Just what I needed

Today was a Tropical Storm day ….. today was a nicer day than the majority of the days we had last week, weather wise. The sun was shining parts of the day, and we definitely had less rain.. Oh well. Thanks Isaac, I needed a long weekend.


Good News: My foot hasn’t bothered me all day.

Today’s ass whooping WOD involved a total of 2.75 miles of running and it didn’t bother me at all – There were also box jumps involved, and those didn’t hurt either. Thank goodness!

Speaking of today’s WOD. It was intense. It was called Assault… the name alone is scary.

I survived.

I told Chris in the 2nd set of the workout, “I think I might puke.” I was definitely right at the threshold of puking. It was super hot in my garage, and the humidity was absurd.

“box” jumps at home. Last week I did box jumps on the 10.5” step in the bathroom in my guest apartment. This week I decided to make them a little more challenging and use the 2nd step on the stairwell that leads into our house.

It was definitely more challenging to jump over the first step and onto the landing. but I liked it. It was actually kind of fun.


While today’s workout was tough, and made me want to puke, I loved it. I needed a challenge after sitting at home all day.

Chase delivered.

Can’t wait to see what’s on deck for Tuesday’s workout.


Since my foot seems to be feeling better I’ll try to get in a few easy miles. I was thinking of maybe doing intervals, but I don’t think that’s a wise decision considering my foot’s been “better” for less than 2 days.. Don’t want to take any steps backwards.

Have you ever hit the puke threshold in a workout?
I’ve never actually puked, but after a very hot 5k last summer I thought I might lost it as I was crossing the finish line.