an update without much of an update

Being a new parent is tough. My hormones are totally out of whack, I’m about as sleep deprived as one can get, and then you add this stupid complication and I’m a total basket case.  I cried pretty much the entire way to my neuro appointment.. damn you hormones, anxiety & no sleep.

So, what did the Neuro say about my foot….

He said that it is for sure my peroneal nerve, and that there is nothing wrong with my hip or spine. He explained that if it were my sciatic nerve, which wraps around the hip (or something), I would be having issues in my quad/hip. All of my problems are below my knee, and actually start mid calf and travel down into the top of my foot.

He explained that the sciatic nerves runs down our leg into the knee, then splits off into three different nerves. He did a few different tests on my foot/knee/leg and determined that it is most likely the peroneal nerve which controls movement of part of our feet.

(I’m no Dr, and I’m sure my recap of his explanation isn’t 100% correct…forgive me.)

The green area is where my leg/foot have a dead feeling. They aren’t numb, but they do have a weird feeling to them.. It’s really hard to explain, and even harder to figure out where the dead feeling ends; but I would say that where the green ends on the diagram above is probably pretty accurate as to where my weird feeling ends and the normal feeling returns. Based on some reading I’ve done, and what I’ve been told, the peroneal nerve is near the top of our skin, so it is easily damaged.

Hopefully the video works:: I recorded myself walking today when I went to my office to send out a fax. I’m walking kind of fast, and there are trees in the way of the mirrors so it’s kind of hard to see my foot.

Chris says it’s only really noticeable if you’re looking for it – but that most people wouldn’t notice. I think he’s full of crap, but what can I do.

What’s next: We asked about physical therapy…. Dr. G says this won’t help. He says all I can really do right now is keep moving my foot around, stretch my calf, and be patient (lolz).

I scheduled a follow up appointment for January 21st, when I will have a nerve conduction study done. I’m not 100% sure what this will do, but when I was scheduling it the lady said, “and don’t listen to what people say about the test, it doesn’t feel like you’re getting tasered.”   UHM??

So, that’s where we stand. I’m not all that optimistic that this will just resolve it self over the next 2 weeks, but hey, anything can happen…. I guess.



5 thoughts on “an update without much of an update

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this, Jena. I had Bells Palsy as a complication of my pregnancy with my daughter and then again three weeks after I had my son. I know how stressful and out of control it can feel to lose function of part of my body. Keep the faith that your nerve issues will sort themselves out and you will recover. Bells Palsy is also nerve related and mine went away in time. Lots of prayers and healing vibes to you!

    • It is crazy the complications that can come with pregnancy/delivery that aren’t even really related to either. I never, in a million years, would have thought I would end up with this kind of complication! I hate the feeling of helplessness; I can do things, but not to the best of my ability, and that stinks.

  2. would you mind sharing how you got it. is it ok now ? did you do any physical therapy ?

    For a slightly torn ligament which did not heal for about 6 months i had someone do Reki (from another city) and the next morning it was gone.

    I have tried Pranic healing for my Shin splints and know for sure that it works. It does not make it go away permanently but it does help recover much faster. ( i experimented by doing it for just one leg and observing if it works or not)

    May i also suggest Acupunture as I have read and heard many accounts of its effectiveness.

    • I had nerve damage from delivering my daughter; the peroneal nerve was compressed which affected the ability to move my foot up and down.
      It has completely healed; It was 100% at about 10wks PP. I’m currently 16wks PP.
      I did not do PT, the Neurologist I saw stated that PT would not help with nerve compression.

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