On feeling at ease

A few months ago I announced that we were putting our house on the market in hopes of moving back to my home town.

Well, we changed our mind.

We have not officially taken it off the market, but in our minds, it’s off ~ we are staying here.

I don’t know what exactly led to our change of heart, but over the last few weeks we’ve said, on more than one occasion, “are we sure we want to sell.”  We haven’t had a single showing, or phone call (that I know of) and we’ve been oddly okay with that.

We love our house ~ the location, while by the water, the exact location is not ideal. We are far from everything, but I’m learning to love the quiet that comes with living far from everything.

minimal traffic, birds chirping, stars in the sky, sunsets over the water…. I can deal with that.

For a while now I’ve been feeling down ~ just in a funk, a funk that I could not come out of. I don’t know what the cause was, but I feel like I’m finally starting to come out of it. I’m feeing content with my life – happy with the direction it’s going in. at peace.


On working out:

I’m still in love with weight lifting! I’m still not sad about not running/racing. Gasparilla is today (the 15k), which is one of my favorite races, and I’m not even sad that I’m missing it. For starters, the high today is like 80 ~ been there, run in that, not a good time. Last year it was scorching hot during Gasparilla ~ I did PR, but it was nasty.

I had two really great workouts this week, and I thought I would share them with you – each workout left me sore for days – I don’t know why, but I don’t always get sore after I lift. I have read/heard that being sore is not an indication of whether or not you lifted hard, but I guess for me, it kind of is.

I “like” the sore feeling – sort of..

I took Monday off from lifting since Chris was going out of town on Tuesday – I wanted to spend a little extra time with him so I skipped the gym & headed home after work.

I headed back on Tuesday for a super leg day:

warm up: I don’t remember what I did – probably the Arc trainer 5-10 min + stretching/foam rolling

squat (wide stance)  6×5 135#  (I really focused on form & getting low low low)
barbell lunge             3×10  65#
leg extensions           4×8 90,100,110,110
hack squat                3×8  70,90,90
walking lunges          4×15 20lb DB   (15 out/15 back = 2 sets)
plated leg press        3×10  90, 160,160
lateral leg raise         3×20
leg raises                   3×15

Wednesday I was ready to kill my upper body:

warm up: again, I forget. probably the arc trainer

bench press (wide grip) 15,10,10,10   (20#, 25#,30#,40#)
cable crossover              4×8            50,65,65,65
dumb bell flys                 4×8            12,12,15,15

cable tricep pushdown with Vbar       4×10   40,45,50,50
sitting tricep extension                        4×10 20lb DB

lat pull down                  8 (62.5), 4(75), 6(68)
cable row                  4×12  75#
hyperextensions     12/body weight       12×3 10# plate
leg raises                 1×25

This morning I’m headed to the new gym – a little nervous to be entering a new place and having to learn where all the machines I want to use are – I was still fumbling around the Ymca a little bit. Oh well, I have my workout written down, now it’s just time to make it happen.

Happy Saturday, hope you have a fantastical weekend!


Where the ocean meets the sand

Sometimes, when I sit down (or in this instance, I’m laying on the couch) to blog, I can’t think of anything to say.

I mean, I have a lot to say – but I can’t figure out how to put it into words, or if it really matters.

I often rewrite the first few sentences {or paragraph} of a blog post multiple times before I’m satisfied with what it says.

I think the first few sentences are what will make someone continue to read, or what will prompt them to skim the rest of the post, if they don’t click the little red X.

I never want to be that blogger that just throws up a post for the sake of throwing up a post. I mean, I know I’m not a super writer, and a lot of times my posts are pretty meaningless, but I don’t want them ALL to be that way.

I don’t know what the point of this little blurb is, it just came out…


Someone asked me today what I imagine when I think of being at peace. What image comes into my head – an animal? a place? a starfish? a bird?

I struggled to answer…. These types of questions; they are difficult. Imagery is not my thing –

I don’t think in pictures. I think in words – I’m not the artistic type; I can barely draw a stick figure – I don’t have an “eye” for pretty things. (in my opinion)


The beach.
Where the ocean meets the sand.
That’s what I would say represents peace.

The beach has always been a safe haven for me.

A place I can go & just relax. 

I’m content to go all by myself, but I love a good beach day with a friend {or chris}. The sound of the waves, the cawing of seagulls, screaming kids {I could do with the screaming kids}


What represents peace for you?
A certain place? A symbol?

my time

I sit and stare into space. Sometimes I think about things, but mostly I just enjoy the serenity.

We’ve lived in our house 2.5 years and I can count the number of times I’ve sat on our patio on both hands – sad, isn’t it? We have a nice backyard; not huge, but nice. The dogs like it.

I take my coffee downstairs, sit in my green adirondack chair and just relax. I should do this more often, but it’s only cool enough to enjoy coffee outside a few months of the year – it’s really not even cool enough right now, but I’ll tough it out. I’ll sweat a little while I drink my coffee.

I’m craving the alone time. The quiet. The serenity. The chance to think about everything or nothing at all without interruption ..except for Diva… she barks at every car that drives by, or at every bird that lands on the fence.. except for her I enjoy the peace.


Do you have a quiet place? Do you just sit & stare off into space? Pray? Think about specific things? Do you go to your quiet place often?