Happy early birthday to meeee

Happy Sunday!

You know what’s great about getting up early on Saturday? Besides burning lots of calories early, copious amounts of coffee and laying in bed? When you get up that early the day seems really long, and then you still have all day Sunday to do whatever you want to do. It’s glorious! I love it! Sunday isn’t bringing us anything special, that I know of, but I’m still excited about it.

So, my birthday is coming up, and by coming up I mean, it’s December 10th. It’s still a few weeks away, but we like to celebrate early… I’m kidding. We never celebrate my birthday early. This year Chris knew what he wanted to get me early (instead of the day before) so he went ahead and got me a present. He was so excited about this progress that he’s been dying to give me my present since he bought it Friday morning. I told him I didn’t want it until my birthday. I feel like I’m cheating taking it early… but then I changed my mind!

I had no idea what he could be getting me- I mentioned I wanted a carhartt jacket, but I knew he didn’t drive up to Ocala. I also want an Ipod nano, but he won’t buy me one because I already have the sansa MP3 player thing. That’s pretty much all I could think of. So I was SHOCKED when I unwrapped the box and found this baby

(stolen from the bestbuy website.) It’s the Nikon Coolpix L120 – I don’t need a DSLR, because let’s face it, I’m not food blogger, or any kind of blogger that needs to take super duper good pictures of anything. So far so good with the camera. I like that it has a big viewing screen, and lots of setting.

L120 PICS 

One fun feature I found is a setting for pets. I can never get Diva or Wyatt to look at me when I want to take their picture. The pet setting allows me to hold the button down and it will continuously take pictures until I release the button. The same feature is used for sports.


The moon

We took the puppies for a walk this morning, and it was lovely outside. The weather was just cool enough to be comfortable in jeans & a long sleeve shirt.


We also went to Lowes today to buy barstools that we’ve needed since we built our house. I suppose we don’t need them, but I want to sit at the bar sometimes with my computer, and that’s not possible without barstools. We checked out the lowes website before we went so the trip would be a little faster. We decided on 29” espresso colored bar stools.


For some reason we thought they would be closer to the color of our floor. Oh well, we like them. They are just the right height, and I’m currently sitting on one while I type out this post.

Next up on my list of things to do is create a playlist for my upcoming half-marathon. I’m going to try to run w/o music, but I need to get a good playlist together just in case.

Any great songs I should put on my playlist? I’m open to anything. I’ll let you know If I already have the song, and I’ll post the final play list later this week… rest assured that I will be obsessing and blogging about this upcoming marathon this week.