I went to the gym

so that is exactly twice that I’ve been to the gym since Paisley has been born…. go me.

It surprisingly hard to find time for MEEEE. No, that’s actually not surprising, babies are NEEDY!
I suppose I also feel a little bit guilty about leaving Paisley at home while I go to the gym. It’s not that I feel like I should be with her every second of every day, but going to the gym is one of those things that I don’t HAVE to do, so it makes me feel bad. I need to go to the gym… I need it for my sanity, and this baby gut isn’t going to disappear on it’s own.

I’m down 30lbs (that is insane, right?) So I’m just 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, but whoa baby, my body is all sorts of different. For one, this gut. Dear Lord, the gut. I mean, I had a baby, so of course I’m going to have a baby gut, but…… yeah.. I’m not a fan, and I’m ready for it to get some gone.

My pre-pregnancy jeans/shorts button, but the muffin top is so big it deserves it’s own name. #realtalk

a few weeks ago before we went for a walk

……needless to say, I do not wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have exactly one pair.. okay, two pairs of jeans that fit. One pair from my sister & one pair I found on super duper clearance at GAP. So what if it’s the extra tall length, and I am not extra tall by any stretch of the imagination; they were $12.

This weekend …okay FINE..  past week I spent the majority of the week in maternity shorts, which is actually an improvement from the maternity sweatpants that I had previously been living in. #stopjudging

I occasionally throw on a pair of scrubs for work, but for the most part, I live in target boxers & sweatpants.. yep…. real fancy over here. It’s shameful, but 3 out of 5 days I’m still in pajamas when Chris gets home from work. I do leave the house every other day or so, and I get dressed, but I put my PJs back on when I get home. It’s just so much more comfortable. I can’t help it.

So, the endless days of pajamas need to come to an end, but I pretty much refuse to go out and buy bigger clothes. That is stupid, right? No one knows that they are bigger except for me.
I would also much rather spend all my monies on clothes for Paisley… baby clothes are way cuter!

12 weeks post partum

21 weeks pregnant


In order to not have to buy bigger clothes, and to get out of my PJs, I need to work out… see, full circle. I’m sure you were wondering where I was going with all that, right? Well, here we are….

Saturday night we went out to dinner, but before we could get out the door I said “I hate my body” at least twice… and it’s true. I do. I’m not a fan of “the gut.” I can’t keep going with this attitude. I can’t keep saying “I hate my body.” Eventually Paisley will hear what I’m saying – I mean, she hears me now, but she has no idea what I’m saying. Thank God. .. so I can’t keep up the negative self-talk.. Plus, it’s just bad. It’s bad for my attitude; it really starts to weigh on me, and it’s just bad bad bad.

So today I went to the gym, and lifted weights. I loved lifting prior to getting pregnant; I felt confident on the weight room floor, and I loved being there. Right now I’m feeling a little out of place, and silly, but I’ll get my groove back.

I also had to cut dairy & beef out of my diet, but that’s a story for another day – but eliminating those two things out of my diet may possibly help with those last 5 lbs…. right? RIGHT???? Man, I love cheese.

Here’s what I did at the gym:


I’m pretty sure I will not be able to lift my arms up over my head… good thing Paisley only weight 13.11lbs … =/  LOL.

Do you think she can climb up the dresser and lay herself on the changing table?


4 thoughts on “I went to the gym

  1. I think you are looking awesome at 12 weeks post-Partum! Try not to be so hard on yourself. (Easier said than done I know.) God really has made you beautiful & strong. Period. I know I’m ill- qualified to speak about how you’re feeling, but I do want you to know I think you’re doing a-ok. { Hugs.}

    Of course I’m on board with working out for lots of reasons, so I think it’s great you’re getting back to the gym. Good luck finding the right balance of personal time & Paisley time. 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa! Some days are harder than others. Some days i’m perfectly okay with the way I am.. I mean, I did JUST have a baby after all.. but it’s hard to keep that attitude all the time..and social media does not help..

  2. More #realtalk for Jena…the one blogging mom that is staying in my Feedly!

    You’re right to be taking time for yourself at the gym – not because your body needs it, but because your mind does. And Paisley needs the positive, gym-going mom! Take that time…and then good luck putting your hair up the next day! 🙂

    PS – you look great, btw. I totally get where you’re coming from with the stomach stuff, I have issues with mine when I know I shouldn’t be bothered by it…but you really do look geat. Plus, you have a cute kid who telepathically talks to stuffed elephants!

  3. You look great and the belly WILL go away. It really does take some time. Don’t feel bad for a second about taking time for yourself to go to the gym. Not only will focusing on your health help you keep your sanity now, but it’ll help you live a longer, healthier life so you can be an active momma and even grandmomma someday!

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