it was a good good day

I didn’t spring right out of bed like usual this Saturday morning: I slept through my alarm for about 30 minutes, and then when I did wake up, I still hesitated to get out of bed. After I gave myself a talkin’ to I got up, and made my way to the kitchen for coffee & oatmeal.

Shannon & I had 12 miles scheduled for Saturday – we met the rest of the group at Starkey & headed out for our run around 6:45.


My left foot was bothering me quite a bit on Friday, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make the full 12 miles. I went into the running telling myself it was okay to turn around if my foot started to act up to much.

The humidity was high, but we had some nice cloud cover for the majority of our run so the heat didn’t seem to bad.. dare I say it was somewhat pleasant –

You know you’re from Florida when you’re saying 73 with 100% humidity is pleasant … hey, we’ll take what we can get around here.

We ran the first 4 miles with Jackie, Rachel & David.. JM was along for the first couple of miles, but cut out early.. I forget her excuse Winking smile   —

My foot started hurting pretty much immediately. David asked how it was feeling and I just grunted something about it was hurting and I didn’t know if I’d make it the full 12 miles. Then the pain went away, then it came back. It did that pretty much the entire run. Frustrating to say the least.

At mile 4 we stopped for a water/fuel break. . I retied my shoe at mile 4 – I tied it so that the tongue couldn’t slip around. I was hoping that this would take the pressure off the top of my foot.

Me & Shannon at mile 4

me & shannon at mile 4

Rachel, David & Jackie turned around at the 4 mile mark; Shannon & I forged ahead

My foot continued to bother me off & one for the duration of our run. It wasn’t to painful that I couldn’t handle it – It’s really wasn’t even painful, just annoying and frustrating.

Despite the high humidity I was feeling really good. I thoroughly enjoyed the run, and was so glad to be out on the trail. Mentally I felt strong, physically I was feeling awesome. I did start to fatigue a little in the last 2 miles, but with Shannon right ahead of me I had someone to focus on and to keep me going. I can’t quit in the last 2 miles. That’s when I need to dig deep and push on.

We picked up the pace over the last 6 miles, and ended up with an 8:06avg for our 12 mile run. Definitely happy with that pace! 7:52 & 7:53 for miles 11 & 12? Yes please, I’ll take it.

I am really looking forward to my next half marathon!

aug 25 starkey 12

DSCN1727(you’re welcome for that old picture. Neither of us even look like that anymore)

Last weekend Jenny & I planned on heading over to the beach this weekend. and thennnnnnnn Tropical Storm Isaac showed up and threatened to rain on our parade. I decided I’d head down to her house after my long run & we could just hang out rather than going to the beach. 

I got to her house around… I don’t know what time it was. 10 maybe? We talked, and talked, and talked, and talked..  We got showers around 12 (she had done a 28 mi ride that morning) then started lunch. For some reason we always eat pizza for lunch when we are together. We love some pizza! Publix has some seriously awesome pre-made pizza dough so we usually go that route.

There are no pictures of this pizza.. but believe me, it was good. We used 1 can tomato sauce, pizza seasoning, green peppers, bacon & onions + mozzarella cheese. Baked for 18 minutes, and voila! easy to make, tasty to eat pizza!


Our goal for the day was to drive down to Longboat Key where we are planning on doing the majority of our 18, 20, & 22 mile runs for our March marathon. Jenny & her Hubz ride their bikes down there and love the area, so we went to scope it out.

It looks perfect!! Sidewalks & shade, and public bathrooms – What more do you need on a long run?

I can’t go to Jenny’s house w/o stopping for froyo at Yogurt Mountain. We didn’t have a frozen yogurt place in my county until Friday (they JUST opened) so froyo is always a yummy treat when I go over to Jenny’s neck of the woods.

delicious!  Blueberry tart froyo + old time vanilla bean.. need I say more?

I made it home around 6:45pm and crashed in bed. I seriously put my pjs within minutes of walking in the door. grabbed my computer & headed for bed.

I was dead asleep by 10:30, and didn’t get out of bed this morning until 9.



Today we are spending the day waiting.
waiting to see if T.S. Isaac is going to turn once it hits the Gulf.. Waiting for the rain & wind to start. Just waiting.


Hopefully you’re Sunday is more fun than ours!


a farkvel?


Well y’all, summer has arrived – not technically, but that skank is peaking her head and making her presence known.

I’m trying to prepare myself for the heat. Trying to remind myself that my pace is going to slow down during the summer. It’s inevitable, there is nothing I can do about it.

