8 things, because 10 is 2 to many

Things are chugging along pretty smoothly over here.

1. My sister went into labor last Wednesday (Oct 30) and my newest nephew was born at 4:41pm (I think). He is 6lbs 15oz of awesome.









2. My baby shower was this past weekend; when I first got pregnant the thought of having a baby shower made me queasy. Getting in front of a group of people makes me anxious and sweaty. I just don’t do well in big crowds of people, they freak me out. But, I think I did pretty well. I don’t have any pictures; there are some, but I don’t have any of them.

picked up this dress from TJ Maxx for my baby shower.
I actually had good hair that day – to bad it doesn’t always look that good.

3. On Sunday we went shopping for some more of the essential baby things that we still needed. Holy crap, babies are expensive. Why do they need so much crap?

I can’t remember if I’ve put up any pictures of the nursery, so here is one:

We LOVE the colors. So bright, and so beachy feeling. All the walls are coral, except for one, which we painted gray.

4. I don’t know where this is, but I want to go there…. ASAP

5. I do not take serious pictures (this is from my sister’s baby shower)

6. We did maternity photos a few weeks ago 

7. I am obsessed with baby GAP.. it’s bad.


BABY SWEATER DRESS!!!! I haven’t bought this…….yet

8. French toast for dinner is always acceptable


You’re welcome for that post. Mind blowing stuff right there..

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