still chugging along

Still here, still pregnant, in case you were wondering.

jena chris dec 2013

I’m trying hard to savor these moments before I have a tiny baby attached to me 24/7, but it’s hard.
It’s hard to be uncomfortable. It’s hard to have this pregnancy induced insomnia. It’s hard to go to bed every night and wonder, “is this the night?”
I’m not complaining, okay, fine… Maybe I am, just a little though.
I know we are blessed.
but, it’s still hard.
We are ready.
I don’t do waiting well, and well, here I am……waiting.

It’s 5:11am. I’ve been up since 4:30.
Chris is still asleep, the dogs are still tucked away in their crates; it’s just me, and all my thoughts.
I know there will come a day when I’ll think back to this time and say, “remember when……”
I’m sure there will come a time when I’ll miss all this alone time.
But, until then, I sure do wish this kid would make her arrival.
Any time now baby, any time.

So anyways, there’s not much to do at 5am so I spend a lot of time browsing blogs, or reading on my Kindle. I’ve been keeping my “Books Read” page up-to-date over the past few weeks. <yay for me!>

Over the weekend I finished, The Things That Keep Us Here, by Carla Buckley.
I will admit that this book freaked me the heck out. I’m not really the type of person to worry about natural disasters, or the zombie apocalypse (okay I don’t worry about that AT ALL) or anything that could leave me holed up in my house for months on end without electricity.. but this book made me want to go out and become a Doomsday Prepper.

The story is about a flu pandemic; it starts with birds, and somehow mutates so that it starts to effect people. The family in the story live in Columbus Ohio, where a huge snowstorm knocks out the power right before Thanksgiving and it stays out until sometime in February. They had power for a few hours one day, and then it was out again for ….. awhile. People were dying all over the place, people were breaking into other peoples homes looking for food.. it was intense.

Obviously there is a lot more that happens in the book, but by the end of this book, I was seriously starting to freak out about the lack of food we keep in the house. I should avoid these types of doomsday books & shows.

Next on my to read list are:
Chasing Fire, by Nora Roberts
The Measures Between Us, by Ethan Hauser


A quick update on the meat-free dinners we had last week… It was somewhat successful. I think we had 3 or 4 meat-free dinners, all which were really good.

Monday night we went out to a hibachi grill (which was terrible) for my birthday. I had shrimp, Chris had steak & shrimp. The food itself was fine, the service was horrendous. I’ll never go back to that place again. It wasn’t even busy, but we waited an hour for the chef to show up…. pregnant lady + 1 hour wait = nope.

Tuesday night we had this creamy tomato spinach pasta. It was seriously good! Chris really enjoyed it, as did I – my only problem is that I think tomato based things are giving me acid reflux… sooo, obviously creamy TOMATO pasta is a problem.


Wednesday night we had this veggie taco casserole, which I did take a picture of, but it’s ugly, so I’ll spare you. Also very good, but the chips get soggy if you try to refrigerate the leftovers.. I can tolerate soggy chips for one meal, but after that I just threw the rest away.

Thursday night we had pasta e fagiole-esque type soup. I subtracted the ground beef from the recipe to make it meat-free. Again, it was really good.. but I paid for it later. Dang you acid reflux. I actually didn’t realize it was tomato based foods that was causing the reflux until Chris pointed it out to me over the weekend. I thought it was the dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee… LOL.. Which, I guess it could be, but it’s more likely the tomato based things, since tomatoes are very acidic (according to Chris). My knowledge of these things is limited.


I think that was the end of our meat-free dinners last week; Friday night we had a GIANT steak. Saturday night we had oysters & crab legs… delicious!

I have some meat-free dinners planned out for this week as well, but last night we ended up eating pancakes & eggs.. DON’T JUDGE! Don’t tell me you don’t eat breakfast foods for dinner sometimes…

I think that’s enough rambling for one day.

Happy Tuesday


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