It stinks – I’ve worked sort of hard this “winter” to drop my pace down, and now that stinky summer skank is going to come in and ruin all my hard work.


Despite the heat I was feeling good when I headed out for my 5 miles. — Monday’s run was successful – as in, I got 5 miles done, but that’s about it successful. My calves were pissed from wearing wedges for hours on Sunday night @ my cousins wedding.

I wanted Tuesday’s run to have some meaning – to feel hard, but good at the same time. Is this possible?

I decided I would do a 1 mile warm up, and then a farklet workout from there. As the one mile warm up was ending I was thinking that a farklet didn’t sound like much fun – I needed something more structured. I hit the lap button (which I didn’t need to do.. my first splits look wonky bc I’m an idiot) and took off. I decided I’d just run until I wanted to stop – which is a farklet..

I ran 2:25, which is .35mile .. then I recovered at a slower pace for another 2:25 – this is where the interval was born – or the farkvel.

I stayed with those 2:25 intervals – It seemed like a good workout. Long enough that I was ready for it to be over, but short enough that I didn’t actually fall on the ground and die at the end of each hard farkvel.


I have no idea if those paces are “good” or not. Anyone? Yes? No? faster?

By the 11th, or 9th (if you don’t count the mile warm up) interval I was over it and decided to call it a day. I did a easy(er) pace for the rest of my run back to the house.

My quads were burning, & I felt successful. 

Wednesday is a rest day, then thursday & friday I’ll do some easy 3 milers.

Did you see Venus & Jupiter Tuesday night?

My Dad & I were driving home from dinner and I said, “do you see those two bright lights over there? What is that?”

My Dad told me they were stars, but they were SOO bright I couldn’t believe they were stars.

He then proceeded to make fun of me and say, “What do you think they are? A plane towing another plane?

Well… you just never know.

image from National Geographic website

Then just a little while ago on facebook someone posted about seeing Venus & Jupiter, and after a google search I discovered that I did, in fact, see Venus & Mars!

How cool!

According to this article on National Geographic, it will be able to be seen best on Thursday, which is crazy, because they were shining so bright tonight!

If you’re a real space geek, here is another article on the conjunction of Venus & Jupiter.

If I remember on Thursday, I want to try & take some pictures! Everyone should take pictures from where they are at and then we can post them and check out the different views!!
{geek alert!}

If you want to e-mail me your pictures I’ll post them. LIBKJENA @ yahoo {dot} com

done & done.

This Saturday started like just about every Saturday has started since August. Get up early, eat breakfast, drink coffee. Get dressed: spandex shorts, wickin’ tank, adrenalies, headband, garmin, gels.

drive to the dedicated running spot. run. long.

The exception this morning was that Jenny came up to long run with me. Earlier this week we decided that 11 miles would be the distance with the first 3 being a warm up, the next 5 would be at Jenny’s half-marathon goal pace of 8:20, and the last 3 would be slower than HMGP.

We met up at 6:45, and hit the trail running by 7:07 – We stayed true to our plan and the first three miles were a nice warm up. As soon as the garmin struck 4 we increased our pace and cruised along at 8:20. I felt great – no knee pain, no hip pain, no belly pain (which was a relief after friday’s debacle of a run.. maybe I’ll tell you about that another day. it was horrible).

in case you forgot what we look like. heh

Jenny & I have only done one other long run together and that was after the Take Stock in Kids 5k/10k – It was fun to run w/ a friend. I am definitely the type of runner that loves long runs with people. If I had someone to do short runs with, I’d probably love that as well. Even if we don’t talk – just having someone running along side you is a confidence booster.

We took our first gel at mile 4.X and cruised along to the 5.5 turn around. We got some water at the turn around and headed back towards the parking lot.

There was a half-marathon, 10k, 5k & 1 mile walk being held at Starkey today – but it didn’t start until 8 so it didn’t really interfere with our run …. to much. The last 2 miles we had to bob & weave around some of the walkers.  It was fun to see all of the half-marathon runners – Jenny probably wanted to kill me but I said a lot of, “good morning! nice job out here today!” & “looking good.”  — I’m so annoying. Smile   (I tried to get jenny to sign up for the half but she wasn’t having it. Honestly I’m glad we didn’t sign up. I was thankful not to be racing today. I needed a good long run, and that is what I got today.

At mile 8, we took another gel and Jenny decided she’s a total bad ass and wanted to finish the run with an 8:20 pace. So. we did. 

Thankfully the weather was cool & overcast. The run probably wouldn’t have been so successful if it had been hot with a blazing sun. Our days are numbered with this cooler weather.. so sad.


Those splits are pretty consistent.

