The final 4


Well, here we are Friends, in the last 29 days of my pregnancy.. I think these last 4 weeks are going to be harder than any other weeks of this pregnancy.

My nephew as born on Oct 30 & my friend had her son on Nov 26th, which made me next in line and I’m SO ANXIOUS! I think the fact that those two sweet babes are already here is making it even worse! I JUST WANT TO MEET OUR BABY GIRL!!!!


We went and had a 4D ultrasound done a few weeks ago, and this kid was about as uncooperative as a kid can get. We were there for over and hour, and all we got pictures of was the side of her face; There are 180 pictures of her profile… stubborn, just like her Dad (ha). In case you can’t tell, she has her hand in her mouth.


These pictures are cracking me up! First one in the gray tank is 10 weeks, second on is 20 weeks, third is 25 wks… and I actually thought I had a real bump going on. Puh-lease!

35 _ 36 weeks

Now that is a bump. 35 & 36 weeks.

I’ve now reached the point where I go to the OB every single week; isn’t that fun?


 — 36 weeks
— Gained about 33ish lbs at this point
— No stretch marks (fingers crossed my good fortune continues)
— Some nausea at night
— According to the baby bump app, baby girl is about 5.75lbs – I have no idea how big she actually is
— According to the ultrasound tech from Tuesday she has a lot of hair!
— All that hair causes some serious acid reflux
— had our first NST (non stress test) this Tuesday; Baby girl was pretty quiet on Monday & when I mentioned this and the fact that I had some pretty steady braxton hicks on Monday my OB sent me to the hospital for monitoring. All was well, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
— I’ll spare you the status of my cervix; but I will tell you that Chris has put me on “bed rest” until next week. Ha. Lucky for him my boss pretty much agrees, so I’ve quit working in my office, and I’m working from home now until ?????

After Tuesday’s exciting appointment, Chris came home and installed the car seat in my car AND packed all of our bags. We are ready to go!


3 thoughts on “The final 4

  1. Whoa final countdown! You probably hear it all the time but you are one cute pregnant girl. You make it look pretty and easy!

    p.s. I pee 2+ times a night year round, so just a few steps away from pregnant. That is a futuristic reference to your next post.

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