Every day moments

We’re still just chugging along over here… If you follow me on instagram, you already see a good bit of our every day life, but if you don’t – then these pictures will be new for you.

Don’t worry, we are anchored in about 2 foot of water. We aren’t moving, and we are barely rocking. All babies were safe and secure.

I took Paisley outside & took some pictures when she turned 5 months old.
Chris calls this outfit her potato sack… lol

Not ready for her to be sitting up…and she’s getting to big for the boppy lounger, how unfortunate.. We love the boppy lounger.

hanging out on Saturday morning while we wait for Dada to wake up …. baby einstein for the win.. parenting at it’s finest.

Play time with Dada – Every night when Chris gets home, he takes Paisley until she’s ready to eat again. Usually during this time I either start dinner, or go to my office and work for a few uninterrupted minutes.

Enjoying a walk around our neighborhood – This was my last attempt at trying to get Paisley to nap today.. Let’s just say, it didn’t work. No way she could fall asleep and miss out on an adventure with Mama & Dada. Nope, not happening.

Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride


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