I’m impressed.

We negative split the hell out of that run.

This coming weekend we will do our 6th half together (my 7th half of the season). The half this weekend will allow us to qualify for the half-fanatics status that we’ve been working on since October. We will be able to join as the Uranus status with 6 half marathons in 6 consecutive months.
Then I will be buying one of everything off the half-fanatic website. No. but seriously – I want the half-fanatic women’s singlet, and the jacket. Please, Oh Please, let Chris come off $80 for the jacket!

Woo HOO!

The half this weekend also marks the end of our “competitive” season. Competitive meaning running for time.. not running to win.
We are doing the Flying Pirate Half in Outer Banks, but we are not running for time – we just plan on running & have a good time doing it. 



39 more days until our trip to D.C…. in case you were wondering.

Summer, is that you?

I’m trying really hard not to focus on the fact that the weather this weekend is going to be absolutely miserable.

Gasparilla 2010  I was a new runner at that time, and clearly I had no idea how to dress. I’d probably wear shorts & compression sleeves if I could go back to that day. According to my recap it was 41 at race start. Definitely would have worn shorts. What was I thinking wear tights?

Gasparilla 2011 – the race started with a yellow flag warning. I still had a pretty decent race despite the heat.

and this year…. who knows what will happen.
Hopefully the clock will say 1:14:XX – Hm, I just pace calculated that.. that’s an 8:02 pace. that sounds scary.



After work I came home and attempted to put music on my MP3 player. 45 minutes & one piece of toast later I still didn’t have any music on my MP3 player so I threw the MP3 player out the window and headed out for my run, music-less, again.

I’m pretty sure someone tied bricks to the bottom of my shoes. My legs were so heavy it was all I could do to move one foot in front of the other. I really hope that these last two runs are not indicative of what is going to happen on Saturday.

5 miles, 44:23 ugh

I had planned on running on Wednesday, but I think I’m going to do yoga, or rest, or something besides running. I think my legs are just worn out. Plus, it was approximately 80* when I set out for my run.


It’s going to be a long summer. I don’t think summer really ever left, it’s just been hiding and comes out to play every so often. stupid jerk.

Earlier, while I was heat stroking on my 5 mile run,  I was thinking that I should go north during the winter because then I’d have an actual cool season to run in. But then what happens when I come back to Florida during the summer? It’s hot as hell. I just can’t win. Maybe I should live in a different 

If I could move anywhere, where should I go? What state/country has the best running climate? (preferably flat, ha)

not this month

In case you missed it, this morning I recapped my very lackluster 5k from Sunday.

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to run 1000 miles in 2012. That is roughly 83 miles per month – I met that quite easily in January, I ended the month with 100 miles. I’m struggling a little bit in February. Taking an entire week off did not help that situation at all. — Huh. I just remembered that the month actually ends on Wedensday, not Sunday. All day I’ve been counting my race(S) this weekend as part of my February mileage.

What a crappy realization that was.

Well, regardless, I still have to have a plan for this week.

work it out

:last week:

Monday (2/20): 3mi + yoga
Tuesday: (2/21): 4mi
Wednesday (2/22): rest
Thursday (2/23): 3mi
Friday (2/24): 3mi
Saturday (2/25): rest
Sunday (2/26): 5k + 6.3mi
Total: 22.4

Never give up
:the plan for this week:

Monday (2/27): 4mi
Tuesday (2/28): 5mi + yoga
Wednesday (2/29): 4mi
Thursday (3/1): yoga
Friday (3/2): Rest
Saturday (3/3) 15k + 5k = 12.4mi
Sunday (3/4)= rest probably


Today after work I set out for a 4 mile run. My quads are feeling sore after Sunday’s race + 6.3 miles, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This run was a disaster. My stomach was rebelling, and my legs were just over it.


I felt like I swallowed a balloon for the entire run. My stomach was so bloated and so uncomfortable. Man, it was horrible. My legs just weren’t into it. My brain wasn’t into it. I ran without music, and that sucked. I definitely need to get some music back on my MP3 player. I enjoy running w/o music sometimes, but it’s nice to have when I’m struggling through a run.

Check out this picture from the Bradenton Herald

take stock start line
see all the kids? ugh.

a lot of things wrapped into one

The weekend was pretty busy; I spent the entire day Sunday cleaning. I got up at 8:30, had a boring breakfast of oatmeal, then got right to work cleaning. I carried my coffee cup around with me as I started deciding what to do first. I love our house, I really do, but the entire house is wood floors, except for the bathrooms, and those are tile. That’s a lot of sweeping & mopping. ugh. It seems like a pointless chore with two dogs (& a husband) that track dirt in just as soon as the floor as dried. Oh well, I tried.

