Saturday adventures : Cedar Key

This morning we woke up at 6am… on a Saturday. who does that? I woke up starving, so I crawled out of bed, started the coffee & waited for Chris to make his way into the kitchen. He asked if I wanted french toast, pancakes, or grits & eggs for breakfast.

I chose grits & eggs, this is my most favorite breakfast, ever. We kind of have a tradition, that if we are both home, Chris makes breakfasts on the weekends. We sit at the table, drink coffee and eat breakfast together – this is one of my favorite things about the weekend. It’s a change of pace from our weekday mornings; I usually wake up before Chris, put coffee on, eat a bagel, and pack his lunch while he is getting ready for work. He pours his coffee, grabs a bagel, and then he is headed out the door.

This morning, over our grits & eggs, we decided to have an adventure day; a day where we get in the car and drive to a place we’ve never been. We’ve been talking about going to Cedar Key for a while now, but have never made the time to venture up that way.

Today was the day. We were in the car and on the road by 8:30; the weather was kind of crappy this morning, but we didn’t let that stop us.


When we arrived, we parked on the  side of the bridge & walked into the touristy part of Cedar Key. We checked out the pier, where there were quite a few people fishing. (We saw a few dolphins). We both commented that we were surprised it was free to get out on the pier. Recently when we were in Ormond Beach, we had to pay to get out on the pier; you also have to pay to get out to the end of the fishing pier in Clearwater beach.

We found a little shop where we bought our yearly Christmas Ornament. I’m sure this is a pretty popular idea, but every year we buy one new ornament for our tree. We usually try to make it some kind of beach themed thing (surprise, surprise, right?)

Eventually we decided we were hungry so we stopped in at the Pickled Pelican to grab some food. I picked the restaurant based solely on the name, I mean, who wouldn’t? That is a great name!

The Pickled Pelican was alright. They have outdoor seating, which is nice, but we opted to sit inside. It was a little windy, and kind of rainy when we stopped for lunch, so outside wasn’t really ideal. I had the fried shrimp basket, which came with fries & coleslaw  ($10); Chris has the grouper sandwich which came with chips & coleslaw ($15.50), he upgraded to fries, which was another $1.25. I think upcharges are ridiculous, but what can you do.


My meal was good, but it’s hard to mess up fried shrimp. Chris said his sandwich was okay; it came served on a pretzel bun (this pretzel bun craze is kind of nuts), which was to much bread and kind of overwhelming for a grouper sandwich. He would have preferred a regular bun.

Overall the meal was fine, but kind of expensive for lunch, and for the portions of food we were served.

jena chris cedar key 1

After lunch we wandered around a little while longer before we ran into our neighbor. Pretty odd to be about 1.5hrs from home, in a tiny little town, and run into our next door neighbors. After some brief chit-chat we meandered down the road back towards the car. The weather was cool, but my fingers were starting to swell up like vienna sausages so we loaded up and headed back towards the house.

These types of adventures are my absolute favorite; I love getting in the car and riding somewhere new; although, at this point in my pregnancy, long car rides are not really my friend.

Hope you’re Saturday was everything you wanted it to be.


2 thoughts on “Saturday adventures : Cedar Key

    • You guys are pretty darn busy with the farm, but it’s a great way to get away for a few hours. We usually have a destination in mind, but we end up detouring and checking out whatever places are along the way. Obviously we love beaches, and the water, so most of our destinations are centered around that.

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