this week:

Monday: 5mi
Tuesday: 5mi
Wednesday: xtrain (yoga?)
Thursday: 4mi (interval?)
Friday: 3mi
Saturday: 11mi w/ Jennykins
Sunday: rest

grand total: 28 miles


Since today is Tuesday, I’ve already done Monday’s run. It wasn’t all rainbows & butterflies like I was hoping it would be. The temperature was cooler last night, but that didn’t make the run suck any less. The first mile was fine, did a slow(er) warm up, 9:07. The 2nd mile was great! I though, “Ooo, maybe I’ll turn this into a tempo run, that would be fun.” 8:01 … and that was pretty much it for the fun factor. The wheels fell of shortly after and I was struggling to keep it under 8:30. 8:28, 8:30, 8:52. womp womp

Oh well. Today I’ll just run whatever feels comfortable and turn Thursday’s run into an interval workout. (yikes!)

I’ll leave you with these gems from Marathonfoto

those are awesome. {sarcasm}

and now the pictures you’ve been waiting for…

doesn’t everyone throw their hands in the air when they run by their friends?

Don’t pretend like you don’t love those arm warmers. Those bitches are baaad.

Apparently we had two photographers from our group.. Aaron was hiding on the other side of the road in this crazy beanie/beard thing.

The guy in the crazy beard – That’s Aaron.. and that is not a real beard. lol. this cracks me up

I always look like I’m walking. I swear I was running!

You ran how fast? Are you sure?

Hiii, I look like a boy! Mile 12 – we went over a little bridge onto Snell Isle



If she doesn’t beat me up for beating her by 7 seconds at RnR – She’ll beat me up for posting this picture. Hi Jackie!


In other running related news: my R foot still hurts. I’m hoping it’s just bruised. I succumbed to my paranoid & googled lateral foot pain. So far I have a stress fracture and/or cuboid syndrome. Who knows what I’ll be diagnosed with tomorrow.

In all seriousness though; It doesn’t hurt unless I’m wearing shoes or putting pressure on a certain spot on my right foot while standing. I can poke/press/prod/squeeze my foot all I want to & it doesn’t hurt. – I don’t know what cuboid syndrome should feel like, but it doesn’t feel like anything is out of place. It feels exactly the same as my left foot. ..and according to Dr. Google, if it was a stress fracture I’d have pain to the touch.

Because I’m a total freak I scheduled a Dr. appointment for next week just in case the pain doesn’t go away. I don’t have time to be playing around with some weird foot pain. Gasparilla is 3 weekends away, and Florida Beach Half is in 5ish wks. … So, if the pain isn’t gone by next Monday I’ll be going to the Dr on Tuesday. If it’s gone, I’ll cancel the appointment. – If I wait until next Tuesday to call, it could be another week before I get in.


Soooooo, what’s everyone doing this week? I guess I’m going to have to live vicariously through all my running friends. It appears I’ll be taking some more days off.

lookin’ back

Should I apologize for the last post? It was kind of ranty. Sorry if you were kind of thrown off by the ranty-ness of it.I try to keep things light around here, but some days my patience are just pushed until I freak out.

so moving on:

I’m feeling kind of sappy: Our 3 year anniversary is coming up on Feb 7th (so is Lisa’s) and I’ve been looking at pictures. I was thinking about making a picture book on shutterfly for our anniversary. I wanted to include some older pictures so I’ve been reminiscing for hours. fun times.

Oh LOOK! My natural hair color!

That picture has nothing to do with Chris, but it makes me laugh. I think I’m a senior here (2003). I was at a work Christmas party, I work for a hard ware store… I can totally get away with the wranglers jeans, wrangler jean jacket, and nextel two-way. don’t be hatin’ on my fashion!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Bahamas 2006 (I think)

Cocoa beach, maybe? Maybe Sebastian. Can’t be sure

Camping in Sebastian inlet. Chris shaved off his beard. I made him promise to never do that again.

look. we are at Sebastian inlet..again – We spent a lot of time in Sebastian. We’d leave laaaaaate Friday or Saturday night, fish all night (or sleep in the car) and then fish for the majority of the day the next day.
We thought about moving to Georgia. We even went up there a few times to look @ houses and jobs.

We stayed @ the JW Marriott for the weekend after we got married.

Englewood @ The Westin

on the beach,We are at Stump Pass. I think this might have been one of the first nights. By the end of the week we were professionals at this sleeping on the beach thing. We knew exactly what we needed.
click the picture to make it larger- in the left hand box it shows the time the picture was taken. 1:32am. I slept in that chair. That light behind me is the Boca Grande lighthouse.
I love fishing.
That’s the Boca Grande lighthouse behind us.

I think that’s a long enough trip down memory lane. One last picture, which was taken on our wedding day. Don’t focus on the guys. Focus on the bridge behind the guys.

We have to run up that beast tomorrow. twice. I’ve done it before and it was just as horrible as it looks.


That was a fun trip down memory lane. Now I need to finish making my playlist for tomorrows half-marathon. It’s going to be a doozy.

I am such a creeper

Tuesday after work I headed to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinners this week, and then headed home to see the puppppieeees.

Diva got a hair cut this weekend. She looks sooooooooooo cute! It’s a battle to cut her hair, which is why she ends up looking like a wildebeast more often than not. Don’t worry, she gets baths regularly, just not hair cuts.


She’s like a new dog. This hair cut took 2 days. Seriously. We/She can only tolerate so much and she is a demon when trying to cut her hair. We ended up cutting her head with scissors vs. the electric razor we use on her body.

Workout: a Bob Harper strength training DVD. It’s a 20 minute strength training work out. I did this work out somewhat often over the summer while I was injured. I really need to do something besides run, and I like this video, sooo yah. – Tomorrow I’m planning on a 4-5 mile easy run.

straight creeper status… On Sunday I asked Chris if we could ride the motorcycle over to a local park that is on the Gulf. I wanted to take some pictures of the sunset with the camera that he got my for my birthday (which is on Saturday…in case you are wondering.) My Mom showed me how to adjust the exposure setting on the camera, so I was playing with that a little bit.

We also saw a dolphin with no dorsal fin. We’ve seen him/her before.. Unless there is more than one running around area, which is possible I guess.


Eventually the sun started to set and I took a few pictures, and earned my creeper status.


This couple was just so cute, I couldn’t resist  plus, they were were right in my shot of the sunset from where I was standing.
My pictures are nothing special, but I like the way they turned out.

Oh, exciting news: I decided which January half I will do.. probably. I’m not registered yet, so nothing is certain, but I’m 99% sure. The Florida Challenge Trail Half. No, I’ve never run a trail race before. Do I think this is a good idea? Uhm, probably not, but it will be a fun challenge.

Jenny & I were planning on doing a half that is down in her neck of the woods, but she text me today and told me that had been cancelled. The only other half in January (that’s not Disney) is the St. Pete Classic, and I don’t want to spend the $$. Besides the $$ for the half, I want to run the St. Pete Classic 10k.


P.S. – I am really sad about this nonsense with Mindy McCready. I used to sing Guys do it all the time at the top of my lungs in elementary school. Those were the good ol’  days.