A few weeks ago I started decluttering our house. I started in our bathroom. Good grief. We had so many bottles of shampoo & conditioner, and various other hair products, it was ridiculous. Half used bottles, unopened bottles.. in the trash. I only kept what I actually used.

It felt so freeing to throw away all that clutter.

Then I started to tackle our closets (all 4 of them) and dressers.

buh-bye old clothes & shoes.


After way to many hours of cleaning I decided to test out my new treadmill (and my foot). I haven’t run or done any sort of impact workouts since Feb 12th (RnR) so I was really anxious to get a run in.

I decided on an easy 5k: time was 26:56, 8:42avg. I felt great, aside from being bored. I had no pain or discomfort, I think my foot is on the mend.

I’ll be taking it easy this week just to make sure my foot is 100% healed come March 3rd (gasparilla 15k).

Monday after work I ran 3 miles on the treadmill; 26:29, 8:49avg– I also did Jillian Michaels Yoga meltdown. Two workouts in one day!

I think the rest of my workouts this week will look like this:

Tuesday: 4mi treadmilly
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: 3 mi treadmilly
Friday : 3 mi treadmilly
Saturday :  rest
Sunday: Take Stock in Children 5k + 7 miles = 10miles total

Total: 23 miles + yoga x 2

I’m opting to run on the treadmill this week just in case the foot pains rears it’s nasty little head again. All my running routes (all 2 of them) are out and back routes; if I started having pain I’m stuck. It’s easy to just jump of the treadmill.


Are you a neat freak? Any tips for me?

Any races this coming weekend?

and now the pictures you’ve been waiting for…

doesn’t everyone throw their hands in the air when they run by their friends?

Don’t pretend like you don’t love those arm warmers. Those bitches are baaad.

Apparently we had two photographers from our group.. Aaron was hiding on the other side of the road in this crazy beanie/beard thing.

The guy in the crazy beard – That’s Aaron.. and that is not a real beard. lol. this cracks me up

I always look like I’m walking. I swear I was running!

You ran how fast? Are you sure?

Hiii, I look like a boy! Mile 12 – we went over a little bridge onto Snell Isle



If she doesn’t beat me up for beating her by 7 seconds at RnR – She’ll beat me up for posting this picture. Hi Jackie!


In other running related news: my R foot still hurts. I’m hoping it’s just bruised. I succumbed to my paranoid & googled lateral foot pain. So far I have a stress fracture and/or cuboid syndrome. Who knows what I’ll be diagnosed with tomorrow.

In all seriousness though; It doesn’t hurt unless I’m wearing shoes or putting pressure on a certain spot on my right foot while standing. I can poke/press/prod/squeeze my foot all I want to & it doesn’t hurt. – I don’t know what cuboid syndrome should feel like, but it doesn’t feel like anything is out of place. It feels exactly the same as my left foot. ..and according to Dr. Google, if it was a stress fracture I’d have pain to the touch.

Because I’m a total freak I scheduled a Dr. appointment for next week just in case the pain doesn’t go away. I don’t have time to be playing around with some weird foot pain. Gasparilla is 3 weekends away, and Florida Beach Half is in 5ish wks. … So, if the pain isn’t gone by next Monday I’ll be going to the Dr on Tuesday. If it’s gone, I’ll cancel the appointment. – If I wait until next Tuesday to call, it could be another week before I get in.


Soooooo, what’s everyone doing this week? I guess I’m going to have to live vicariously through all my running friends. It appears I’ll be taking some more days off.

stop it

As the days of this week wear on I’m getting increasingly more anxious about what’s to come this weekend.

Not anxious over time goals, or the weather. Anxious because my damn IT band is doing everything in it’s power to rebel again the rest of my right leg.

I don’t know what I’ve done to make it so angry, but it is pissed.

I attempted to run on Tuesday. That was a miserable 3 miles. It was overcast ALL DAY long on Monday. ALL DAY. I was really looking forward to my run because the weather was nice. It was cool & the sun wasn’t out.

Then, just as I got home and changed into my running clothes that nasty sun poked it head out of the clouds. Ugh. My nice & cool run got real hot real quick.

Then there’s the issue of my IT band. My stride felt choppy, and my legs just felt heavy. My breathing was all out of wack. It just wasn’t fun. it sucked. I think that might have been the hardest 3 mile run I’ve been on in quite some time. I even stopped and walked…. walked.

