soaking it all in


Summer has hit Florida in full force. We are enjoying suffering through 90* days already !!!

Summer = boat days

My sister & her husband bought a deck boat a few weeks ago so we’ve spent the last few Sundays out on the boat enjoying lots & lots of family time.

Paisley’s first life jacket

We had a somewhat difficult time finding a life jacket that fit appropriately, and that we were comfortable putting her in….and that she didn’t scream in. Oddly enough, we found this Stearns infant life jacket at Walmart. I never shop at walmart, and I definitely wouldn’t have checked there for a life jacket, but my sister found Liam one there so we picked one up as well.

stock photo from

We liked this life jacket because it has the zip up back, and two leg straps which are more secure than the other life jackets we tried on her.

She was so comfortable she fell asleep. So sweet!


I had other pictures of her sleeping in the pack in play, but I guess I deleted them. My sister picked up a cheap pack n play for the boat. Paisley naps like a champion in that thing; she napped for 3+ hours both times we’ve been out on the boat. (We are anchored, which is why her life jacket is off. Life jackets go back on when we are moving).


Not the best picture, but you can see all the other boats anchored on “the flats.”
The flats is an area of shallow water near some spoil islands where people go to anchor and just hang out. On low tide the kids can stand up, so it makes it a nice place to hang out.


On Mother’s Day, after we got the babies to sleep, we got to hang out in the water and enjoy some beers.


It is way past my bedtime – hopefully Paisley doesn’t punish me for staying up late…


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