I’m a little late posting this picture.. I completely forgot..again
This week has been another whirlwind of a week. We had several doctors appointments, then Chris went back to work. Paisley discovered her lungs, and she no longer thinks it’s a good idea to go back to sleep after she eats in the middle of the night. She’d rather stay awake and stare at me.
it’s been an interesting week.

DSCN4032_ 4 52
“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


Even with all the chaos of last week, we were able to snap a few pictures of Paisley on her ONE MONTH birthday! I can’t believe my baby is already one month old!

Actually, she is 5 weeks old today!



One thought on “4/52

  1. Oh my, she’s so cute! I can tell she is going to be very smart when she is older. I like that picture challenge. I tried the once a day thing before and made it to like March before I gave up. I think once a week would be much easier!

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