Sometimes it makes me laugh that my average pace has been in the 8:20 range. It’s hilarious that last weekend I ran a 10 mile run with the last 4 miles being sub 8..and then, I struggle through a simple 3 mile run.

God sure does have sense of humor.

Ha HA Ha

After Tuesday’s debacle I decided that I would just stretch today. This morning I did a slower paced 1.6 miles around the neighborhood then came upstairs and foam rolled until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

All day I could feel my IT band. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s uncomfortable. I’m starting to get annoyed at this point.

After work I decided I would do 1 mile on the treadmill then roll & stretch some more. That’s what I did…. Then I soaked in a hot bath with epsom salt (which by the way is supposed to be good for constipation. I did not know this. I was pretty sure I knew almost everything about constipation… bc I work for a GI surgeon, not because I have it often.. but I had never heard this about epsom salt)

moving on.

I soaked.

foam rolled.

then rolled a tennis ball on my it band.

now I’m icing & drinking decaf coffee.

I’m about to pop a muscle relaxer & call it a day.

this shiz better clear up quick.

I have a race to run

unexpected pace

What’s your favorite thing about Saturdays?

Mine is my long run. I absolutely love long run days. I love them for multiple reasons: I love the feeling of accomplishment. I adore the time that I get to spend with my running friends.

I love running group friends
I love running group friends
(this wasn’t taken today)

also not today

I love the social hour after we finish our long runs. I love stopping at Dunkin Donuts on my way home and ordering a medium iced caramel latte lite & a veggie flat bread.

When I woke up this morning my hamstrings were feeling tight, but not as tight as they were Friday night. I decided that I would go to the park and attempt my long run. I told myself that if at any point during my run, I thought I couldn’t keep going, then I would stop.

The first 4.5 miles were a little rough. It was pretty hot & humid this morning. (What the heck February!) My legs felt off, and I was just uncomfortable. It was so sticky.

We stopped at the regular water stops 2.X & 4.X – I took a powerbar gel at 4.X and continued out w/ the group that was doing 10.

I don’t know what happened, but somewhere in the 5th mile I guess I started feeling good. The group was keeping a much quicker pace than I had originally planned on running, but once I was feeling good so I just tried to hang.

At mile 7.X we were doing a sub 8 pace. I was pretty surprised, and thought maybe my watch wasn’t working correctly. Then Melanie mentioned that we were doing sub 8, so I knew it wasn’t just me.

We hit the last water stop at 7.X and I tried to stick with the faster group (Jackie [hi jackie], David, & Claude). They were dropping sub 8’s like it was nothing. – I was feeling okay. I usually bring music on long runs, but I rarely listen to it. Today I decided I was going to need it if I planned on maintaining that sub 8 pace for the next few miles.


Those last 4 miles shock the heck out of me. I was looking at my watch for the entire last mile thinking, “really? Am I really doing this? Are my last 4 miles really sub 8?”

I have to admit that I am really starting to look forward to next weekends half-marathon. I’m going to try to stay relaxed about it this week. I’m not going to look @ the weather, and I’m not going to make any plans. I’ll decide on Sunday what my plan is. No sense in getting worked up over it until then.

Did you race Saturday?

Race on Sunday?

How did you do?

Long run? How was that?


I keep telling myself, but I’m just not listening

This is kind of twisted, but, one of my most favorite feelings is sore abs.

It means one of two things: great sex, or a great workout.
or both

Monday evening I decided it was time to do something about the discontent that I feel when I look in the mirror. I understand that there are people that would be happy to have my body. I get that. But, that doesn’t mean that my feelings toward my body are not real.

they are real.
they are very real.

I put together a small circuit workout that I wanted to complete on Tuesday morning. You can check it out here.

That workout made me sore.
It feels lame to be so sore from such a mediocre workout.
I mean, there was not really intense about it, but I worked muscles that don’t get worked with running.

I meant to wake up early this morning and do 30 Day Shred, or some kind of work out..and then I slept through the alarm for over an hour – so working out didn’t happen.


My quads are sore. I have no idea why since the only thing on that circuit workout involving my legs was jumping jacks.
I considering not running today since my legs were sore, but when I got off work I was really itching to run.

I told myself it was okay to do an easy run – I didn’t want to focus on my pace – I just wanted to crank up some music and get my run on. and I did.

and it felt so good.


runs like this remind me why I love running. it was just a little bit hot in the sun, but felt perfect in the shade. I could breath easily, my legs felt great (despite the sore quads) and I was just happy to be running.

(elevation chart for Heidi).. Ha


unrelated question: What are your favorite healthy snacks that can be eaten easily at work?