counting down

The bad thing about vacations is that I spend the entire month prior to them counting down the days until we leave.

Even worse if the trip is booked more than a month out; like our yearly (but not this year)  Bahamas trip. I spend an entire year counting down until we board the boat, then once we are on board, we count down the hours until we hit customs. Once we hit customs we count down the hours until we offload at the marina. Then we count down until we get back on the boat to get some lobsters.

It’s vicious cycle.

No real point to that except to say that I’m really excited about our upcoming trip to Ormond Beach. We’ve been to Ormond before, and there is nothing spectacular there – We just got a great deal on an ocean front room, and I can’t say no to an ocean front room. My soul can hardly wait to lay in bed and listen to the waves crashing on the beach.

Daytona Beach, August 2013


Last week was a pretty successful week for my “get moving” campaign. I’m kidding, I don’t have a get moving campaign, it’s more like the “don’t gain 80lbs during pregnancy” campaign.

Monday:  Went to the gym. Did some time on the elliptical & on the stationary bike. Lifted a few weights, got a lot of weird looks from big meat heads.
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Oh look, another rest day
Thursday: 2.3 mi walk around the neighborhood
Friday: 2 mi walk around the ‘hood
Saturday: Gym time: Treadmill, weights & stationary bike. I am SO sore from this day. I did some squats & deadlifts.. I am paying for that in a big way. I kept it light, don’t get all crazy on me – but I’m way out of weight lifting shape so yeah… ouch.
Sunday: 2.3 mi walk w/ Chris around the ‘hood


That’s a pretty good week; definitely the most I’ve done in one week in a LONG time!

The 2nd trimester is treating me much more nicely than the first trimester. My appetite is back, not many food aversions.. except chicken. Chicken breast specifically. The only chicken breast I want to eat is of the chik-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich kind. Other than that, don’t even think about it.

We have an appt with the OB tomorrow; I don’t think anything exciting will be happening. I think they start measuring baby size by the size of my belly now. Prior to this I had two ultrasounds to measure the size of our baby girl. The first one was at 9 weeks when the OB was convinced I couldn’t actually be 9 weeks. The other was our anatomy scan at 20 weeks where baby girl P was measuring 6 days ahead.

I think in the coming week I will have to do the dreaded gestational diabetes test.

Then at 28 weeks I start going to the OB every 2 weeks.. Who has time for that?

It gets even better though, at 36 weeks, it’s every week.

Then it’s baby time.

14 weeks / 3 days until my due date.

Oh look, I was counting down again.

My life is just a series of count downs, anyone else think that way?


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