I have nothing interesting to say, but some other people do.

Happy Day.. it’s actually pretty gloomy here so far. It rained last night, and the clouds are still lingering.

I have an OB appt this morning, so I’m just dilly dallying around the house, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and reading blogs.

Random side note: The baby currently has hiccups, so that is weird. Well, at least I think it’s hiccups – I’ve been told it’s hiccups. The feeling is different than a regular kick, or movement. It’s a constant pulsing/thumping sensation in the same spot for several minutes – pretty much exactly like when we have hiccups. Very odd.

I’ve been thinking about this blog lately. The fact that I pretty much never post anymore, and that makes me sad. What makes me even more sad is that the lack of posting isn’t because I don’t have the time; it’s just because I have absolutely nothing going on. That is lame, right?

I’m sometimes envious of these bloggers that have boatloads of friends, and are always doing something – they always have something to blog about. I’m just sitting over here missing my Husband while he’s out of town and growing a baby. Nothing really all that exciting.

Sometimes I start a blog post, and then I think, “no one cares about that.” Don’t even waste your time writing that because no one cares. No one is interested in your favorite pieces of maternity clothes (indigo blue maternity shorts & jeans are where it’s at, FYI). No one cares about about you budget, and how you’re saving money. That’s not your niche, so don’t even try.

Instead of those posts, you get nothing, or you get this random, off the wall, I have to much free time this morning and I’m feeling whiny type of post. Lucky you. 

SO, since I’m not really writing anything of importance these days, I’ll give you a few links to posts that I’ve enjoyed lately.

5 things I like about…..being on a budget, from The Lady Okie
The Bald Ballerina, from Audacious Faith Wishes Granted: Theo and Beau All about instagram :: my most-loved photo editing apps, from Hello Hue
Just Shut up, from Recently Roached  — If you don’t read any of the others, read this one. and if you’re reaction isn’t WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE, then I must ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Other things you could do: 

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