challenge accepted


Happy Monday Friends.. WHO AM I KIDDING, today is not happy. Last night was awful; I attempted to get to bed at 9:30, all went well until Chris came to bed around 10, and woke me up.. I was wide awake after that. I took Tylenol PM hoping it would help me fall back asleep. Nope. I think it had the opposite effect on me this time – I was wide awake for the rest of the night. I was up every single hour between 10pm & 5am to pee; that is NOT an exaggeration, that is real. It was awful. I got up around 2 and attempted to sleep in the recliner. Nope. Tried the couch. Nope. Then I was starving at 2:30am, so at 2:30 in the morning I made scrambled eggs. I sat on the couch and read a book while I ate.. ridiculous. I got back in bed around 3… got up every hour, but managed to sleep from about 5a to 7a. Holy crap, I am done with this.

so I’m feeling a bit frazzled & tired today… thankfully I’m home.

Friday night was also a rough night around here. We are having an awful lot of bad nights around here.. Friday night I was feeling really antsy & anxious. I couldn’t get comfortable and my back started to ache. I attempted to go to bed around 9:30 (which is normal for me), but I could not find a position that was comfortable. Chris was so sweet and rubbed my back & head for what seemed like forever, but I just could not relax.

Finally, around 2:30am I got in the shower, nothing else was helping me to relax, so I might as well try a hot shower. I felt a little better when I got out, but I knew that sleep would not be happening any time soon. Chris was a real trooper, he stayed up with me and we rented Two Guns with Mark Wahlberg & Denzel Washington.

Somewhere in all of this we had a conversation about eating meat-free meals for 7 days. This is the 2nd time we’ve had this conversation; a few weeks ago Chris mentioned that he wanted to try eating more of a plant based diet – which is so weird for Chris, the man loves his steak. But, hey, I’m game.

So Saturday morning I searched around Pinterest for some vegetarian meals that looked tasty {and easy}. I like cooking, but I don’t want to spend an hour prepping and then another hour cooking – I don’t have time {or the patience} for all that.

I made my grocery list & we headed to town to run errands & get our groceries.

green peppers spinach
tomatoes mustard greens
green onions celery
carrots onions
diced tomatoes tomato sauce
monterey jack cheese kidney beans
crushed tomatoes grapes
tomato paste penne pasta
elbow pasta grated parmesan
tortilla chips milk


We have a great little farmers market every Saturday morning, not far from our house, but I always forget about it & end up spending 3x as much on veggies from the grocery store. This mess of veggies was $16 from a local farm… I think that’s pretty good, plus, it’s all fresh & local, so that’s bonus! We bought everything else from my favorite grocery store, Publix; we spent $48.

Has anyone else noticed the cost of milk has gone up in the last few weeks? I don’t usually pay to much attention because it something that I MUST HAVE, so I’m going to buy it no matter what the cost is, but I choked a little when I saw the $3.99 price tag. Geesh.

Onto what we are actually going to eat this week:

Stuffed pepper soup
veggie taco casserole
farmers market quinoa
pasta fagioli
creamy tomato & spinach pasta
mustard green w/ mac n cheese

It will be a miracle if I actually end up cooking all these meals this week… lately we’ve been eating a lot of grilled cheese, and other random things. My energy & desire to cook is running pretty low these days, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I’m off to do a little bit of work & then hopefully catch a short nap.


One thought on “challenge accepted

  1. Your night sounds like a few of mine last week. Something that helped me actually get sleep was to use a big puffy pillow and place in between my legs AND ankles. My pregnancy pillow isn’t too fluffy – which is what I had been using and I think that it was keeping my hips out of alignment because there wasn’t enough … fluff?
    I feel like I need to take tylenol nightly to sleep but really don’t want to. I try and only take it in severe cases..but I could use it everyyy night.
    Good luck cooking. I only plan to make something 2-3 nights a week. Sometimes that gets done.

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