it was a good good day

I didn’t spring right out of bed like usual this Saturday morning: I slept through my alarm for about 30 minutes, and then when I did wake up, I still hesitated to get out of bed. After I gave myself a talkin’ to I got up, and made my way to the kitchen for coffee & oatmeal.

Shannon & I had 12 miles scheduled for Saturday – we met the rest of the group at Starkey & headed out for our run around 6:45.


My left foot was bothering me quite a bit on Friday, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make the full 12 miles. I went into the running telling myself it was okay to turn around if my foot started to act up to much.

The humidity was high, but we had some nice cloud cover for the majority of our run so the heat didn’t seem to bad.. dare I say it was somewhat pleasant –

You know you’re from Florida when you’re saying 73 with 100% humidity is pleasant … hey, we’ll take what we can get around here.

We ran the first 4 miles with Jackie, Rachel & David.. JM was along for the first couple of miles, but cut out early.. I forget her excuse Winking smile   —

My foot started hurting pretty much immediately. David asked how it was feeling and I just grunted something about it was hurting and I didn’t know if I’d make it the full 12 miles. Then the pain went away, then it came back. It did that pretty much the entire run. Frustrating to say the least.

At mile 4 we stopped for a water/fuel break. . I retied my shoe at mile 4 – I tied it so that the tongue couldn’t slip around. I was hoping that this would take the pressure off the top of my foot.

Me & Shannon at mile 4

me & shannon at mile 4

Rachel, David & Jackie turned around at the 4 mile mark; Shannon & I forged ahead

My foot continued to bother me off & one for the duration of our run. It wasn’t to painful that I couldn’t handle it – It’s really wasn’t even painful, just annoying and frustrating.

Despite the high humidity I was feeling really good. I thoroughly enjoyed the run, and was so glad to be out on the trail. Mentally I felt strong, physically I was feeling awesome. I did start to fatigue a little in the last 2 miles, but with Shannon right ahead of me I had someone to focus on and to keep me going. I can’t quit in the last 2 miles. That’s when I need to dig deep and push on.

We picked up the pace over the last 6 miles, and ended up with an 8:06avg for our 12 mile run. Definitely happy with that pace! 7:52 & 7:53 for miles 11 & 12? Yes please, I’ll take it.

I am really looking forward to my next half marathon!

aug 25 starkey 12

DSCN1727(you’re welcome for that old picture. Neither of us even look like that anymore)

Last weekend Jenny & I planned on heading over to the beach this weekend. and thennnnnnnn Tropical Storm Isaac showed up and threatened to rain on our parade. I decided I’d head down to her house after my long run & we could just hang out rather than going to the beach. 

I got to her house around… I don’t know what time it was. 10 maybe? We talked, and talked, and talked, and talked..  We got showers around 12 (she had done a 28 mi ride that morning) then started lunch. For some reason we always eat pizza for lunch when we are together. We love some pizza! Publix has some seriously awesome pre-made pizza dough so we usually go that route.

There are no pictures of this pizza.. but believe me, it was good. We used 1 can tomato sauce, pizza seasoning, green peppers, bacon & onions + mozzarella cheese. Baked for 18 minutes, and voila! easy to make, tasty to eat pizza!


Our goal for the day was to drive down to Longboat Key where we are planning on doing the majority of our 18, 20, & 22 mile runs for our March marathon. Jenny & her Hubz ride their bikes down there and love the area, so we went to scope it out.

It looks perfect!! Sidewalks & shade, and public bathrooms – What more do you need on a long run?

I can’t go to Jenny’s house w/o stopping for froyo at Yogurt Mountain. We didn’t have a frozen yogurt place in my county until Friday (they JUST opened) so froyo is always a yummy treat when I go over to Jenny’s neck of the woods.

delicious!  Blueberry tart froyo + old time vanilla bean.. need I say more?

I made it home around 6:45pm and crashed in bed. I seriously put my pjs within minutes of walking in the door. grabbed my computer & headed for bed.

I was dead asleep by 10:30, and didn’t get out of bed this morning until 9.



Today we are spending the day waiting.
waiting to see if T.S. Isaac is going to turn once it hits the Gulf.. Waiting for the rain & wind to start. Just waiting.


Hopefully you’re Sunday is more fun than ours!


Gettin’ it done

OMG. I’m watching this movie Buried with Ryan Reynolds. It’s freaking me out.


When I got home from work today I got changed real quick like and set out for my 6 mile run. I’d been waiting all day for this run. I was actually excited about it. I didn’t have anything special planned, but I was just excited about getting 6 miles done.

I felt really good through out the entire run. I felt strong. My breathing was on key, and I just really enjoyed the run.


Seriously, where did mile 6 come from? Whoa. I need more miles at that pace, kthanks.
Tomorrow is a rest day and then Saturday I’m doing 13 miles. {ah!!}

For dinner I made a random mixture of veggies & shrimp. I saute’d up some zucchini, onions, green bell pepper, mushrooms & shrimp. I topped mine with some italian dressing and it was oh so tas-tay!

After dinner I made mango,blueberry & banana smoothie. Oh me, Oh my, it was SO good. The Dr. I work for brought me a whole box of fruit. It had bananas, 5 oranges, 6 apples & 2 mangos in it. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten fresh mango. YUM! I made a gigantic mess trying to peel that mango and cut it up. I’m a horrible peeler.

I’m tired. It’s bed time.


Happy Thursday Y’ll